White Robed Chief Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Silver Bullets

Chu Li took a look at Third Master Qi. "Third Master Qi, I heard that this restaurant was opened by King Cheng."

"Hehe What nonsense, I'm the one who opened this restaurant!" Third Master Qi shook his head disapprovingly and said. "Nowadays the people speak and act on hearsay. They'll believe any rumors people have made and won't use their brain to think. Why would someone as honorable as the Prince be involved in such things?"

Chu Li use the Omniscient Mirror to look through what he was thinking. The Aroma Domain was indeed opened by King Cheng. Third Master Qi was King Cheng's Scribe and currently, he was assigned to manage the Aroma Domain.

Chu Li said, "Zhu Ziwen's wife was originally an Imperial Maid. The Third Master Qi only dared to purchase her due to King Cheng's support. Normal people wouldn't have the courage to do so."

"Yang Xu was an Imperial Maid?" Third Master Qi's complexion changed.

Chu Li forced out a smile. " If Yang Xu came back and saw the situation, she could write a letter to the Imperial House. Perhaps even complain to the courthouse. I'm not sure how things will turn out to be but Third Master Qi must have some abnormally large guts to pull off something like this."

Third Master Qi's complexion changed again.

He could tell that Chu Li was threatening him. If this problem were to stir up, it would not affect the Aroma Domain. However, it was hard to avoid the blame from his superiors. He would eventually be punished.

Chu Li gave him another look and sat beside the table without saying another word.

Third Master Qi's expression paled and did not say anything too.

Zhu Ziwen's neck twitched in discomfort. The temperature in the Aroma Domain was as warm as spring but, somehow he could feel a chill down his spine.

"Pam Pam!" the sound of two loud noises were heard. Followed with two men in neat outfits entering through the window and landing in front of Third Master Qi.

Third Master Qi noticed they had come back empty-handed. He frowned and his face was as gloomy as a stormcloud about to pour. "Where's is he?!"

The two huge men lowered their heads. With disappointment, they said, " Third Master Qi, the child is dead!"

"He's dead?" Third Master Qi clenched his teeth and uttered a few words, "Elder Guo told you this?"

"Yes, Elder Guo said he didn't make it and he perished. He is already finding someone to bury him."

Third Master Qi's complexion turned ghastly pale. He turned to face Chu Li and then continued to stare at the banknotes that were still on the table.

If he could get these silvers, then the one thousand taels were his too.

The Aroma Domain often saw copious amounts of money passing through it. However, that was the Prince's money and it did not belong to him. If he were to get just ten thousand taels on the side for himself, Third Master Qi would thank the heavens and live an easy life for the rest of the year!

But after what had just happened, his whole year's worth of side income was gone. This was unbearable!

Chu Li withdrew the one thousand taels banknote, he gently shook it and it turned to debris, he again took out another ten thousand taels banknote.

"Hold on!" Third Master Qi stretched out his arms and shouted.

Chu Li said, "Seems like all this silver just isn't meant for Third Master Qi. Okay, I'll change the terms. Bring Elder Guo to me so I can meet him personally, then I'll decide where should these ten thousand taels go!"

"Hurry up!" Third Master Qi angrily shouted.

The two neat and tidy big guys hurriedly rushed out the window. Third Master Qi stared blankly at the banknote.

As Chu Li slowly took back his banknotes. "Does Elder Guo specialize in castrations?"

"He's in charge of prepping the eunuchs in accordance to the Palace's requirements." Third Master Qi's complexion shifted back to normal. His squinty eyes now had a certain glimmer in them.

If only this man in front of him was not an Innate Master that was stronger than him, he could have just grabbed the banknote away. Unfortunately, even with all the help in the world, the odds of keeping the banknotes were slim.

Besides, if they really did start a fight, even if he borrowed people from the Imperial Residence,the Aroma Domain would still sustain massive losses. Their business reputation would also be affected, which in turn would cost him money that did not even belong to him. Third Master Qi knew he had to be flexible as a businessman, the most important thing here was the silvers.

Chu Li turned to face Zhu Ziwen.

Zhu Ziwen had a contented expression, he did not care because this illegitimate child was finally dead!

Third Master Qi softly coughed but he forced out a smile and said, "You've been here so long, I still haven't asked for your name."

Chu Li coolly replied, "I think it's better for me not to say it out loud."

"Oh ?" Third Master Qi smiled as he squinted his eyes. "Are there any difficulties for you to say it out?"

"If I tell you my name, I'm afraid I would have to kill you," Chu Li calmly replied.

Third Master Qi laughed. "How did you get associated with a scum like Elder Zhu, he is but a waste of food!"

"I know Yang Xu." Chu Li faked a smile while facing him.

Third Master Qi in return gave him a forceful smile too.

He was scared of Chu Li.

The longer one dwelled amongst the martial arts circles, the smaller one's confidence became. Chu Li's obviously had Innate Mastery, this paired with his arrogant and bossy nature suggested that he was definitely no average joe. Furthermore, he knew Yang Xu which indicated a possible relation to the Imperial House.

He would rather tolerate the moment than aggravate Chu Li. Third Master Qi also did not want to offend Chu Li's relations either as that would result in his future death too.

As they grew silent, the noise from the background turned loud and clear.

Chu Li sat motionlessly. He could clearly see the inner and outer surroundings of the Aroma Domain. He could even identify the exact location where the banknotes were placed. There were two Grandmasters keeping watch of it.

"Ah!" someone miserably gasped. A man with a black shirt flew in from the window and positioned himself in front of Chu Li.

The two men in neat attires followed and landed on the ground. Their faces expressionless as they stared at Chu Li.

The man in the black attire was a pale looking elder with shifty-eyes. His eyes were shining sharply.

He rapidly looked around and stood right up. He then fist saluted. "Third Master Qi,you merely have to order us if there's anything you would like us to do, did you really have to make such a big fuss?"

Third Master Qi furrowed his brows and said, "Elder Guo, the child you bought three days ago, is he really dead?"

"Hehe, that kid was pure and cute. It's quite a pity." Elder Guo shook his head and showed a compassionate look. "If he really did join the Imperial Residence, maybe he would have been successful. Such a pity, he didn't have the honor of a wealthy life!"

Chu Li said, "Elder Guo, you sold him for one hundred taels right?"

"What?" Elder Guo grew startled. He frantically said, "What one hundred taels? I don't understand what you're saying!"

Chu Li shook his head and said, "How much money did you get then? Ten taels? You sold him for one hundred taels. That's really a good sale price. If I were you, I would say that he's dead too!"

"Elder Guo!" Third Master Qi exclaimed with clenched teeth.

Elder Guo looked at Chu Li and then Third Master Qi. He had a cold but relaxed expression. He then said, "Okay okay, I'll tell the truth. The one that sold the boy was me!"

"Who did you sell him to?"

"I really don't know. Two fellows came over and proposed to buy the child for one hundred taels. I wasn't stupid enough to pass on the opportunity, so I sold him."

Third Master Qi clenched his teeth. His gaze was cold and had a dark expression.

Chu Li took out two banknotes worth ten thousand taels and placed it on the table. "Third Master Qi, if you find the child, all these are yours! Here are ten thousand taels in advance. Once you have found the child, I'll give you the other ten thousand taels!"

Chu Li passed the ten thousand taels to Third Master Qi as he mentioned this.

Third Master Qi took it and raised his thumb. "Okay, how quick and easy! Leave it to me!"

He turned over his head and stared. "You two and Elder Guo will go and find the identity of the two buyers. If you have found them, there will be one thousand taels for each of you. If you fail to do so, don't even bother about wanting to live!"

"This" Elder Guo found it difficult.

Third Master Qi coldly glared at him. "What, you can't do it?"

"... Okay, okay. I'll try, I'll try." Elder Guo sighed and said, "Third Master Qi you're well-informed. You'll definitely find the child!"

"Hmph, it's good that you know!" Third Master Qi coldly scoffed.

He then immediately changed to a gentle expression. "Master, don't you worry. As long as they are still in the Fairy's Capital, I'll find them!"

Chu Li nodded and then pointed at Zhu Ziwen. "Third Master Qi, help me send him on his way to hell."

Zhu Ziwen was shocked, he hurriedly shouted, "What do you mean?! What do you intend to do with me?!"

Chu Li did not even cast a look at him.

Third Master Qi laughed and said, "This kind of man should've been dead long ago. Leave this to me!"

He cast a hinting glance and the two men with neat uniforms went forward and patted Zhu Ziwen. They sealed an acupuncture point in him and carried him downstairs.