White Robed Chief Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Secret Manual

Everyone was shocked when they saw how calm he was.

Chu Li looked at them silently and before setting his eyes on the taller young man, "If you want to steal the treasure knife, then at least make sure you're skilled enough! If you don't have the ability to do it, then you'll end up like him!"

The severed head of the short man rolled into the bushes until only the back of his head was seen. His dead body still stood upright, however, as though it had not realized that it had been decapitated yet.

The taller young man looked extremely gloomy, he was experiencing a mixture of shock and outrage at the same time. However, he was counting his blessings for not having acted rashly. He stood in his place and called from afar, "Who exactly are you?"

"Du Feng!" Chu Li said faintly, "Do you still want the treasure knife?"

"Du, you have just killed a disciple of the Godly Knife Faction, you're in huge trouble, do you know that?" The taller man shouted back.

Chu Li looked towards the four other men, "What about the rest of you, do you want to steal my treasure knife too?"

"What treasure knife?" One of the young men asked.

The tall man scoffed, "Brother Meng, Brother Qin and I fancied his treasure knife. We initially thought that he did not practice martial arts, but it seems that he actually has some serious tricks up his sleeves. We made a grave mistake!"

The four men's faces changed after hearing this, they nodded slowly and looked at him pitifully.

They understood the feeling, it was as though you had found a fat sheep, only to discover that it was a wolf in sheep's clothing all along; so, in the end, you not only don't get to eat the sheep, but you end up getting eaten yourself instead. It is truly a sorry way to meet your end!

Chu Li observed the four of them then activated the Omniscient Mirror again.

He sighed loudly, what he heard about the Godly Knife Faction was true, they acted recklessly and unscrupulously, as though they feared no man or faction!

He turned around and started to walk away.

"Stop right there!" The five men surrounded him and stared at him menacingly, "where do you think you're going?"

Chu Li scoffed, "You really want to come at me again?"

He looked at the dead body that still stood rooted to the same spot then shook his head, "How forgetful!"

"Brother Qin was reckless and not skilled enough in his martial arts - we, on the other hand, want to see what you're made of." One of the young men snorted cockily, "You just killed someone from the Godly Knife Faction, be prepared to have your whole family and faction executed!"

Chu Li raised his eyebrow and his narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Everyone, charge!" The taller man shouted.

Chu Li took his knife out again and looked at all five of them quietly, "If you leave now, I'll spare your life. If not, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

The five of them stopped and looked at each other.

The taller young man scoffed, "Du, if you put your knife down now, we'll spare your life too!"

Chu Li chuckled, "Spare my life?"

"Spare your life!" The tall man said, "As long as you come and pledge allegiance to the Godly Knife Faction, we'll let bygones be bygones!"

"Then...what about the dead one?"

"We'll consider it an accident."

"Interesting." Chu Li turned to look at the other four men, "What about you guys?"

"Brother Ye thinks that you're a talented man, which is why he's being exceptionally kind and showing you mercy," one of the young men scoffed, "hurry up, put your knife down and pledge allegiance to us!"

They knew what Brother Ye was doing, it was a trick to get him to disarm himself. Once he put the knife down, it would be up to them if they wanted to kill him or not. In addition to this, Brother Ye was also stalling for more time.

Since the signal was sent out, more disciples of the Godly Knife Factor would arrive to aid them shortly. The four of them were just the quickest to arrive, there would be more reinforcements coming in a bit.

If they could stall for more time, they would be able to increase their advantage.

On the other hand, Chu Li felt that killing just the five of them would be enough; he would leave one alive to report back to their faction since he wanted to see what the Godly Knife Faction would do next. As he was very determined to kill them, he only hoped that the Godly Knife Faction would put up some sort of challenge to keep him temporarily entertained.

Thus, he said faintly, "You are the ones who should put your knives away and surrender, I'll count down from five, if they aren't sheathed by then, then be prepared to die!"



"Haha this is getting interesting!"


"Du, are you out of your mind? I'll count down from five as well, if you don't surrender, we'll kill you!" The taller man laughed out loud.

"Two!" Chu Li said calmly.

"Two, too!" The taller young man stammered.



Chu Li looked at the five men calmly, "In that case, I'll send you on your way!"

Right after he said this, the cold steel of his knife flashed brightly.

"Tss!" One head flew into the air, followed quickly by a narrow column of blood.

Chu Li took a step back before pouncing forward and flashing his knife again.

"Tss!" Another head went flying.

"Run------!" The tall man screamed at the top of his lungs.

Chu Li had great maneuverability and his blade work was fast too. Unsurprisingly, they had no hope of counterattacking and thus, could only hope to run away.

The three of them turned around and ran off in the same direction.

As Chu Li turned to look at them, his figure suddenly vanished into thin air. A few seconds later, he appeared behind one of the men and made quick work of his neck.

He dashed again and appeared behind the taller young man before sighing, "You're all doomed now, reflect on your actions in hell!"

"Wait a minute!" The tall man shouted suddenly, he raised both his hand and waved desperately.

Chu Li lowered his knife and looked at him calmly, "What are your last words?"

"I'll give you a secret in exchange for my life!" The tall young man cried out loudly, "I guarantee you that this secret is more valuable than my life!"

Chu Li continued to look at him as he replied, "Go on."

"You have to promise not to kill me first!"

"You have to tell me what it is first."

"It's a secret regarding the Seven Forms of Godly Knife!" The tall man continued loudly, "Our ancestor used to rule the world using the Seven Forms of Godly Knife, but after his passing, none of his disciples in the faction managed to master it Thus, the Seven Forms of Godly Knife failed to be handed down, but, I know where the Seven Forms of Godly Knife is being kept now!"

"Where is it?"

"You must promise not to kill me!"

"... It's in the Godly Knife Faction right?"

"... What?" The tall man's face turned pale as he realized his mistake.

He almost lost control of himself and blurted out, "how did you know?" Fortunately, he managed to bite his tongue.

Chu Li sighed and replied, "There's a secret passage in the basilica of the Godly Knife Faction that leads to a cave; the Seven Forms of Godly Knife is carved into the cliff in the cave, am I right?"

"How did you know?" The tall young man could not hold back his shock anymore and exclaimed loudly.

Chu Li shook his head then said, "Seven Forms of Godly Knife, huh didn't you practice the Seven Forms of Godly Knife? Show me what you got!"

"Very well ------!" The tall young man clenched his teeth and his face turned dark.

Since it seemed like there was no chance for him to escape, he could only use his ultimate move as a last resort!

He suddenly looked solemn and serious as he raised his long knife slowly to his head, before bringing it to his waist again. Immediately after this, his clothes began fluttering despite there being no wind, the blade, on the other hand, was pouring out killing intent.

Suddenly, the blade shone, and the man shot toward him as though he had become one with the blade. He transformed into an arc-shaped bolt of light and shot towards Chu Li.

Chu Li quickly sidestepped whilst simultaneously bringing his blade downward in one swift movement. Seconds later, the severed head of the tall man rolled away as his body continued forward into the woods due to its momentum.

"Seven Forms of Godly Knife huh..." Chu Li pondered.

He shook his treasure knife and no blood dripped down - the Seven Forms of Godly Knife was really remarkable.

It was similar to the Blade of Eternity, which gathered the power from all over the body for swift one attack.

However, the Blade of Eternity was a still flying blade after all, if used on a long blade, the powers extremely mitigated, unlike the Seven Forms of Godly Knife.

Although the tall young man only practiced one form of it, he was already quite powerful. What would the remaining six forms be like?

The man was quite savvy, he knew to not bite off more than what he could chew and only attempted the first form. It was a pity that Chu Li did not get a look at the remaining six forms!

Chu Li replayed the image again.

He lifted his knife slowly then lowered it to his waist again slowly, instantly, his inner energy gushed out and circulated crazily at double its usual speed. All his inner energy flowed towards his hands and the blade.

"Tss!" He disappeared together with the long knife then transformed into an arc-shaped bolt of light before shooting towards a tree.

A pine tree that was as thick as a human was cut in half, its upper part falling down slowly before landing on the ground with a soft thud.

Then, Chu Li lowered his head and examined the tree trunk. The cut was as smooth as a mirror - the power of that cut was really terrifying.

The Seven Forms of Godly Knife only showed an average power when used by the tall young man, if it were ever be used by a Grandmaster, then the results would be very different.