White Robed Chief Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Marriage Proposal

Hu Guang Hui was very enthusiastic. He led Chu Li through a courtyard and came to an elegant small courtyard. He chuckled, "This is the abode specially built for important guests. Scribe Chu Li, please take a good rest and I will report to the High Duke."

Chu Li gave a fist salute, "Sorry for the trouble."

"You are too polite. Young Ying!" Hu Guang Hui yelled.

"Coming!" a pretty maid came in. She was dressed in a pale blue gown. She was petite, with big eyes that revealed her mischievousness, "Chief!"

"This is Scribe Chu Li from Yi Public House. You must take good care of him!" Hu Guang Hui ordered gruffly.

"Yes," Young Ying nodded with a smiling face. She said crisply, "Scribe Chu Li, I am Young Ying. Please tell me if you need anything!"

Chu Li gave a fist salute and smiled, "Then I'll have to trouble Miss Young Ying."

"Scribe Chu Li is an important guest of the public house. You don't have to be so polite," Young Ying waved her hand.

Hu Guang Hui gave a fist salute and laughed, "Scribe Chu Li, I'll be leaving first."

Chu Li returned the fist salute and smiled.

Hu Guang Hui left and Young Ying smiled sweetly, "Scribe Chu Li, you are from Yi Public House?"

Chu Li nodded.

He sat at the stone table in the middle of the small courtyard, next to him was a peach tree in full bloom. On the ground, there were a few flower petals that fell from the tree.

Young Ying ignited the red clay stove and smiled, "Yi Public House's Second Lady is the most beautiful woman in Great Ji. Scribe Chu Li must have seen her before."

"Of course, I have seen Second Lady," Chu Li laughed.

Young Ying straightened up and dusted her hands. She carried two plates of fruits to Chu Li. She blinked her big eyes, "Second Lady Siao is really that beautiful?"

"Of course," Chu Li nodded with a smile.

Young Ying said, "Our Lady is also very beautiful."

Chu Li laughed, "I have not seen your public house's Lady but presumably she is very beautiful."

"Wait until you had a chance to meet her," Young Ying laughed, "I think Lady will not lose to your public house's Second Lady!"

Chu Li shook his head with a smile but he did not say a word.

Young Ying pouted her pink lips, "Am I wrong?"

Chu Li smiled, "Each has their own beauty. It is hard to say who is more beautiful."

Young Ying rolled her eyes at him and snorted, "Smooth talker!"

Chu Li laughed, "The High Duke is very busy?"

"I'm just a little maid, how will I know if the High Duke is busy," Young Ying shook her head, "Scribe Chu Li, what rank are you?"

"Rank two," Chu Li said.

Young Ying's big eyes widened and she cried out, "Rank two?"

Chu Li nodded with a smile.

"That's impossible, right?" Young Ying eyed him and looked at his white jade tag on his waist.

Chu Li laughed, "I was lucky enough to establish a few merit deeds so I was promoted to rank two."

The twelve public house had the same system, consistent with the imperial court of Great Ji. There were nine ranks and rank one was the highest.

Young Ying sighed, "But this is too scary. You are so young and you are already rank two. This is rank two we are talking about"

Rank two was the upper position in the public house. To her, it was unattainable. It was usually very difficult to run into a rank two guard. Although she was in the public house, it was like they were from two different worlds.

Chu Li laughed, "Young Ying girl's martial arts is not bad too. You want to convert into a Protector in the future?"

"I am timid so I can't be a Protector," Young Ying shook her head, "My mother doesn't let me become a Protector too. She said that girls should best be a maid obediently."

Chu Li nodded, "Your mom's words can be justified."

Young Ying frowned, "My mother is very powerful and is now rank six."

She felt that Chu Li was easy to speak to, and his words were pleasant to hear too. She would like to chat with him all day.

Chu Li had just entered Huay Public House. To understand the background of Huay Public House, he observed Young Ying's mind through the chat and he learned a lot of things.

The sun was setting and red clouds filled the sky. The small courtyard was dyed rose color.

Chu Li, who was sitting at the stone table, looked up at the sky and said to Young Ying, "Miss Young Ying, please call Chief Hu Guang Hui."

"Okay," Young Ying saw that his face was serious so she quickly obeyed and ran out.

Hu Guang Hui soon came with a smiling face, "Scribe Chu Li, are you satisfied with Young Ying's service?"

Chu Li waved his hand, "Miss Young Ying is very good, but Chief Hu Guang Hui, I would like to meet High Duke Song. I have something important to tell him."

"This...," Hu Guang Hui gave a pained look and sighed, "To tell the truth, Scribe Chu Li, I have reported to High Duke but High Duke has a lot of things to do. He is really busy."

Chu Li frowned, "High Duke Song is that busy?"

"Hai...," Hu Guang Hui shook his head, "There is a big commotion in Jia Ming Town and the public house was busy suppressing it."

Chu Li said, "A rebellion in Jia Ming Town?"

"Exactly," Hu Guang Hui sighed in resignation, "There will be a rebellion every year. The public house is bogged down with this and the High Duke has no time to do anything else."

"May I know when High Duke Song will see me?" Chu Li said.

Hu Guang Hui said in resignation, "High Duke is very grouchy now. It is best to avoid seeing him now. What important matter did Scribe Chu Li have?"

Chu Li said, "I need to report personally to High Duke Song."

"If that is the case, Scribe Chu Li have to wait patiently," Hu Guang Hui said, "High Duke is in a bad mood now. He will not see outsiders so Scribe Chu Li please forgive us!"

Hu Guang Hui laughed inwardly: even a small Scribe like him wanted to see the High Dukehe must be daydreaming. We will give him the brush-off first and wait until he got the clue!

Chu Li studied Hu Guang Hui and his face turned solemn, "Chief Hu Guang Hui, a small Scribe like me asking to see High Duke Song is being too conceited?"

Hu Guang Hui was stunned momentarily and he quickly laughed, "There's no such thing."

Chu Li said, "I know that with my humble position and inferiority, I will most likely be unable to see High Duke Song, isn't it?"

"Scribe Chu Li, you have misunderstood," Hu Guang Hui shook his head hurriedly and laughed, "Our public houses go way back. No matter what, the High Duke will find time to see you. I wonder how is High Duke Siao?"

"Thank you for your concern," Chu Li said plainly, "High Duke is still in Isolated Cultivation."

"Hai...," Hu Guang Hui sighed, "I really admire High Duke Siao. He has such perseveranceit is rare in this world!"

Chu Li said, "Please report to High Duke Song that if he still would not see me tomorrow, I can only go back to my public house!"

"Yes, yes, I will report it!" Hu Guang Hui laughed.

Chu Li gave a fist salute with a solemn face and picked up the teacup [1].

Hu Guang Hui took the hint and left after giving a fist salute.

In his heart, he cursed: this young brat, had a big temper and put on airs. Wanting to see the High Duke tomorrow, what a wishful thinking!

Chu Li frowned and pondered.

Through the Omniscient Mirror, Chu Li knew that Hu Guang Hui was unctuous but did not dare to mess things up so he had reported Chu Li's arrival to High Duke Song.

This High Duke Song really put up airs. Even if the two public houses were on friendly terms, he still could not do so. Could it be that he had known of the matter regarding the Wang brothers? Was he deliberately trying to anger him to make him leave?

Dragging on was not an option. He was here to question their fault. If this dragged on for a few days, he will lose his edge needed to negotiate.

Young Ying saw him frowning with a solemn aura so she dared not speak loudly.

The sound of footsteps can be heard from outside and this was followed by Hu Guang Hui's laughter. Chu Li lifted a brow and used the Omniscient Mirror to take a look. He saw an old acquaintanceXi Wu, the chief High Official of Ren Public House!

In front of Xi Wu was a handsome young man who was walking with his hands behind his back. He had an air of awe-inspiring arrogance, exuding an elegant and noble feeling.

Hu Guang Hui was smiling at his side and they entered the small courtyard to the east, it was just adjacent to his. It was really a small world.

Chu Li increased the power of Omniscient Mirror and looked into their minds. He found out the identity of this handsome youththe second master of Ren Public House, Lu Yu Shu.

Their purpose was to propose a marriage!

Chu Li knitted his brows together tighter: no wonder!

Now, it will be more troublesome!

Translator Notes

[1] There is a culture in Ancient China that uses tea serving as a signal that it is time to see the visitor off.