White Robed Chief Chapter 245

Chapter 245: One Hit

"Three palm strikes?" Li Qingluo sneered. "Feng Qiliang, do you think we're idiots? You're a grandmaster, Du Feng won't be able to even stand one of your hits. You just want to slaughter him right in front of us, right?"

"I'll only give him three strikes!" Feng Qiliang said. "If I really wanted to kill him, I'd only need a single palm strike, why would I need three?!"

"Hmph, stop lying!" Li Qingluo said angrily. "You're not of young age anymore, why still be so narrow-minded? Having hatred against someone from a younger generation? Why didn't I call Feng Shaorong over and offer him three palm strikes back then?"

Feng Qiliang furrowed his eyebrows and then said, "Li Qingluo, please don't twist the facts. This is nothing. Since he managed to kill off Shaorong, he must be extraordinary. You think he can't handle three palm strikes? He's only a mere disciple of yours, why care so much? Don't tell me he has a special relationship with you, Li Qingluo?"

"Feng, what gibberish!" Li Qingluo's face was blushed red all of a sudden. She chided him furiously. "Utter nonsense!"

"Li Qingluo, you're feeling guilty."

"Rubbish! Can Feng Shaorong withstand your three palm strikes?" Li Qingluo quickly steered away the topic.

"Even if he couldn't, he wouldn't die either!" Feng Qiliang scoffed. "How kind-hearted of you Snow Lunar Pavilion people. Alright, two Emerald Sky Pills, one is prepared for him, no matter how heavy the injury will be, he won't die after consuming it!"

"Feng Qiliang, I've changed my mind." Li Qingluo smirked. "Us handing over Du Feng? Not gonna happen!"

"Fine, then I shall be waiting outside the valley. He's not one of your pavilion's disciples, so he can't stay in there forever, right?" Feng Qiliang said coldly. "There'll be a time when he'll have to exit the valley, right?"

"Then we shall wait and see!" Li Qingluo smiled. "We'll definitely not force him away from here, since his fianc is still in isolated cultivation. When she comes out of it, the two of them will consummate their marriage and then start a life at the foothills. That would be good news!"

Wang Wensi let out a light cough. "But when that day arrives, Du Xia would've already become a grandmaster!... So, brother Feng, let me give you a word of advice, to forgive is divine, if you really killed Du Feng, what will happen to Du Xia? We're still not sure when she will become a grandmaster."

"She still isn't one as of now!" Feng Qiliang scoffed coldly.

He did not even care. So what if she became a grandmaster, he was one himself too. He was not afraid of the younger ones.

Wang Wensi shook his head and then said, "You know that young people are impulsive. Du Xia and Du Feng have a loving relationship, if she gets out of isolation and finds out that her fianc has been killed, she might not directly seek revenge on you. I'm just afraid that she'll seek to destroy Green Hill faction..."

He sighed. "As for us, we'll definitely stop her from doing so, just so that she doesn't violate our rules. However, once a woman gets enraged, not anybody can stop her."

"Sun Junior Wang!" Li Qingluo jeered, and stared at him.

Wang Wensi smiled embarrassedly and then turned towards Feng Qiliang. He shook his head.

"Why not, both our sides tolerate each other." Zhou Zhicheng smiled as he raised his hand in the air and waved. "One palm strike, followed by return strike. How about that?"

"Hmph, I'll listen to Sun Junior Zhou then." Feng Qiliang turned his head around and then glanced at the three. "If he can't even sustain one palm strike, then it's better off that he dies!"

Li Qingluo and the other two elders stared at each other.

Feng Qiliang quickly said, "Don't forget that you have the Emerald Sky Pill. Even if he really gets injured, he won't die!"

"Three Emerald Sky pills then!" Li Qingluo scoffed.

"Li Qingluo, don't go overboard!" Feng Qiliang's face was blushed red. He said angrily, "Your greed knows no limits!"

Li Qingluo leered at him arrogantly. "Deal or no deal?"

Jiang Chunyue and Wang Wensi shook their heads and sighed. They were seemingly helpless in this situation.

Zhou Zhicheng quickly said, "Alright alright. Three then!... Luckily I asked for another pill from Senior Meng earlier."

"On top of that, Du Feng won't only take your one palm strike. The two of you will combat with one palm strike each!" Li Qingluo scoffed.

"Of course, of course!" Zhou Zhicheng answered in a sincere manner, trying hard to calm Feng Qiliang down. He was about to burst into a fit of rage.

Feng Qiliang gritted his teeth hardly and then said, "Li Qingluo, don't let me get my hands on you"

"Feng Qiliang, you're only good at talking, what are you going to do when you do get your hands on me?!" Li Qingluo said disdainfully. "Your two wicked students learned their evil ways from you! You're an old bastard who deserves to die!"

Feng Qiliang laughed coldly and then turned his head away, ignoring her.

Li Qingluo's arrogant bosom heaved heavily. She stared at him fiercely, as if wanting to tear his lungs out.

A student is like his teacher. Back then, many of her compatriots died under Feng Qiliang's hands too. Li Qingluo herself too killed quite a few of Feng Qiliang's comrades. The vendetta between the two factions was too deep in the roots, unsolvable and getting worse over time.

At the training ground, Chu Li accepted the long sword given by Su Qingdie. He was about to practice his sword fighting techniques.

A young girl dressed in green walked towards them gracefully and spoke softly, "Xiao Hero Du, Elder Li, Elder Jiang and Elder Wang would like to see you!"

"Oh, I wonder what's going on?" Chu Li smiled.

The girl smiled and then shook her head.

Su Qingdie said, "Sun Junior Chen, is it a matter about the Green Hill faction?"

"Senior Su, Green Hill's Feng Qiliang and Zhou Zhicheng are here." The girl continued, "They would like to meet Xiao Hero Du in person."

"Let me tag along," Su Ru quickly interrupted.

Su Qingdie asked, "Are they to meet at Lunar Lake Palace?"

"Yes." The girl nodded.

"Then good, let me bring you guys there," Su Qingdie said.

She led Chu Li and Su Ru into the deeper areas of the valley.

Tiger and the rest wanted to tag along too, but they were waved away by Su Qingdie. They only wanted to chip into the buzz, and they would only be the laughing stock for the people from Green Hill.

The four soon reached Lunar Lake Palace, which was on the mountainside.

"Elder Li, Elder Wang, master," Su QIngdie greeted them from outside the palace. They entered when Jiang Chunyue called out to them.

Chu Li swept a glance across everyone in the room.

He had already read through the people there with the Omniscient Mirror, especially Feng Qiliang and Zhou Zhicheng.

"So, you're Du Feng?" Feng Qiliang stared at Chu Li coldly. He then turned his glance towards Su Ru's face and scrutinized her from head to toe. He was staring at her creepily.

Chu Li's face became gloomy.

Wicked ideas started surfacing in Feng Qiliang's mind, just like his two students. He wanted to capture Su Ru and take her back home to enjoy himself with her. This idea made Feng feel very thrilled, as he started shouting in joy in his heart. After so many years, he finally met a beautiful girl who could drive him nuts.

Meanwhile, inside Chu Li's heart, was the boiling urge to kill. However, his facial expressions were unchanged as he gave a fist salute and smiled. "It's nice to meet you, Senior Lee, Senior Jiang, Senior Wang, and these two."

Li Qingluo and the other two elders scrutinized him too.

They heard from Su Qingdie that he was a grandmaster, but they had never met him in person.

It was their first meeting, and he indeed looked proper. But judging by his aptitude, he did not look like a grandmaster.

"So, you're Du Feng?!" Feng Qiliang scoffed angrily.

Chu Li finally looked straight at him and said, "Yes, I'm that Du."

"You killed Feng Shaorong?"


"Good, good!" Feng Qiliang smiled out of rage.

Feng was extremely furious at Chu Li's arrogant attitude, and he envied Chu Li standing beside Su Ru too. He made up his mind to kill him with a single palm strike. By then, he would already be a dead man, Li Qingluo and the rest of them would not be able to do anything to bring him back anyway.

Wang Wensi clarified to him the previously agreed terms and then finally announced, "Du Feng, one palm strike each to make things even. Do you accept it?" If you do, you'll be rewarded with two Emerald Sky pills. If not, we'll ask them to leave!"

Li Qingluo said, "Du Feng, just reject the terms. I'll personally make sure that you won't be in any trouble, he won't dare to come in again!"

"One palm strike to make things even, sure!" Chu Li said as he gave a fist salute. "Thank you for your kindness, Senior Lee. I myself would like to witness Senior Feng's martial art skills too. It's the parent's fault that their children went astray. He's the one who produced those two wicked fellas, so he as a father, totally deserves to die!"

"Haha!" Li Qingluo smiled playfully and then patted on the chair. She laughed uncontrollably, "Great, I like your personality!"

Feng Shaohua and Feng Shaorong were Feng Qiliang's illegitimate sons, and this was an open secret between the two factions. People seldom dared to mention this fact, but Chu Li mentioned it publicly like it was nothing, so it made her burst into laughter.

"You want to die?!" Feng Qiliang's face blushed red, flames of fury spurted from both his eyes.

Chu Li said, "Please proceed!"

Feng Qiliang retracted his smile and let out a light scoff. He casually threw out a palm strike and said, "Such a barbarian who knows no manners!"

The force of his palm followed his words and lightly collided with Chu Li.

Chu Li threw his strike almost simultaneously, as he gently jabbed out with his finger.