White Robed Chief Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Trapped and Killed

Chu Li laughed after hearing this, "The Godly Knife Faction is so imposing! However, sadly this isn't a coincidence, and this treasure is not the one that your brother dropped; I bought this from a poor and lonely man for just a hundred taels of silver."

"One hundred taels?" Their eyes instantly shone.

"Then...then we'll buy it from you for two hundred, what do you think?" The taller young man suddenly said, "Imagine earning a hundred tael just from reselling it, isn't that a good deal?"

Chu Li shook his head, "I fancy knives too."

"Well, after earning a hundred taels, you can just go buy another knife." The taller man convinced him.

Chu Li let out a forceful laugh, "Didn't you say that you dropped the knife? Why do you want to buy it back now?"

He could see straight through the taller young man, he acted really polite but was actually cunning and suspicious.

"You're just toying with us!" The shorter young man shouted and took a step forward, seemingly ready to make a move.

"Hold on." The taller man frowned and looked at Chu Li cautiously before laughing, "We forgot to ask, but may I know your name, brother?"

Chu Li replied, "Du Feng."

"Brother Du, how about we make a deal? Give the treasure knife to us for five hundred taels of silver!" The taller young man laughed, "This amount of money is surely enough to show our sincerity and that we only want the knife!"

He started to notice that the man before him was not so easily fooled. He was overly calm and looked as though he practiced martial arts.

If someone did not practice martial arts, even if that person was extremely brave and looked imposing, there would be signs of him lacking confidence. However, the man before him now was absolutely relaxed.

Moreover, after thinking about it carefully, the man was really quite odd to come here without any knowledge of where he was - moreover by foot. Furthermore, he was heading towards Yue Shan City, but Yue Shan City was at least a hundred miles in the opposite direction.

If he did not practice martial arts and did not travel by horseback, then was he planning to walk a hundred miles?

But his face, despite looking thin and pale, did not look as though he had just walked a hundred miles!

All in all, the man was unpredictable, it would be best for them to not trigger him.

"Brother!" The shorter young man shouted.

The taller man waved his hand and looked at Chu Li with a smile on his face, "How about, one thousand taels?"

Chu Li shook his head, "I won't sell my knife, goodbye!"

He turned around and left after saying this. He secretly lamented the thought, however. Wise men were the last thing that the world lacked and the man before him had quite a good eye.

Unfortunately, he could not let them go.

Since they had dirty minds, the young girl who sold tea would eventually become their victim - as disciples of the Godly Knife Faction, they were truly foul.

"Stop right there!" The shorter man shouted. He ignored his brother's protesting and jumped through the air, stepping across Chu Li's head and landing before him. Then, he glared at him ferociously.

Chu Li frowned, "What is it, you want to get physical now?"

"Hmph, as expected, there's no going soft on you. It's best to just snatch it over!" The shorter young man grinned and scoffed, "Brother, you're getting more and more timid!"

The taller young man shook his head helplessly and stomped his feet.

Facing an unknown opponent, it would be best to exercise caution. If they were to accidentally provoke a powerful one, they would not even live to regret their decision, dumb brother!

Chu Li looked at him calmly, "What are you going to do?"

"Hand us the treasure knife and we'll spare your life!" The shorter man scoffed.

"Are you really going to spare my life?" Chu Li shook his head, "I don't believe it, isn't the reason that you're so free and unfettered because of all the murders and slaughters?"

"I see you are quite knowledgeable, young one." The shorter young man looked towards his brother and scoffed, "but, you're just looking for death. I was actually in a good mood today and was going to spare your life, but I just changed my mind!"

Chu Li sighed, "You're really asking for it."

"Are you going to hand it to us or not?" The shorter man shouted again, "If you don't then don't blame me for killing you!"

Chu Li shook his head. He flew and jumped on a nearby tree before running away on the treetops.

"Brother, chase after him!" Upon seeing his brother zoning out, the shorter young man called out to him before chasing after Chu Li with vigorous strides.

The taller man frowned as he watched Chu Li's figure disappear.

He could not just let the man in the white robe escape because they might draw the attention of the protectors from the House of High Dukes.

However, as Chu Li rushed away via levitation, he started heading towards the direction of the Godly Knife Faction.

As the two men were chasing after him, they suddenly smiled and became calm despite being far behind. They secretly laughed at Chu Li because they figured that he had no idea where he was going.

As soon as they arrived near the Godly Knife Faction, they would give a signal and many of their brothers would join them kill this fool. It was a foolproof plan, he would not be able to escape regardless of how great his levitation skill was!

Because of this, they did not dare stick so close to him, in case he was to change his direction.

They were waiting for Chu Li to make a joke out of himself. Once the signal is given, he would be trapped in quite an interesting scenario!

Chu Li flew along with his white robe trailing behind him; he was not going very fast, he turned around to look at the two men behind him and faked a victorious look, which made the men chasing him become even more content with their inevitable victory.

When Chu Li was about two miles away from the Godly Knife Faction, he stopped abruptly and landed on the ground. Then, he took out his knife slowly, "Don't make me take drastic action!"

The two men stopped around ten meters away from him.

Suddenly, the taller man waved his hand and gave the signal.

At that moment, a black knife shape lit up in the sky. It looked like a small dark cloud that blanketed that part of the city.

The shorter young man stared at him in distaste.

There was no need for them to call for help right now, now they could not have the knife to themselves even if they managed to retrieve it!

The taller man, however, looked cautious. He stared at Chu Li intently as his whole body tensed up.

Chu Li looked around him and seemed pleased - this was far enough for him to slaughter them. The old man and his granddaughter were far away enough that the Godly Knife Faction would not vent their anger on them.

"Sir, who exactly are you?" The taller man asked in a hoarse voice.

Chu Li shook his head and replied, "I'm Du Feng."

"From which faction?"

"I belong to no faction!"

"You're just a scoundrel!" The shorter man shouted, "Let's see what you've got!"

Right after saying this, he took out his knife and charged towards Chu Li, swinging the blade in smooth, rhythmic motions.

Chu Li kept shifting his body to avoid the attacks, all the while keeping his eyes locked on the taller man.

The taller man cursed to himself. Sure enough, Chu Li was not an easy opponent, he could not use his hidden weapons to launch a surprise attack on him.

While dodging the attacks from the shorter man, Chu Li purposely stared at the taller man, intending to display to the man how easy the current situation was to him.

The taller man did not dare take his knife out, instead hoping to buy time for reinforcements.

However, Chu Li was buying time as well.

Slaughtering just one or two people was not satisfying to him, if he could he would kill enough that the Godly Knife Faction would be intimidated and shrink back into the shadows.

As he was thinking of this, he felt his bloodlust grow stronger.

"Damn you, you're only dodging me!" The shorter man shouted angrily.

Amidst the wild slashing of the knife, he abruptly sped up one of his swipes and actually managed to cut Chu Li.

However, just as the shorter man was about to put on a smile, he suddenly felt that the knife was so light and empty that he had missed!

Chu Li smiled.

The knife technique from Godly Knife Faction was rather interesting, it was certainly worth a watch.

Nevertheless, the shorter young man was still quite inexperienced, he could not fully unleash the true powers of that knife technique.

"Brother Ye, Brother Qin!" Four young men who were dressed in blue robes came running from afar, they held long knives in their hands and had an intense aura.

Once Chu Li felt that he had warmed up enough, he moved his long knife and coolly sliced it through the neck of the short young man.

The man's head flew up into the sky as blood spurted from his neck three feet into the air.

"Thud!" The head landed.

The dead body stood rooted to the spot as the blood kept flowing out like a fountain.

"Brother Qin!" The five men cried out in unison.

Chu Li took a quick glance at the other five and shook his long knife mockingly. As the blood dripped off the knife, the body of the knife became clear and shiny again.

Then, he slowly sheathed his knife back into the scabbard, doing so calmly and leisurely the whole time.