White Robed Chief Chapter 254

Chapter 254: A Painful Slaughter

He put his knife back into the scabbard and continued towards Yue Shan Town.

Initially, he was supposed to pass by the Godly Knife Faction on the way, but Chu Li took a different route to avoid them.

He predicted that the people from Godly Knife Faction were already setting up an ambush over there, so he did not want to risk barging in just like that. Although he was a Grandmaster, he was still not invincible, nor was he the ultimate master; he still had to be cautious and alert - even if the Godly Knife Faction was just a second-class faction.

Thus, he suppressed his emotions and held back his urges to slaughter them.

Besides, he had probably already given them a warning after killing those five men, so that they would not be so unscrupulous in the future.

However, if the Godly Knife Faction were really asking for it, then he could not be blamed, and he would just fulfill his killing intentions to his heart's contents. If they were willing to test their luck, then he would fulfill their wish and kill them.

Chu Li activated his levitation and rose with the wind; he was multitasking throughout the journey as he researched the First Form of Godly Knife Faction. Then, he slowly became began to attempt to master it.

Meanwhile, the Omniscient Mirror was reflecting a small town.

He could see a group of people setting an ambush about one mile away from the town gate. They were waiting for him to fall into the net that they had set up - and among those people, there was also the young man whom he had let go.

Chu Li laughed to himself loudly. As expected, the Godly Knife Faction was so used to being top dog that they could not accept what had happened.

He drifted in the wind and moved on, closely monitoring the situation through the Omniscient Mirror.

Among the twenty-two people who laid in ambush, four of them were middle-aged men, the rest were young. A thick aura of death filled the air.

Although the passersby did not notice the ambush there, they could, however, feel the air turn cold and felt a chill down their spine. Because of this, they hurried away from the area.

The twenty-two men who lay in ambush stayed completely still until Chu Li showed up.

"Charge!" A middle-aged man waved his hand the second he appeared.

At that instant, twenty-two men charged out from behind the trees and pounced on Chu Li. Like a group of ants, they swarmed around him and swung wildly as they were desperate to cut him into pieces.

Chu Li merely looked at them and shouted in a hoarse voice, "Stop right there!"

However, the middle-aged man ignored him and continued to egg them on, "Kill him!"

He felt that there was no need to listen to his reasoning, they only had to kill him.

After killing five disciples from the Godly Knife Faction, no excuse would be reasonable enough to stop him from facing his punishment.

When they looked at the how miserable their brothers had ended up, with their dead bodies cut in pieces, they grieved for them as though were of the same blood. And so, they were determined to cut their murderer into minced meat no matter what.

Chu Li shook his head and sighed - since they were digging their own graves, he'll let them be!

The First Form of Godly Knife flashed, and he became one with his knife before slashing through like an electric light.

"Tss!" Three heads flew up into the air, their blood squirting high into the air.

Chu Li was out of the crowd again before the heads hit the floor.

He turned around and charged once more towards the group of men, performing the First Form of Godly Knife again as he became one with the knife.

"Tss!" Two heads left their bodies.

"Kill ------!" The other men were excited after looking at the gory scene. Rather than feeling terrified, they became even more dauntless and charged towards Chu Li with blood-shot eyes.

Chu Li continued performing the First Form of Godly Knife, each time severing one or two heads from their bodies It was still difficult to chop off three at the same time.

In just a couple of minutes, only four of the twenty-two men who attacked him remained the standing.

The four middle-aged men looked extremely gloomy as they stared at Chu Li furiously. They stood shoulder to shoulder and did not bother about their eighteen dead disciples. At that moment, their eyes were completely locked on Chu Li. They had only one thought in their mind and that was that they must kill him!

Chu Li shook his treasure knife aloofly - it was still clear and shiny - then he asked calmly, "Do you still want to die?"

"Who exactly are you?" One of the middle-aged men shouted in a piercing voice.

Chu Li replied, "Du Feng!"

"What is your knife technique?" The middle-aged man continued.

Chu Li, "A nameless knife technique!"

"Nameless knife technique..., hah, what nameless knife technique!" The middle-aged man laughed coldly, "Since you refuse to tell us, we'll make sure to keep your mouth shut forever!"

All four of their faces reddened as their bodies suddenly started to expand to become rounder and bigger.

Moments later, they finished performing their secret skill.

"Kill ------!" The four men charged towards Chu Li, their blades like electric, brushing past him in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li crouched and jumped out, the powers of those four men had increased by two-fold, and their knife techniques were exactly like the First Form of Godly Knife that he had just performed.

"Kill ------!" Four blades slashed downward again, causing Chu Li to retreat and back off.

The four men did not plan to let him go as they kept chasing after him. Fortunately, they were always a step behind. There was so much hatred in them that their eyes had become exceedingly red, with veins bulging out all over the cornea. Their gaze alone would have made most normal men tremble.

However, Chu Li just shook his head, it seemed like they only knew the First Form.

By the looks of it, Godly Knife Faction did not fail to pass down the Seven Forms of Godly Knife, but they probably only passed down one.

"Kill ------!" Chu Li said calmly, then performed the First Form of Godly Knife again.

An electric light slashed through two of the middle-aged men, causing their heads to detach.

Chu Li took another stance and performed the First Form of Godly Knife again. Moments later, the heads of the two remaining middle-aged men went flying as well.

"Xu..." Chu Li stood up while using his knife as a support; aura gushed towards him from all directions to help fill the emptiness in his body.

He shook his long knife then put it back into its scabbard.

As he scanned through the heads and corpse that filled the path, he shook his head before leaving for Yue Shan Town.


As Chu Li once again returned to a bustling and affluent area, he felt as if a whole generation had passed.

He felt like he had been gone from Chong Ming Town for a long time.

He paced through the big streets and watched how busy they were. There were small street vendors who peddled with much effort, noisy adults who bargained for goods, children who played around, people in the martial arts who walked about loftily, and young women who smiled sweetly.

All of a sudden, he felt so lonely.

As he touched the sleeves of the white robe, he felt a soothing sensation; it was as if Siao Qi's face had just appeared before him momentarily.

He smiled for a while then came back to his senses.

After arriving at a tea shop next to the street, he sat there listening to the hustle and bustle of the town while sipping on a warm brew.

He knew that in the past, when he entered a town, he would always visit the best restaurant in the area to enjoy good alcohol and tasty dishes while he fished for news regarding the situation in Yue Shan Town.

But now, he was different.

Since he changed his identity, he would have to work in a different manner.

Furthermore, as compared to the best restaurants, tea houses on the streets were more closely connected to the "lifeline" of the town; people there knew about the troubles of the commoners and were aware of the news that spread among the lower-class people.

Before Chu Li could finish his tea, ten middle-aged men charged over to him and surrounded him.

Chu Li held his cup and looked at them calmly.

"Du Feng?" The middle-aged man who spoke had a face that was flat and hollow, he looked extremely ill but was an Innate Master that obviously had much experience. His clear eyes were bright and piercing.

Chu Li examined him out and replied, "I am Du Feng."

He put down the bowl slowly then continued, "Do you want to fight in the town itself?"

"You slaughtered twenty-seven disciples from the Godly Knife Faction you're an atrocious, brutal man!" The middle-aged man said coldly, "We will not let this go!"

Chu Li chuckled quietly, "How many disciples do you have in the Godly Knife Faction?"

"We have countless disciples in the Godly Knife Faction, you'll never be able to kill us all!" The middle-aged man scoffed, "If you're trying to go against the Godly Knife Faction all by yourself, then you're just being suicidal!"

Chu Li picked up his tea again and took a sip, "What high-sounding praise! If you want to fight, lets fight - stop with all the crap!"

The middle-aged man seemed to burst a blood vessel when he heard this. He looked so furious that it didn't look like anyone would oppose him, even if he were to fight in the town.

The middle-aged man stared at him menacingly, then shouted in a booming voice, "Kill him!"

Everyone from the tea shop had escaped far away by then, but there were still many onlookers that were curious.

People started chatting amongst themselves. They noticed that Chu Li sat at a table with his hand resting on the long knife on the table. He wore a spotless white robe and looked like an elegant scholar; much to everyone's surprise, he did not appear to be a martial arts master that those people had made him out to be. Moreover, did he actually kill twenty-seven disciples from the Godly Knife Faction?!

The greatness of the disciples of the Godly Knife Faction had always been well known to the public, so he must either be extremely daring or out of his mind. Would he even be able to survive this fight?