White Robed Chief Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Finger Destruction

"Pom!""Chi!" The two sounds rang almost simultaneously.

"Pom!" Chu Li's body briefly glowed with a golden flash, as if a horse galloping at high speed had collided with him, his body straight as he was casted away into the air. He took a few blank steps in the air, then landed lightly on the ground.

The golden glow dissipated completely, so did the golden shimmer on his face. In the end, the mysterious light seeped back under his skin.

"Chi!" Feng Qiliang forcefully dodged the strike, but he was hit at the shoulder nonetheless. His body went limp instantly.

"Sentient Menace!" The facial expressions of those seated changed.

An extinct technique of the Temple of Tempest, they would have known.

"Senior Feng! Senior Feng!" Zhou Zhicheng hurriedly reached out his hand and called.

He noticed that Feng Qiliang was not moving at all, as if his meridians were sealed. He reached out his hand to feel for his pulse but felt something amiss. He had already stopped breathing.

Feng Qiliang's head slowly flopped backwards.

Zhou Zhicheng supported his weight and slowly put him down. He carefully checked him but found that he had lost any signs of life. Even the Emerald Sky pill would not help.

He shook his head, his face gloomy. He lifted his head and gave Chu Li a look.

Zhou Zhicheng scoffed, "This is the Spear Finger Strike?"

Chu Li smiled faintly, but he did not say anything.

Lee Qingluo and the other two elders let out a long sigh of relief. Their stiff bodies relaxing a little, the inner strength concentrated in their bodies dissipating too.

They were just about to provide aid, but unexpectedly, they were a step too late.

Sentient Menace technique, and Spear Finger Strike, Chu Li's real identity was finally revealed.

A top disciple of Temple of Tempest, no wonder he was acting so mysteriously. He was already a grandmaster at such a young age!

"What a Spear Finger strike!" Zhou Zhicheng took in a he breath, his face glum. His voice sounded depressed as he said coldly, "Senior Feng's death was not in vain!"

The sheep that they thought was harmless, turned out to be a fierce tiger covered under goat skin.

He turned his head around and said, "Miss Lee, I wish to bring Senior Feng back to our hill!"

"My condolences!" Lee Qingluo said solemnly.

Her tummy almost burst due to all the laughter, and she had the urge to raise both arms in the air and celebrate wildly. This old crook is finally dead. Justice is finally served!

Jiang Chunyue said, "Zhou Zhicheng, I hope this matter is settled here. Previously you guys agreed to make things even, so you people from Green Hill may not cause Du Feng any trouble in the future!"

"Of course!" Zhou Zhicheng gritted on his teeth, then scoffed, "We Green Hill faction always hold our end of promises. We'll never trouble Du Feng ever again!"

The most important thing is Du Feng's identity, a grandmaster from Temple of Tempest!

"That's very good." Jiang Chunyue nodded.

Lee Qingluo scoffed, "What about the Emerald Sky pills?"

Zhou Zhicheng stared at her.

Lee Qingluo raised her fair-skinned chin and said arrogantly, "Don't tell me you're bailing?"

"Alright!Alright!" Zhou Zhicheng gritted on his teeth and nodded forcefully, "You truly are Lee Qingluo. Here, Emerald Sky Pill!"

He took out a white jade bottle from his sleeves, tossing it to Lee Qingluo. He then carried Feng Qiliang piggyback and made his way to the exit.

Lee Qingluo opened the cork, pouring out three emerald green pills, which looked like they were glimmering with light. She nodded satisfyingly, putting the pills back into the bottle and then resealed the cork. She tossed it to Chu Li and said, "All yours, Du Feng!"

Chu Li smiled and flicked his finger. The white jade bottle spun in the air and landed back to Lee Qingluo, "Senior Lee, this is my small token of appreciation."

"Hah, I like you more and more now, kiddo!" Lee Qingluo pointed at him, catching the Emerald Sky pills.

Their first senior needs the Emerald Sky pill. De Feng was not an outsider for them too, so one pill goes to Du Xia, and the last one to Du Du Chiu would do. The privileges should be reserved to their own people.

Zhou Zhicheng carried Feng Qiliang and slowly disappeared from the Jiang Chunyue Err Lake Palace. Su Qingdie looked astonished as he watched from the side.

A match-up between two grandmasters could be different, as there would be a difference in their aptitudes. Feng Qiliang was a gifted genius too, becoming a grandmaster at a young age. After so many years of cultivation, his aptitude would be rather deep.

If not, he would have already been killed by her masters, as all her masters wanted to kill Feng Qiliang badly, just like how much they wanted to kill Feng Shaohua.

It was truly unexpected that this tricky fella was killed by Du Feng in a single hit!

Du Feng gave a fist salute and smiled, "Senior Lee, Senior Jiang, Senior Wang, if there's nothing else, I should get going now!"

"Well..." Lee Qingluo quickly stopped him, "Du Feng, you're Temple of Tempest's disciple?"

Chu Li showed her a bitter smile. He sighed and shook his head, "Sorry, due to personal reasons, I can't reveal more."

"I see. We won't probe further." Lee Qingluo waved her hand and smiled, "Alright, just stay in the valley to hide away from any potential threats for now. Those guys from Green Hill wouldn't dare to trouble you openly, so they might deploy dirty tactics."

A disciple of Temple of Tempest is by no means an ordinary person, especially when he is a grandmaster. Green Hill faction would not dare to simply disturb him. If Temple of Tempest desired to seek revenge, Green Hill faction would sustain a heavy blow if not extinction, and things would go downhill from there.

Chu Li nodded and gave a fist salute. He exited Jiang Chunyue Err Lake Palace along with Su Qingdie.

"Sigh..., I can't believe you killed Feng Qiliang!" Su Qingdie exclaimed sentimentally and shook her head. "What you did was removing a tumor from us Snow Lunar Pavilion. You're our savior."

"Miss Su, you're over-complementing." Chu Li said as he glanced at Su Ru. "If I don't kill that old prick, I'll feel worried for Du Du Chiu."

"That's true." Su Qingdie understood his concerns.

Su Ru was in cloud nine, but she pretended to be calm.

The question was, where did Chu Li learn the Spear Finger strike from? The secret technique was not available in the Public House.

His Sentient Menace move was learnt from the Lady, which allowed him to withstand Feng Qiliang's palm strike. No wonder it was a secret technique of the Temple of Tempest, since it was so powerful. She did not expect the Spear Finger strike to be that powerful as well.

The three returned to the training ground.

Su Qingdie retold the story to the valley disciples, and they instantly cheered.

Su Qingdie withheld the information about which martial arts skill move Chu Li had used, only telling them the ending of the encounter, which was that he killed Feng Qiliang with a single hit. It was enough for them to know.

Chu Li smiled as he accepted the long sword from Su Qingdie, sparring with her using two sword fighting techniques.

He only used two techniques, and he kept repeated the same two throughout their spar.

He evolved a few different tricks from the foundation of those two techniques, wowing the audience. They did not realize how unique and mysterious the sword fighting techniques they learnt were.

It was early morning. Chu Li woke up in a building at the mountainside. He sat upright on the bed and ventilated himself, showering his body with the spiritual aura. He felt an indescribable comfort.

"Po! Po!" Knocks on the door were heard.

Chu Li answered half-heartedly, "Please, come in."

The light footsteps slowly entered the room, bringing in a faint fragrance.

On hearing the familiar footsteps and catching whiff of the familiar fragrance, Chu Li's facial expressions changed. He turned his head around abruptly.

Siao Qi's clothes were as white as snow, as she stood in front of him quietly.

Chu Li hopped off the bed and stood up straight.

Siao Qi smiled faintly, "Long time no see."

Chu Li let out a smile unknowingly, "Long time no see."