White Robed Chief Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Tai Hua

Chu Li caught a glimpse of their faces.

Indeed, they were beauties, but they were below Su Ru and Xue Ling, let alone Siao Qi and Siao Shi. Nevertheless, they were exceptional beauties.

Xiao Er diligently served the dishes, sending them even quicker than the next table.

Being a young man filled with energy, it was not hard not to put in extra effort for beauties even though he only served.

Of the three ladies, one of them was an innate master. She was about the level of Xue Ling, despite looking weak and having a more refined looking body than the others. She probably cultivated a torso tuning technique. Her strength greater than an average man.

The other two girls seemed to have cultivated the torso tuning technique too. They were better than the average person, but their cultivation level was only at the lowest level which meant nothing to Chu Li.

When the dishes were served, they looked to the side and gently removed the white veils they were wearing.

The eyes of the people around them lit up. They all stared at them with wide eyes. Some would only peek at them, while others blatantly stared. Everyone's attention was stolen.

Chu Li was staring out of the window, with his wine in hand.

After all, there were plenty of beauties in the Public House. Chen Xue and the others, as well as meeting Xue Ling and Su Ru on a daily basis, he had high standards for beauty.

Cup in hand, he sipped his wine every now and then, thinking about the strange symbol. He decided that he would try to draw the talisman using the vermillion he bought later tonight.

He wondered what was used to draw the symbol in the cauldron. Even a Grandmaster couldn't pull that was. Could it have been an Enlightened Master?

His mind jerked a little and he took a look around him.

Three young men with swords brandished on their waists were slowly walking their way up. Standing at the staircase, they eyed each person on the floor.

The leader in front had a vigorous charm to him. He was wearing a green suit, with his hand pressed against sword, an aura of menace surrounding him.

The two others behind the leader looked relatively normal. One was well-built, while the other was thin. They did not look friendly and had their eyes wide open, staring daggers into people. Nobody dared to return the stare.

They glanced at Chu Li, but did not do a double take.

There was no inner energy emanating from Chu Li, he seemed to be a scholar who was not versed in martial arts at all.

The moment they saw the three ladies, they could not peel their eyes off them.

The three ladies were eating quietly with their heads lowered, abiding to the rules of not talking while you eat.

The leader scoffed, walking over to the ladies' table. With a deep voice, he asked, "Are you the follower of the Tai Hua Valley?"

The ladies glanced at him and continued eating, ignoring the man.

"Bam!" The well-built man slammed his palm on the table in one long stride.

"Woosh!" The food and dishes jumped into a pile, condiments spilling everywhere.

The ladies' chopsticks were floating in mid air. They slowly lifted their heads, fury visible in their eyes.

"My Senior is talking to you, are you deaf!?" the well-built man roared.

The smallest of the three ladies raised her soft voice, "Are you insane?"

The well-built man scoffed, "Are you followers of the Tai Hua Valley?"

"And so what if we are?" The small beauty asked, "Who are you? So uncivilized!"

"Hmph!" He loudly proclaimed with his chest puffed, "We are followers of the Green Hill!"

He glanced at the little lady, then at the people around him.

"The followers of the Green Hill!"

"It's the Green Hill!"

"Why are these hooligans from the south coming here?"

Distinct chatter started upon the people around. The Green Hill was one of the best sects and was one of the popular sects from the southern martial arts.

One of the elder ladies raised her hand, stopping the little lady. With a calm and gentle demeanor, she asked "Us, the Tai Hua Valley are not related to the Green Hill. Is there anything you want from us?"

"Hmph, not related!" The well-built man questioned them, "You people killed a follower of the Green Hill!"

"What's this about?" The lady with the sharp face furrowed her brows.

"Are you guys the ones who destroyed the Solace Hill?" The well-built man scoffed.

She nodded, "The Solace Hill was evil. There wasn't anything bad they wouldn't do. I called upon my own sense of justice to eliminate them."

"Hmph, they're dead so you can make up whatever story that you want!" He scoffed, "My Junior Deng was at the Solace Hill. He was killed by the three of you!"

"A follower of the Green Hill, at the Solace Hill?" The lady shook her head, "The Solace Hill were infamous. They planned to monopolize our area. They're committed all these heinous crimes instead of doing good, they deserved to die!"

"You've killed people, but yet still try to sound reasonable!" The well-built man was black with fury. Turning around, he exclaimed, "Brother, it's useless to talk to them anymore. Let's just make a move right now!"

The leader was calm. "We, the Green Hill, are a sect that values integrity. It made sense that my junior made bad friends and that there was a valid reason to kill him. How about this, the three of you ladies cripple your own martial arts, and we'll just chalk it up!"

"What for?" The little lady roared, unsatisfied, "You have no idea how many innocents have died because of that person! He should've died long ago, what's wrong with us doing it for him? And you just said that Green Hill has integrity, what a joke!"

"You have no right to kill the followers from Green Hill!" The leader coldly exclaimed, "If you won't do it, I'll do it for you."

"Then let's fight!" The little lady unsheathed her sword, pointing it at the men. "Come, try us if you can!"

"You asked for it!" The well-built man pulled out a sword that was as white as snow, stepping up to them, "Come, the three of you all at once."

"What a joke!" The little lady lashed out, flashes of her blade darting towards the man.

With a scoff, the man gracefully deflected the strikes.

"Ding!" The two blades met, the lady stepped back. Her brows furrowed, glaring at her opponent.

The man cackled, "You're not on my level!"

"Hmph, beware of my blade!" The little lady struck with a few flourishes again.

The man slashed down with his blade, but hit blank. He quickly swiped across, and met the top of her sword.

As soon as the sword of the petite lady struck the knife, she quickly stroke the sword in front with a faster speed. With her exquisite swordplay, she lended the strength of the knife to stroke her sword.

The moment the blades made contact, the lady deftly struck once more, going quicker and quicker, riding the momentum from the contact.

"Ding ding ding ding!" A flurry of metal clashes were heard. In an instant, twenty clashes have been made.

"Ahh!" The lady screamed in shock as her sword flew from her hands.

The man overpowered her with brute force. Every swing he made was heavy, like a mountain.

The lady had to take his blows head on to ride on it's momentum. Her wrist eventually got sore, and she had to drop her sword.

"Hu!" The man slashed down without hesitation, with the intent to sever her leg.

One of the other ladies unsheathes her sword and lurches out, wanting to help her partner.

"Ding!" A blade meets hers, stopping her.

The man slashed downwards. The little lady quickly dodged, but was unable to avoid the strike.

"Ahh!" She screamed in agony, the white on the right shoulder visible. Fresh blood drenched her sleeves.

Everyone was shocked and dared not look. They did not think that the man would be heartless enough to treat a pretty lady like this.

Chu Li shook his head and did not plan to help.

It was better not to meddle with the affairs between martial art sects, or there would be a lot trouble. Each to one's own fate, he was not a God and was unable to save everyone in the world. Furthermore, grudges are often very complex and are impossible to clear.

Besides, it was already a merciful strike. Her arm could have been completely severed.

The sharp faced lady quicked sealed her partner's acupuncture point. She took out a of ointment and applied it on her to stop the bleeding, and fed her a pill.

She then turned over to regard the other two that were fighting, her brows furrowed.

Both her juniors would not be able to handle their opponents. She had to rely on herself.
Chu Li smiled.

Amongst all six of them, she had the highest level of cultivation. None of the Green Hill followers were near her level.

"Sister Zhang, step down!" She commanded.

"Alright," The lady that was wielding her sword skipped back, away from the battle.

The sharp faced lady pulled out her sword. "He Binghua from the Tai Hua Valley!" She coldly exclaimed.

"Xu Shixiao from the Green Hill!" The leader of the men unsheathed his weapon. "My blade does not hold back, please be prepared!"

He Binghua lashed out with her sword, the tip of her sword so light, it looked as if it were piercing cloth.

Xu Shixiao slashed forward, his movements fast as lightning.

He Binghua sidestepped to avoid his slash but continued with her assault, forcing Xu Shixiao to step back.

"Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!" He Binghua's sword swished for every slash she made. Xu Shixiao had no choice but to back up. He did not have a chance to make a move.

He Binghua's swordplay was refined. It looked soft and gentle, but yet menacing at the same time. Xu Shixiao had a fierce front, but he was unable to strike out as he was constantly forced to back up. Unable to catch his breath with blood rushing in his body, his movements got slower and slower.

"Ding" A knife slashed her from the side.

He Binghua gently deflected the knife, sending it flying.

Chu Li nonchalantly tilted his head to the side, avoiding the flying knife.

"Dok!" The knife dug itself into the side of the window, the handle wobbling from the force.

He Binghua glanced at the well-built man, both of his hands empty, then back at Xu Shixiao, "Green Hill. Green Hill, indeed!"

Xu Shixiao's face darkened. He stared at the man, "Brother Zhao!"

He looked embarrassed as he glared at Chu Li, "Are you not gonna return that knife?"

Chu Li broke into a smile. It was trouble that found him. He wanted to stay out of it, but it was right out his doorstep.

He suddenly felt like teasing the man. Acting like he used up all his strength, Chu Li pulled the knife out, walked towards the man, and returned it to him.

The man did not take the knife. He stared at Chu Li and shouted, "What are you laughing at?"

Trying to help Brother Xu had him yelled at. That alone was enough to make him feel embarrassed, without anywhere to vent. He felt insulted and embarrassingly mad when he saw Chu Li smiling at him.

"Brother Zhao!" Xu Shixiao said in a deep voice, "Don't be rude!"

"Brother, he dared to laughed at me, what a brave man!" He was extremely aggressive, "If it were not for me, anyone else would have just slashed him up, giving his head a new home!"

"Alright, alright!" Xu Shixiao waved his hand. He said impatiently, "What's the point of having a grudge on someone who isn't well-versed in martial arts!?"

"Brother, I'm not trying to hold a grudge. I'm doing this for his sake." The man quickly claimed, "It's better for him to learn his lesson, in case he kills himself one day!"

Chu Li shook his head, and handed him his long knife.

The man scoffed and took the long knife, his face expression immediately changed.

A huge amount of inner energy was rushing into his body from the blade, as if a wave was crashing onto shore. His own inner energy was immediately washed away, leaving only the other inner energy circulating in his meridians. He had lost control of his body, unable to move.

Chu Li smiled and let go, "No need for thanks."

The man looked at him with surprise.

Chu Li returned to his seat, his cup back in his hand with a smile on his face.

The man stared at Chu Li was wide eyed. He did not believe it and felt that there must have been an illusion just now. How could someone at his age have such unbelievable high levels of cultivation?

Chu Li took a sip from his cup.

"Brother Zhao?" Xu Shixiao called out.

"Ahh!?" The man quickly answered loudly and realized he had lost his manners. He reluctantly smiled, "Hmm?"

"Let's go!" Xu Shixiao said.

His face darkened as he fist saluted, scoffing. "Lady He, we will meet again one day!"