White Robed Chief Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Annihilation

Shu Qingdie glanced at him with her bright eyes.

Chu Li shook his head. "It's Feng Shaohua in there. Let her deal with it herself!"

"How'd you know?" Shu Qingdie asked curiously.

Chu Li smiled but did not answer.

Shu Qingdie continued, "But we can't just stand here. What if sister Du is in danger..."

Chu Li said, "If we go in and intervene, Feng Shaohua would definitely flee. Furthermore, my sister would have a sense of reliance on us. It's better if we let her act alone!"

"You're quite a cruel big brother!" Shu Qingdie stared at him.

Chu Li explained, "Before this, she kept staying at home. She didn't know how evil and dangerous the outside world is. The martial arts world is a dangerous world to live in. It's common to encounter people like Feng Shaohua, who will trouble you wherever you go. If you don't have a certain level of skill in martial arts, you're highly unlikely to survive."

"It's actually our fault." Shu Qingdie sighed. "I thought that it would be fine since she's an innate master, but I didn't know that she has never killed."

Chu Li smiled. "We can only say that she was unlucky. No matter what, you saved her life, Miss Su."

Shu Qingdie shook her head. She furrowed her eyebrows, she was trying to listen to what was happening inside the house. Shu Qingdie also glanced at ChuLifrom time to time.

She was very intrigued by this man in front of her.

She had the impression that Chu Li was very courageous, emboldened, and had access to the Spirit Blessing Pill. He should be able to immediately bring Su Ru back to life if she had died. But in truth, Chu Li was not someone like she had imagined.

The Omniscient Mirror showed him the scene inside the house.

Feng Shaohua was dressed in white, and he was practicing with his blade at the yard.

Upon seeing Su Ru land before him, he braced his blade and stood up straight. Hua watched closer and smiled knowingly. "Pretty girl, so we're fated to meet again!"

At the sight of her, it reminded him of the terrified look on her face when she stared at him last time. It was full of fury and remorse, as she could do nothing but watch as he cut her face blade by blade. He rendered her beautiful face with numerous ugly scars.

On the thought of that, he felt an adrenaline rush, and he became very excited.

"Pretty girl, so your face has healed. Which means I can play with it again now!" Hua grinned. "Did you bring some backup outside?"

He took pride in his own Light-body Techniques, so even if there really were people outside, he was not afraid. Getting ambushed was the least of his concerns.

Su Ru shuddered gently. The sword that she was holding was also shaking.

That only excited Hua even more. He enjoyed seeing a damsel in distress, in fear and helplessness. It felt much better than making love with one. It was too thrilling!

Su Ru said coldly, "You animal, I'll kill you today!"

"Sure, come and get me." Hua smiled. "I'm interested to see what you can do, pretty girl. What are you waiting for?"

"You asked for it!" Su Ru grit her teeth and then threw a strike at him.

Hua chuckled. His long blade lashed out like a silver band, and it blocked her sword with astonishing speed.

Earlier, hewas all smileson his face, but he was ruthless when he attacked. His strikes were swift and vicious, they were like a basilisk out of its pit.

Su Ru did not dodge theattack,but stepped forward instead. She increased the speed of her sword attacks.

"Eh?" Hua was surprised.

The last time they battled, Su Ru acted like a little bird. She had the aptitude of an innate master, but she was very calculative in every move. She was unable to throw a vicious strike at him. This time, it looked as though Su Ru became a totally new person. Hua thought that it had to be his acts which had brought out her inner evil.

He smiled and retreated one step backward while dodging her sword. He then immediately lashed out his long blade, which successfully struck Su Ru.

Su Ru did not retreat, she took another step forward instead. She welcomed the tip of his blade, as she angled her sword towards him and thrust forward.

Hua frowned. He may have been fast, but Su Ru's sword kept thrusting towards him with increasing speed. He could try to attack her, but he would end up getting struck by her sword too.

This girl wanted to sacrifice her life to takehis, but his life was worth much more than that. He would eventually become an enlightened master, so how could he succumb to his death right here?

"Hehe, pretty girl. What does it feel like to have your face cut by my blade?" Hua moved around as he continued his attacks. He chuckled. "Your skin is being gently sliced open, what a pleasant sight!"

Su Ru bit her red lip, she was focusing solely on her own sword instead of evading his attacks.

She knew that Chu Li was just outside. Even if the blade struck her fatally, she still had the Spirit Blessing Pill, and she would not die. Plus, she had the medicinal paste from Snow Lunar Pavilion, and no scars would remain on her.

Su Ru had no fear, so she risked everything.

Hua wanted to use his words to disrupt her mind, he was thinking that it would be a smart strategy. But little did he know, those words only made her more driven to kill him. Her inner energy started channeling faster, and her movements became swifter.

She had always followed Xiao Qi, so every skill she learned was more advanced than Hua's.

Back then, when she saw sister Mo being slaughtered, her mind was thrown into a mess. Therefore, she did not perform up to her standards in martial arts. This gave Hua the edge to heavily injure her.

However, her mind was now resolute. She gave her all and attacked him without evading. Her ultimate purpose was to bring him down with her.

Hua slowly lost the upper hand, and he kept spinning around Su Ru with his superb Light-body Technique.

"Pretty girl, if I catch you again this time, I promise I won't cut yourface." Hua smirked. "I'll instead peel your skin off your whole body, and then hang it up outside of town, to let everyone else admire your gorgeous body. Hehe, isn't that delightful?"

Su Ru shut her lips tight. She did not utter a single word, and her eyes began gleaming brighter.

Hua continued, "From now on, whenever I capture a Snow Lunar Pavilion disciple, I'll do the same thing. We'll see if there'll still be anyone from Snow Lunar Pavilion who dares to stand in my way!"

Shu Qingdiegrither teeth hard upon hearing that. She clasped her fists tight, readying herself to barge into the house.

Chu Li gently pressed on her shoulder.

Shu Qingdie felt as if a mountain was weighing down on her, and she could not move at all. She unknowingly opened her eyes widely.

Chu Li raised one finger in front of his lips, and he shook his head, signaling her not to make any noise.

Shu Qingdie bit her lips and then gave him a dead stare.

Chu Li whispered to her, "Don't believe in what he said. Are there no female disciples in the Green Hill faction? They wouldn't ruin their own reputation."

"What a bastard!" Shu Qingdie scoffed under her breath.

Chu Li said, "No need to argue with a soon-to-be-dead man!"

"I want to see how sister Du slays him," Shu Qingdie said.

Chu Li glanced around him and then pointed towards the roof.

Shu Qingdie nodded.

The two levitated into the air in a curving motion and then landed on top of the roof. They hidthemselveswell before peeking inside the house.

Hua was forced to keep evading Su Ru's hits. He did not have the time to look around him.

Shu Qingdie was awe-struck. Sister Du had become so ruthless, she was attacking Hua mercilessly. She was not heeding her own safety at all.

"Sigh I don't have the mood today. I'll play with you some other time, pretty girl!" Hua shook his head. He turned around and prepared to leave.

He cast a special technique. With a single leap, he dashed outwards. His speed was like lightning.

Su Ru stomped her foot abruptly, and the flash of her sword swiftly moved towards him.

"Chi!" The tip of her sword struck Hua's left thigh.

Su Ru pulled out the sword with force. Blood spurted out like a jet of water, splashing onto her. Her clothes were dyed red.

Su Ru was not bothered at all. Without any hesitation, she thrust her sword again.

Hua quickly used his blade to deflect the sword, his body was shaking.

His facial expressions changed. He knew that things had gone awry for him.

The Light-body Technique was his biggest leverage. The leap just now was fast as lightning, and it was the move that he took pride in the most. Almost nobody could catch up to that sudden burst of speed.

As long as he could buy himself some distance, he would then be able to perform a secret technique to enhance his attacking potential. By then, nobody would be able to stop him.

However, it felt weird just now. Just as he was about to spring away, out of nowhere, a mysterious force surged into his body. His body's movement was jerked to a stop, and this caused him to be struck by the sword.

"Pom!" He wielded his blade with his right hand and then pulled out a firecracker with his left. He set off a firework in the air.

Shu Qingdie lifted her head to look at the firework. A smiled etched on her face.

Chu Li was not distracted by that, and he continued looking downwards at them.

"I didn't quite expect sister Du to be so strong!" Shu Qingdie whispered, "It's good that Hua summoned a few of his own people over. They're merely weak minions, I happen to crave for some killings myself!"

Chu Li smiled.

Su Ru thrust her sword into Hua's heart, and a few blood drops splashed onto the fair skin on her face. She was not bothered. She looked on coldly as Hua held his chest and slowly collapsed onto the floor.