White Robed Chief Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Going Away

Chu Li laughed, "It seems that my Lady has experienced the Triad Underworld too."

"Before entering Innate Mastery's Boundary, we all must experience it once," Siao Qi said with a little sense of loss, "It is difficult to enter Innate Mastery's Boundary with an insufficient state of mind. In your case, it was because of your profound Buddhist austerities, so it cannot be justified with common sense."

Chu Li said, "My Lady, I don't want to let Chen Ying enter any factions in the martial arts world."

He needed to stop her from saying any more in advance.

In front of Siao Qi, he cannot use Omniscient Mirror, but he can guess that she will tell him how she met Mei Ao Shuang and about their close friendship, putting in good words for Mei Ao Shuang.

When he heard Siao Qi said that Mei Ao Shuang had saved her before, he sighed inwardly, "As expected," and did not want Siao Qi to say anymore.

"Why?" Siao Qi frowned, "It is a good thing to become a Grandmaster."

"Valley Leader Mei Ao Shuang only saw Chen Ying's talent. She did not know Chen Ying's experience," Chu Li decided to state the crucial point, "My lady, you knew. They have a deep-seated inner demon. If they want to step into Innate Mastery's Boundary, it is easier said than done, let alone entering Grandmaster's Boundary. Tai Hua Valley didn't even have a scenic spot!"

"Who says Tai Hua Valley doesn't have a scenic spot?" Siao Qi cast an askance glance at him, knowing that he had already made up his mind and whatever she said will be useless. She nodded thoughtfully, "This is also true. Their inner demons are too heavy. It is not easy for them to break into Innate Mastery's Boundary."

Chu Li said, "They have suffered too much. Letting them live peacefully will be enough."

"If that is the case, you should also ask for their opinions," Siao Qi said, "I can see that they long for martial arts."

"I plan to let them practice Art of White Tiger."

"Art of White Tiger is not lost without a reason."

"Their personalities are not suitable for the killings and fighting in the martial arts world. They only need to learn some martial arts for self-defense."

"Hai...," Siao Qi sighed, "It seems like you plan to provide for them for a lifetime."

Chu Li smiled, "Meeting them is my debt. They will not suffer as long as the public house exists."

"Very well, I will not say anymore," Siao Qi shook her head and smiled, "Mei Ao Shuang is very stubborn. You have to be careful!"

"I told Chen Ying not to go out these few days. No matter how powerful Valley Leader Mei Ao Shuang is, she will not go as far as to kidnap her, right?" Chu Li laughed.

"Not to that extent," Siao Qi laughed.

In the evening, the sunset dyed the Glory's Will Courtyard red.

Chu Li was in the courtyard boosting the growth of Glory's Will Tree, letting it grow another annual ring. The shape of the Glory's Will Tree did not change, but its Aura became purer and purer and the surrounding Spirit Herbs' growth became even faster.

Xue Ling who was dressed in a white robe came casually, carrying a purple wooden box in her handsa rosewood box the size of a palm, "Master, the beast blood is here."

Chu Li dusted off his hands, got up and went to sit in the pagoda, "Which beast's blood?"

"Golden Eagle Blood," Xue Ling said, "It was sent by post-horse. It took less than a day to arrive."

"Bring me brush and paper," Chu Li took the wooden box from her.

Xue Ling went and brought back writing brushes, inkstick, paper, inkstone and a paperweight, placing them properly on the stone table one by one.

Chu Li opened the rosewood box and there were four porcelain bottles in it.

He took a brush and dipped it into the blood that had not solidified. The smell of blood assailed his nostrils.

There was a thin grass in the bottle. It was a special Spirit Herb which liked to drink blood and at the same time, it can stop the blood from coagulating.

Inserting a small Bloodsucker Grass will cause a small amount of blood to be lost, but it can keep the blood fresh.

The brush that had been dipped into the blood was used to draw a mysterious symbol on the paper rapidly.

He finished drawing in one go. A throb flashed through his mind: this talisman actually drew some of his spirit energy. It was completely different from the feeling of using red cinnabar.

He slowly raised the brush and the air seemed to shake slightly, like ripples on the lake.

Chu Li was overjoyed. It was a good thing if there was a reaction!

He quickly activated Omniscient Mirror and looked, a faint breath floated from the void, like threads. It was strings of mist but it was not golden. This made Chu Li a little disappointed.

He frowned and tried to feel it. These white threads entered his mind and his mind felt a little clearerthere was really an effect!

Unfortunately, compared to the effect of Nine Dragons' Tripod Cauldron, it was a far cry.

"Xue Ling, go the Hall of Martial Arts and put up a task: collect the blood of beasts. I want those that are stronger than Golden Eagle!" Chu Li pondered and said, "The reward will be according to the strength of the blood and I want it as soon as possible!"

"Okay," Xue Ling answered.

She looked at the blood talisman curiously, "What is this?"

"Good stuff," Chu Li laughed.

"Is it a word?" Xue Ling fiddled with the blood talisman a few times, looking at it from different angles but she still did not recognize it, "It shouldn't be a word, right?"

"It does not matter what it is," Chu Li said, "Bring this talisman with you at all times."

"It looks quite scary," Xue Ling looked at the bloody symbol reluctantly. It was still exuding a hint of bloody smell, "Do I really have to take it?"

"It's good for you. You will know once you bring it along with you," Chu Li said.

When he said that, he drew more talismans, using up the bottle of blood and he actually felt drained and mentally exhausted. Just drawing a talisman will absorb a part of his spirit energy, so after drawing more than twenty talismans, most of his spirit energy was consumed.

Putting these talismans together, the mist that flowed over was slightly thicker. He carefully felt it and threads of mist flowed into his mind, replenishing his spirit energy. Like a long drought encountering a rain, it felt exceptionally comfortable.

The purity of these threads of mist cannot be compared to the Nine Dragons' Tripod Cauldron. It was like comparing mist to mercury. However, the flow of the threads of mist into his mind was somewhat beneficial, he estimated that it will be able to replenish his spirit energy in ten minutes.

This was when all the blood talismans were put together. If it was only one blood talisman, he estimated that it will take four hours.

He gave Xue Ling one of it and put away the rest.

The spirit energy of these blood talismans were not pure enough but it had benefits too. It was not overbearing: even after his spirit energy was fully replenished and it still tried to flow into him, he did not feel discomfort.

The replenishment of a blood talisman was insignificant to him, it made no difference if it was there or not. However, the effect when all twenty plus talisman was put together was still good.

The next evening, all twenty blood talisman showed no response and became completely invalid.

The blood on the blood talisman disappeared and it turned into a piece of white paper.

In the end, the blood was the key.

Chu Li was staring at these twenty plus plain paper in the pagoda, Xue Ling pushed open the door and came in, "Master, Sister Zhao Ying just send a letter."

She pulled out a letter from the sleeve of her gown and handed it to Chu Li, "Sister Zhao Ying said, Chen Ying is gone."

Chu Li's hand that was reaching out to take the letter paused and he looked up at her.

Xue Ling said quickly, "It seems like she left with Valley Leader Mei Ao Shuang...it was all written in the letter."

Chu Li took the letter out of the envelope and scanned it quickly. His face turned gloomy.

Xue Ling asked cautiously, "Master, did Chen Ying really leave with Valley Leader Mei Ao Shuang?"

"Hmm," Chu Li took a deep breath and suppressed his complicated feelings, "When did this happen?"

"Just now," Xue Ling said, "Sister Zhao Ying immediately send the letter over after seeing it. Do we chase after them? I think they should not get far!"

Chu Li waved his hand and stared at the setting sun that dyed the sky red.

Chen Ying said in the letter that she was sorry, she had to disobey him once. She wanted to go to Tai Hua Valley, to become a Grandmaster. She also told him to not miss her and she will come back after three years.

Chu Li looked at the sunset and let out a long sigh: what a silly girl!

He knew Chen Ying's way of thinking. She had always felt humble, that she was useless and was a burden to him, so she wanted to become a Grandmaster to help him.

What she did not know was if she really became a Grandmaster, how will Tai Hua Valley let her go? Moreover, he did not feel that she was a burden to him. Seeing their smiles every time, he felt very relaxed and happy.

"Master, are we going to just leave it like that?" Xue Ling asked carefully.

"It must be my fate to worry!" Chu Li kept the letter, "I need to go to Tai Hua Valley and take a look. You don't have to follow me. I'm going to the Tower of Stargazing! "