White Robed Chief Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Secret Guidebook

Chu Li smirked and acted as if he did not notice a thing. He killed everyone from the Raging Tiger troupe. Every one of them needed to die, even those who hid would be caught and killed without mercy, all of them.

There was a line of buildings and courtyards connecting each other in the ravine. Directly in the middle was a big hall and the hall itself was covered in a thick carpet. The smell of luxurious food was everywhere.

Fifty naked women were lying on the floor like they were goats, waiting for men to come over to play.

They had heard the screaming and bawling, they trembled in fear, but they did not dare check on the noise.

Chu Li flew towards them and they stared at Chu Li, each of them full of fear and curiosity.

Chu Li glared at all of them with an unchanging expression, Zhao Ying was the one who blushed.

"Sister, help them settle down," Chu Li said in a low voice.

"Do we send them home?"

"Or stay here for while,"

"...Alright." Zhao Ying was in thought and nodded helplessly. These women were not going to have a good life if they went back now. It may be better if they had stayed here.

Chu Li said, "Have them pick a leader. The place needs to be sealed, no outsider will be allowed entry. They'll be completely self-sufficient here. There won't be any danger. If you're worried you could always check on them after."

"Mmm." Zhao Ying nodded.

Chu Li left her and flew out of the cave. He went out to catch the ring-scarred man who had escaped to about ten miles away.

The man's face was pale and he was panting like a cow. His movements were slow, as if he was hurt.

He had already ran towards a huge river which flowed to the east. Right as he was about to jump into the river, Chu Li appeared and blocked his path with a sword pointing right at him from above.

"Young brother.everyone makes mistakes, yes? Forgive them whenever possible?" The scared man muttered.

Chu Li shook his head, "Your sins are far too deep. You cannot stay."

He raised his hand right after.

"Tsk!"A white light flashed into the middle aged man's throat.

The man fell backwards into the air towards the river. Chu Li hopped onto the air and caught his limp body. If the man had fallen into the river, Chu Li would've never known whether the man really died or not; and he was not intending to lose sleep over this rascal's fate.

The scared man held onto his throat and widened his eyes.

"Where is the secret scroll?" Chu Li asked.

The man smirked and looked at him condescendingly. His smile got bigger, and his body trembled and finally limped. He had taken his last breath.

Chu Li slowly put him down and let out two impure breaths. His last strike was of the Blade of Eternity, and he used all his strength on that strike, a strike far stronger than his normal ones.

Chu Li knew that the ring-scarred man definitely had a hidden killer weapon, it would be unwise to look down on the followers of the Temple of Tempest. Had he not killed the man in a single strike, then the man would have activated some secret skill and sacrificed himself just to kill Chu Li!

All the energies around him rushed into his body to nourish his meridians. He healed incredibly quickly.

He grabbed onto the corpse and flew to the top of the mountain. He arrived in front of a pine tree.

The pine tree looked as if it was going to wilt, but its vigor was still strong. Its branch stretched off the side of the cliff, and it moved as the wind blew. It looked proud and elegant.

Chu Li dug a hole a meter away from its root. The soil was hard but it was unable to stop Chu Li's sword from digging through. In a split second, a sound could be heard. *ding* He had hit a slab. Chu Li used the sword to prick away at the slab, and he quickly backed off.


A huge ray of blue light shot out; It was as fine as raindrops. If he had not known about this trap a little earlier, it would have been almost impossible for him to avoid it. It was incredibly poisonous.

Chu Li used a stone to smash the slab after the blue ray ended.

"Bam", "Swush"

Another ray of blue light shot out.

When the blue ray of light finally finished, Chu Li got close and pricked out a stone box. He opened it and found a yellowish book, titled "The Sentient Menace" handily written on the front.

Chu Li picked it up and flipped it, a total of thirty six pages, each page contained a posture, and all the positions were drawn incredibly lifelike. The monk's face was indistinguishable but Chu Li could see all the changes in the muscles, with the inner energy channels labelled in red and blue.

Chu Li flipped through the book once and he had already remembered everything. He flipped it once again to make sure he did not miss anything. He spat out some inner energy and lightly pressed the book, then carefully placed the book back into the stone box. He buried the book back as how he had first seen it.

The next person who found the stone box would surely find the book, but the moment they touched the book, they would turn into ashes and be blown away with the wind. Whoever found this next was in for a bad day. Chu Li smiled and felt great when he thought about it.

He buried the man next to the stone box, and flew back into the cave and went into the Raging Tiger's lair. Zhao Ying had already gathered all the women, a total of a hundred and sixty of them, all of them looked not half bad.

Those who were ugly had already been killed by the troupe, leaving the ones who were worth playing with.

Chu Li did not interrupt Zhao Ying, he found the room of the man and looked around. He found three hundred thousand silvers worth of banknotes and kept it as he flew into the hall and walked next to Zhao Ying.

"Zhao Ying, let's go!"

Zhao Ying unwillingly looked at all the women and reminded them every now and then. She told them she was going to seal the cave and asked them to relax, as no one would find them. They just had to live their lives peacefully and she will visit them whenever she was free.

Chu Li and Zhao Ying sealed the cave and covered it with green ivy so that no one would notice a thing.

To guard against the unexpected, Chu Li carried a huge rock and put it in front the cave. Even if an innate master had come, he would also have to spend some effort to even get in. And those who were below innate mastery would not be able to even move the rock, much less get in.

Zhao Ying felt relieved after seeing all these measures being taken.

"Brother, they are too pitiful." Both of them chatted as they levitated their journey back.

Chu Li smiled, "Indeed, they were pitiful. We will deal with it in the future."

"How can we do that?" Zhao Ying shook her head and sighed, feeling helpless, "What if we report them to the Public House? They may come up with an idea."

Chu Li shook his head.

"Why not?"

"We can start a restaurant. Two of them would be enough to settle this whole lot down."


"I found some silver," Chu Li took out the bank note and handed it to Zhao Ying.

Zhao Ying was startled. She took the bank notes and had a closer look. Her face expression immediately changed. She looked at Chu Li, surprised, "Three hundred thousand taels?"

Chu Li nodded, "It's enough to start two restaurants."

"But" Zhao Ying hesitated.

Chu Li smiled, "We have the Public House as a backup, it's not hard to start a restaurant. And there are probably a few capable ones among them, aren't there?"