White Robed Chief Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Successful

Chu Li was like her nemesis. When the two of them battled, each time, Chu Li was victorious.

Mentioning Chu Li in front of Lu Yurong was like exposing her scars. It would certainly anger her.

As long as she was angry, she would lose her calm and her momentum will not be so heavy. Thus, Song Shiling would not be pressured until he could not breathe.

Song Shiling personally led them to an abode and took his leave in a haste.

Lu Yurong sat at a small stone table next to a plum tree in the small courtyard.

She suddenly hit the stone table and her almond eyes glinted with cold light.

"My Lady, do you want me to teach that heir to the High Duke a lesson?" Shao Rou whispered.

Lu Yurong shook her head. "We don't need to bother ourselves with the likes of him. Aunt Shao Rou, go to Lady Song Yuning's side and be very careful. I predict that Chu Li will come!"

"I'll be at her side at all times," Shao Rou said.

Lu Yurong was followed by a maid beside her. The maid was holding a kitten. The kitten's whole body was flawlessly white. It was squinting its eyes and snoring, sleeping soundly and not affected by the external world at all.

"Just follow her. You don't have to be too forceful on her," Lu Yurong said. "In case we anger Lady Song Yuning and we cannot explain it to Big Brother."

"Yes." Shao Rou nodded slightly.

"I will let Sir Xi Wu follow you," Lu Yurong said. "Both of you one inside and one outside Together with the Grandmasters of Huay Public House, we will not give Chu Li even a trace of an opportunity to take advantage of... he better knows when to retreat!"

Lu Yurong's last sentence was said through gritted teeth.

Shao Rou said, "My Lady came here personally. If he really dared to come here, he will regret it!"

Lu Yurong smiled.

She came here quietly this time and hid it from everyone to make sure that there would be no problem here. Otherwise, if the bride had really been snatched by Chu Li, especially on the wedding day, Ren Public House's pride will be lost and they would become a joke among the Public House's.

If Chu Li really wanted to snatch the bride, he would need to do it on that day.

Song Yuning sat quietly in front of the dresser and stared at her charming face in the mirror motionlessly.

"Hai" she sighed faintly. She could not help but think of Xiao Tieying's smile and then thought of her marriage that was just around the corner. She gave a faint sigh again inexplicably.

A beautiful maid stood behind her, exuding prettiness between her brows. She looked worriedly at Song Yuning. "My Lady, don't sigh anymore."

"You don't understand." Song Yuning sighed.

"If you sigh more, you will become an old lady." the maid joked. "The weather today is so good. Why don't we go to the garden to appreciate the flowers?"

"I don't want to go."

"All the Chrysanthemums are blooming and it is very beautiful," the maid said.

Song Yuning rolled her eyes at her from the mirror. "I am not in the mood to appreciate flowers now!"

"Even so, what can be done?" the maid advised. "You are engaged. It is impossible to break a promise of marriage. Forget about Master Xiao Tieying."

Song Yuning scoffed. "You don't understand!"

"What did I not understand," the maid said, unconvinced. "You like Master Xiao Tieying but you have to marry Master Lu Yulou. I heard that Master Lu Yulou is also a handsome man!"

"So what!" Song Yuning snorted. "I say that you don't understand and you still don't believe me. There are a lot of handsome men in this world. You think I will like all of them?"

"Then what can you do," the maid replied. "Since you will definitely become Mrs. Lu, you can only forget about Master Xiao Tieying so that you won't suffer. All women are like that it is beyond our control!"

"Humph!" Song Yuning glared at her.

"My Lady, do you think Master Xiao Tieying will snatch you?" the maid whispered and glanced outside.

Outside of the boudoir stood four Grandmasters. They stood outside the boudoir without leaving once, both for protection and surveillance, for fear that Song Yuning would escape marriage.

The maid understood that they must be guarding against Master Xiao Tieying too.

"Hai I hope he will not do something insane!" Song Yuning sighed.

She was torn between hoping that Xiao Tieying would snatch her away in a macho manly style, not letting her marry Lu Yulou and also hoping that he would not come so that Yi Public House and Ren Public House would not be at each other's throats.

If Xiao Tieying really snatched her, this would be about the dignity of a man and Lu Yulou would go crazy. Ren Public House was influential so Yi Public House would be at a disadvantage and they would suffer heavy losses. If something happened to Xiao Tieying

Right at this moment, footsteps sounded from outside and Song Shiling laughed. "Little sister, it's me!"

He pushed open the door, came in and smiled. "Did I bother you?"

"Big Brother," Song Yuning greeted lazily. "What do you want to say?"

"Hai" Song Shiling gave her a resigned look. "Little sister, you marrying Lu Yulou is not my fault. It was decided by father. Don't blame it on me!"

"If you have something to say, say it quickly. I am tired and I want to rest!" Song Yuning said emotionlessly.

Song Shiling gave a light cough and mustered all his courage and said awkwardly, "Lu Yurong came over."

Song Yuning frowned.

Song Shiling said, "She came over early to prevent Yi Public House from causing trouble."

"Humph, she'd rather take preventive measures before it happens. She really is an extraordinary resourceful person!" Song Yuning said coldly.

Song Shiling said, "She is just trying to help too. If something really does go wrong, our Public House's pride will be lost!"

"I know," Song Yuning said perfunctorily. "Is there anything else?"

Shirin scratched his head and said awkwardly, "She brought two Grandmasters to protect you A woman who can protect you closely and the other is Xi Wu, Sir Xi Wu."

"I'm really grateful!" Song Yuning sneered.

Song Shiling said, "Little sister, bear with me for a while. Don't lose your temper. It will be over soon!"

"I can't even lose my temper!" Song Yuning sneered. "Very well, you can just directly tie me to Ren Public House!"

"Little sister !" Song Shiling quickly said. "Lower your voice."

Song Yuning snorted coldly and turned her back to him.

Song Shiling sighed in resignation. With his little sister's unyielding temper, the couple would definitely quarrel all day.

Song Shiling begged, "Little sister, please cut me some slack!"

He said while opening the door and invited Shao Rou to come in.

Shao Rou entered the house and curtsied. "Greetings, young Madame."

Song Yuning lifted her hand and said plainly, "You don't have to do so. I am still not young Madame."

The status of a Grandmaster was transcendent. No matter in which Public House, they would be given the basic respect and she knew the propriety.

"Yes," Shao Rou answered.

"Protector Shao, I don't like others disturbing me. Please guard outside the door," Song Yuning said plainly. "There is no underground tunnel in the house. I cannot run away!"

Shao Rou laughed. "Lady Song Yuning, you are wrong. I am ordered to protect my Lady and not surveil."

Song Yuning waved her jade-like hand, indicating that she did not have to say anymore.

Shao Rou saw that she refused so resolutely and knew that she should not be too forceful so she curtsied and exited the house.

Song Shiling shook his head at Song Yuning with a resigned look.

Song Yuning glared at him coldly.

Song Shiling shook his head and sighed. He turned around and went out, giving an apologetic fist salute to Shao Rou.

Shao Rou did not mind it and gave him a smile.

Song Yuning snorted. "Xiao Yi, I'm hungry. Go to the kitchen and bring over some snacks!"

"Yes, my Lady," the maid Xiao Yi answered wittily.

She went out of the boudoir and saw that there were six people standing outside: Shao Rou from just now, four Grandmasters of the Public House and an old man, presumably Ren Public House's Grandmaster.

She secretly shook her head and went to the kitchen. Xiao Yi had just picked up two plates of snacks when her body suddenly stiffened and she cannot move.