White Robed Chief Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Fight For It

Hong Xiu went to the Public House the next day and learned a Health Nurturing Heart Technique from Xue Ling.

Three people sat in the pagoda. White chiffon curtains covered all four sides.

The refreshing breeze blew gently and the white chiffon fluttered like mist and smoke. When the breeze reached inside the pagoda, the curtain blocked most of the wind and the breeze completely lost its ferocity.

"Sister Hong Xiu, this Eternal Youth is handpicked by me. It can produce the desired effect the fastest." Xue Ling laughed. "Sister Bi Liu, you should also learn it and teach it to all the sisters in the New Moon Brothel. Master said that all of your bodies are not healthy enough and you girls need to restore health with the Health Nurturing Heart Technique."

"I have to learn too?" Bi Liu laughed. "I dance all day so I am in good health."

"That's different." Xue Ling shook her head. "Dancing is detrimental to the body. You look healthy but you are actually strong only in appearance and weak internally. Wait until you are advanced in age, your whole body will be full of sicknesses. Therefore, you are more in need of a Health Nurturing Heart Technique."

Hong Xiu laughed. "Bi Liu, you should just learn it. There's no harm."

"Very well, I will learn." Bi Liu smiled.

Xue Ling explained the heart technique in details. The Health Nurturing Heart Technique was even more complex than the martial arts heart technique. It needed to go through the whole body's meridians, unlike the martial arts heart technique that focused on one or two meridians only.

When Hong Xiu arrived back home in the evening after learning it for a whole day, she saw that her husband had come back early too and was now pacing in front of the main hall.

As soon as he saw her, Field Officer Zhao came forward immediately and said excitedly, "My wife, I have found out about the Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique."

"How is it?" Hong Xiu laughed.

She had every confidence in the Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique. She knew her own body well. It really was a complete transformation.

"It is an ancient secret technique and it has been lost!" Field Officer Zhao said excitedly. "This technique allows an ordinary person to build a foundation instantly, saving more than a decade worth of effort. It is indeed marvelous!"

"It is that incredible?"

"However, this technique is extremely dangerous to cast. I am actually scared to death now. Chief Chu Li took too much risk!"

"Come on. He was actually very relaxed." Hong Xiu laughed. "I think he only considered it as a common practice. He was very confident."

"That is also true. Chief Chu Li is indeed not an ordinary person." Field Officer Zhao sighed.

He was now unusually grateful towards Chu Li. Not everyone was fortunate enough to encounter this kind of secret technique.

"We have to think of a way to thank him." Hong Xiu pondered and finally shook her head and sighed. "I really cannot think of anything. There is nothing he lacks."

"Did you meet Chief Chu Li today?"

Hong Xiu shook her head. "No, he seems to be very busy. He just came back yesterday too, looking tired from traveling."

"An important person will indeed be busy," Field Officer Zhao said. "We should definitely thank Chief Chu Li. Ask Miss Xue Ling about his hobbies."

"I have already inquired about it. Chief Chu Li loves good food and enjoyment, but the Public House doesn't lack these." Hong Xiu laughed. "Let's forget it."

"I will think of a way," Field Officer Zhao replied.

Hong Xiu smiled and did not persuade him any longer.

Time passed unwittingly.

Chu Li was immersed in the Rising Sun Mountain's Formation. Since he had stepped into the Grandmaster's Boundary, his understanding of this world had become clearer and his study on Formation became extremely fast. When he read the Public House's Formation books again, Chu Li had learned something new too.

Until now, he made no progress on the Rising Sun Mountain's Formation. This Formation was strangely mysterious and exquisite. If he could fathom it completely, Chu Li could directly set up a Formation that enveloped the whole Public House and it would be much easier.

Unfortunately, this Formation was too esoteric. It seemed like he needed to take a look at the Formation at Tai Hua Valley.

In the evening, Xue Ling pushed open the door and came in. She came to the pagoda with a smile on her face. "Master, Master Xiao Tieying invites you over."

"Master Xiao Tieying?" Chu Li looked up at her.

Xue Ling said, "Master Xiao Tieying's henchmen cannot enter Jade Island Guardian so they went to the East Garden to look for me."

" I will go take a look." Chu Li put down the Formation book.

He disappeared in a flash and the next moment, he was standing on a small boat. The small boat flew and soon, he arrived at Iron Eagle Island and met Xiao Tieying in the main hall.

Xiao Tieying was frowning while pondering. Linquan stood motionlessly behind him.

Chu Li came in and gave a fist salute. Xiao Tieying got up and gestured at him to sit down and talk.

"Master Xiao Tieying, the Formation Rupture of Jade Island Guardian"

"Don't. Forget it." Xiao Tieying waved his hand and said, "It is fine that only you and Xue Ling know. You don't have to tell me. I won't go there anyway."

Chu Li said, "Master, is there something bothering you?"

Xiao Tieying sighed. "It's the matter regarding Huay Public House!"

Chu Li said, "They will get married after a month, right?"

"Mm." Xiao Tieying nodded unhappily.

Chu Li knew the reason for his unhappiness and sighed. "Master, don't you want to fight for it?"

Xiao Tieying smiled bitterly.

He looked haggard as if he had not slept for a few days. As expected, Xiao Tieying had been in a dilemma and could not make up his mind.

Chu Li said, "Master, are we going to just stand by and watch as they get married?"

"What else can we do?" Xiao Tieying sighed. "We really cannot be compared to Ren Public House. It is no wonder that Huay Public House will choose them!"

Chu Li scoffed. "We are weak now but it doesn't mean that we will be weak in the future!"

"Huay Public House will only look at the present." Xiao Tieying sighed.

Chu Li said, "Master, I am now in the Grandmaster's Boundary."

"Mm," Xiao Tieying answered absent-mindedly. He suddenly realized what Chu Li had said and looked over with widened eyes, "Mm ?"

Chu Li laughed. "Congratulations, Master. We have another Grandmaster in our Public House!"

"You really entered the Grandmaster's Boundary?" Xiao Tieying was incredulous.

Chu Li waved his sleeve and from ten meters away, the curtain flew.

"How did you how would" Xiao Tieying was stunned.

To reach the Grandmaster's Boundary, one needed to enter the Surpassing State to comprehend nature and achieve harmony between man and nature. Chu Li was going to enter the Amethyst Mountain in the future and this had already been arranged.

However, their helper from the Amethyst Mountain was in Isolated Cultivation so they needed to wait for a period of time. Therefore, Chu Li did not have the opportunity to enter the Surpassing State. Theoretically, no matter how deep one's cultivation was, one would still be unable to reach the Grandmaster's Boundary.

Chu Li said, "I studied Formation, understand the world and unconsciously reached the Grandmaster's Boundary."

He decided not to tell anyone about the matter of the Rising Sun Faction.

"Formation actually has such effect" Xiao Tieying sighed.

However, it was useless even if he knew it. The cultivation of Formation was not any easier than becoming an Enlightened Master. The world's Formation masters were very few.

Chu Li asked, "Master, you really don't want to fight for it?"

He could see Xiao Tieying's unwillingness and agony.

Xiao Tieying sighed. "Of course I want to fight for it, but I am powerless. Ren Public House will guard against us and Huay Public House will be wary too. Our power is a far cry from the strength of two Public Houses. It will be in vain!"

"Even if we cannot win against them, it is still better than never fighting for it," Chu Li replied. "Or else you will regret this your entire life!"

"... Chu Li, what do you have in mind?"

Chu Li said, "If we can get accurate information about which road she takes, I will set up a Formation and it would not be that difficult to kidnap the bride."

Xiao Tieying clenched his fist.

"I believe Song Yuning will tell us the news," Xiao Tieying said slowly. "If you set up a Formation and with your Light-body Technique, there will be a great hope to succeed!"

Chu Li smiled.

Chu Li did not have that much confidence. He would just try his best and leave the rest to Heaven.

He had experienced Lu Yurong's ability. She was a Grandmaster but she concealed her Grandmaster's Boundary. This forbearance was definitely not something that an ordinary person could do. Chu Li did not know what else she had up her sleeve.

Even if the Lady of Huay Public House had spread the news, it may not necessarily be true. Lu Yurong probably even kept it from her.

"It is best that Master sets up a Deceptive Formation." Chu Li pondered and said, "Dispatch all Grandmasters and make the two Public Houses believe that we are powerless in kidnapping the bride."

"Then I'll go visit a friend." Xiao Tieying laughed. "I will bring Sir Zhao Qingshan and the others along."

"This is the best." Chu Li nodded. "Let me handle this matter myself and let the rest become the camouflage. Only then there is hope."

"Chu Li, you are really daring." Xiao Tieying laughed.

If the incident went wrong, his anger and frustration would inevitably fall on Chu Li as all the responsibility was on Chu Li. If it was Sir Zhao Qingshan and the others, they would long shirk the responsibilities.

Chu Li was someone who had the courage to assume responsibility and this made others feel more at ease.