White Robed Chief Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Ambush

They sped through the entire way. Zhao Ying could not help but look back.

She had the urge to go back and check to see if the twenty sacks were still there, if anyone had found them yet. But she saw Chu Li, who remained silent. She knew that there was no point in saying anything. Nothing was going to change his mind.

She shook her head. Brother Chu Li was such a relaxed person, the least she could do was be reassured of it. Otherwise, she just would not feel stable, she would feel that something was going to go wrong.

During the afternoon, the sun was scorching hot. Chu Li went into the forest and fed the horses some water, taking a break in the process. The weather was not suitable for any extended travelling.

Positioned under a pine's shade, Chu Li shook his head, "Sister, you're unsuitable as a Protector.."

"Why so?" Zhao Ying was seated directly opposite of Chu Li, gently waving a branch.

"Are my martial arts skills inadequate?"

Chu Li shook his head, "You're too curious! Protectors need to shut themselves, be deaf and mute. It's too dangerous otherwise!"

Zhao Ying furrowed her brows, "Should we not learn of the whole story of something in order to prevent it?"

"Being a Protector in name alone already needs you to be alert all the time, danger or not!" Chu Li shook his head again, "You, and your strong curiosity is going to affect your judgement and distract yourself from concentration!"

"I was just trying to see if anyone went and took the Fairy's Beard"

"What's the point of having that information?" Chu Li smiled, "The Fairy's Beard is for the horses! Who do you think will go and take them?"

"The people from the Public House," Chu Li smiled.

Zhao Ying rolled her eyes and said. "Am I wrong?"

"Do you honestly believe Lady Siao would go and do these unsubstantial and flashy things?"

"Then who is it?"

"Where do you think the Fairy's Beard would benefit the most people?"

Zhao Ying tilted her head and began thinking, "The nobility that gambles around with horse racing? The stronger their horse, the better it is!"

Chu Li helplessly looked at her, "The army, the riders!"

"Ah!" Zhao Ying was surprised. She had never thought about the army!

"Only in the army's calvaries will the Fairy's Beard display its power at its fullest!" Chu Li said.

"You mean that the Fairy's Beards will be sent to the army?" Zhao Ying's expression changed. She turned and whispered, "Will we be killed..?"


Zhao Ying's expression stiffened.

"If it involves the army, then that's a confidential issue! We're not allowed to have any connection with the army in the Public House! Are we not in danger if we know about all this?" She lowered her voice and said nervously.

The Public House was not allowed to have any connection with the army. It was a decree from the Imperial Court itself. It is the same of the same concept of a prince not being allowed to be associated with the chancellor, or they would risk facing severe consequences.

"It's not that serious." Chu Li smiled, "Just don't tell anyone about it."

Zhao Ying sighed, and slightly blushed right after.

Now she finally understood why Chu Li wanted to leave as soon as possible, she was so foolish! If she had actually went back to check and was accidentally caught, then she would have actually been in danger, forcing the army to kill her!

Coming to this conclusion, she stood up and practised her Swallow Reversal

Chu Li sat under the shade and lazily guided her. About two hours later when the sun was less scorching, the two of them hopped onto their horses and continued their journey.

Late afternoon set in, the sun was beginning to set and all the birds flew back into the woods.

Chu Li gazed at the sunset. He suddenly reined in his horse and Zhao Ying stopped with him, cautiously checking the environment. She held onto her sword, "Chu Li...?"

Chu Li furrowed his brows and sighed. "There's an ambush ahead,"

"More robbers?" Zhao Ying frustratingly muttered, "Not the Raging Tigers again!"

They had stepped into their territory again. She was already worried that they might be robbed again, but it seemed like there wasn't any running away from this troupe.

Chu Li was in his thoughts, changing the direction of his horse and moving away. Zhao Ying followed him, "Brother?"

"We cannot use the road ahead." Chu Li shook his head as he said.

"It's just a group of robbers, we'll just kill them!" Zhao Ying was excited.

At this moment, Zhao Ying felt that she was no longer someone who had no knowledge or skills. She had been through a huge transformation with her swordsmanship becoming fiercer and her inner strength becoming stronger. She was close to completing her acquired masteries. As long as she did not run into an innate master from the Raging Tigers then it should been fine; and there had never been reports of innate masters coming to the bottom of the hill to rob commoners.

Chu Li shook his head.

His Omniscient Mirror had a very strong sixth sense that was used to seek luck and avoid calamity. Since it had already given out a warning, a warning that there was calamity ahead, it would be wise to not travel there.

"But it's impossible for us to go back now!" Zhao Ying unwillingly said.

"We'll wait for a while," Chu Li said.

"Until when?"

"They'll have to go back to the mountain anyway."

"What if they take turns to stand guard?"

"Then we'll wait for the masters to go back." Chu Li furrowed his brows.

"They should be innate masters!" Zhao Ying widened her eyes. She wanted to speak, but she closed her mouth and nodded. "We should probably avoid that, but isn't it too humiliating for a innate master to rob bypassers?!"

They rushed into the woods and tied up the horses. Chu Li sat on the dried leaves, "Let's rush home midnight!"

Zhao Ying nodded.

The two of them sat with their legs crossed, meditating.

Midnight, when the moon was at its peak and the moonlight was bright.

Chu Li opened his eyes, "Let's go!...Leave the horses here!"

"Are we not taking the horses?"

"It makes too much noise, we'll have to use levitation to move."

Zhao Ying reluctantly looked at the two horses. She had already bonded with them, she was unwilling to let them go.

"These old horses know the way, they will find their way back."


"Horses in the Public Houses are specially trained, they will go back by themselves."

The horse trainers in the Public Houses were professionals. They had trained the horses to be very intelligent. Only their masters could get close to them, and they could even recognize roads. They should be able to go back by themselves without being caught.

"Fine then." Zhao Ying said unwillingly as she patted the two horses.

She let go the reins and took some food from the saddle, but Chu Li stopped her. If the two of them needed to move quietly, even a bag of dried meat was a burden.

Two of them rushed through ten miles with levitation and suddenly noticed a bonfire. Two trees in the middle of the road were burning, lighting up the faces around it. There were more than ten people sitting next to the bonfire, not saying a word.

Zhao Ying looked at Chu Li. Chu Li hinted her to be careful. They quietly passed through the woods, avoiding detection.

Chu Li suddenly stopped every now and then in the woods. Zhao Ying initially found it to be really weird, but she later realized that he was avoiding traps.

There were a lot of traps placed by the people in the woods. It was almost impossible to avoid all of them. By simply touching any one of them, the entire group of people would be alerted. She had even found another group of people prepared to ambush in the woods, waiting for the signal.

She sighed in fortune. They had set up an ambush here for so long, just for the two of them?

Had they killed too many men and angered the people of the Raging Tiger? Were they really here just for the both of them?

Zhao Ying began to sweat as she thought of the possibility. If that was the case, they had definitely dispatched the innate masters. It was far too dangerous.

Chu Li brought her and moved stealthily, avoiding all the traps and those who were planning to ambush them, and avoided all possible forms of detection. They escaped into another forest. Chu Li moved faster. Zhao Ying had used levitation but was still being dragged around.

They ran far more than ten miles in a single breath, and Chu Li let out a sigh. They stopped on the tree nearby.