White Robed Chief Chapter 211

Chapter 211: The Sold Son

Fairy's Capital, San Yang Alley.

As the night was covered with a hazy atmosphere, the moonlight shone gently like the surface of the lake.

Chu Li stood silently outside the house while sizing it up.

This house belonged to the Imperial Maid and he bet that when she left the Imperial Palace, she was rewarded with a lot of taels. How else could she afford to stay here?

In this huge town, it was difficult for normal citizens to stay in the Fairy's Capital without a good source of income to afford a household.

He did not see the son of the Imperial Maid. He only saw a drunk man that was hugging a jar and was knocked out completely by all the booze he drank. His face was flushed red and had a snore as loud as a thunderclap.

There were no masters around. Perhaps Prince An had not sent people over or he already did.

He flew into the room and stood in front of the man who was in a curled position. Chu Li stretched out his hand and patted on the drunk to get him sobered up.

The man was in his thirties with a tall figure and looked rather dashing. He definitely could have charmed a lot of women if it were not for the bruises on his face. Chu Li definitely could tell he was previously beaten up.

"HmphWoo" The man groaned and rolled his body over. His head was now faced inwards whilst hugging the jar of wine even tighter.

"Pak!" Chu Li exclaimed as he hit with his palm again. He shouted, "Wake up!"

The man immediately sat up and covered his head with both his hands. He cowered and shouted, "Don't hit me! Don't hit me!"

"What's your name?" Chu Li asked, grabbing a chair and sat in front of the couch.

"Zhu Ziwen," the drunk man answered with his eyes shut.

Chu Li calmly said, "Yang Xu told me to come here."

"Yang Xu?" Zhu Ziwen retreated his hands and faced Chu Li, "That bitch?"

Chu Li frowned and asked, "Where's the child?"

"Child?" Zhu Ziwen's complexion immediately turned cold, "Who are you? What's your relationship with Yang Xu?"

Chu Li already saw the truth in Zhu Ziwen's mind. Chu Li's complexion turned dark and asked, "You sold the kid?"

This man owed a huge amount of debt. In order to settle it, he sold not only his son but his wife, Yang Xu too. She had not come back yet. However, when she returned, the creditors would definitely come for her.

They had the nerve to buy Yang Xu even with her status as the Imperial Maid. This was not your typical casino.

"Nonsense!" Zhu Ziwen shook his head insistently.

Chu Li coldly glared at him, "You don't know the status of Yang Xu?"

Zhu Ziwen laughed but then kept his mouth shut. He turned away from Chu Li.

"You really are heartless," Chu Li sized up this man who looked proper from the outside but was rotten inside. He indeed was the scum of all scumbags.

"Heh, but he's actually not my son after all!" Zhu Ziwen exclaimed.

Chu Li said, "Bring me to the casino. I'll pay all your debts and redeem your son back too."

"Really?" Zhu Ziwen asked with widened eyes.

Chu Li stood and said, "I don't have time to play games, I came here to find your son."

"Don't tell me you're Young Quan's father?"


"Then who's Young Quan's father?"

"You," Chu Li then coldly said, "One more word out from you and I'll reduce the one hundred taels I'm about to pay!"

"Okay! Okay! I'll shut up, I'll shut up," Zhu Ziwen hesitantly laughed.

He carefully put down the jar of wine and got down from his bed. After calmly putting on his boots, he left the house.

Chu Li followed him into an alley and looked around as he asked, "Why did the casino buy your son?"

"Who knows?" replied Zhu Ziwen as he covered himself and tightened his hands from the cold. He could not stand the cold. He then grinned and said, "They won't try to kill him and eat his meat anyway."

Chu Li looked at him, "But they won't treat him like their master either."

"What's the big deal for letting a kid go through some hardship?" Zhu Ziwen laughed. Chu Li then commented, "It's fine, it's still the same between being alive and not being dead."

"Since he's not your bloodline anyway," Chu Li added.

Zhu Ziwen absentmindedly nodded.

Chu Li shook his head and did not say much.

The Fairy's Capital was a town that was always hustling and bustling with activities no matter how late the night was. There were always people out on the streets. Zhu Ziwen went out of the small alley and entered the busy street of Fairy's Capital. They kept on the route and went East. They both finally arrived at a lofty and bright tower shortly after. A loud ruckus could be heard coming from the domain.

"Domain of Aroma" the sign read with its three prominent characters reflected with gold.

"This place belongs to the well-known Prince Cheng. Where no one dares to owe debts!" Zhu Ziwen reminded Chu Li. He was scared that Chu Li would make a fool out of himself.

Chu Li furrowed, "Prince Cheng?"

"Yes," Zhu Ziwen ecstatically nodded, "Prince Cheng holds a reputation for handling matters fairly and just. No one dares to even try to cheat him or in this place. Even if you win, no one will try to trouble you!"

"Prince Cheng does this kind of business?" Chu Li scoffed.

Zhu Ziwen laughed and said, "Oh, these Princes, they're fearless. As long as they don't murder people, no one dares to complain about them!"

Chu Li's brows furrowed as he nodded, signaling him to go in.

Zhu Ziwen suddenly stopped in his tracks at the foot of the restaurant. He puffed up his chest but his confidence wavered right after, "Are you sure you really can help me clear my debts?"

"How much is it?"

"Oneone thousand taels."

"One thousand tales, you really are incredible!" Chu Li took out a banknote and swung it in front of Zhu Ziwen.

Zhu Ziwen's eyes lit up as he stared at the banknote. He was happy at where his prospects were heading. With a confident stride, he opened the curtain and entered the main hall with a puffed chest.

The light in the main hall was as bright as daytime. The gamblers at the tables were too preoccupied with the gambling to even bother with the new visitors. Occasionally, they would spontaneously shout or laugh in a hysterical manner. The two newcomers felt like strangers in the new environment.

Zhu Ziwen stopped one of the Scribes passing by and mentioned that he wanted to meet Third Master Qi.

The Scribe pointed out the way and Zhu Ziwen brought Chu Li upstairs.

The second floor was a restaurant filled with tables of many delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Men and women could be heard teasing each other with the sound of traditional stringed and woodwind instruments playing in the background. The area had a luxurious and sensual ambience encompassing it.

Two of them approached a large table in the room and saw the skinny Third Master Qi sitting there.

He had an oval face with a sharp jaw and three strands of hair that formed a goatee. He looked incredibly bored and unexcited. Finally casting a glance on Zhu Ziwen, "Elder Zhu, has your wife came back?"

He was sitting alone at the table with no Protector beside him.

Chu Li saw through Third Master Qi that he was an Innate Master. However, having an Innate Master delving into this kind of things; it seemed like this casino had some reputation.

Zhu Ziwen puffed his chest, he laughed, "Third Master Qi, I came here to pay my debts!"

"What can you use to pay your debts?" Third Master Qi laughed in return, "You've sold your wife and son. Oh, and remember you wanted to sell your house too? Listen to my advice, behave yourself and go home. Continue with what remaining possessions you have and move on with your life!"

"This brother will pay my debts," Zhu Ziwen pointed at Chu Li and gratefully smiled at him.

Chu Li made a closed fist salute and asked, "Third Master Qi, how much does he owe?"

"One thousand taels," Third Master Qi squinted his eyes and glared at Chu Li, "Our restaurant is the fairest among them all. We won't compound interest so, one thousand taels is still one thousand taels. Do you really want to help him pay his debts?"

Chu Li took out a thousand worth of banknote and placed it on the table, "Where's the child?"

"You still want the child back?" Master Qi smiled, he shook his head, "It's too late, we've settled him already. You've paid for the one thousand taels so his wife needn't come over anymore."

"Where's the child?" Chu Li took out another thousand taels, "This one thousand taels is to redeem the child."

"You're really generous," Third Master Qi smiled, his squinty eyes flashed with a sharp edge. He sighed and said, "What a pity. Unfortunately, you're too late. That little fellow may have gotten castrated already."

Chu Li took out a ten thousand banknote and placed it on top of the previous banknote, "If I see the child in the next fifteen minutes, these will be all yours."

His green robe moved without the wind, he calmly looked at Third Master Qi.

Third Master Qi's complexion changed, an Innate Master!

Chu Li drew out a one thousand taels banknote and gently shook it. The banknote immediately turned to ashes, "If I can't see the child in fifteen minutes, all these banknotes end the same way!"

"Pam!" Third Master Qi fiercely struck the table. He stared at Chu Li furiously.

Chu Li remained poised and calmly looked at him.

Third Master Qi's was furious. He shouted, "Guards!"

Two men in neat green colors arrived with large strides, "Third Master Qi!"

Third Master Qi clenched his teeth and said slowly, "Fetch Elder Zhu's son back here. If I don't see Elder Zhu's son here in the next fifteen minutes, you lot wouldn't need to come back anymore!"

"Yes!" The two men in their green robes exclaimed. They quickly turned and rushed to the window and jumped out.