White Robed Chief Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Fortuitous Encounter

"Achieving nothing is better than losing your life. Brother, we're not young anymore so we should appreciate our lives more!"

"If we really do find the Multiform Demon Lord's Abode inside, we can live comfortably for the rest of our lives with this deed of merit!"

"It's not as easy as you say it is. It's best not to be too greedy. As I said, we should have reported it a long time ago!"

"Brother, you're regretting it, are you?"

"A little bit." The round-faced old man sighed. "If we report it early, at least we won't lose so many people!"

"Even if we report it, we'll need someone to scout the inside too. We still need to send them inside!"

"These disciples are the product of our hard work!"

"They are all just some unworthy disciples," the thin old man said coldly. "They are impetuous and incapable. Don't expect them to be successful in the future. When we're gone, they will disband. None of them can succeed the Rising Sun Faction!"

"Brother, if we do get the martial arts of the Demon Lord and let them practice it, do you think that they will practice it successfully?"

"... Forget it."

They were silent again.

The Multiform Demon Lord's heritage was a great temptation for them because if not, they would not have kept the secret to themselves and they would not have lost more than twenty disciples.

Everyone thought the Multiform Demon Lord was someone who had a thousand faces and varied transformation. However, the two of them who were Protectors from the Imperial House knew more. The most powerful thing about the Multiform Demon Lord was his martial arts. There were at least five Grandmasters who had lost their lives in his hand.

If they could practice his heart technique, it would be enough for them to rule the world.

"That's it! I'm going in!" the thin old man said gruffly.

The fat old man sighed and nodded slowly.

Chu Li sat quietly in the woodshed and activated the power of the Omniscient Mirror to the extreme. He then saw the thoughts in their minds.

The Multiform Demon Lord, who could make the Emperor pay so much attention to, was by no means an ordinary person. If he could inherit the Multiform Demon Lord's martial arts, he could change his appearance. Together with his Omniscient Mirror, he could do a lot more things.

The next night, the heavy snow had yet melted, and the bright moon hung in the sky.

The white snow reflected the moonlight, illuminating the surroundings clearly.

All disciples of the Rising Sun Faction came to the bottom of Rising Sun Mountain and walked around it in a circle. With every dozen meters, there was a person patrolling.

All of them were wide-eyed as they got more nervous as midnight approached.

They all knew that the entrance would appear at midnight for a fleeting moment. If they missed it, they would have to wait until the next month.

This time, their Faction Leader would personally enter the Formation to rescue the brothers and sisters who had gone in earlier. This made them feel somewhat moved and somewhat worried they wondered if those who had gone in were still alive.

The fat old man and the thin old man stood quietly on the basilica's glazed roof tile, looking out to the Rising Sun Mountain across them. Under the moonlight, their purple robes fluttered.

Once the disciples had found the entrance and shot a signal arrow up into the sky, they would rush over and arrive there just in time.

The two of them stood silently on the glazed roof tile and said nothing because everything that had to be said was already said.

"Bang!" An explosion sounded in the distance and a firework appeared in the sky.

"Let's go!" The two then turned into two gusts of wind and rushed over to that place.

Chu Li flew out of the woodshed and suddenly disappeared.

Two Rising Sun Faction's disciples stared wide-eyed at the fireworks in the sky, hoping that the Faction Leader would be able to rush over immediately. Beside them, a patch of taupe grass field appeared in the middle of the lush woods. It was distinct from its surrounding and conspicuous this was the entrance!

From the corner of their eyes, they seemed to catch a glimpse of a shadow flashing past but when they turned around, there was nothing at all. It was as if it was an illusion.

They looked at each other and shook their heads, ignoring it.

Once Chu Li entered the Formation, a vast expanse of whiteness suddenly entered his view as if a fog had enveloped the place.

He activated the Omniscient Mirror and saw that he was at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain before him and the mountain he saw outside were completely different. At the bottom of this mountain, there were a taupe grass field and dense woods.

Going up the mountain and at its hillside, it was covered with vast white snow. This was a snow-capped mountain that was twice as tall and twice as large as the Rising Sun Mountain.

The snow-capped mountains in the moonlight resembled a silver mountain, snow-white flawless and awe-inspiring.

There was no Formation here. It was purely a night fog.

He did not care about whether someone had entered the Formation behind him and flew towards the mountain peak. He activated the Omniscient Mirror and he could see everything within a radius of five miles around him.

He thanked God that this Formation only had one layer, unlike the Formation he had seen in Tai Hua Valley which was a Formation in a Formation.

This Formation only had a disorientation effect. Outsiders could not come into the snow-capped mountain, but there was a slight chance through an opportunity to come in by coincidence.

Just like a predestined person could enter it while someone who was not predestined would never be able to find the entrance.

Thinking of this, he could not hold back his excitement and his movement became faster.

He flew the whole journey and he had met more than twenty Rising Sun Faction's disciples on the way. The disciples were gathered together and had found a cave to squat in. Some were practicing martial arts while some were cooking, and some were sleeping. Seeing their ruddy complexion, they were living quite well.

Chu Li avoided them and continued up the mountain until he reached the peak.

At the mountain peak, it was freezing cold and the air here was thin.

The cold wind blew against his face as if a knife was slicing his flesh. The breaths he exhaled were almost immediately frozen.

As he had the Sentient Menace to protect his body, neither heat nor frost can invade his body, so he did not mind the cold. After he arrived at the peak of the mountain, he went over it and there was a vertical sword-like cliff.

Hence, he slid down along the cliff. After sliding 20 meters, he threw a fierce punch and his body stopped him from sliding down.

However, his fist had broken through a thick layer of snow and revealed a hole. He flew into it and inside was a rather spacious cave.

The cave was as high as a person's height; its surrounding walls were all made of ice blocks.

In the cave, a gentle breeze blew and he shuddered inexplicably.

The breeze inside this cave was even colder than the wind that blew at the mountain peak. If it was not for the circulation of his inner energy, his body that was made out of flesh and blood simply would not be able to withstand this cold wind he would be frozen in an instant.

Obviously, there was something weird about this breeze. He observed through the Omniscient Mirror and found out that this breeze had come from the opposite stone wall. The breeze had reached here after a few turns and it had weakened the strength of the wind while the breeze became colder.

He ignored this unusually cold wind. With the Sentient Menace protecting his body and coupled with his abundant inner energy, he was able to resist the cold for quite a while.

He looked up at the middle-aged man who was sitting cross-legged on the ice bed.

This middle-aged man was handsome with a complexion as fair as jade. He must have been a beautiful man when he was young. He was sitting on the crystal clear ice bed motionlessly like he was in meditation.

This person looked as if he was alive but he was already dead.

The wind here was very strange. It could prevent the body of this middle-aged man from rotting, and it even maintained the appearance of when he was alive.

Using the Omniscient Mirror, he examined every inch of this place.

In the cave, there was an ice bed, an ice table, two bowls, a wok, some grains, and spices that had not rotten in the corner. These were all for living.

He was a little disappointed as there were no books or Formation. It seemed that this person was not a Formation master after all, and this place may have been set up by someone else.

His gaze eventually fell onto a crevice of an ice cube. There was a crystal-clear waist tag that was the size of a palm stuffed in the crevice. It was similar to the jade tag on his waist.

This piece of waist tag was crystal clear, blending in with the ice cube. If it was not for his Omniscient Mirror, it could only be found if these ice cubes were shattered.

He pulled out the Modesty Sword and stabbed lightly against the waist tag, like a knife cutting a bean curd. Then, he flicked the sword up.

The waist tag flew out and fell onto his hand.

"Boom..." His consciousness was suddenly engulfed by darkness and he entered a boundless void.

Like a sky that was lit by the first ray of sunlight, blue and dimly lit, a giant that glowed in a gentle light was sitting cross-legged in the void. His face amiable and his eyes compassionate. He looked down at Chu Li.

Making eye contact with this compassionate gaze, a bang struck Chu Li's mind again and numerous scenes flashed through his mind like a cursory view.

He was suddenly turned into a soldier who was fighting on the battlefield that eventually got his arm severed and died after being stabbed in the heart with a knife. After that, he suddenly became a martial arts master who was fighting with someone and eventually died in a tragic loss. Afterward, he had suddenly become a frail old man who did not know martial arts, but his strength declined with his old age. In the end, he died of illness.

It was as if a long time had passed. Though it was also as if all of it had happened in just a short moment, Chu Li woke up with a jolt. Yet, the giant that glowed in soft light was still in front of him.

Looking into the eyes of the giant, his compassionate eyes became cold. There was neither sadness nor happiness in his eyes as if it treated all beings as ants.