White Robed Chief Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Innate Master

Zhao Ying widened her already bright eyes, "Eternal youth? Stop lying, you."

Chu Li smiled, "These seeds are from Lady Siao herself. There shouldnt be anything wrong with them. What do you think?"

"Such a rare item, " Zhao Ying hesitated. She felt worried as she stared at Chu Li,"Youre so loathsome!"

She had thought about it after Chu Li brought it up. Even women who do not regularly read would know about the tales of the Dream of Pearls.

When female Protectors gathered to chat, they would talk about it. All of them had hoped to encounter such a flower. A truly wonderful dream.

But they all knew that it was a pipe dream. It was impossible for it to come true. Even if the Dream of Pearls were not almost extinct already, it still would not be in their possession.

She had not accepted the fact that she had just eaten the Dream of Pearls!

"What? Felt like you were undeserving of it?" Chu Li sheathed his sword and walked towards her.

"Of course!" Zhao Ying nodded.

She understood that even if her looks were quite good, there were way more beautiful women out there. The Public House itself had a handful of them already. Her looks were not top of the rank, she still could not beat out many women in the Public House.

Qualifications was what mattered most to the protectors. Martial arts was what they lived for. If it was bad, then they were the weakest. Their looks were irrelevant.

Chu Li shook his head and smiled, "You deserve it!"

Zhao Ying rolled her eyes, "Now why do you have the Dream of Pearls?"

"Im planting them for Lady Siao."

"And isnt that a problem? Using official authority for private interests is just asking for trouble! Lady Siao is very strict and very fair! Shed never forgive you!"

The Public House itself is strict. If the rules were violated, the punishment would be heavy regardless. She did not want Chu Li to be penalized because of this.

"No worries. Lady Siao gave me one of them!"

"Seriously?" Zhao Ying let out a breath of relief.

"Dont dabble on it for so long. The Dream of Pearls can also boost ones effectiveness in cultivation! So, quick! Go practice!"

"Uh..Alright," Zhao Ying bit her lower lip and turned away.

She felt pressured. Chu Li gave her so much but she had nothing to give him in return.

She understood Chu Lis intention, but her feelings are hers. She could not force herself to match his pace. She really does like Chu Li, but it has not reached the point where she was able to sacrifice everything for him. She only enjoyed the time the spent with him, but there was not an urge for her to die for him.

Chu Li gazed upon the elegant view of her back. He shook his head and blamed himself for trying to go too fast. He should let go every now and then and slow down. The pressure he had put on her was far from good.

Time passed in the blink of an eye. A month had already passed.

Chu Lis process in cultivation was incredibly fast. Thirty six of his meridian points had been completely broken through. He had reached the stage of an innate. He was also able to transmit his inner energy into items.

He had immediately figured it out. It was all because of the Scripture of Life and Death. He initially communicated with the aura of plants, and that was already a form of inner energy transmission. It counted as an acquired mastery but was limited to plants. Now that he had broken all thirty-six meridian points, he was able to transmit it anywhere.

With the acquired mastery boundary, the Scripture of Life and Death grew even stronger!

It did not only expand two hundred meters, he was even able to communicate with plants without having to step on land. More importantly, he was able to channel the aura of plants into someone else.

This meant that he could channel his inner energy and attack someone within a two hundred meter radius! They would not even be able to guard themselves from it.

If the Scripture of Life and Death became stronger, he would be able to control it from a further distance. If it reached a thousand meters, then it would be incredibly powerful. He could instantly interrupt someone as they were cultivating, it would be enough to just overwhelm them with energy.

He got excited thinking about it. The Scripture of Life and Death was indeed, amazing.

The boundary of the acquired master had already made his spirit rise dramatically. Now that the Omniscient Mirror covered a three-mile radius, everything was being completely read. Nothing would have a chance of escape.

Zhao Ying had also improved dramatically in the month! She had broken the thirty-six meridian points and was now a stable rank eight. She even had the chance to become a rank seven Protector. She felt that she could have also completed her acquired mastery in another two weeks.

Among her achievements, the Torso Refiner and the Dream of Pearls had played a big role.

They enhanced her skills and made her meridians stronger. She felt now that her qualifications had surpassed Zhuo Fei Yang. She was completing her acquired mastery for sure.

In the morning, Chu Li took a knife and harvested all the Fairys Beard.

The Fairys beard looked like a simple green grass, but it was slightly thinner and longer. The texture and flexibility were also different. One could tell the difference if they looked closer, but who on their right mind would pay attention to grass, let alone Fairys Beard.

"Sister, our mission is done." Chu Li and Zhao Ying kept the grasses into a few sacks.

Chu Li smiled, "We can go home now."

Zhao Ying wiped the sweat from her forehead and nodded. She then looked around.

Both of the wooden houses were only a few meters apart, she had only lived here for a month but it already felt like home. Living here was quiet and comfortable.

"Alright, go and wash yourself. We will leave today," Chu Li smiled.

"How do we move these?" Zhao Ying asked.

She looked at the twenty sacks of grass, they needed at least two carriages to bring them back. She had not expected this much grass.

Chu Li shook his head and smiled,"Just leave them here, we dont have to care about them."

"Leave them here?" Zhao Ying was surprised.

Chu Li smiled,"Someone will come and get them, we dont have to worry about the rest. We can leave after our breakfast."

"...Okay," Zhao Ying nodded. She tilted her head and smiled.

"Brother, are you really sure about this?"

Chu Li broke into a smile.

"I trust Lady Siao a lot, there wont be any problems."

"You put in one months worth of effort...what if anything happens? Should we wait until someone gets here?" Zhao Ying asked, unwilling to leave.

She saw exactly how hardworking Chu Li was with her bare eyes. He took care of those plants with all his heart, from hoeing to fertilizing and watering them, he was always there. Even in the night, he stayed on land.

Zhao Ying had not known Chu Li was just cultivating through the Fairys Beard, she thought he was worried about creatures destroying them.

Chu Li smiled.

Zhao Ying could tell that he had already decided, she unwillingly cooked and left the ravine after they finished their meal.

Zhao Ying looked behind her from time to time, watching if anyone went into the ravine.

Chu Li whipped his horse and rushed his way, the ravine was out of their sight already. Zhao Ying unwillingly looked at Chu Li, sighed and followed in his steps.

Not long after, a team of two hundred riders surged forward with the vigor of tigers, all while they maintained their formation. It could be seen that these soldiers were strictly trained.

They had a hundred men but two hundred horses. Each soldier was riding two horses. They were moving very quickly. They were all covered with a heavy atmosphere. They did not speak a word, quietly rushing their way.

They reached the front of the ravine. More than ten soldiers went into the ravine. They stood in a formation and were on high alert. Their eyes were sharp and cold as they ignored everything around them.

One soldier came out of the ravine and brought in a few other soldiers. Each of them carried two bags of grass out of the ravine.

Twenty sacks of grass were tied onto twenty-four horses. The hundred soldiers left with their horses like thunder, disappearing from sight. Only footsteps of horses were left in their wake.