White Robed Chief Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Two Brothers

He Binghua stared at them, not a word parting her lips.

Despite being better than Xu Shixiao by a small margin, the other two from the Green Hill were both above Sister Zhang and Sister Sun. It did not bode well for them in an actual fight.

Besides, the Green Hill were powerful, unlike the Tai Hua Valley. It was best not to aggravate things.

With a wave of his hand, Xu Shixiao turned and left.

The well-built man shot Chu Li a bewildered glance before turning and leaving.

"Halt!" Brother Xiao Er darted out, barring the road.

Furrowing his brows, Xu Shixiao looked at him.

"My guests, you smashed our restaurant's seatings and haven't paid for them!" Brother Xiao Er loudly proclaimed, puffing his chest.

"Bastard , you have a death wish!" The well-built man burst in anger.

"Brother Zhao, pay him." Xu Shixiao waved his hand.

The well-built man glared at Xiao Er, as if he wanted to swallow him whole.

Glancing at the He Binghua and the beauties, he puffed up his chest. "Twenty taels!" He loudly exclaimed.

Gritting his teeth, the well built-man lifted his hand, took out an ingot of silver, and threw it violently.

"Pak!" The silver ingot burrowed itself into a pillar in a flash.

Xiao Er eyed the silver that was indented into the pillar, gulping. He dared not make a sound. If the silver ingot did not land on the pillar, but on his body instead, his body would have ended up like the pillar. He could not help but to shiver.

The well-built man scanned the crowd, and glared at Xiao Er. He avoided gazing at Chu Li, afraid to meet his eyes.

"Let's go." Xu Shixiao descended in large strides, with the two following hurriedly.

"Sister Sun?" He Binghua returned her gaze, turning towards the injured little lady.

The little lady had a pale look. "It's only a flesh wound, nothing to be alarmed of. Hmph, as expected of the Green Hill!" She scoffed.

Following that, she started to giggle. "Sister He Binghua managed to deal with Xu Shixiao, as expected from Sister He Binghua!"

He Binghua shook her head. "They shouldn't be belittled. Let's head back for now."

"Okay then, I've lost my appetite anyways!"

The trio stood up and left.

Before they headed down, He Binghua's clear gaze landed on Chu Li. It lingered on him for a moment, and she left as if it did not happen.

Chu Li's gaze followed the trio as they delicately descended. With his cup in hand, he shook his head.

He had heard of the Tai Hua Valley. It was considered to be a second-class sect. Their capabilities were not anything out of the ordinary. The followers were all female. The difference between them and the Snow Lunar Pavilion was that the Tai Hua Valley did not accept male followers.

It was said that it was because Tai Hua Valley's heart technique was only suited for females to cultivate. Men who attempted would lose control and fall to the technique.

The Green Hill was a reputable first class sect for their integrity. They were popular in the martial arts circle, but were enemies with the Snow Lunar Pavilion.

The two sects were old enemies, with grudges that spanned back to hundreds of years before. The grudge had only grown deeper since then, making it impossible to clear.

Snow Lunar Pavilion was a sect with integrity and so were the Green Hill. Although usually righteous, it was hard to avoid followers that would stray from the path. For the two sects that prided themselves for their integrity, their followers would fight any time they met, regardless of right or wrong.

This was the grudge of the martial art circle. With no black or white, it was a personal grudge, outsiders would have a hard time intervening.

Brother Xiao Er enthusiastically saw the three ladies out. He then began to pry the silver ingot out with the help of a stool.

The silver ingot had embedded itself deep in the pillar and the pillar was sturdy. He had to take a cleaver and exhaust himself before pulling it out. Panting, he sat down. The crowd could not help but to giggle.

Chu Li shook his head. Brother Xiao Er was willing to endanger himself to impress the ladies. He was lucky that they were from Green Hill. Had it been another sect, he would have been in for some trouble.

Chu Li shook his head again. He had seen Brother Xiao Er's thought process beforehand. Xiao Er had already been prepared for trouble when he decided to step up. After the dust settled, the trio from Tai Hua Valley would have definitely asked him if he was okay. For someone as insignificant as him, it would have been enough for him to brag for the rest of his life.

After finishing his meal, Chu Li returned to his courtyard with the vermillion he bought.

Lanterns were strung up in the courtyard, illuminating the area. Preparing some paper, he started to create paper talismans after grinding the vermillion.

Moments passed, and he completed approximately ten paper talismans.

He gazed upon his own work and shook his head in disappointment. Rubbing his hands together, the talismans turned into ash, carried away by the wind. It was useless, the symbol did not seem to be for a Taoist's talisman.

Sitting at the courtyard, he was thinking while absentmindedly staring at the moon. It seemed like he would need to research about it. Surely, there would be records of a mysterious technique like this. If he could find out anything about it, perhaps he could pull it off as well.

He was not doing this for himself. If Xue Ling's cultivation could be assisted by this item, breaking through her boundary would be a quick job.

He had no use of this now, as what was left for him was the Surpassing State.

He thought that in the future, with the help of the paper talisman, the martial arts of Xue Ling and Chen Xue would improve significantly. The two of them along with Chen Yi Su would become top-notch masters. Chu Li would have be able to slack off. Matters will have settled themselves after a little delegation and he did not need to attend to things himself.

"Pak." A light sound could be heard loud and clear in the silence of the night.

Chu Li's eyebrows twitched. He looked towards the western complex of the courtyard. The sound came from his neighbour.

Activating his Omniscient Mirror, he broke into a smile. It purely coincidence that the three people standing there were the trio from Tai Hua Valley.

The sky was already dark. They were asleep, but immediately woke up when they heard something.

The trio had their swords out. They had their backs against each other, forming a triangle to cover all sides. The pale blue clothing that they were wearing accentuated their faces that were like white jades, it made them seem more beautiful than they were.

Surrounded by silence, it seemed like they were fussing over nothing.

Their swords primed and ready, their eyes darted around the environment, their bodies were stiff and alert.

"Tsk--!" A long whistle rang out.

Hidden weapons covered the sky as they rained down, dropping onto the trio like rainwater.

"Ding ding ding ding!" Like the sound of rain pattering on leaves, the sounds were clear and crisp.

The trio swung their blades, forming a bright shield that completely covered themselves. The hidden weapons bounced off the shield harmlessly, falling onto the ground.

"Which scoundrel is it, show yourself!" The dainty Sun Lihua called out. She was wielding her sword with her left hand, but it did not seem to differ from her dominant hand.

"Hehe" Two men who were standing on the wall were coldly laughing. They landed in front of the trio, the fall light as leaves.

"State your allegiance." He Binghua calmly said.

Two two men in black were tall and lanky. They had a pale complexion, making them seem like zombies under the moonlight. This was accentuated by their shiny eyes.

"Hehe" The two of them sneered, their laughter filled with coldness.

The dainty Sun Lihua shivered. "Stop pretending, you scoundrels!" She scoffed.

The taller of the two sneered. "My surname is Yao, and I'm from the Solace Hill."

"Two rascals from the Yao family?" He Binghua responded indifferently. "The two of you slipped through the net, but yet you still dare to show up!"

"If it were not for the fact that we weren't on the hill, do you really think that you could win?"

"Hmph, since you've already delivered yourself over, I'll just end your life now!" Sun Lihua bellowed.

Now that she knew that the two Yao brothers were actual humans instead of ghosts, she was no longer afraid.

"The two of you have murdered countless people, it's high time that you die. Beware of my blade!" He Binghua proclaimed.

She let out a shout, as the three of them lashed out at the same time.

"Tsk!" The three swords formed a flurry of blades, enveloping the two Yao brothers in the sound of the blades slicing the wind.

Chu Li was shocked. When the three of them coordinated, they were considerably more powerful. It was as if each of them had the power of all three. It almost seemed magical.

"Hey!" The two Yao brothers slid back in an incredibly fast speed.

"Oh no!" He Binghua gasped. "Quick, fall back! Use the Pill of Detoxify!"

Her vision started to waver, her body feeling weak. She was poisoned!

The two Yao brothers sneered. "It's alright, little ladies, we won't kill yet. Us brothers will satisfy ourselves. After all, you're all just bimbos, hehe!"

With delightful laughter, they did not stop the trio from consuming the Pill of Detoxify.

They were confident of their poison. There was no antidote to it, and no detox pill would work.

The two of them gazed at the trio as they consumed the Pill of Detoxify. As the ladies sighed a breath of relief, the two of them waved their hands. A blanket of hidden weapons rushed to meet the trio.

The trio were weakened. They wanted to use their blades, but were lacking in strength. The only thing they could do was to helplessly stare at the hidden weapons as they flew towards them, lamenting at their inevitable deaths.

The two Yao brother had glowing eyes, sneering. Imagining the sight of their hidden weapons buried in the trio's bodies got them excited, heating up their bodies.