White Robed Chief Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Chain Killing

"Yeah!" Shu Qingdie cheered. She landed lightly beside Su Ru, and patted her shoulder proudly. "Good kill!"

Su Ru's body suddenly limped, and she fell to the floor.

Shu Qingdie quickly grabbed her and helped her up. She smiled. "Your first kill?"

Su Ru's pretty face turned pale. She furrowed her eyebrows and said, "I finally killed him!"

Chu Li landed beside Su Ru and lightly patted her back. "And I thought that you'll let him suffer an excruciating pain before ending his life."

A pulse of warm energy seeped into her body. It slightly relieved her of the weakness.

"Nobody has the time to torment him. The sooner he dies, the better!" Su Ru stared fiercely at Hua's dead body. She felt an indescribable relief, as if an invisible restraint was broken, and she was finally free.

Chu Li said, "Cut off his head, and bring it back to the memorial of our fallen Snow Lunar Pavilion comrades."

"Cut off his head?" Su Ru's expressions changed.

She knew that Chu Li had this kind of habit. He would always cut off the head of the people he killed.

She now had the courage to kill people, but it was a whole different story when it came to cutting off one's head. She still could not bring herself to do it.

Chu Li glanced at Shu Qingdie, and Shu Qingdie quickly waved her hand.

Chu Li smiled. "Looks like I'll have to do it then."

The long sword strapped to his waist lashed out like a white flash. In the blink of an eye, Hua's head was separated cleanly from his neck and there were no blood spurts.

The Crescent Cryptic inner energy flowing through the sword was extremely freezing, and it instantly sealed the blood flow.

Chu Li went inside the house to look for a box. When he came out, he pouted his lips.

Shu Qingdie and Su Ru entered the house. They saw a young girl lying naked on a bed, her face was full of scars. There were whip marks and bruises all over her body. The scene looked gory, and she did not show any signs of life.

"That animal!" Shu Qingdie cursed him with hatred. "By giving him a quick death, we have let him off too lightly!"

"Brother!" there was a shout from outside the house.

Shu Qingdie and Su Ru quickly got out of the house, and they saw a teen squatting beside Hua's dead body. His face was full of anger. He looked like a fierce crouching tiger who would pounce at them at any moment.

Chu Li carrying the box, scrutinized him.

"Feng Shaorong!" Shu Qingdie's expressions changed.

She did not expect that the firecracker was meant to summon him, a perfected innate master. He was halfway breaking through the grandmaster's boundary!

"Shu Qingdie!" Zhao Lung raised his head and then stared at Shu Qingdie coldly. "So, it was you guys!"

Shu Qingdie groaned deep down. She scoffed. "Feng Shaorong, aren't you supposed to be cultivating in isolation? Don't tell me you've achieved enlightenment?"

"That's none of your worries!" Zhao Lung pointed at his younger brother's corpse. "The three of you are going to die!"

"Hmph, such brave words!" Shu Qingdie smirked. "You really think you're a grandmaster, and you can kill us? Jokes!"

"If I really want to, you all won't die that easily!" Zhao Lung said coldly. "If I don't torment you horridly, up until the point that you'll beg me to end your life, my surname is not Peng!"

Chu Li sighed.

You really cannot judge a book by its cover. He looked modest on the outside, but he the same as Feng Shaohua. The both of them were cold-blooded killers.

"Zhao Lungfeng, you're already a grandmaster, you can't get involved in the fight between the younger generation. Don't tell me you've forgotten about this rule!" Shu Qingdie secretly tucked on Su Ru's sleeves and eyed at her. Shu Qingdie was signaling her to leave and let herself deal with him.

Su Ru gently shook her head.

"I'll go back into isolation after I kill you all!" Zhao Lung sneered. "With that, who would know that I was responsible for this?"

"You shameless prick!" Shu Qingdie pursed her lips and then stared at Su Ru angrily.

"None of you can escape!" Zhao Lung saw how Shu QIngdie kept sending signals with her eyes. He faintly announced, "Let's begin!"

Chu Li turned his head around and then asked, "Du Qiu, do you want to try?"

"I'm not his match, you go ahead!" Su Ru said.

Shu Qingdie interrupted them. "Allow me!"

She did not wait for Chu Li's response, and she sprang towards Zhao Lung. The strikes of her long sword were scattered like numerous flowers thrown towards Zhao Lung.

Zhao Lung pursed his lips with disdain. "Shu Qingdie, you haven't improve by a bit!"

The long blade strapped on his waist turned into a flash of electric light as it struck her long sword.

"Ding" The long sword was swept away, and his blade followed the momentum. Its tip thrusted towards her temple.

He was a perfect innate master, and he was born with great strength. Hence, he gained the upper hand with only one strike.

Shu Qingdie slipped, and she quickly twisted her body to dodge his attack. She thrusted her sword from a tricky angle at Zhao Lung, forcing him to evade it.

Zhao Lung wielded his sword in front of his chest.

"Ding" The long sword was blocked away once again.

Shu Qingdie cried out in her heart.

After two long years, Feng Shaorong's powers had significantly increased, and so did his aptitude. She was no longer up to his match. She could only hang on for a little while longer. She had hopes of exhausting his energy, so that sister Du and Du Feng would have increased chances of beating him.

Zhao Lung sneered. He had seen through Shu Qingdie's tricks. He increased the rapidness of his blade strikes, and the flash of his weapon formed a silhouette of shadows. They surrounded Shu Qingdie, rendering her no means of escape.

Shu Qingdie ran out of ideas, and she could only embrace the blade head on.

"Ding ding ding ding" A series of metal clang sounds broke out. It ended with the long sword out of Shu Qingdie's grip.

Zhao Lung held his sword high and then took a step backwards. He pursed his lips and said mockingly, "You're still the same old weakling!"

He did not want to kill her so soon, as he wanted to play around with his victim. She was such a beautiful lady, if he did not toy with her adequately before ending her life, it would be such a waste.

Chu Li slowly took a step forward with his sword in his hand.

"Who're you?" Zhao Lung scorned and stared at him obliquely. "Report me your name. I don't kill people who are unknown!"

Chu Li said, "Du Feng!"

"If you leave now, I can spare your life!" Zhao Lung said.

Chu Li smiled. "But I won't spare yours!"

"Such courage!" Zhao Lung sneered. "Is it you who killed my younger brother?"

Chu Li shook his head. "No, it was her."

He pointed his finger at Su Ru.

Zhao Lung frowned and then glanced at Su Ru. He was scrutinizing her from head to toe. "This pretty girl has such skills? Then it would be even more fun to toy with her. Alright, I shall send you to the heavens now, give me a hit!"

Chu Li yelled, "Take this!"

In a single step, Chu Li reached in front of Zhao Lung. The flash of his sword vanished as soon as it appeared.

"Chi------!" Zhao Lung's head was dislodged from his neck. A jet of blood spurted out about one meter high. The slashing sound was clearly heard.

"Pom!" Zhao Lung's head landed onto the ground.

"Ah!" Shu Qingdie squealed in terror as she took a step backward.

Su Ru was astonished too.

Chu Li looked down at Zhao Lung's terrified look on his misplaced head. He sighed. "Shame!"

Shu Qingdie's eyes stared widely. She could not believe what she had seen.

Chu Li turned his head around and then asked, "Want to bring his head back too?"

"ofof course!" Shu Qingdie tried hard to light up her spirits and clear up her mind. "Brother Du, you you killed Feng Shaorong?"

"Don't tell me this isn't him?" Chu Li said.

There was not a murderous look on Chu Li, and he looked composed as usual. It was as if he had only chopped off a log.

"It's him!" Shu Qingdie opened her eyes wide. She looked at the head on the ground. "It's just that I didn't expect"

She shook her head as she stuttered.

A perfected innate master, who was halfway to becoming a grandmaster, was quite unbelievably slain by a single sword strike.

Her initial expectations were that a tight battle would ensue, and Chu Li would be defeated. The three of them would then work together, but still would not be able to beat Zhao Lung. In the end they would all die under his hands.

However, never in a thousand dreams had she expected that the so-called junior champion, Zhao Lungfeng would die in a single hit from Chu Li!

Chu Li reached out his hand and then picked up Zhao Lung's long blade. It's metal body was shiny and flawless. It had a haunted aura, just like a true top tier weapon.

He smiled and said, "This blade is not bad!"

He discarded his own weapon and then took off the sheath from Zhao Lung's waist. Chu Li strapped it to his own waist.

The shiny long blade was back into its original sheath. He wielded the blade while standing still. Chu Li then took a few steps to weigh the weapon and accustom to its length in his grip. Finally, he nodded satisfyingly, and a smiled etched out on his face.

After a short while, Shu Qingdie fully recovered her senses.

Su Ru fanned her hand in front of her nose and said, "Big brother, let's leave now!"

"Alright!" Chu Li said.

With his new blade, he opened the box and then put Zhao Lung's head into it.

He closed the box before putting it aside and then searched the corpses. He found on them some bank notes, and a fire piston.

He kept the bank notes in his sleeves and then used the fire piston to set up a fire in the room. Chu Li tossed the two headless corpses into the flames and said, "Let's go!"