White Robed Chief Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Chaos Ring

Chu Li was fully concentrating on his book. It was kind of expected.

Su Ru snatched the book away from his hands and sneered. "Two old men from the Green Hill faction are here, they're both grandmasters. They must be here to force my teacher's seniors to give up the person responsible!"

Chu Li replied, "It's just two grandmasters."

Su Ru pondered over Chu Li's statement before returning his book. She sat opposite to him and asked, "Do you think my teacher's seniors would give them what they want?"

"They're smart they will!" Chu Li said. He put down the book, grabbed a dim sum and then put it into his mouth. It had a soft texture, melting as soon as it entered his mouth.

Her teacher's seniors were grandmasters themselves, so they would not be afraid of the people from the Green Hill faction.

If he was in their shoes, he would ambush Green Hill faction. He did not know if the elders of the Snow Lunar Pavilion would have this kind of slick thinking.

Su Ru said, "Everyone was very respectful towards you. All of them want to learn your blade techniques."

Chu Li smiled. "I'm only strong because I'm an innate master. There's really nothing to learn from me."

With the Eternity Blade heart technique, Chu Li's long blade could be used like a flying knife. It was fast, strong, and deadly. That was the blade technique which had sent Feng Shaorong to his grave.

As for the blade technique that Chu Li was currently practicing, it was a technique that he'd found in the deepest recesses of his mind -- the Chaos Ring blade technique.

The Chaos Ring blade technique was like the Taichi Blade technique which came after it. However, it was completely different from the Eternity Blade technique as it was more elegant and versatile.

To get the best effects, Chu Li could first use the Chaos Ring blade technique before abruptly switching to the Eternity Blade technique mid-combat.

"If you put it that way, the others will think that you're arrogant." Su Ru smiled. She continued, "Sister Su would also like you to spar with the other disciples."

"to cool them down a little, right?" Chu Li said.

Su Ru stood rooted to the ground. Chu Li could finally oppress the other disciples by showcasing his abilities, and no longer needed to lower himself before them.

He could also see for himself that the Snow Lunar Pavilion's disciples had been too joyous of late. It was as if they'd been set free, and now had all the freedom in the world. If they continued their journey in the martial arts world with this mindset, it would be very dangerous. They needed to calm themselves.

Su Ru nodded gently. "Sister Su was worried that you would decline her request."

"Alright, I'll do it."

"Then let's start right away!" Su Ru said delightedly. "Give them an eye-opener!"

Su Ru also felt that the disciples were overly optimistic. Feng Shaohua and Feng Shaorong may have died, but did that mean there were no other top-notch martial arts masters in Green Hill faction?

The two left Snow Lake, and they passed through the thick foliage to the training ground.

The noon sunlight shone down upon the training ground as the intense heat scorched the practicing people's skin. The east half of the training ground were used by the girls, while the guys used the west side. It was divided clearly as always.

When they saw Chu Li and Su Ru nearing, the crowd slowly gathered around them.

Yang Lingfeng welcomed them with a broad smile, and he said, "Brother Du, come, showcase to us your brilliant blade technique!"

Chu Li laughed. "You really want me to embarrass myself?"

"Brother Du, you were so mean on the previous occasion!" Yang Lingfeng cried out. "You tricked us!"

Chu Li gave them a fist salute as a sign of an apology.

Su Qingdie said, "Brother Du, let us spar for one round, let them see how good you are."

Chu Li said, "Alright then, let's do it. Please do tell me if there's anything I can improve on."

Su Qingdie rolled her eyes at him. She pulled out her sword and then immediately thrust it towards him.

Chu Li unsheathed his long sword, slowly drawing out a half arc in the air.

The force of her long sword was easily deflected. She took another step forward and used more strength.

Chu Li drew out arc shapes with his blade, and many lunar shapes appeared before him. These included shapes like a crescent moon, quarter moon, new moon and full moon. Allthe shapes were shining brightly.

Su Qingdie's sword had no chance of avoiding the numerous moons, and her attack was once again deflected. Her strength was waning.

In a single move, Su Qingdie made over fifty strikes. However, none of those could even get close to Chu Li's body, as each strike was deflected with a flash of his blade. Chu Li's blade technique may have appeared sluggish, but its power was immense. Even the sharpest of swords would not find a way through his defense.

The crowd watched in awe, they were praising Chu Li's peculiar but brilliant blade technique.

Chu Li was composed as if he was merely toying around with his blade. Su Qingdie mustered every ounce of her energy and swung her sword, but her efforts were futile. The different emotions of calmness versus seriousness created a stark contrast on the spectators' faces.

Su Qingdie scoffed. "Sun Junior Yang, join in my attack!"

After watching for so long, Yang Lingfeng was already very eager to jump into the battle. He laughed in reply. "I'm coming!"

"Chi!" He pulled out his sword and then thrust with force. It was like the rapid flickering of a venomous snake tongue.

Chu Li remained calm. He did not change his tactics.

Just when the tip of the sword was about to reach Chu Li, a lunar shape moved right in front of it and blocked the strike.

Yang Lingfeng felt as if his sword had pierced into thick mud, as he lost control of his grip. It was an abrupt feeling of emptiness, as if he had stepped backward onto thin air. He could not help but stumble.

However, he did not give in and switched to another sword technique. He wanted to use the element of surprise to ambush his opponent.

Somehow, every single attempt was obstructed by the flash of Chu Li's blade. It felt like he would soon lose his sword.

He was astonished, and he quickly tightened his grip on the sword.

He could not grip it too tightly or he would lose his agility. The beauty of sword fighting emphasized on the ability to maneuver the sword seamlessly. Without that, the weapon would be as useless as a dead snake.

The force of his sword slowly waned. The lunar shapes formed from Chu Li's sword flashes started transforming and became increasingly magnetic. Yang Lingfeng's long sword vibrated, as if it was eager to leave his hand.

"I can't. Senior Zhao, why don't you join in!" Yang Lingfeng cried out.

Tiger shook his head.

He stood firm in his stance, as he did not want to outnumber Chu Li.

"What are you hesitating for? Quick!" Su Qingdie scoffed angrily.

She struggled like an insect trapped in a spider's web. Restrictions were all around her. Her strength waned as she continued to struggle; she could not hold on for much longer.

Tiger sighed helplessly. He unsheathed his sword and then lightly thrusted it towards Chu Li. He only wanted to pretend to make a move.

The sword was merely dipped into the flash of Chu Li's blade briefly, but his body jerked forward and he almost tipped over. Tiger quickly reaffirmed his stance, and his expression solemn. If the three of them combined were still unable to defeat Chu Li, it would be very embarrassing.

"He!" he shouted as he channeled all of his inner energy into his sword. The flash of his sword was strengthened drastically, it turned into a blinding flash of light that enveloped Chu Li.

Chu Li did not change his stance. He remained composed, and ignored the blinding flash of Tiger's sword.

When the sword flash neared Chu Li, it faded and vanished. The long sword was revealed.

Tiger gripped his sword with all of his strength. The magnetic force from Chu Li's blade flash was mysteriously strong.

Chu Li smiled. "Why don't all of you join in!"

"Everyone, charge!" Yang Lingfeng cried out. He let out another weird shout immediately after, as his sword finally flew from his grip.

He stumbled backward and almost fell. He breathed heavily with his hands on his waist as he stood at the side. "Go! All of you, go!"

The crowd felt intrigued, so they gradually pulled out their swords and joined in.

Chu Li's tactics were still the same, he was calm and relaxed. Many lunar shapes hung around his body, they blocked hostile swords from multiple directions.

Whenever their swords were dipped in Chu Li's blade flash, they would lose control of their grip.

An immense amount of energy surged through their bodies from their swords, as if they had been thrown into the middle of a turbulent ocean. They could not control their movements and were stumbling all over the place like drunkards. None of them could hold onto their swords for long.

"Ding ding ding ding..." With the clear sound of clashing metal, all the long swords were cast into the air before they were unceremoniously dropped onto the ground.

Chu Li sheathed his sword calmly, and he smiled at the people around him.

"What technique is this?" Su Qingdie asked as she caressed her wrist. Her eyes were gleaming brightly.

The others stared at him curiously too.

"Chaos Ring blade technique." Chu Li smiled. "How's the power?"

Yang Lingfeng cried out, "Brother Du, you're bullying us with your mighty inner energy!"

Chu Li shook his head and then smiled. "I restricted my own inner energy. On the contrary, I utilized the strength of your strikes. This is the specialty of Chaos Ring blade technique."

"Is there really such a unique blade technique?" Su Qingdie asked.

Chu Li replied, "All of your sword techniques are also quite decent. All you guys need is more practice, your techniques have the potential to be on par with the Chaos Ring technique."

"You're on a bed of treasure, but you don't know it." Chu Li smiled. "Then let's spar for another round, I'll use your sword technique."

"Sure!" Su Qingdie smiled. "I was curious about how well you know our sword technique."

At this time, the tallest palace in the valley -- The Lunar Lake Palace was blanketed by a solemn atmosphere.

The Snow Lunar Pavilion's three elders, Li Qingluo, Jiang Chunyue and Wang Wensi were having important guests over. They were the two elders, Feng Qiliang and Zhou Zhicheng.

Each of them took a seat, but left the main seat in the middle vacant.

"Why is Pavilion Leader Si Tu not here?" Feng Qiliang, a handsome middle-aged man, asked. His face was gloomy.