White Robed Chief Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Snatched

Xiao Yi wanted to scream in fear but she could not make a sound.

Her whole body apart from her eyes could move. Xiao Yi desperately tried to look back, until her eyeballs hurt but she still could not see who was behind her.

Chu Li looked at this ridiculously funny little maid. He stood in front of her and whispered, "Sorry to offend you. I am Chu Li."

Xiao Yi's eyes widened instantly and stared at the valiant young man in front of her.

Lady Song Yuning paid a lot of attention to everything about Yi Public House and had gathered a lot of information on Yi Public House. As her personal maid, of course, she knew Chu Li Yi Public House's most threatening martial arts master with marvelous, mysterious and an impossible-to-guard-against Light-body Technique. Both High Duke and heir to the High Duke were very afraid of him.

At least Master Xiao Tieying was fairly conscientious. He really sent someone over!

She could not help but feel happy for Lady Song Yuning. Lady Song Yuning had not misjudged him!

Chu Li placed the waist tag and two letters onto her hand and whispered, "Give it to Lady Song Yuning quietly. Tell her to act according to what's written in the letter and don't worry about the rest."

Chu Li smiled at her, patted her shoulder gently and suddenly disappeared.

Xiao Yi widened her eyes and quickly kept the waist tag and letter into her sleeve. She thought for a moment and picked up the snacks. She went out of the kitchen as if nothing had happened and went back to the boudoir.

"Why are you so slow?" Song Yuning glared at her grumpily.

Xiao Yi glanced outside. "My Lady, the kitchen prepared the snacks on the spot. Do you want more?"

"No need. These are enough." Song Yuning frowned when she saw that Xiao Yi hinted by looking outside.

Xiao Yi took out the white jade waist tag and handed it to Song Yuning.

Song Yuning took it. She touched and looked at the waist tag. Suddenly, Song Yuning widened her bright eyes in surprise.

Xiao Yi put her index finger in front of her lips and took out the two letters while saying, "My Lady, I want to eat too."

"Eat. Eat. Eat until your stomach burst!" Song Yuning scoffed and calmly took out the two letters.

She caressed the white jade waist tag as if she was stroking Xiao Tieying. Her beautiful cheeks reddened and the watery gleam of her eyes glinted like oil.

After a long while, she ate a snack and slowly opened the letter.

The first letter was from Xiao Tieying. Only a few words were written in the letter. He told her to listen to Chu Li's instructions.

Song Yuning studied the letter carefully, looking at Xiao Tieying's bold writings. It was as if she could see him through the words filled with his aura. It was exceptionally different She could not get enough of it.

Xiao Yi saw her Lady's dazed expression, shook her head in resignation and picked up a snack to eat.

After a long while, Song Yuning opened the second letter. It was another person's handwriting and the letter was signed by Chu Li.

She looked up at Xiao Yi and Xiao Yi nodded.

Song Yuning kept both letters and the waist tag and thought for a moment before saying, "Xiao Yi, after eating dessert, I want to digest the food. Let's go to the flower garden in the backyard!"

"Yes," Xiao Yi answered.

The two went out of the boudoir and the six Grandmasters quickly followed and surrounded her.

Song Yuning scoffed in dissatisfaction. "I am in my own house, not outside. There is no need to have such tight security!"

"My Lady, it is best to be cautious," an old man advised gently.

Song Yuning snorted and no longer spoke.

When they arrived at the backyard flower garden, the sun was already setting. The rays of evening sunlight filled the sky, Song Yuning sat beside the artificial lake and looked up at the golden clouds that filled the sky. She wondered if Chu Li could actually take her away. There were six Grandmasters surveilling her at all times, so it would not be that easy to slip away!

If she had really ran away, would the consequences be very serious?

If it failed, what would happen?

Xiao Tieying's smiling face appeared in her mind again and her chaotic thoughts gradually calmed down. As long as she could be with him, Song Yuning did not care about anything else!

With this thought, she felt refreshed and energetic.

When night fell, Song Yuning turned to go back and Xiao Yi quickly kept up with her.

The six Grandmasters continued to encircle her, not leaving her side even for a moment.

When she got back to the boudoir, Song Yuning glanced at the treasured sword hanging on the wall and took it down.

She sat in front of the dresser and opened a drawer. Inside the drawer was a letter.

She opened the letter and read it. Song Yuning let out a pursed-lips smile.

In the letter, the writer claimed to be the Sword Wielder of Lu Yurong Mountain's Golden Summit Palace and he saw that Lady Song Yuning had excellent talent She was the perfect disciple to practice the Golden Summit Palace's martial art So he took her away. He also told her father and brother that they did not have to miss her. He would naturally bring her back to the Public House after ten years when she had mastered the martial art.

She shook her head and burst out laughing. This Chu Li could really make up a story. He could even think of such things.

She got up and walked around. Song Yuning looked at the corner and found a few longswords that were covered by the curtain, stuck deeply in the ground.

Xiao Yi's bright eyes looked around, surveying the surroundings. She had a faint feeling that someone had come here before.

Song Yuning picked up the treasured sword and slowly pulled it out of its sheath.

There was a white mark on the doorsill, it had been drawn by Chu Li in advance. She pointed the tip of the sword at the white mark and then stuck it in forcefully.

The surroundings seemed to tremble and the air rippled like the lake water.

She turned and looked around. The surrounding was no different. She looked at Xiao Yi and Xiao Yi shook her head too.

"Pack the bag! Hurry up!" Song Yuning whispered.

Xiao Yi nodded excitedly.

With nimble hands and feet, she quickly packed a bag and followed Song Yuning as she opened the door.

When the door was opened, the six Grandmasters did not surround her as before. It was as if they had not heard the door opening. They still maintained their postures: some were pondering, some were resting with their eyes closed, and some were reading.

With light footsteps, she crept out of the house with Xiao Yi following closely behind.

They walked a few steps forward and looked back. The six Grandmasters were still minding their own businesses and showed no response at all.

The two felt strange but the letter did mention this situation so they quickly walked away.

When they had reached downstairs, they saw Chu Li.

Chu Li was dressed in a light blue robe, standing in the twilight. He smiled and gave them a fist salute. "Greetings to Madame. Let's move."

"You are Chu Li?" Song Yuning asked.

Chu Li smiled. "Yes."

"They ?"

"They are in a Formation. They will wake up in a quarter of an hour so we have to leave as soon as possible," Chu Li replied.

Song Yuning quickly said, "Let's hurry!"

Chu Li reached out his hands and grabbed their thin waists. "Pardon me!"

After saying that, his figure flashed and the two women could only see lights and shadows. He was so fast that they could not see clearly, only vague shadows.

They only vaguely saw that they had left the Public House and went past the town. Once they were out of the town, they flew rapidly along a small path.

Unknowingly, a bright moon had hung in the night sky.

Chu Li remained silent and ran all the way.

In the middle of the night, they entered a small town.

Chu Li exerted his inner energy in front of them, blocking the wind. They felt comfortable and excited. It was so exciting in fact, that they were wide-eyed.

Chu Li suddenly stopped and the two women realized that they were inside a town.

The three came to a wine shop and Chu Li bought a large tank of liquor from the shopkeeper. After that, he rented a room. Money makes the world goes around. Under the temptation of the silver, the shopkeeper agreed readily.

"Madame, Miss Xiao Yi, both of you need to soak in the tank for a while and then change your clothes. Throw away your original clothes," Chu Li said.

Xiao Yi was surprised. "Why?"

"To get rid of the smell on your body. It can be tracked."

"Really?" Xiao Yi cried.

Chu Li smiled.

Song Yuning said, "Do as Chu Li said!"

She looked at Chu Li. He was indeed Chu Li the man who could confront with Lu Yurong directly. His wariness and thoughtfulness was not something that an ordinary person could compare to.

Chu Li left the room and stood outside, thinking about Lu Yurong.

He had been staying in Huay Public House for two days now unbeknownst to everyone and he had seen Lu Yurong came over.

Originally, Chu Li wanted to see Lu Yurong's mind through the Omniscient Mirror but he did not expect Lu Yurong to have a special technique like Xiao Qi. Lu Yurong's special technique was even better than Xiao Qi's as it could cut off his snooping.

Chu Li speculated that if Xiao Qi could reach the Grandmaster's Boundary, she may be able to cut off his snooping too.