White Robed Chief Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Destroying the Encampment

"Lie down and don't move!" Chu Li whispered.

"Are we not getting out of here?" Zhao Ying whispered as she shook her numbed arm.

Both of them stood at at the entrance of the cave, unable to leave. As soon as they stuck their heads out, they would be welcomed by flashes of knives.

Chu Li smiled and shook his head, "Hold on tight, we're rushing out of here!"

Zhao Ying quickly tightened her grip on Chu Li. His tough back was warm and secure. There was nothing to be afraid of as long as she clung tight. Even if the sky had fallen, it would not have mattered.

Chu Li took a deep breath and activated two layers of the Infinite Sea of Azure, with two layers stacking on each other, the power doubled up. Chu Li rushed out as he deflected flashes of knifes from his surroundings.


A chain of sounds were followed the clashing of the knives and swords. Chu Li escaped the cave in one quick dash.

Four large bald men stood in front of the cave entrance, and glared at Chu Li.

Chu Li simply levitated away. The men were unable to catch up. Both Chu Li and Zhao Ying has reached the entrance to the main ravine in the blink of an eye. Right as they were about to leave, a flash suddenly appeared. The bizarre split of the knife was a sign that it came from the ring scarred man.

Chu Li had the Omniscient Mirror. He already knew that the man had planned to do this the entire time. He lightly shifted his body, and escaped the falling knife. He followed up with a sword strike on the man's body before he had a chance to make another move.


The ring scarred man was disarmed.

The man did not mind at all, he straightened out his body. He looked larger now, as he glowed in a golden light. He swung his fist at Chu Li.

Chu Li parried with his blade. It struck right at his fist.


The sound of gold and metal clashing could be heard. Chu Li was startled.

"The Sentient Menace?"

"Hah! I see you have some knowledge!" The man smirked and swung his fist once more.

Chu Li was surprised, the Sentient Menace was an extinct sect from the The Temple of Tempest, could it be that this man was a follower of the Temple of Tempest? If that was the case, then they were actually in a lot of trouble. The Temple of Tempest was the head of the top four sects. They were like a huge tree, their influence like wild roots entrenched everywhere.

"You have guts!" Chu Li said, "a traitor of your own sect and you still show it off eh?

The Temple of Tempest was very strict. He must have definitely broken the rules to have ended up here. Thus, the Temple of Tempest must be after him. As soon as they did, the chances of him living would completely vanish.

To have built a troupe so openly in his situation, his guts must have been the size of the sky at this point!

If that was the case, he might as well have already decided to kill himself. Exposing his identity like this would have left him at the mercy of the temple. It did not matter how strong he was, he was not getting away from the Temple of Tempest.

When he came to this point of thought, Chu Li floated backwards and caught the four men that were chasing him.

Four of them surrounded Chu Li. He reacted swiftly, his body moved with his sword like a bolt of lightning. They were all innate masters. He had an infinite amount of inner energy, which allowed him to add them into the Infinite Sea of Azure. He pressured the four men, and beat them to death in the blink of an eye.

"Move! I'll take him!" The ring-scarred man shouted as he barrelled towards Chu Li, glowing in a golden light. Both his palms shimmered, he was not afraid of parrying Chu Li's blade bare-handedly.

Zhao Ying panicked for Chu Li. Even the man's eyeballs had become yellow. It was as if his entire body was coated in a layer of gold. It was weird but mesmerizing at the same time. It was like he was an actual bronze casted human being. There was no way to pierce through him!

Chu Li tried to keep his distance and stepped behind another innate master, easily stabbing him from behind.

The other two realized that it was not good for them, and they quickly ran. But Chu Li was chasing after them.

He dodged the scarred man and decided to take the other innate master first. With two layers of The Infinite Sea of Azure, all the aura from the plants within a two meter radius rushed into his body, nourishing his meridians.

He knew of the Sentient Menace. There was a book about it in the Tower of Wisdom. The Sentient Menace was a miracle. No weapon could pierce through it, but one's skill level decided how long one could use it.

More importantly, it consumed a large amount of inner energy. Even though innate masters had an almost infinite amount of inner energy, it was still unable to outpace the consumption of the Sentient Menace. It was hard to maintain the Sentient Menace for extended periods of time. Chu Li believed that this man who had violated his sect would not last long.

Zhao Ying watched as they were like animals being killed by Chu Li. She was excited and surprised at the same time. She had not thought that he had such wonderful martial arts. It was no wonder that Zhuo Feiyang was not his opponent. The gap was far too wide.

She was incredibly curious. She had to ask if he had a fortuitous encounter!

She became even more excited the more she thought about it. Everyone to trained in martial arts always had hope that they would have a unique encounter be it, receiving a legendary scripture or some powerful fruit, allto amaze the world, shock everyone and become the best of the best.

In the end, Chu Li had to face the ring-scarred man. His sword flashed, the sound of gold and metal clashed as they fought.

Zhao Ying could not catch up to their movements. She had never thought that swordplay could achieve such a level. Chu Li's sword was like a bolt of lightning. The scarred man had no time to dodge, all his clothes were already being ripped apart.

Zhao Ying blushed and dared not look below his torso.

When Chu Li's sword tried to pierce the body of the scarred man, it was as if he was piercing into a gold block. Nothing was cutting through his defence. Chu Li seemed helpless in that situation, but he had not given up, and continued to press his attack.

The scarred man smiled as he struck Chu Li with his palms. He ignored Chu Li's sword and went straight for him. However, Chu Li was too fast for him. He looked like a stupid bear trying to catch something that he could not see.

"You can't break through the Sentient Menace!"

The scarred man exclaimed.

"I don't buy that." Chu Li scoffed.

"Well then, let's see who dies of fatigue, then!" The man shouted.

He wanted to run. As long as he was alive, he could always start another troupe. But if he had actually ran out of energy, then it would create a myriad of problems. It was better off if he ran.

He began his slow retreat. He was subtle, so he did not show what he was planning to Chu Li. If Chu Li knew, he would definitely chase after the ring-scarred man.

Chu Li suddenly turned and left. He flew out of the cave and went down along the steps, landing in the ravine. He began to swing his sword, killing all of them.

All these men who were not innate masters were like sheep for slaughter. They were all defenceless and Chu Li had murdered all of them without hesitation or mercy. Even if these men had died, it would not be enough. If Chu Li had become soft hearted and let even one of them live, who knows what they would do, how many people would die from it.

"Brother," Zhao Ying felt numb as she was clinging to his back. Chu Li's swordplay was too fast. Ten people fell onto the ground in a second of movement. Zhao Ying could not bear to see the carnage.

"They need to die a hundred times for what they've done!" Chu Li shouted.

Zhao Ying did not say a thing. He was right, but to watch all these people being slaughtered, she just could not bear it. She could only stabilize herself with rational thoughts, she closed her eyes in an attempt to not look at the carnage.

The ravine was filled with screams and shouting in a dire attempt to boost their morale. All of them were fierce to their bones. They were not afraid witnessing the slaughter of their brothers. They were motivated by it, and rushed towards Chu Li, all in an attempt to create a lose-lose situation. They tried to grab onto Chu Li so their companion could have a better chance of killing him.

Chu Li's swordsmanship was like the lightning. His body was swift. None of them stood a chance.

When Chu Li had killed all the men, the ravine was painted red. The scarred man was nowhere to be found. He had seized the opportunity to run away.