White Robed Chief Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Small World

Young Ying whispered, "Scribe Chu Li?"

Chu Li looked up at her.

Young Ying whispered, "Do you want to eat dinner?"

"Very well," Chu Li lowered his voice and gave a gentle smile, "I'll have to trouble Miss Young Ying."

Young Ying let out a sigh of relief.

Just now, Chu Li put on a sullen face and it was as if the air solidified and she could not breathe. When his face relaxed, the surrounding loosened too and she can finally breathe.

She quickly said, "Scribe Chu Li, you don't have to be so polite. I'll go get dinner!"

Chu Li smiled and nodded.

Young Ying trotted away from the small courtyard.

Chu Li paced out of the courtyard with his hands behind his back and came to the east courtyard. Two Protectors blocked in front of the door.

The one on the left was a middle-aged man while the one on the right was a young man. Both had a sharp piercing gaze and hands on their sword. They stared at him coldly, apparently, they did not want him to come close.

Chu Li smiled, "Are you guys from Ren Public House?"

"Yes, who are you?!" The middle-aged Protector to the left asked gruffly.

Chu Li smiled and said, "Yi Public House, Chu Li Chu."

"Chu Li?" the middle-aged Protector frowned and studied him carefully. He said coldly, "You're that Chu Li Chu from Yi Public House?"

Chu Li smiled, "There are people who pretend to be me?"

"What's the matter?" Xi Wu came to the door of the courtyard. He saw Chu Li and his facial expression changed suddenly, "It's you!"

Chu Li gave a fist salute and laughed, "High Official Xi Wu, we meet again."

"Why are you here!" Xi Wu said coldly.

Xi Wu's face was gloomy. He stared at Chu Li hard. How he wished to kill Chu Li with a strike.

Chu Li smiled even more calmly, "Naturally, I'm here as Huay Public House's guest. I did not expect to encounter you here. High Official Xi Wu came here personally so the one inside must be the heir to the High Duke, right?"

"You don't need to know!" Xi Wu said coldly, "Surnamed Chu, you'd better be more obedient. This is Huay Public House!"

Chu Li laughed, "Of course, I will not do it here."

When he finished saying that, he gave a fist salute and turned to leave.

Xi Wu stared at him and watched him entered the west courtyard. His eyebrows furrowed.

"Sir Xi Wu, that Chu Li...?" the middle-aged Protector whispered.

"Humph, that's him. You guys should be careful and alert!" Xi Wu said coldly. He turned back into the small courtyard and came in front of Hu Guang Hui.

Hu Guang Hui smiled at him.

Xi Wu said, "Chief Hu Guang Hui, can we please change a courtyard."

"Oh, is there anything wrong with this courtyard?" Hu Guang Hui smiled and said, "We are going to be a family soon so you don't have to be so polite. Are there any requirements? I will try my best to help you!"

Xi Wu scoffed, "The farther from Chu Li, the better!"

"That Scribe Chu Li just now?" Hu Guang Hui was stunned momentarily and then he laughed, "It is my dereliction. Very well, we will change to another courtyard!"

As the Chief of the Guest Relation Courtyard, of course, he knew that Yi Public House and Ren Public House were not on good terms with each other.

Lu Yu Shu, who had a tall stature, handsome face and piercing eyes asked, "Sir Xi Wu, which Chu Li?"

"Second Master, it's Chu Li Chu from Yi Public House!" Xi Wu bowed, "He is in the west courtyard."

"Why is he here?" Lu Yu Shu frowned and scoffed.

Hu Guang Hui laughed, "Master Lu Yu Shu doesn't need to worry. He is here to meet High Duke. High Duke doesn't want to pay him any heed so he is staying there for two days. He will not dare to cause trouble in our public house!"

Lu Yu Shu scoffed, "This is a good opportunity to kill him!"

Xi Wu opened his mouth and stopped after glancing at Hu Guang Hui. He sighed, "Chief Hu Guang Hui, we will need to trouble you."

"No problem, please follow me," Hu Guang Hui laughed.

Lu Yu Shu waved his hand and said plainly, "Chief Hu Guang Hui, we are here to propose marriage for my brother. Let Chu Li move out from his courtyard and change a place. Chief Hu Guang Hui should be able to do it, right?"

"This...," Hu Guang Hui hesitated and said awkwardly, "Master Lu Yu Shu, this is not good, right...?"

Xi Wu said gruffly, "Chief Hu Guang Hui, he is just a small Scribe. Don't tell me he can be compared to my Master?"

"Yes, yes, this is also true," Hu Guang Hui quickly nodded with a smile, "Very well, I will tell Scribe Chu Li and asked him to move out of the west courtyard."

"I want to live in his courtyard," Lu Yu Shu said.

"This...," Hu Guang Hui smiled bitterly, "Master Lu Yu Shu, you don't have to do so."

Xi Wu coughed lightly, "Second Master, please don't make it hard for Chief Hu Guang Hui. Living here is fine too."

Lu Yu Shu gave him a disgruntled look. Xi Wu gave him a wink.

Lu Yu Shu scoffed, "Very well, we will live here first. Let that surnamed Chu move away and don't be an eyesore in front of me. Looking at him makes me unhappy!"

"Yes, yes, I'll let him move out tomorrow," Hu Guang Hui laughed.

"What tomorrow!" Lu Yu Shu lifted his brow and scoffed, "Make him move immediately!"

"Master Lu Yu Shu, I really can't do that," Hu Guang Hui said in resignation, "If I do that, my position as a chief will also come to an end. After all, we still have to show him some respect."

"Second Master, let it be tomorrow," Xi Wu said.

Hu Guang Hui left in haste, for fear that if he stayed any longer, there will be more tricky requirements.

Lu Yu Shu waited until he left and snorted, "Sir Xi Wu, let the surnamed Chu leave immediately is much better. Why bother to let him stay for one night?"

"Second Master, surnamed Chu is very daring. We cannot be unguarded," Xi Wu said, "If we forced him to a corner, I fear that he will do desperate things."

"He dares to assassinate me?" Lu Yu Shu sneered.

Xi Wu nodded slowly, "He will definitely do that!"

They had tried to assassinate the Second Lady of Yi Public House and they were now considered sworn enemies. According to surnamed Chu's courage, he absolutely dared to assassinate Master. He was as fast as a ghost and was hard to guard against.

"He is not afraid of triggering a war between the two public houses?"

"Master, I will stay in your house tonight."

"Okay," Lu Yu Shu snorted, "If he really dared to do it, we must kill him no matter what."

Xi Wu shook his head with a wry smile, "Lady used all means but he is still alive and well."

Lu Yu Shu snorted and say no more.

He had a deep understanding of his third younger sister's means. She was really ingenious in strategizing, with every conceivable possibility taken into account, but she still could not do anything to surnamed Chu. It was best that he gave up his thoughts and just embarrassed Chu Li as a small revenge.

Chu Li saw what they said through the Omniscient Mirror and kept frowning.

When he had finished dinner, Hu Guang Hui came smiling and giving a fist salute, "Good news, Scribe Chu Li, our heir to the High Duke will represent High Duke to see you!"

Chu Li frowned, "Heir to the High Duke?"

"Yes," Hu Guang Hui laughed, "Our High Duke is too busy so our heir to the High Duke will meet you in his stead. Please come with me."

Chu Li thought for a while, got up and followed him out of the courtyard.

The two passed through a courtyard and came to a big hall.

Four middle-aged Protectors stood before the hall. They were all Innate Masters, full of spirit and energy. When their eyes swept across him, it was like a sharp knife swiped across the air.

Chu Li stepped into the big hall.

In the hall, there sat a young man with ordinary looks, a round and fat face, big eyes that sparkled with a piercing gaze and an overbearing air. With a look, one will know that he was not a kind and gentle person. He was not an easy person to get along with.

"Heir to the High Duke, this is Scribe Chu Li Chu from Yi Public House," Hu Guang Hui laughed.

"I know, you can go now," Song Shi Ling waved his hand impatiently.

"Yes, I will take my leave now," Hu Guang Hui smiled and exited the hall.

Song Shi Ling cast a glance at Chu Li lazily, "Hey, I say, your Yi Public House is too outrageous. You can even be a rank two Scribe at this age. Your public house's ranks are too easy to get!"

Chu Li gave a fist salute and said, "Greetings, heir to the High Duke, I have something to report."

"Spill it," Song Shi Ling picked up the teacup and said casually.

Chu Li said, "Your public house's High Officials Wang brothersWang Zheng Zong and Wang Zi Xukilled the mayor of the Desolate Town. I am under the orders of Master Siao Tie Ying to come and ask: What are you guys trying to do?"

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Song Shi Ling put down the teacup with a "bang" and shouted loudly, "Killing the mayor, you are talking nonsense!"

"Heir to the High Duke, this is no small matter, how can I utter nonsense!" Chu Li said sternly, "Our public house has witnesses. You cannot deny it!"

"Bullshit! What witnesses! Wang brothers are now in Jia Ming Town suppressing the rebellion! They can't be at two places at once and go to whatever Desolate Town!" Song Shi Ling said loudly.