White Robed Chief Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Sharpening Blades

Chu Li smiled. "You got the message so quickly?"

"We had people watching him!" Feng scoffed. "This fella, he finally decided to go downhill alone. Brother Du, are you coming with us?"

"No rush," Chu Li said, "wait until Du Qiu has recovered."

"Until she recovers?" Feng cried out loud. He turned his glance to Su Ru. "Sister Du's injuries will take quite a while to heal. By the time she recovers, Feng Shaohua would have already returned!"

"There's always a next time." Chu Li grinned and glanced at Su Ru.

Su Ru was in extreme fatigue and dispirited. If she were to meet Feng Shaohua head to head, she would not be able to redeem herself. Furthermore, the situation could turn out worse too. It would only become harder for her to get rid of the demons in her heart.

Chu Li wanted to lift her spirits first, so she could take down Feng Shaohua in one hit.

If she could do that, she would instantly become a top-notch martial arts master. Then, he could then leave without any more worries.

This time, if not for Shu Qingdie's help, Su Ru would have died. The very thought of that terrified Chu Li, and he did not want to repeat the same mistake. Thus, he had to quickly transform Su Ru into a stronger person, so she could defend herself.

"Next time will be a long time away!" Feng said anxiously, "This fella knows that we're hot on his heels, so he seldom goes out alone!"

"There will be another chance." Chu Li said, "Brother Yang, I estimate that Du Qiu will recover in half a month's time. After that, we just need to bait him out, and then kill him once and for all."

"Sigh" Feng stomped his foot in frustration. "He's slick, do you think he will fall into your trap so easily?"

Suddenly, Feng smirked. "Brother Du, don't tell me, you've chickened out?"

Chu Li smiled. "No use trying to provoke me. Once Du Qiu has fully recovered, I'll go at once. Our departure date will depend on when she recovers!"

"I've had enough of you!" Feng furiously said, "Alright, alright. Next time then!"

Another chain of footsteps was heard. In came the graceful Shu Qingdie, she swept a glance across the room. "What a commotion. Brother Du is here, and even Brother Yang... You guys have news about Feng Shaohua?"

"Yes, he went downhill by himself," Feng replied feebly.

"A good opportunity." Shu Qingdie turned around to look at Chu Li.

Feng scoffed. "Brother Du doesn't want to go. He wants to wait until sister Du Qiu has recovered."

"Opportunities are hard to come by," Shu Qingdie said, "Why do you have to wait until sister Du Qiu recovers?... It seems like you don't have confidence."

Could it be that he was not confident of beating Hua, and was worried that Du Qiu would sustain heavier injuries?

"I want to let Du Qiu do it herself," Chu Li said.

He would not tell them about the demon in Su Ru's heart as he feared that people would laugh at her, calling her weak.

Su Ru and the rest of the people stared at Chu Li with their eyes opened widely. They were astonished.

Chu Li said, "Du Qiu has remarkable aptitude, she only lacks the experience of killing with the risk of dying. This is the perfect opportunity for her to practice with Feng Shaohua, to sharpen her skills!"

"Courageous!" Shu Qingdie's eyes lighted up. She lifted a thumb.

No matter how it would turn out, this kind of bravery was far more superior than any of the male disciples in their valley.

Su Ru's mouth was agape. When she imagined Feng Shaohua's sinister face and devilish smile, she couldn't help but shudder.

She nodded her head with force and then said, "Alright, I'll take him down myself!"

Su Ru had that stubbornness and self-reliance inside her, she was gentle on the outside but strong on the inside. Although she was afraid, she would still brace herself and take on the challenge head on. Suru would not admit defeat so easily.

Shu Qingdie said, "Then good. This time, let me go."

"Sister Su, there won't be any use." Feng shook his head. "You won't be able to kill him."

"I couldn't back then, but I'm not so sure now!" Shu Qingdie scoffed. "I've improved by a lot in my martial arts. I can give it a try!"

"Sigh" Feng glanced at Chu Li disappointingly and then shook his head before leaving.

Initially, Feng did not have high hopes for Chu Li either. It was just that he was blinded by his hatred towards Hua. Thus, he had that tiny glimmer of hope.

Feng knew that by his standards, he would not be able to kill Hua in his lifetime. He could only hope on other people. However, If he could help in Hua's assassination with his intel, he would at least get some consolation.

Su Ru could not stand it anymore. She whispered, "Why don't we just go?"

Chu Li smiled. "No need to rush, there will always be another chance."

Chu Li turned his head around and then said, "Miss Su, when Hua emerges again, you best let the other valley disciples retreat quickly. We don't want them to cross paths with him, and then get killed again."

"It's already too late now!" Shu Qingdie scoffed.

Shu Qingdie sat beside Mo Ying and felt her wrist. "She will recover after half a month's time... I shall leave now!"

Mo Ying said, "Sister Su, be careful!"

Shu Qingdie scoffed arrogantly. "Even if I can't kill him, he won't be able to get his hands on me either. I'm off!"

She stood up and then gave them a fist salute before leaving the pavilion.

The two of them returned to Su Ru's waterside pavilion, and Su Ru sighed. "Accompany me here."

"Sure." Chu Li smiled.

He knew what Su Ru was thinking.

His refusal this time would make the Snow Lunar Pavilion's male disciples think that he was afraid of death and intentionally avoided the battle. They would think that he was only bluffing them previously and chickened out when the situation really came. The disciples would most certainly look down on him, and he would not escape with just a few tauntings.

Su Ru sat on a couch and was pondering.

Chu Li on the other hand went to sit at a table and started reading.

He was slowly forcing her hand, using the Snow Lunar Pavilion's disciples' safety against her. Chu Li wanted to see if she would take any action. If it failed, he would light up another flame. He believed that she would be stretched to her limit eventually!

The Sun rose to mid sky. Su Ru finally spoke, "Help me heal my injuries, I want to kill him at once!"

Chu Li turned his head to her. "No need to rush."

Su Ru replied, "If I don't kill him this time, he'll continue killing the Snow Lunar Pavilion's disciples!... I've got to do it!"

Little veins bulged on her forehead, and she looked determined.

Chu Li stared at her for some time, and she looked him in the eye without blinking.

Chu Li then slowly nodded. "Alright, now that's the spirit!... Since you've decided, then let's go now!"

He saw the murderous look on Su Ru's face, and he thought that it was the right time to let her unleash her anger.

Su Ru smiled and then walked to the window. She called out loudly, "Sister Su------!"

The call reverberated through the valley for quite a long distance.

Shu Qingdie arrived at their place in a graceful stride, and it looked like she was sliding over water.

"What's the matter, sister Du?"

"I've changed my mind. I will go after him with big brother!"

"But you haven't healed."

"Big brother has a secret technique that can help me recuperate. He can help me recover on our way there." Su Ru asked, "Where can I find him?"

"You two really want to go?" Shu Qingdie glanced at Chu Li.

Chu Li nodded.

Shu Qingdie said, "Then let's go together. You won't be able to find him!"

"Alright!" In truth, Chu Li had no idea how to navigate the area. Thus, he needed Shu Qingdie's guidance. "Let's depart now!"

"Let's go!" Shu Qingdie agreed.

The three did not even pack anything, and immediately made their way out of the pavilion, exiting the valley.

Feng caught up to them from afar. "Hey, sister Su, brother Du, where are you heading?!"

"To kill Feng Shaohua!" Shu Qingdie replied.

Feng said, "He's at Wu Ziniun Town!"

"We know!" Shu Qingdie waved a hand behind her and then continued her journey.

Chu Li was traveling alongside her, and his right palm on Su Ru's waist.

The aura and energy from the surrounding area started gushing towards them and then circulated into Chu Li's Recuperation Technique. The vitality of the aura was far more effective than the spirit pills. Adding the pills to the Recuperation Technique would make the resulting effects massive.

Shu Qingdie suddenly increased her pace, and she started moving like a shadow. She wanted to check out Chu Li's Light-body Technique.

Chu Li kept his composure. All the while, he remained shoulder to shoulder with her.

After seeing Chu Li's Light-body Technique, Shu Qingdie dropped her worries. If they could not win the battle, they could always flee to safety.

Shu Qingdie knew that Chu Li was channeling his energy to help heal Su Ru, so she did not speak or disturb him. She occasionally glanced at Su Ru, and she noticed that Su Ru's pale face was beginning to return pinkish.

Wu Ziniun Town was about two hundred miles from Snow Lunar Pavilion. They reached there in the afternoon.

Shu Qingdie was just about to look for the Snow Lunar Pavilion's secret stash, but Chu Li did not stop in his tracks. He went in front of a house and then told Su Ru, "He's in there. You may go inside yourself!"

Su Ru's face was back and ruddy. She bit on her lips and nodded gently. She pulled out her long sword and then leapt into the house.

Shu Qingdie was baffled when she saw that. She was about to take a leap into the house, but Chu Li's arm stopped her.