White Robed Chief Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Threaten

Chu Li shook his head and burst out laughing.

Song Shi Ling flew into a rage, "What are you laughing at!"

Chu Li did not stop smiling, "Don't you think it's funny?"

"Bastard, you said that I was funny?!" Song Shi Ling stood up suddenly. He glared and shouted, "Believe it or not I will kill you!"

Chu Li maintained his smile, "Heir to the High Duke, I am a rank two Scribe from Yi Public House. You should know the consequences of killing me!"

"Humph! You're nothing but a Scribe!" Song Shi Ling sneered contemptuously, "Do you really think that Yi Public House will dare to go to war with us just because you are dead? What a wishful thinking!"

"If Yi Public House didn't go to war with your public house, imagine how dispirited the guards of the Yi Public House will be. When the morale of the people is down, it will be the end of the public house too," Chu Li shook his head and said, "If you are in the shoes of Master Siao Tie Ying, which options will you chooseto fight or not to fight?"

"Siao Tie Ying does not have the guts to do so!" Song Shi Ling curled his lip.

Chu Li waved his hand and said, "Heir to the High Duke, let's stop this childish banter and get down to business. What are you going to do with the Wang brothers?"

"What Wang brothers? This matter is non-existence!" Song Shi Ling scoffed, "Two people coming out of nowhere and wronged us and we will have to dispose of our High Officialsthis is simply ridiculous, the biggest joke in the world! What is your Yi Public House trying to do?"

Chu Li said, "Heir to the High Duke, are you trying to deny it?"

"Humph! What if I am?" Song Shi Ling had nothing to fear him. He cast Chu Li a sideways glance, "You can go back and tell Siao Tie Ying to be more obedient, don't think that you can rely on your father's friendship with my father and send someone over to throw his weight around!"

Chu Li nodded, "Since heir to the High Duke said so, then I can only use a more aggressive method."

"Hahaha..," Song Shi Ling burst out laughing. He shook his head and said, "Very well, you want to use a more aggressive methodcould it be that you want to fight?"

Chu Li said, "It's a sheer waste of breath to talk to someone who can't see eye to eye with me. Heir to the High Duke, I will take my leave now!"

"Goodbye!" Song Shi Ling waved his hand and said, "It's best for you to not come here anymore. Or else, I won't go easy on you!"

Chu Li shook his head and said, "It seems like the heir to the High Duke looks down on our public house!"

"What is there for me to fear in your Yi Public House?" Song Shi Ling said in disdain, "Becoming weaker and weaker, anyone can bully your public house!"

Chu Li said, "Huay Public House wants to unite with Ren Public House by marriage and this is where your confidence comes from, right?"

"Yes!" Song Shi Ling scoffed, "What do you have to say?"

Chu Li said, "Just wait and see!"

"If you dared to kill Lu Yu Shu in the public house, we will chase you down and kill you!" Song Shi Ling said coldly, "Until you die!"

Chu Li smiled, "Heir to the High Duke has great confidence!"

"Get out!" Song Shi Ling said impatiently, "You are a mere Scribe. Talking to you for so long is already my biggest respect for you and you are still being ungrateful. Now, get out of the public house!"

Chu Li shook his head and turned to leave straight away.

Towards Song Shi Ling's bad attitude, neither did he get too angry nor did he lose his cool. With Omniscient Mirror, he can remain indifferent to both favor and disgrace, so he will not be moved by outsiders.

He strode out of the hall, went through a courtyard and arrived before the door of the public house.

Hu Guang Hui was quite responsible. He had sent someone to get the horse and waited in front of the main door. When he saw Chu Li, he gave a fist salute and smiled at Chu Li.

Chu Li took the reins, gave Hu Guang Hui a meaningful look and smiled.

Song Shi Ling was afraid that he will assassinate Lu Yu Shu at night, so he hurriedly got rid of him. This was the critical moment of the marriage between the two houses. If Lu Yu Shu was assassinated, even if it was just minor injuries, it will affect the relationship between the two public houses and Huay Public House will feel ashamed.

Song Shi Ling might have looked vulgar but he was actually a shrewd person. To prevent any mishaps, he drove Chu Li out of Huay Public House on purpose.

However, the root cause was still the weak state of Yi Public House, so Huay Public House looked down on them, or else, they dared not be so rude.

Right after he took the reins, a hearty laughter sounded behind him, "Isn't this Scribe Chu Li from Yi Public House? How come you are leaving right after you just arrived?"

Chu Li turned his head, looked at Lu Yu Shu and gave a fist salute, "Master Lu Yu Shu, I have long heard of your name."

Lu Yu Shu's blue robe was fluttering in the air and his face as clear as jade, looking extraordinarily handsome.

Lu Yu Shu laughed, "I am not that famous, but I've heard a lot about you, Chu Li!"

Xi Wu followed close behind Lu Yu Shu, his gaze piercing and alert, staring at Chu Li without blinking, preventing Chu Li from attacking suddenly.

Chu Li said, "Master Lu Yu Shu, I heard that you guys wanted to unite through marriage with Huay Public House?"

"Yes," Lu Yu Shu nodded, "When my big brother get married, do want me to send you an invitation? ...Oh, It's a pity that you are just a Scribe. It seems like you are not qualified to be invited. What a pity!"

He looked at Chu Li smiling in triumphant.

Chu Li smiled calmly, "I congratulate you in advance. Hopefully, no one ruins the marriage and it can proceed smoothly."

Lu Yu Shu scowled, "Surnamed Chu, what do you mean?"

Chu Li smiled and said, "Master Lu Yu Shu, if on the day of marriage, the bride disappears, it will be very interesting, right? How fun is that!"

"Surnamed Chu, you don't have that capability!" Lu Yu Shu said coldly.

Chu Li looked at Xi Wu, "High Official Xi Wu knows whether I have that capability or not."

"Surnamed Chu, you must be tired of living!" Lu Yu Shu scoffed.

Xi Wu's expression changed slightly. He narrowed his eyes slightly, his gaze as sharp as a knife.

Chu Li shrugged, "I have been living well and great. Thank you for your concern, Master Lu Yu Shu."

Xi Wu scoffed, "Surnamed Chu, you are aware that if you really do that, Ren Public House and Huay Public House will not spare your life. You will die without a burial!"

Chu Li flew up, sat firmly on the horse and laughed, "Whatever consequences, High Official Xi Wu doesn't have to worry. But you have to think carefully about it. If that kind of thing really happens, how you guys will end up!"

After saying that, he laughed heartily, whipped the horse and galloped away.

Watching his disappearing back, Lu Yu Shu kicked a stone in frustration, "Damn guy!"

Xi Wu frowned and did not say a word.

Lu Yu Shu turned to look at him, "Sir Xi Wu, what is it?"

"Master, this matter must be prevented," Xi Wu revealed a worried look, "If he really dared to do it, I fear that..."

"Two public houses will dispatch all Grandmasters. I don't believe that we can't guard against him!" Lu Yu Shu sneered, "Don't listen to his bragging. It's a total nonsense!"

Xi Wu shook his head, "Master has not seen his levitation. It was really hard to guard against him. Even if there are Grandmasters, we might not be able to stop him."

"Then what should we do?" Lu Yu Shu said, "Surely we can't be intimidated and give up the marriage, right?"

"We will have to report it to Lady Lu Yu Rong. Lady Lu Yu Rong will have a plan for it," Xi Wu said.

Lu Yu Shu said proudly, "No matter how powerful he is, I just used a little trick and he was still being driven out of the public house in disgrace, didn't he?"

Xi Wu smiled. No matter how powerful Chu Li was, he was still just a Scribe. He could not erase the difference in their identities.

"Let's go. Never mind him!" Lu Yu Shu turned around and walked back.

Hu Guang Hui quickly smiled and greeted him enthusiastically.

Lu Yu Shu scoffed, "Chief Hu Guang Hui, tidy up his courtyard, I will move in tonight!"

"No problem," Hu Guang Hui laughed, "I will tidy up immediately!"

"Hahaha..." Lu Yu Shu laughed haughtily and entered the public house.

Xi Wu shook his head helplessly. Second Master still did not know how powerful Chu Li was. He underestimated Chu Li.

The next morning, Chu Li came to Huay Public House once again.

Hu Guang Hui rushed out to welcome him. Wearing a smile on his face, he gave a fist salute, "Scribe Chu Li, why did you come back?"

Chu Li said, "To meet High Duke Song again."

"This...," Hu Guang Hui revealed a pained look, "Scribe Chu Li, I am really sorry. It is not that I don't want to help you, it was because our heir to the High Duke has given the order to not let Scribe Chu Li enter the public house."