White Robed Chief Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Arising Thoughts

Although Song Yuning was short-tempered, she was smart. She got angry when the situation allowed it, and when she could not, she held back, patiently loving Xiao Tieying.

The one thing that took Chu Li by surprise was that Song Yuning did not enjoy going out shopping. She preferred to stay on the island, plant flowers, work on her embroidery, or cook. She only sailed on a boat in the lake when she felt bored, as she liked the lake a lot.

When Chu Li visited Xiao Tieying, he had a pleased expression on his face, his gaze soft and gentle.

"Master Xiao Tieying, has the Third Lady sent us a letter?" Chu Li questioned while he made a closed fist salute.

Xiao Tieying shook his head. "I'm afraid not, I'm not quite sure why either."

Chu Li frowned.

In usual circumstances, they would have arrived at the Snow Lunar Pavilion by now. Yet, they had not sent a letter to notify them of their safe arrival which they promised they would do.

Xiao Tieying said, "Maybe they are trying to be careful, only sending the letter after ensuring nothing is wrong."

Chu Li nodded hesitantly.

If Xiao Qi's and Su Ru's identity were leaked, they would become a public target. More importantly, the Snow Lunar Pavillion would become a public enemy in the world of martial arts. The consequences would be dire.

Even the powerful Tempest Temple dared not stand alone and become the enemy of the martial arts world.

The heroes in the world of martial arts were both virtuous and courageous. Most of them were not afraid of death. However, if a feud started, even if the masters were the best in their field, they would have to fight to the bitter end. Kill the stronger ones if they could not kill the weaker ones. The lower leveled disciples were the unlucky ones.

These disciples were the future masters, the circulating blood of a faction. The one that died could have been one of the best masters in the future.

"Sister Xiao Qi is smart, she will be fine," Xiao Tieying said. "The one that I am worried about is Second Younger Sister."

Chu Li understood his concern.

The Ren Public House had to swallow their losses this time but they were not one to endure such a loss. They would definitely have their revenge.

"The Second Lady must not leave the Public House," Chu Li said. "If Master Xiao Tieying has already snatched away Miss Song Yuning, then Lu Yushu will do the same to the Second Lady!"

"Huh" Xiao Tieying sighed.

He was the person that started this incident.

"What can we do?"Xiao Tieying asked. "I can only discuss this with you or I'm afraid that it will be leaked."

Chu Li replied, "If this does not work out, I will bring the Second Lady to the Fairy's Capital in secret."

"I had the same idea." Xiao Tieying stood up, walking in big strides with his arms crossed. "It is best that you head to the Imperial Residence of King An and settle it there in advance so nothing can go wrong!"

Xiao Tieying had an excited look. He thought that the idea was completely brilliant.

Chu Li was startled. He then said, "The Imperial Residence of King An might not be safe either. I want to simply find a place that is cut off from any connection with the Public House and wait until the day of their marriage. Then, gather at the Fairy's Capital."

"Hmph, not a bad idea!" said Xiao Tieying as he nodded slowly.

The world is a huge place. The Ren Public House would not be able to search everywhere. If Chu Li brought Second Younger Sister into hiding, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With Chu Li's intelligence, they would not be found.

"Here's the plan, the two of you will leave one month in advance," Xiao Tieying said. "She still has a lot to learn so that she doesn't make a fool out of herself when she enters the Imperial Residence."

Chu Li nodded.

Chu Li went back to the Glory's Will Courtyard. Xue Ling had already cooked some dishes and was waiting for him.

After Xue Ling washed his hands, he sat at the table.

Xue Ling handed over a thick stack of paper. "Master, the information about the Snow Lunar Pavillion is all here. It covers the Leisure Cloud Pub and the New Moon Brothel. All the sisters in the New Moon Brothel have started cultivating Eternal Youth."

Chu Li took the papers and skimmed through them.

Xue Ling said, "Master, I think that depending only on the New Moon Brothel and the Leisure Cloud Pub is not enough. The information is too confusing and unreliable."

"They are just supplementary." Chu Li shook his head. "Information on the Public House is still lacking."

Xue Ling suddenly understood.

Everything she had done under Chu Li's orders were to win over the trust of the New Moon Brothel and to make them their main source of intel.

Chu Li felt that the source of information from the Public House was too simple. The Protectors and informants were slow to react to the outside world and were too cautious. Having control over the Public House's informants, he had a deep impression that the informants were ordinary.

If they wanted more information, they would need more informants. And if they wanted more informants, they would require more information, enough to half their efforts. Without the support of any information, it would be very difficult to recruit more informants.

"Master, I think that Miss Li Yuning is quite suspicious." Xue Ling furrowed her eyebrows.

Chu Li arched his eyebrows. "How is she suspicious?"

"I don't know how to explain it either. She just seems strange." Xue Ling shook her head. "Master, I am worried. Could she be someone else's informant?"

"It doesn't matter," said Chu Li. "Don't do anything that causes alarm. Just be careful when talking to her. I'll meet Miss Li Yuning when I have the time."

"Alright." Xue Ling broke into a smile. "Maybe it's just me."

Chu Li smiled.

Using the Art of Spirit Tiger, he strengthened Xue Ling's spirit slowly. Her intuition was stronger than others. If she said something was wrong, it might be an actual problem.

"Master, are you free tonight?" Xue Ling smiled. "Do you want to go to the New Moon Brothel tonight? Sister Zhao Xia will be singing."

"Tonight?" Chu Li considered for a while and nodded.

Chu Li had been uneasy for the entire day. Finishing even the current Formation Codex, there was nothing left for him to study. If he wanted to advance, he would have to find another Formation Codex, all by himself.

At night, the duo walked out from the New Moon Brothel. Walking on the bustling street with lanterns lighting up the streets as if it was still daytime. There was an endless flow of people, busier than the morning crowd.

Chu Li said, "Li Yuning is from the Ren Public House."

"She really is a problem!" Xue Ling clapped her hands.

"Ignore her," Chu Li replied.

"You want to use her, Master?"

"She won't be a serious problem if we just leave her be." Chu Li shook his head. "We'd lose more than we'd gain if we deal with her."

"I understand." Xue Ling smiled. "How about I try persuading her to defect? If I use a Nightmare Flower, she'll be sure to listen!"

"Don't be mischievous." Chu Li waved his hand. "To them, the Nightmare Flower would be a huge trouble."

"Okay then." Xue Ling helplessly nodded. "But you should come over for a look more often, Master. It really is bustling!"

Chu Li smiled.

The women in the New Moon Brothel were all beauties. Each had their own temperament but none was his cup of tea.

When Chu Li had just left the temple and joined the Public House, he harbored ambitious thoughts, wanting the hearts of every beauty under the sun. He would want every beauty that he laid his eyes on. But now, Chu Li had different perceptions. All he wanted was Xiao Qi. If he had her, it would be like having all the beauties in the world.

Now, if Chu Li liked a beauty when he saw one, it was only in a sense of appreciation and admiration. He no longer had the same strong impulse and desire he once had.

Beneath that, Chu Li was a rational and calm person. Interpreting the circumstances, he was moved by her and it was a normal reaction for a love-struck man. Perhaps after some time, he would still want every beauty in the world.

As the duo approached the Public House's gate, a person suddenly stepped up to them. Linquan closed fist saluted. "Chief Chu, Master Xiao Tieying wishes to see you."

Chu Li arched his eyebrows. He signaled Xue Ling to return alone and followed Linquan to meet Xiao Tieying.

Xiao Tieying rose, gesturing for Chu Li to take a sit. He passed over a letter. "Sister Xiao Qi has finally sent a letter!"

Chu Li took the letter. It was Su Ru's handwriting.

She did not say much in the letter, only that everything was fine. There was no need to worry about them, and they would take care of themselves.

Furrowing his brows, Chu Li was sizing up the letter, trying to look for hidden messages.

"It seems that it's going pretty smoothly there." Xiao Tieying smiled. "That's a relief."

"The Snow Lunar Pavilion is not peaceful." Chu Li sighed.

"Are you still afraid that someone will take advantage of Sister Xiao Qi?" Xiao Tieying hung an indifferent smile.

Chu Li nodded. "I know that Lady Xiao Qi is formidable and she won't be taken advantage of. I will continue to study other formations but have unfortunately finished reading all the Formation Codexes in the Public House."

"I'll look for more ways to collect them. Formation Codexes that had been passed down for generations are rare now."

"Master, I want to travel the world to expand my horizons and enrich myself with experiences."

"How long will you be gone?"

"Don't worry. I won't delay whatever the Second Lady is doing."

"Very well then." Xiao Tieying slowly nodded.

With a formation set in the Public House, they did not necessarily need a master like Chu Li. It would be beneficial to travel and gather new experiences.

On that night, Chu Li set out from the Public House.