White Robed Chief Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Marriage Contract

Chu Li recognized this Feng Shaohua. He had seen him in the past back when he was saving the followers of the Tai Hua Valley. The man was cunning and very hard to deal with.

"Feng Shaohua wants to kill you?" Chu Li asked. "Spare me the formalities, just tell me what happened."

"My master is hurt and needs a kind of spirit medicine. Sister Mo brought me to look for the spirit medicine at the White Skeletal Mountain, but we then met Feng Shaohua in the middle of the road." Su Ru clenched her teeth and said while seething, "Feng Shaohua's martial arts is great. Sister Mo sacrificed herself to protect me, and in the end, was killed. If Sister Su did not see my signal calling for help, then you would be looking at my corpse right now!"

"Did you not use the Spirit Blessing Pill?" asked Chu Li.

"It was a moment of life and death. How could I not use it?" Su Ru said in anger. "Sister Mo died because of me. How could I do nothing and watch as she just dies?"

Chu Li sighed, it was true that it could not be used.

"This is all because of a feud between the Green Hill and the Snow Lunar Pavillion. They kill each other as soon as they meet. You have too little experience, you need more training. You shouldn't just engage them out of the blue." Chu Li shook his head and said.

She was the Chief of the Jade Island Guardian in the High Duke's Public House and even the personal maid to Xiao Qi. Her rank was not high but she oversaw all kinds of people. People were constantly ready to do her bidding.

Su Ru spent almost all her time in the Public House and was never involved in anything related to killing. Even though she had the martial art mastery of an Innate Master, it was still very hard for her to control her skills due to her lack of experience.

"All of Feng Shaohua's strategies are very cunning. He finds happiness in torturing people." Su Ru clenched her teeth. "He could have killed me in one slash, but he purposely played with my feelings and tortured me. He wanted to see my pitiful face and forced me to beg him; he said that if I begged, he would let me go... I must kill him!"

Her voice was cold and full of bitterness. Chu Li approached her and clasped her shoulder to calm her down. He sighed to himself.

She was a flower in the greenhouse, having never been exposed to the howling winds or torrential rain. Usually, the people in the Public House would not show their ugly side in front of her. Because of this, Su Ru has essentially been kept in the dark about the horrors of the real world.

"There's nothing much to think about. We just have to rid the world of trash like this," Chu Li gently said. "I will kill him for you."

"I want to kill him on my own!" Su Ru snapped.

"Then he is going to live for a long time." Chu Li shook his head and said, "He will harm the Snow Lunar Pavillion and even more people."

Feng Shaohua is one of the eminent followers of the Green Hill. He was treacherous but very skilled in martial arts. Many lives would be lost if the normal followers of the Snow Lunar Pavillion were to encounter him.

Chu Li would not have interfered in any martial arts affairs before this, but this time he could not just leave it be.

As he was thinking of this, somebody knocked on the door. "Is Sister Du here?"

"Come in," said Su Ru.

Two men walked into the house. One gave off the powerful aura of a mighty lion while the other looked normal with dark skin tone and lively eyes.

"Brother Zhao, Brother Yang." Su Ru saluted and introduced them to Chu Li.

"The mighty youths Zhao Feihu and Yang Lingfeng. They are both followers of the Snow Lunar Pavillion."

"We wanted to visit you much earlier. It was Brother Zhao that said Sister Du's face is hurt and you might not want to meet anyone. That's why we are only here now." Yang Lingfeng sat on the garden stool. He slapped his thigh and sighed. "There's no need to worry, Sister Du. Our medicine is the best. Tell me, which Sisters in the ravine have not been hurt before? Look at how pretty and charming they still are, not a single scar is left!"

Zhao Feihu nodded. "Hmm, Sister Du does not have to worry about this!"

Su Ru let out a sigh of relief. "I shall not worry then!"

"That assh*le Feng Shaohua is truly a disgusting person. If you encounter him you better run away!" Yang Lingfeng said. "Next time do your best to escape We will find a chance to identify and destroy him!"

Su Ru said, "His martial arts is great."

"You are actually good too, Sister Du." Yang Lingfeng smiled as he said, "For a part-time follower to become an Innate Master is unheard of. It's because you isolated yourself during the cultivation that you are not like us; we normally have people practice together. If Sister Du comes out more often to practice with everyone and increase your combat experience, then you can definitely surpass that Feng Shaohua!"

"Feng Shaohua is also a genius," said Zhao Feihu.

Yang Lingfeng scoffed. "We still have our Sister Du Xia!"

She had perfected her Innate Mastery and was in the midst of cultivating for the Grandmaster Mastery. Even as a part-time follower, she had completed her Innate Mastery before the others. Indeed she was a rare genius. So, what did this make Feng Shaohua?

Chu Li smiled. He looked through their thoughts. They were also going for Xiao Qi this meant that they were all his rivals in love.

As expected, Yang Lingfeng subtly tried to ask about Xiao Qi in all ways possible. Including what her hobbies were, what she usually does and if she liked anyone.

Su Ru became a little impatient.

Chu Li coughed lightly and gently said, "Brother Zhao, Brother Yang, there is a marriage contract between me and Du Xia."

"Ahh--?" Yang Lingfeng's jaw dropped to the ground. Su Ru's eyes also widened in her surprised.

Zhao Feihu immediately sized Chu Li up.

"The two of you have a marriage contract?" Yang Lingfeng asked loudly, he then turned and looked towards Su Ru for confirmation.

Su Ru hesitated and then slowly nodded. She did not know what Chu Li was trying to do but there were benefits to his little act it could stop these guys from bothering her about the mistress. These two had shown their true faces after joining the Snow Lunar Pavillion.

There were quite a lot of pretty ladies in the Snow Lunar Pavillion but they were all not as pretty as Xiao Qi. She just attracted too much attention.

There were a lot of people who liked Lady Xiao just like them. She was constantly turning down their advances almost once a week. They were super annoying.

Alas, Su Ru could not just chase them away. She could only endure it. Why did she have to endure this in the High Duke's Public House?

These words from Chu Li immediately dealt with her problems. Of course, she would not reveal the truth.

Yang Lingfeng sized up Chu Li and shook his head as he said, "Brother Du, don't blame me for sounding rude, but I don't really think that you would be a good fit with our Sister Du Xia!"

Chu Li replied, "If I do not meet her standards, then who can?"

"Of course, Brother Zhao!" Yang Fengling pointed at Zhao Feihu then laughed. "Hehe, Brother Zhao is the top master of our Snow Lunar Pavillion!"

Chu Li reaffirmed his earlier statement, "We have a marriage contract. I don't think Du Xia will break the promise."

"Why not quit yourself," Yang Lingfeng said. "Don't burden Sister Du Xia by forcing her to turn down other, more compatible, men."

Chu Li shook his head. "I won't break the promise either."

Yang Lingfeng furrowed his brows and looked at him.

Su Ru scoffed. "Brother Yang, what do you want to do?!"

"Don't worry, Sister Du. Just make sure your wounds heal - we will definitely avenge you." Yang Lingfeng tumbled his own chest. "With Brother Zhao handling this, that bastard will definitely get what's coming!"

Su Ru smiled. "Then I shall thank Brother Zhao!"

Silently, however, Su Ru scoffed to herself, he was just boasting. Zhao Feihu and Feng Shaohua's martial arts skill were almost at the same level. They have already fought each other a few times and both of them had the same amount of wins and losses, but neither of them could claim to be stronger than the other.

With this, Zhao Feihu said, "I will go and meet Feng Shaohua in a few days!"

"Brother Zhao, don't force yourself," Su Ru said. "Just let my Eldest Brother go."

She turned and looked at Chu Li. "It is a piece of cake for Brother Du Feng to kill Feng Shaohua!"

Chu Li commented, "If I get to know where he is, I will kill him myself!"

"Great!" Yang Lingfeng gave his approval with a thumbs up. "How heroic!"

Chu Li smiled as he saluted.

Yang Lingfeng said, "Leave this all to me, I will look for his trail and tell Brother Du about it!"

Chu Li said, "I shall thank you in advance, then!"

Yang Lingfeng looked as if he was faking a smile as he glanced at Zhao Feihu.

Zhao Feihu shook his head and said, "Brother Du, Feng Shaohua is the top master of the Green Hill. He is insidious and cunning, he is not that easy to deal with!"

Chu Li smiled. "Thank you for your reminder, Brother Zhao."

"Why don't we partner up?" Zhao Feihu suggested.

Yang Lingfeng waved his hand and said, "Brother Zhao, you better not mess anything up!"

Su Ru stared at Yang Lingfeng with an angry expression.

Yang Lingfeng smiled. "Having Brother Du experience the greatness of Feng Shaohua is also a good thing. Just in case he thinks that we, the Snow Lunar Pavillion, are useless."

Chu Li smiled. "I do not mind - I shall wait for Brother Yang's news."

"Then Brother Du shall stay in the ravine for two days. During that time, we will try our best to find him!" Yang Lingfeng said cheerily.

Chu Li nodded and made a closed fist salute. "I shall stay here."

He could tell how impatient Su Ru was now. If he said anything more, she might explode.