White Robed Chief Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Hatred

Lu Yu Shu's laughter stopped abruptly, "Sir Xi Wu, what do you mean?"

Xi Wu shook his head, "Master, Chu Li's wisdom was on par with Lady Lu Yu Rong. Will he make such a mistake?"

Lu Yu Shu frowned, "It was not the case?"

Xi Wu sighed, "He deliberately showed mercy with his flying blade. His flying blade is very accurate. How will he get it wrong?"

"Why would he show mercy?" Lu Yu Shu frowned, "Our public houses are enemies. Showing mercy when he had the opportunity, he must be stupid!"

Xi Wu shook his head and sighed, "Master, your identity is the key!"

"Hahaha...," Lu Yu Shu laughed, "He dared not kill me, right?"

"Something like that," Xi Wu nodded, "If he really kills Master, wouldn't Lady Lu Yu Rong go crazy?"

He can imagine that once Master was killed, Ren Public House will take revenge in an insane manner. Not to mention assassinating the Masters and Ladies of Yi Public House, the Protectors will be involved in this tragedy too. It will be a bloodshed. Just thinking about it chilled his heart.

"Hahaha, I thought he was much bolder!" Lu Yu Shu scoffed and shook his head, "He is just so-so!"

Xi Wu sighed, "He has great courage but he is also not someone with no brains."

Yi Public House was weak now. When they went against Ren Public House, they were in a disadvantageous position, but after Chu Li appeared, he turned the situation. However, it was also because Ren Public House did not go all out against them.

Lu Yu Shu said in dissatisfaction, "He even let go of such a good opportunity. How can he still be considered clever?"

Xi Wu said, "Master, Chu Li is cleverer than you think. Apart from anything else, can Master guess Lady Lu Yu Rong's plan?"

"Younger sister was born with a genius mind. I cannot be compared to her!" Lu Yu Shu waved his hand and said.

Xi Wu nodded and said, "Even Lady Lu Yu Rong regards him as a powerful rival, does Master still think that he is stupid?"

"Anyway, If I was in his shoes, I will not let go of this opportunity," Lu Yu Shu said.

Xi Wu said, "I think there must be a meaning behind his action. Sparing Master's life, it is both a favor and a warning to Lady."

"Warning?" Lu Yu Shu was puzzled.

"It will be easy for Chu Li to kill Master, right?" Xi Wu said, "Lady held back and doesn't dare to force the Yi Public House too hard. According to Lady's attitude, she will not make a move on Yi Public House if Chu Li was not gotten rid of."

Lu Yu Shu frowned and scoffed, "We can just stay in the public house!"

"It may not be safe in the public house as well," Xi Wu shook his head.

Lu Yu Shu scoffed, "It seems like this Chu Li must be eliminated!"

Xi Wu nodded slowly, "If Chu Li was not killed, we will have no peace! ...Leave this to Lady Lu Yu Rong to handle!"

"Hahaha, this is also true. This matter can only be handled by younger sister," Lu Yu Shu laughed, "It almost scared me to death just now. Let's go back early, the marriage proposal was almost done anyway."

"Going back early is good too," Xi Wu nodded.

Xi Wu had qualms about Chu Li. Chu Li always appeared and disappeared mysteriously. Chu Li did not dare to kill Master Lu Yu Shu but he had no scruples about Xi Wu.

Song Shi Ling paced with his hands behind his back in the hall. His round and fat face was gloomy. He looked at the door from time to time and then went back to pacing back and forth again.

After a long while, a middle-aged Protector strode in.

Song Shi Ling quickly said, "How is it? Did you guys catch him yet?"

The middle-aged Protector looked upright and mature. He said with resignation, "Master, we could not even find his shadow. Do you want us to go to Chong Ming Town and ambush him outside the town?"

They chased after him desperately. Apart from the two Grandmasters that protected the public house, the rest were sent out against him and among these, there were those who had sublime levitation, but they did not even see the shadow of Chu Li. Maybe Chu Li was cunning and ran away to another direction or maybe Chu Li was too fast and they could not catch up.

Huay Public House had many informants and they were almost everywhere but no one saw Chu Li. Therefore, the safest way was to rush ahead to Chong Ming Town and wait outside the town.

Song Shi Ling frowned and stayed silent.

If they guarded outside Chong Ming Town, with Chu Li's levitation, he will still be able to run away. Moreover, if he used a signal to call for the Grandmasters of Yi Public House, it will definitely be a melee.

If it was during normal, they will have the absolute upper hand after sending out all the Grandmasters of the public house and they will not be afraid of Yi Public House. However, it was during troubled times now, four Grandmasters had gone to White Stone Town and the remaining six chased after Chu Li.

However, the confession memorial must be recovered, otherwise, they will have endless trouble!

"We will do as you said. Wait for him outside the Chong Ming Town," Song Shi Ling said fiercely.

"Yes," the middle-aged Protector gave a fist salute and he was about to go out when suddenly, a loud laughter can be heard behind him. He quickly turned his head and looked behind.

Chu Li appeared out of nowhere in the hall, smiling at Song Shi Ling, "Heir to the High Duke hasn't given up?"

Song Shi Ling's expression changed instantly. His face was very gloomy, "Surnamed Chu, you didn't go away?"

Chu Li smiled, "I come back to take a look."

"What are you trying to do?!" Song Shi Ling said coldly.

His whole body tensed up. He had a profound understanding of Chu Li's courage and at the same time, he was terrified and angry inwardly. The public house was like nothing to Chu Li, he can come in quietly and no one blocked him. The guards were all useless!

Chu Li said, "Heir to the High Duke doesn't give up and wants to recover the confession memorial?"

"Humph!" Song Shi Ling snorted.

Chu Li shook his head, "Heir to the High Duke, the confession memorial has been sent out. It is not in my hands anymore."

Song Shi Ling was livid.

Chu Li said, "A reminder for the heir to the High Duke, Huay Public House is basically empty now. I won't do anything, but this doesn't mean that others won't. Till we meet again!"

He waved his hand and disappeared in a flash.

"Pa!" Song Shi Ling picked up the teacup and threw it to the floor violently. He yelled, "Chu LiChu!"

The middle-aged Protector stood motionlessly like a statue.

He did not dare to even breathe loudly. Letting Chu Li come and go as he please was their dereliction as Protectors.

Song Shi Ling sat down in an armchair in a huff, his face livid with anger and he was breathing heavily. His rage kept surging and it cannot be suppressed no matter what.

As the heir to the High Duke, he had never suffered this kind of humiliation! He vowed to take revenge!

After a long while, Song Shi Ling let out a long breath and said coldly, "Elder Wu, call them back. No need to chase after him anymore!"

"Yes," Elder Wu quickly replied and hurried away.

"Hahaha... hahaha...," Siao Tie Ying held a paper and laughed heartily.

The midday sun shone and brightened the main hall.

In the hall, Siao Tie Ying, Siao Qi, and Chu Li were sitting while Lin Quan stood behind Siao Tie Ying as if he did not exist.

"This is so wonderful! Really wonderful!" Siao Tie Ying could not stop laughing. He handed the paper over to Siao Qi and was overjoyed, "I did not expect young Song's literary to be so amazing. I am ashamed, really ashamed. Hahaha!"

Siao Qi took the paper and gave it a few glances. She looked at Chu Li, "To force the heir to the High Duke Song to write this, he must hate you so much that he itched to eat your meat. You must be careful in the future."

"Yes," Chu Li laughed, "But I did not hurt his life, so he should be grateful to me."

"You are always so optimistic!" Siao Qi cast an askance glance at him.

"Hai...you..," Siao Tie Ying shook his head and laughed despite himself, "You did not kill Lu Yu Shu and that is really rare!"

He thought that Chu Li would kill Lu Yu Shu with a stab.

He was not afraid to let Chu Li know about the gains and losses of this matter. He was just afraid that Chu Li will be reckless.

Killing the High Official of the Imperial House was also a matter of endless trouble. If it was someone else, that person will hold back but Chu Li will just kill him. It can be seen that he was extraordinarily daring.

Siao Qi said, "Lu Yu Shu also could not wait to kill you. Chu Li, your ability to make enemies is peerless."

"Hai..., I really did not think that the two public houses will unite through marriage," Siao Tie Ying shook his head, "The people from Imperial Residence of Prince An will come in two days."

The smile on his face faded and a resigned look appeared on his face.

Siao Qi looked at Chu Li, "Second eldest sister still hasn't agreed to let you enter the Imperial Residence of Prince An."

Chu Li knew that Second Lady must have mistaken that he was attracted to her and felt that doing so was too cruel.