White Robed Chief Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Aftermath

The Huay Public House.

Song Shiling was sitting in the armchair, fiddling a white jade pendant in his palm. He absentmindedly raised his head to look at an elderly man standing in front of him.

The elderly man was frail and thin and did not practice any form of martial arts. He quietly stood there calmly.

He silently looked at Song Shiling. "Heir to the High Duke, I honestly didn't realize the existence of a faction called the Golden Summit Palace."

Song Shiling calmly replied, "Much like an ox's fur, there are many martial arts factions in the world. It's not completely impossible."

The elderly man shook his head. "He can sneak away from the Lady and her maid even with the presence of six Grandmasters. He's definitely not an ordinary master. Owning such a powerful master makes the Golden Summit Palace a powerful faction."

"Maybe they're a reclusive faction that does not let others know of their talents," Song Shiling replied.

The elderly man shook his head once more. "No matter how reclusive the faction is, their reputation will surely spread. Perhaps they prevent their disciples from venturing out into the world, or they hide their identities."

"You there, Elder Pan!" Song Shiling said while keeping away the white jade pendant. He scoffed. "What do you think?"

"I'm afraid that there's no such thing!" Elder Pan calmly replied.

Song Shiling stared at him in disbelief. "Don't talk about such nonsense!"

"Heir to the High Duke, do you not find it strange?" asked Elder Pan as he smiled.

"I don't think so!" Song Shiling frowned.

"I'm afraid that it isn't the Golden Summit Palace you wish to believe but the doing of someone else!" said Elder Pan.

"Who?" Song Shiling impolitely responded. "Don't tell me you are going to say Chu Li?"

"Of all the people with the most outstanding Light-body Technique, he's definitely a good contender. His position is also there" Elder Pan stroked his beard. He shook his head and said, "Even so, based on my observation, Chu Li stands as a big possibility!"

"Enough! I do not wish to hear any more of your nonsense!" Song Shiling shouted as he shook his hand.

Elder Pan smiled as he replied, "Heir to the High Duke, what if it's really him?"

Song Shiling's expression darkened. "If it truly is Chu Li, I definitely won't forgive him!"

"The Lady is in their hands. They have their lives under their control. We can't do anything!" Elder Pan sighed.

Song Shiling clenched his teeth and slammed the armrest out of sheer anger.

"This ploy is stable, precise and ruthless. Based on my investigation, this matches with the way how Chu Li handles things." Elder Pan sighed again. "He even plotted against Lady Lu Yurong. Only Chu Li has both the guts and capability to do so!"

"Enough, you're admiring Chu Li a little too much!" Song Shiling impolitely commented. "Why don't you go be his subordinate and work for him?"

Elder Pan laughed as he saluted. "Then I'll take my leave now."

"Leave your ass! Tell me what we should do if it really is him?" Song Shiling's eyes widened. "We can't just capture him, right? Our dignity and the honor of the Ren Public House would be all gone!"

If this problem was brought up, the entire world would know about it. Even the passive Ren Public House would be forced to fight.

Elder Yuan stroked his white beard and fell silent.

"Tell me, right now!" Song Shiling yelled, "Don't keep me guessing!"

"Have you ever thought about having a political marriage between the Yi Public House, Heir of the High Duke?"

"Lu Yurong would definitely end me!"

"Hehe" Elder Pan stroked his beard as he smiled. "She doesn't even have a choice! The Yi Public House would have a political bond between us and a political marriage with King An! Would the Ren Public House dare to cause trouble?"

Song Shiling was startled by the answer and stroked his chin.

"Even if we have a political marriage with the Ren Public House, the Yi Public House also has a political marriage with King An. We're still locked in a stalemate here," Elder Pan said. "But if we have a political marriage with the Yi Public House, hehe"

"Lu Yurong doesn't like to be pushed around." Song Shiling shook his head and said, "That would surely cause her to develop a deep hatred!"

Elder Pan said, "Then we'll just not admit it to the public."

"You're really shrewd and crafty, aren't you!?" Song Shiling pointed it out. "You disregard the concept of righteousness and morality, even to the point of burning down bridges with others!"

Elder Pan smiled with his squinty eyes. "Heir to the High Duke and Heir to the High Duke Xiao are good friends. Having a political marriage between their son and daughter is a wonderful thing. Besides, Heir to the High Duke Xiao is a magnanimous gentleman. He's so deeply in love with Lady, otherwise, he would not have done something like this."

"Well said!" Chu Li suddenly appeared in the main hall and saluted them as he applauded. "Well said, Elder Pan!"

"Chu Li !" Song Shiling clenched his teeth as he glared at Chu Li. "You still have the guts to come here!"

Chu Li smiled and asked, "Heir to the High Duke, how are you?"

"It was you, wasn't it!?" Song Shiling scornfully replied.

Chu Li nodded and responded, "I have received orders from my Master to bring the Lady away!"

"Lady!" Song Shiling angrily responded before continuing, "Without both of their parent's consent, they do not count as a couple!"

"Intentionally, I came here to bring news about the Lady. She has already reached our Public House, safe and sound. The High Duke and Heir to the High Duke do not need to worry any longer." Chu Li smiled and said, "Lu Yurong probably knew it was me all along but she won't mention it because she needs to take into consideration the Ren Public House's honor."

"Xiao Tieying is insane. Would he dare to do such a thing?" Song Shiling sneered. "Does he really dare to start a war with the Ren Public House?"

"The Lady has already arrived. I've only come here to solve the aftermath," said Chu Li.

"How do you want to settle this?" Song Shiling coldly asked.

"Heir to the High Duke, if you want to take the Lady back to marry the Ren Public House, what would become of her future?" Chu Li smiled. "Apart from loving Master Xiao Tieying so deeply, she'll eventually be the Heir to the High Duke Lu. Would you not feel uncomfortable?"

Song Shiling fell silent with a cold gaze.

Chu Li then continued, "Bringing the Lady back and marrying her off to the Ren Public House would preserve the unity between two families. However, it would cause the sacrifice of the Lady."

"In that case, perhaps we can only make the best of the mistake?" asked Song Shiling with a cold grin.

Chu Li smiled and replied, "As somebody's elder brother, is it not a goal of an elder brother to let his sister marry a good man and have a blissful life? Besides, what difference does it make if the political marriage was with the Ren Public House or the Yi Public House?"

Chu Li did not wait for him to finish his talk before he continued, "Yes, we're now weak, but it might not be the same in the future. I think the Heir to the High Duke is clear about this."

"The way you people handle matters is neither dependable nor sincere!" Song Shiling scorned coldly.

Chu Li nodded. "We had no other choice. We were forced into the decision and hope the Heir to the High Duke can forgive us. Is there anything the Heir to the High Duke wants to convey to the Lady?"

Elder Pan said, "My Heir to the High Duke, it's no use crying over spilled milk. Why still try to make changes? Just let it be!"

Song Shiling looked at Elder Pan, then at Chu Li. "Hmph, you go back and tell Xiao Tieying that if he dares to bully my sister, I'll dish it all back out in revenge!"

"Very well, I'll deliver this message to Master Xiao Tieying." Chu Li closed fist saluted and asked, "How about the Lady?"

"Hmph, let her stay at the Public House till the drama dies down. Don't let people from the Ren Public House find out about this." Song Shiling sighed. "Don't be capricious. There is nothing like home!"

Chu Li smiled as he replied, "Don't worry, Heir to the High Duke. We won't let the Lady feel discontent. One of these days, I'll bring the Lady back to the Public House to visit her parents!"

"I sure hope so!" Song Shiling shook his head and sighed as he said, "Hurry and get your ass moving. Don't worry, we won't try to snatch her back. Let her return when she wishes!"

He understood the purpose of Chu Li's visit. Without a doubt, Chu Li wanted to make the Huay Public House give up. He was trying to settle disputes early so it would not turn messy in the future. Not only that, Chu Li was also trying to make the Ren Public House assert themselves and force them to turn hostile and to start the war.

Chu Li sighed to himself.

The Heir to the High Duke seemed blunt, but he was highly intelligent since he easily understood the situation.

He closed fist saluted and smiled as Chu Li replied, "Then I will take my leave now! Allow me to come over next time to apologize!"

He glided away, leaving the main hall.

They watched as Chu Li disappeared. Elder Pan turned around and raised his thumb. "The Heir to the High Duke is very generous. You've tolerated more than an ordinary person would. I'm impressed!"

"Piss off!" Song Shiling yelled. He shook his hand and said, "Go go go, I do not wish to see your old face!"

Elder Pan laughed before making a closed fist salute and left.

Song Shiling lifted the table and fiercely tossed it to the ground. He threw another table but was still enraged. He lifted every single table in the main hall and fiercely threw all of them onto the ground. Only when he saw a floor full of fragments, his anger subsided by a little.

If Song Shiling had the level of Light-body Technique Chu Li had, he would restrain Chu Li and punch him endlessly till he cried out for his father and mother. He wanted to punch him until he barked like a dog to resolve the hate in his heart!