White Robed Chief Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Lu Yurong

Chu Li smiled.

Last time, Xiao Tieying had stayed in Huay Public House for quite some time and fell in love at first sight with the Eldest Lady of Huay Public House. It was a mutual love.

The matters in this world were strangely wonderful. If it was someone like Chu Li and Xiao Qi, it was difficult for them to fall in love at first sight because their rationalities were greater than their feelings. If there was even a slight feeling, they would suppress it and put on a calm and rational mind to review the situation.

No matter what kind of feelings, it would be very fragile in the beginning and definitely unable to withstand such a review.

Xiao Tieying's character was different from theirs. His sensibility was greater than his rationality. He knew that he could fall in love with Song Yuning but he still did, even if it would only invite trouble on to himself. Xiao Tieying still could not control himself.

"But Master, once the bride kidnapping is successful, you have thought of the consequences, right?" Chu Li said.

Xiao Tieying's face turned gloomy.

He had been hesitating and torn because he was worried about this.

Once he kidnapped the bride of Ren Public House, the two Public Houses would become true enemies. The hatred of kidnapping someone's wife was a great insult and shame. The two Public Houses would absolutely go to war.

If Xiao Tieying let the Protectors of the Public House die because of his personal feelings, he would become a sinner.

Chu Li looked at him. This was indeed a dilemma.

Xiao Tieying had to choose between power and beauty. Either he was loyal to his own feelings, snatched his own woman for his own satisfaction or for the sake of the Public House's Protectors, stood and watched the woman he loved married someone else, feeling regret and pain for the rest of his life.

The former would lead to a full-on war: they would be at each other's throats and a lot of Protectors would die. The latter would not lead to a fight to the finish: the fight would be limited to a certain extent and there would not be too many casualties. To swallow the humiliation and bear grudges, strengthening themselves slowly. Wait until the marriage with the Imperial Residence when their strength had increased significantly and then take revenge.

Chu Li said, "Master Xiao Tieying, once the two Public Houses are joined by marriage, even if we join the Imperial Residence of King An by marriage, we will still be unable to do anything to them!"

"Hai... !" Xiao Tieying sighed.

Chu Li said, "If the bride kidnapping is successful and Lady Song Yuning married into our Public House, what will Huay Public House do? Accept it or turn against us?"

Xiao Tieying frowned and thought for a moment but he finally shook his head.

Chu Li continued, "If we want to prevent Huay Public House from turning against us, we need to display our strength and let them see the situation clearly. Even if they don't help us, they will need to stay neutral... Our biggest fear is that Lu Yurong will use means to force Huay Public House to deal with us together with them!"

"Lu Yurong can do it!" Xiao Tieying said through gritted teeth. "I have decided We will snatch the bride!"

Chu Li nodded slowly.

It was rare that Master Xiao Tieying was indeed decisive this time and chose to snatch the bride.

Chu Li said, "Actually, there is another solution that is not so extreme."

Xiao Tieying quickly asked, "What solution?"

"Kidnap Lady Song Yuning before they get married." Chu Li mused. "We need to do it secretly and force Huay Public House to delay the wedding day. With this buffer, we will not end up being sworn enemies."

"This is a good idea!" Xiao Tieying was overjoyed.

Chu Li said, "Master prepare a letter together with an authentication object and I will snatch Lady Song Yuning back."

"Can it be done? How many people do we have to send?"

"I'll be fine on my own."

"Okay, I'll depend on you!" Xiao Tieying had great confidence in Chu Li.

He thought for a moment and handed his waist tag to Chu Li. Besides that, he also let Linquan prepare ink and brush and he wrote a few words. Xiao Tieying believed that Song Yuning would know that it was him after seeing those words.

Main Hall, Huay Public House.

Song Shiling grinned from ear to ear. "Sister Lu Yurong, why did you come over in person?"

In front of him stood a graceful woman with a white veil over her face, revealing a pair of autumn water-like almond eyes. Her eyebrows contained myriad charms and looking into her almond eyes made one indulge in it helplessly.

Song Shiling felt his whole body go limp after being swept by her bright gaze. The corner of his mouth could not help but turn up.

"I've come here first to prevent some rascals from causing any problems," said Lu Yurong plainly. "And to make sure the wedding goes smoothly."

Her gentle voice had an inexplicable deep tone to it. It seemed to echo into one's heart, making one helplessly listen to her every word.

"You are afraid that the people from Yi Public House will cause trouble?" Song Shiling chuckled. "That's not necessary. Last time, Xiao Tieying came and I talked to him. He is a magnanimous man. He won't use underhanded means."

"He will not, doesn't mean that others will not," Lu Yurong replied.

"Others?" Song Shiling quickly invited her to sit down and asked, puzzled. "Who else wants to cause trouble? Zhao Jing Public House? Wang Xuanyi Public House? They don't have the guts to do so. Moreover, they are so far away. They are not that carefree."

"It is better to be more careful," Lu Yurong replied plainly.

"Right. Sister Lu Yurong is thoughtful. It is best to be careful in everything." Song Shiling nodded.

Lu Yurong yelled, "Aunt Shao Rou!"

A middle-aged woman came into the hall. She had a graceful figure and looked to be in her thirties. She was a glamorous beauty, like a ripe honey peach, curvy and tempting, her every move contained sultry charm.

"My Lady." she stood quietly in front of Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong said, "Brother Song Shiling, Aunt Shao Rou is my personal Protector. During this period of time before Sister Song Yuning is married, she will protect her to prevent any mishaps."

"This" Song Shiling hesitated.

Obviously, Lu Yurong's action showed that she did not trust the Protectors of their Public House. The Protectors of the Public House would certainly be unsatisfied.

Lu Yurong said plainly, "It is not that I do not trust your Public House's Protectors. It is to increase manpower, rather than replacing your manpower. This is a momentous period. Presumably, your Public House's Protectors can understand, right?"

Her bright eyes narrowed, her almond eyes full of authority.

"This is true too," Song Shiling agreed generously and chuckled. "Letting Protector Shao protect her personally, I will be completely reassured!"

"Sister Song Yuning will become my sister-in-law soon. Do you think I will deliberately harm her?" Lu Yurong said. "Brother Song Shiling don't take this kindness the wrong way."

"I won't. I won't." Song Shiling shook his head.

Under the gaze of Lu Yurong, he seemed to have become an inexperienced young man, no longer the originally capable and smart Song Shiling. He had even forgotten to put up his usual reckless and rough facade, losing his calm.

Lu Yurong said, "I wonder if Sister Song Yuning's house has any more spare room to let Aunt Shao Rou live next to Sister Song Yuning. This will make it easier to protect her."

"Hahaha there is. There is," Song Shiling quickly said.

Lu Yurong replied, "Thank you, Brother Song Shiling."

"It's nothing." Song Shiling struggled to escape this one-sided discussion. He managed to uplift his spirits and laughed. "Sister Lu Yurong, all of these preparations is to guard against Chu Li, right?"

"Mm ?" Lu Yurong's almond eyes narrowed, her gaze cold and sharp.

Song Shiling felt that he could gain some advantage and quickly laughed. "Chu Li's Light-body Technique is unpredictable. It is true that he must be guarded against!"

"I'd like to see his Light-body Technique!" Lu Yurong said coldly.

Song Shiling said, "This fellow is arrogant. He should be given a good lesson!"

Lu Yurong's almond eyes swept across him coldly. "Brother Song Shiling, I am tired. I'll take my leave first."

"Of course, please follow me," Song Shiling said quickly and gave himself a thumbs up inwardly for being smart enough to find her Achilles' heel.

Song Shiling had investigated Chu Li carefully so he knew the fight between the two Public Houses clearly.

Lu Yurong was peerless in scheming. Her schemes were invincible and ever victorious and it put Yi Public House under great pressure. However, she had only failed two times and both were because of Chu Li.