White Robed Chief Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Shu Qingdie

When they finally left, Su Ru stared at Chu Li. "Are you crazy?" She did not know how Lady Xiao would react if she heard the news.

Chu Li help up his arms in surrender. "Let them give up, it would make your life easier."

"Sigh. In any case, it is still not suitable for you to say that."

Chu Li shrugged and tried to change the topic. "Your place is not bad, can I stay here tonight?"

"Impossible," Su Ru said. "Only female followers live on the lake. The men don't live here."

"Seems like there are not many female followers, though," Chu Li replied.

When he first saw the place, there were about fifty-five pavilions on the lake. However, it looked like there were only fifty-five female followers.

"The Snow Lunar Pavilion would rather have fewer followers than have too many useless members. We don't win by numbers." Su Ru smiled. "Anyway, did anything happen at home?"

Chu Li smiled. "Something big actually did happen."

He told her about snatching Song Yuning from the Huay Public House; Su Ru was completely taken aback by the story.

"Master Xiao Tieying is dating Lady Song?" Su Ru said in shock. "I didn't know!"

Chu Li said, "Both of them fell in love at first sight. They have liked each other since the first time they met - no one could do anything about it."

"No wonder he went there for so long." Su Ru furrowed her brows and sighed. "We don't even know if this Lady is easy to serve."

"Lady Song is very smart." Chu Li said.

Su Ru sighed. "How about Lady Xiao Shi?"

She was a little worried about her. Usually, a man's sister and wife were enemies, it was very easy for them to cause problems for each other. Add this to a sister-in-law that had a bad temper and endless trouble was all but guaranteed.

Chu Li said, "Everything is going well."

Su Ru then flooded him with questions and Chu Li answered them one by one.

They talked for a while and Su Ru's energy slowly ran out. Her face was not the only thing that was hurt. There were inner injuries too which made her far weaker than before.

Chu Li could not bear to see her in pain; Su Ru was already almost dead when she joined.

When Su Ru was hurt, she intentionally avoided Xiao Qi when she needed care the most, keeping to herself the entire time. Xiao Qi could only imagine her pain.

However, her pride remained intact, she could not bear show her mistress how weak she was.

Chu Li said, "You should rest first, I will read for a while."

"There are quite a number of books on the rack. Do help yourself." Su Ru laid down on the mattress and yawned. "I will sleep for a while."

"Hmm." Chu Li took a book out and sat in front of the table beside the window.

Su Ru laid on the mattress with her face turned toward Chu Li's back. She felt completely safe as she slowly fell asleep.

By the time she woke up, it was already sunset. The ravine was dyed the color of red roses.

She turned around, only to see Chu Li still sitting in front of the table reading in the dark room. He was completely engrossed in it. It was extremely quiet in the room and the sound of the birds in the ravine were the only things they could hear.

Su Ru smiled and stretched while heaving a big sigh. It had been a long time since she slept this well. Chu Li put down the book and looked at her.

Su Ru quickly held out her hand to touch the white veil. She was not sure when the white veil on her face had dropped.

Chu Li shook his head. "The wound on your face is already fine."

"It is?" Su Ru touched her face in disbelief.

Chu Li pointed at the mirror on the wall.

Su Ru walked towards it and was surprised immediately by what she saw. "Wow, I'm really ok?"

Her face had been cut by Feng Shaohua with a knife. The cuts were everywhere before and she had looked borderline mutilated. However, there was not even a single scar on her face when she looked at it now. The ointment was a miracle.

Chu Li furrowed his brows. He could see what was going through Su Ru's mind. She acted as though it was nothing much, but the reality was actually much worse.

After Feng Shaohua killed Sister Mo, he had badly hurt Su Ru too. Chu Li saw that Su Ru was on the floor, unable to move and Feng Shaohua slowly walking toward her. Then, he knelt next to her as he cut open her face, all the while asking her to beg for her life. Every time she remained adamant and did not say a word, he would smile and make another cut.

By the time Sister Su arrived, there was already more than ten cuts on her face. Chu Li almost could not look.

Even though the ointment from the Snow Lunar Pavilion was amazing and healed the scars on her face, it would never be able to heal the trauma in her heart.

Chu Li initially planned to kill Feng Shaohua in one strike, but he changed his mind. He could not let him die that easily. Su Ru needed to do it herself or she would never get over the trauma; it would remain a demon that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

As they were talking, they heard footsteps approaching, followed by Yang Lingfeng's voice. "Brother Du, let's go and have some drinks to welcome you!"

Chu Li raised his voice to reply. "Please wait for a while, Brother Yang!"

He turned and looked at Su Ru. "I will come back tomorrow."

Su Ru twitched her red lips when she heard this. "Be careful!"

This group of people definitely did not have good intentions.

Chu Li left the waterside pavilion and the lake. As he followed Yang Lingfeng, they arrived at the bottom of the cliff in the ravine.

There were a number of pavilions built on the stone wall. They hung in midair and were connected via a wooden bridge. It looked like the Levitating Temple from Chu Li's real life.

Yang Fengling pointed at his legs and scaled the walls swiftly. Then, he landed on the wooden bridge and waved his hands to beckon Chu Li.

Chu Li did the same and landed right next to him.

"This is where we're going to eat." Yang Lingfeng pointed at a pavilion next to them and lead the way.

Chu Li glanced at the ravine. From here, he could see the whole ravine. The different flowers and foliage made for a beautiful sight. The starry night coupled with waterside pavilions on the clear lake was indeed picture worthy.

He then turned and entered the house with Yang Lingfeng.

They combined four square tables together and a huge silver bowl was placed in the middle; the bowl was filled with all kinds of small crustaceans, the fresh smell of the sea emanating from it.

The seven men sat around the table and talked as they ate the food.

Suddenly, Yang Lingfeng clapped and smiled. "Come come, let me introduce everyone to the fiance of Sister Du Xia, Brother Du Feng!"

Everyone had their eyes on Chu Li as they carefully started to examine him.

Chu Li smiled as he made a closed fist salute.

Zhao Feihu gestured forward and suggested, "Please sit on the main seat, Brother Du."

Yang Lingfeng dragged Chu Li to his seat, but Chu Li humbly rejected him and sat down in a regular seat. This action made the group even more unhappy.

Being followers of the Snow Lunar Pavillion, they had seen plenty of pretty women. When they met Xiao Qi, however, they were instantly shocked. Unfortunately for them, Sister Du had already perfected her Innate Mastery. Therefore, she needed to isolate herself to truly grasp the principle of being one with the heavens, so they could not see her that often.

This only served to enhance her mysterious aura. They felt like Xiao Qi was like some sort of mythical creature a fairy, maybe.

However, today they had suddenly heard that this fairy-like Sister Du had a fiance, with that fiance being the straightforward man seated right in front of them.

They did not just despise him, they also shared the same viewpoint as Yang Lingfeng, that is, that the man in front of them did not pair well with the fairy-like Sister Du!

"Let me introduce everyone to you." Yang Lingfeng smiled as he introduced the eight other people around him to Chu Li. He did not have to introduce Zhao Feihu, so he gave him the names of the other seven instead.

A good-looking young man put down the shrimp he was eating and coldly said, "What is your cultivation level, Brother Du?"

Chu Li smiled. "Brother Hu, I am an Innate Master."

He then released all his inner energy and surprised everyone at the table. This was only heightened by the fact that Chu Li did not carry any weapons and seemed rather normal.

"Innate mastery." Hu Chenghui scoffed. "Then aren't you a lot more senior than Sister Du?"

Chu Li shook his head. "Du Xia just looks young, she's actually only five years younger than I am."

"Five years, in less than five years Sister Du is going to become a Grandmaster. What about you?" Hu Chenghui shook his head and said, "It is impossible for you to catch up with Sister Du!"

"Why do I have to catch up with her?" Chu Li smiled. "It is impossible for both husband and wife to have the same martial art cultivation level, there is always one that will be weaker and one that will be stronger."

"Even in that case, the man should be stronger." Hu Chenghui scoffed. "Wouldn't the logic of the world be flipped if that wasn't the case? There would be no peace in the world."

"Why would the world not be peaceful if the logic of the world was inverted?" the slightly hoarse voice of a lady called out from the outside. Her voice instantly shut everyone up.

A tall and elegant lady stepped into the pavilion. She was beautiful and charming, her bright eyes panned across everyone as she coldly asked, "Brother Hu, do you think that women are born weaker than men?"

When Hu Chenghui saw her, he immediately shrunk and shot her an embarrassed smile. "Sister Shu!"

The woman coughed gently when her gaze fell upon Chu Li.

"Brother Du, this is Shu Qingdie or Sister Shu." Yang Lingfeng quickly smiled. "She is the one who saved Sister Du Qiu!"

Chu Li stood up and gave her a closed fist salute. "A pleasure Lady Shu, I am Du Feng."