White Robed Chief Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Emerald Sky

Li Qingluo and Jiang Chunyue were gorgeous. They looked like young girls.

If one did not know their real identity, one would have mistaken them for girls in their twenties. However, as elders of Snow Lunar Pavilion, they were already aged above forty.

Wang Wensi, who was sitting beside them, was a handsome young man. However, it was him who looked more like their Senior.

Beside Feng Qiliang sat a shabby middle-aged man. He pulled a straight face, unable to contain his impatience.

"The Pavilion leader is busy, she's not in the valley now," Li Qingluo said while throwing a quick glance at Feng Qiliang. She continued, "If you've anything to tell our pavilion leader, Elder Feng, I can help you pass the message to him."

Li Qingluo had a round face with big eyes, her figure was slender and elegant. Her pair of bright eyes was stunning, a simple glance from her would make anyone fall for her.

"Hmph, not in the valley?!" Feng Qiliang sneered. "Is she really not in, or is she avoiding us?!"

"Jokes, why would the pavilion leader avoid you?" Li Qingluo pursed her lips.

Feng Qiliang scoffed. "Of course it's because she's feeling guilty!"

"What guilt do we have?" Li Qingluo asked. "You on the contrary, taught out two wicked fellas. If it doesn't go well, they might destroy the honor that you, Green Hill faction, have worked hard for these few centuries. I'm really worried for guys, you never think ahead!"

"Hmph, Li Qingluo, you're talking about the brothers Shaohua and Shaorong?"

"Of course it's those two bad boys!"

"They died under the hands of the Snow Lunar Pavilion. You all must be very happy!"

"This is a feud between the younger generation, let them be. Just look at their fates, so many Green Hill faction and Snow Lunar Pavilion disciples have died."

"Good talk!" Feng Qiliang said coldly. "Forget about Shaohua. That Shaorong, he's a perfected innate master, but he was killed too!"

"What a shame" Li Qingluo shook her head and sighed. "It's good that he died!"

"Li Qingluo!" Feng Qiliang stared at her fiercely. "Don't go overboard!"

"What overboard?" Li Qingluo leered at him. "Oh, so only your disciples are allowed to kill my disciples, and it can't be the other way around? This whole world belongs to you, the Green Hill faction, and everything must go in your favor?"

"Li Qingluo, don't twist the facts. I'm talking about Shaorong!" Feng Qiliang scoffed furiously. "He's a perfected innate master, unless your people attacked him, who would've had the capability of killing him? You're breaking the rules!"

"We? Kill him?" Li Qingluo laughed. "Come on, old Feng, are you daft?"

"I reckon you guys are jealous that our Green Hill faction keeps producing young starlets, and we've beaten your faction. Which is why you used this dirty tactic. Evil bitches!"

"Using that narrow mindset of yours to taint our honor! If my assumptions are correct, only you'll have such thinking!" Li Qingluo glared at him. "If we really wanted to interrupt, we would've done it way earlier. Why would we wait until now?!"

"You ran out of patience!" Feng Qiliang jeered. "I want to talk about this with Pavilion Leader Si Tu face to face. Don't tell me she wants to tear down the old rule that both our factions' ancestors had laid down?"

Li Qingluo scoffed. "You really don't know who killed Feng Shaorong?"

"Forget about Shaorong, about Shaohua, your young disciples wouldn't even be able to kill him!" Feng Qiliang smirked. "It must be the work of you elders!"

Wang Wensi let out a light cough and then spoke politely, "Brother Feng, you've really misunderstood us. Feng Shaohua was indeed killed by one of our disciples, Senior Shen's student."

"Shen Yanghu?" Feng Qiliang furrowed his eyebrows and then scoffed. "Shen's martial arts isn't even as good as Su Qingdie's. Even Hu Hui wouldn't be able to kill Shaohua!"

"Senior Shen recruited two secret disciples from outside the valley quite some time ago." Wang Wensi shook his head as he sighed. "Both are geniuses in martial arts. One is a perfected innate master, who followed sister Shen to isolated cultivation, while the other one is an innate master. She's the one who killed Feng Shaohua."

Feng Qiliang was silent.

He was thinking about Shen Yanghu. She was cunning and smart, capable of churning out many brilliant ideas. She would have done that.

By not bringing the best disciples into the valley, but isolating them at a hidden place instead. This would make sure that they were not exposed to any danger, and could focus on cultivating martial arts without heeding any valley affairs. Add those to their gifted talents, and they would be coasting through the whole process, becoming a perfected innate master in a short period of time.

"Shen Yanghu------!" Feng Qiliang grit his teeth while scoffing.

Wang Wensi said, "Sister Shen's disciples have great aptitude, but lack the experience of facing an enemy in combat. The last time out, she was hurt badly by Feng Shaohua. She was tormented and had her beautiful face scarred. When her wounds healed, she killed Feng Shaohua out of rage. Sigh It was also Shaohua's actions which led to his death. He was already a very dangerous threat with his sinister actions, and you guys as his masters, didn't even punish or restrict him properly. Once you all became elders, the Green Hill faction's future was very well over!"

"Shut up!" Feng Qiliang shouted. "I know what to do with my own disciples!... But now, I can't do anything about them anymore even if I wanted to. Well played, Snow Lunar Pavilion, well played Shen Yanghu!"

Wang Wensi stroked his beard as he smiled.

"What about Shaorong?" Feng Qiliang scoffed. "Don't tell me he was killed by Shen Yanghu's other disciple?"

"She's cultivating in isolation with sister Shen. The man who killed Feng Shaorong was Du Qiu's big brother, Du Feng." Wang Wensi let out a faint smile. "He could be considered half a disciple of Snow Lunar Pavilion, and he's currently residing in our valley."

"Hmm------?" Feng Qiliang frowned. "Du Feng?"

"The disciples that sister Shen had secretly recruited are a pair of sisters, Du Xia and Du Qiu. It was Du Qiu who killed Feng Shaohua," Wang Wensi explained meticulously. "Du Feng is Du Qiu's brother, and he's also Du Xia's fianc. Do you get it now, brother Feng?"

"A whole family of Du!" Feng Qiliang sneered. "How about this, hand me Du Feng, and I'll call Shaohua and Shaorong's deaths even!"

Wang Wensi let out a smile and then waved his hand.

Feng Qiliang turned his head around. He stared with his eyes open widely. "Jiang Chunyue, you may make the decision, do you want to hand him over?"

"No." Jiang Chunyue replied faintly.

Her crescent brows and hazel eyes looked pretty. Her reply was calm but resolute, soft on the outside, but steely on the inside.

"Rightgreat!" Feng Qiliang laughed coldly. "Then all your disciples can't step out of the valley!"

"Feng, you take caution!" Jiang Chunyue's hazel eyes looked fierce.

Feng Qiliang took in a huge breath. His facial expressions remained unchanged.

After a while, he scoffed. "If you hand over Du Feng, I'll give you an Emerald Sky Pill!"

"Emerald Sky Pill?" Jiang Chunyue raised an eyebrow.

The Emerald Sky Pill was the most prized spirit medicine of the Green Hill faction. No matter how heavy the injury, if a person consumed the pill, he or she would completely recover after an hour.

Sister Shen's injuries were severe, and they could possibly evolve into long-lasting illnesses, unable to be cured. With the Emerald Sky Pill, she could immediately come out from isolation.

"Is my sincerity enough?" Feng Qiliang said coldly. "This Emerald Sky Pill is a secret recipe. As long as you hand me Du Feng, it can be yours!"

"You intend to kill Du Feng?" Jiang Chunyue scoffed.

Feng Qiliang's eyes lighted up, as he felt inspired by that statement.

He scoffed. "That depends. As long as he's willing to bend his knees and bow down to the Green Hill faction, he won't just be freed from his crime. We the Green Hill faction would give him the best treatment, even until he becomes an elder!"

Jiang Chunyue turned her head around. She glanced at Li Qingluo and Wang Wensi.

Li Qingluo replied faintly, "Three Emerald Sky Pills!"

"Li Qingluo, are you out of your mind?!" Feng Qiliang yelled in rage.

Li Qingluo replied, "The choice is yours, three Emerald Sky Pills, or get out of here!"

Wang Wensi sighed. "Brother Feng, if you intend to kill Du Feng, no matter how many Emerald Sky Pills you offer, we still will not accept it!... If you tell us that you want to entrap him, well, we aren't three-year-olds, we will never believed you."

Du Feng's relationship with Du Xia and Du Qiu was enough to let him forgo the intention of entrapping him.

"Miss Lee, Miss Jiang, brother Wang. Three Emerald Sky Pills is indeed too much to ask for. We really don't have that many." Zhou Zhicheng finally spoke. "Even if you include mine, we would only have two pills, there won't be more."

Feng Qiliang scoffed. "Alright, why don't we do it like this. Call this Du Feng over, if he can take three of my palm strikes, we will call things even. The two Emerald Sky Pills would be yours too!"