White Robed Chief Chapter 250

Chapter 250: A Painful Slaughter

"It is better for us to be off than to stay together. Being relentless is the way I'm showing my love for you."

"Enclosed is a jade pendant. Throw it into the lake and honor our past!"

Siao Qi read the two rows of sentences written on the letter while holding onto the white jade pendant. Gently and slowly, tears flowed down from her glistening eyes.

She clenched her teeth hard and tried not to cry but her body trembled even more.

"Poof!" The jade pendant stroked a curve as it was thrown into the lake and sank steadily.

"Poof!" Siao Qi vomited blood while she faced the sky and collapsed.

Shen Yinghu held her as she fell and sighed in relief that she finally took the leap. Shen Yinghu wondered how things would turn out to be!


On the other hand, Chu Li walked out of the ravine under the moonlight. He walked down step-by-step without using Light-body Technique.

For each step that he took, he was another step further away from the Snow Lunar Pavilion and his heart sank with every step. It felt like an invisible huge stone pressing down his heart where it became heavier until he could not breathe.

At last, he managed to leave the ravine.

Soon after, he entered a forest. He removed his blue robe and wore the white robe. In an instant, he looked energetic and much more elegant and smart.

Under the moonlight, he stood on the treetops and looked at the peak of the mountain that towered into the clouds.

He wondered to himself when would he return to Snow Lunar Pavilion again after that departure!

As his white robe waved along with the wind, he turned and left.

He felt confused, lost, melancholy, and hurt at the same time that unknowingly, he sped faster and faster.

After speeding through the whole night without a break, he still could not relax at all.

Only when the first sunray from the east sky shone on him, he activated the Omniscient Mirror, suppressed his overflowing emotions, and made a decision. No matter what and no matter how, he had to enter the Enlightened Mastery's Boundary!

When he passed through a forest, he stopped abruptly and turned to look behind him, "Come out!"

Three figures flew out from the trees just like ghosts.

One was Zhou Zhicheng. He did not know who the other two were but they vaguely resembled Feng Qi Liang.

He predicted that the three of them were blood-related, so he frowned and asked, "Green Hill Faction?"

Zhou Zhicheng sighed, "Du Feng, you killed Brother Feng..."

He shook his head and could not continue.

Previously, he personally said to break off all debts of gratitude and revenge and would no longer cling on to those matters anymore. Chu Li did not think that they would break that promise so soon, which made him outraged and speechless.

Chu Li was about to vent the pent-up anger filled him when he asked coldly, "Who are those two? Oh, it's Feng Qi Liang's big brother and second brother, what a family, hah!"

He fortified the Omniscient Mirror to the maximum then scoffed coldly, "Are you going to be like your younger brother? Are you into murdering young girls too?"

His face became gloomier and he laughed coldly and said, "As expected, you're all jackals of the same tribe!"

The situation became worse than what they imagined and they made him rage with an intention to kill.

Zhou Zhicheng sighed, "Big Brother Feng, Second Brother Feng, since he recognized you, it's time for me to leave!"

"Leave!" One of them kept waving his hand and scoffed coldly, "What a spineless man! He killed someone from the Green Hill Faction and you just let him go in vain? How could you even keep such a promise? You're extremely pedantic!"

Zhou Zhicheng's face turned red and he continued, "Brother Feng, a man's word carries an enormous weight. If you're asking me not to live up to my promises, I can't do it!"

"Damn you!" The other old man waved his hand impatiently, "You can go on with keeping your promises. Get lost and don't be such an eyesore here!"

"Second Brother Feng..." Zhou Zhicheng stared as he felt unsatisfied.

That man just waved his hand like he was shooing flies away, "Get lost! Get lost! You're not on his side, are you?"

"Alright, I'll leave then!" Zhou Zhicheng humphed, then turned and looked at Chu Li, "Young Hero Du, both of them don't represent the Green Hill Faction. People from the Green Hill Faction always mean what they say and these two are here for personal enmity!"

Chu Li scoffed and said coldly, "Senior Zhou, just wait aside and bring their remains back later in case they're exposed in the wild to be eaten by wild creatures!"

"Young Hero Du, you just be careful," Zhou Zhicheng shook his head.

Both Big Brother Feng and Second Brother Feng were seniors with solid and profound skills. Even if he was a disciple of the Temple of Tempest, it was still not ideal to go against two men alone.

They discretely hit Chu Li with two palm energies.

"Very well, a surprise attack!" Chu Li sneered as the golden light on his body flashed, a layer of purplish-golden brilliance tainted his white robe.

"Bam bam!" When they attacked and hit the white robe with their palm energies, the purplish-gold brilliance shook but nothing changed.

He blocked off the palm energies abruptly, both his fingers pointed out at that time.

"Tss!" The finger force transformed into one sound.

Both the Feng brothers dodged immediately as they knew how powerful the Spear Finger Strike was.

If the finger force hit on any part of a person's body, the heart meridian would be discontinued and it would be incurable. It was the very reason that the vicious Spear Finger Strike was worthy to be known as the antique study of the Temple of Tempest.

Chu Li scoffed and spiritual power that came from all directions gushed into his body and transformed into finger forces.

While the power of the Spear Finger Strike was tyrannical and astounding, the enormous amount of inner energy consumed for it was prodigious too. Back when Fa Yuan strike for the first time, he only managed to cast one finger force after accumulating vital energy for a long time. After the first force, a period of time was needed to accumulate sufficient vital energy before striking for the second time.

Since the Sentient Menace required a great amount of inner energy, the disciples in the Temple of Tempest almost never performed both menaces at the same time. At most, they would take turns to perform them, even a genius like Fa Yuan could only do so much.

Since Chu Li had the Scripture of Life and Death as a foundation, he had an endless powerful spiritual energy, which could be ordered around as he wished.

"Tss! Tss! Tss!" The piercing sound of the finger force could be heard continuously.

He waved both his arms continuously, allowing the finger force to strike one after another. It seemed like everything was done so effortlessly. Both the Feng brothers were fleeing everywhere, which made them look like embarrassing fools.

They tried very hard to prevent Chu Li from casting the Spear Finger Strike but as Chu Li activated the Sentient Menace, he did not even bother dodging their palm energies. He allowed them to hit his body, so he would not delay the time to cast the finger force. Soon, the Spear Finger Strike had woven a big net.

The space for the brothers to dodge became limited and narrow that they could only retreat.

On the other hand, Chu Li was on a hot pursuit, leaving the leaves and branches around them flying everywhere in the forest. If they were hit by the finger force, they would be exploded into pieces.

In no time, the trees surrounding them were full of holes, as if there was a plague of insects until none of the leaves were left.

Both their hairs became messy and they were outraged yet scared at the same time. They shouted at the top of their lungs, "Zhou Zhicheng, are you just going to watch us get killed?"

Zhou Zhicheng looked very troubled and he sighed helplessly, "Young Hero Du, how about each of you take a step back and the Feng Brothers will never look for you again? In return, you'll spare their lives. Let's not hurt anyone's feelings. How about that?"

Chu Li laughed coldly.

Zhou Zhicheng continued, "Please let the Feng Brothers take a heavy oath to never cling on to this matter anymore. The Green Hill Faction will do the same too."

Chu Li said coldly, "What a joke! How can they represent the Green Hill Faction? If you want to save them so badly, join them!"

Zhou Zhicheng sighed, "Big Brother Feng, Second Brother Feng, let's just retreat!"

He turned and left right after he said that, and, in a flash, he vanished.

"Zhou, you better watch out!" Second Brother shouted and broke out in anger as he pressed two fingers on his body ferociously.

Chu Li chuckled as he knew that he was about to cast a secret skill, so in a speed of light, he went behind him and lifted both hands.

Exactly when Second Brother Feng paused his vital energy and blood flow to change his secret skill, he could not dodge the finger force that was so close at hand.

Right after the Spear Finger Strike shot him, his body froze and fell to the ground slowly.

When Big Brother Feng saw that, he immediately tried to escape.

Chu Li put on a poker face and appeared behind him instantly and the Spear Finger Strike shot him.

Since the distance was so close, Big Brother Feng hit the limit when he managed to dodge one of it but when Chu Li attacked with both fingers, he could no longer avoid it anymore.

He froze almost immediately and fell to the ground slowly. Before he could even shout at Chu Li, he was already gone.

When the purplish-golden brilliance started to converge, he shouted with a hoarse voice, "Senior Zhou, please show yourself!"

Zhou Zhicheng flew out and looked at him helplessly.

He did not imagine Chu Li to be so powerful. As expected, the disciples from the Temple of Tempest were quite terrifying, especially for a Grandmaster like him. How was he even a human?

Chu Li said faintly, "Senior Zhou, please relay this to Hill Master Lu, if anyone else from the Green Hill Faction comes to take revenge again, I'll personally enter the Green Hill, and when that happens, don't blame me for not abiding the rules, regardless of seniors or juniors, I'll annihilate everyone!"

Zhou Zhicheng's face changed.

Chu Li continued, "That's all I have to say. My patience has a limit. Until next time!"

After saying that, he left with his white robe fluttering in the wind.

Zhou Zhicheng looked on as he disappeared, then looked at the remains below him. He shook his head and sighed, why did they bring that upon themselves!

He wondered when the Hill Master heard what he had to say, would he swallow the insult, or would he fly into a rage out of humiliation?

Nonetheless, he made the right choice. There was no disadvantage to keep his promise, or else, he would already be lying dead with the two brothers.

Indeed, the Spear Finger Strike was horrifying, but Du Feng's cultivation level was even more threatening. He was like both a demon and a God at the same time!