White Robed Chief Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Destruction Desire

"Kill!" Ten middle-aged men swung their knives at Chu Li. Ten silver flashes flashed towards him.

Chu Li sat at the table, twirling his knife in the air after grabbing it.

"Swish!" One bodiless head took flight amid a fountain of gushing blood.

"Ahh!" The people cried out in panic. They went white with fright.

They had never seen such a cruel sight. A head flying through the sky and blood gushing out like a fountain; it was simply too violent and scary!

Chu Li took another swing and sent another head on its way.

He has been studying one form of the Blade of God on the road and could now use it with ease; the speed of his blade work had increased by almost twenty percent.

Against his swift technique, the ten middle-aged men were slow as pensioners. Chu Li had killed two of them but not a single one of their swings had reached Chu Li yet.

"Clank Clank Clank..." The crashing of metal rung out as Chu Li flung away eight sets of knives.

Soon after, the treasured knife he held in his hand transformed into strips of lightning.

"Swish! Swish!" Another two heads were sent flying.

It was down to six in no time. He shifted his stance slightly and stabbed outward - three more heads immediately took the plunge.

Now, only three were left.

This included the middle-aged man who spoke earlier. His sallow face was caked in blood, which really helped accentuate his viciousness. He was dying to devour Chu Li.

Chu Li swung his knife at the speed of light; his demeanor, on the other hand, as calm as the surface of a pond.

He sat calmly at the table where the only noticeable motion was from the knife, not the furniture.

Fresh blood spraying, heads falling to the ground. The bloody and cruel sight had many people retching in disgust.

On the other hand, his white robe was completely clean, not a single speck of blood was on it.

The crowd had the impression that he wasn't the one who was assaulted and that he was more like a scholar, holding a book and watching on. His elegant composure, nobility, and coldness did not belong to the same world as the commoners.

"You... You..." The middle-aged man pointed his knife at him, no scared to take a swing.

He knew that if the three of them were to continue the fight, they would be left headless.

Chu Li picked up a big bowl and took a sip of tea, "Tell your faction master that I do not wish to massacre the Godly Knife Mountain. I hope he knows his place."

"... Fine, I will inform him on your behalf." The middle-aged man snorted scornfully and turned to leave. The remaining two quickly followed after him. As they were leaving, they glared viciously at Chu Li.

Chu Li put down his tea bowl and tossed down a silver ingot. He smiled at the shopkeeper who was crouching behind the counter, "I apologize. This silver is for compensation, but the tea was really only so-so."

The shopkeeper waved him away hurriedly.

He wouldn't dare take this Death God's silver. Offend him the slightest and his head may be forced to divorce his body.

He beheaded seven men without batting an eye and whilst staying in good spirits; he maintained a straight face throughout. Truly, it was better to avoid such a Death God.

Chu Li smiled and turned to walk forward to the city gate, making sure not to step on the fresh blood, head, and corpses on the ground on the way out.

The people immediately parted way for him, staring on as he slowly moved through them; his white robe fluttered elegantly, almost as if he belonged in a portrait.

He gave it some thought but couldn't put his mind to rest, thus, he decided to return to take a look.

After some time, he arrived at the tea shop that he had tea in earlier.

The tea shop now lay in ruins. The beams supporting the shed had been chopped in half while the tables and chairs had been smashed to smithereens. The pancake pan was knocked over and pieces of the teapots lay strewn on the ground.

The old man who was always dicing the meat was on the ground. His body was stiff. He has been dead for long. The young girl was nowhere to be seen.

Chu Li's face darkened, he checked on the old man's wounds and saw that there was one fatal stab!

The Godly Knife Faction!

His figure vanished on the spot and appeared in the woods. He seized a young man dressed cleanly by the throat and coldly asked, "Was this the doing of the Godly Knife Faction?"

The young man's limbs were hanging off the ground. He kicked his feet as he a struggled, both his arms were clutching at Chu Li's left arm.

Chu Li snorted, "Where's the lady?"

No reply.

"Fine!" Chu Li laughed and applied strength to his left arm.

A crisp "snap" and the young man's legs stiffened before falling limp.

Gloominess washed over Chu Li's face. The Godly Knife Faction really was seeking death!

His figure disappeared once again.

A few glistens later and he reappeared at the base of the Godly Knife Faction.

The Godly Knife Faction was situated at the Godly Knife Mountain. This faction was not named after the mountain, rather the mountain was named after the faction.

The Godly Knife Mountain's peak almost a thousand meters in the air. It stood firm with an imposing arch erected by the foot of it. Three big words were written on the arch in shimmering gold glow: "Godly Knife Faction". Bold and forceful.

The Godly Knife Faction was located at the mountainside of Godly Knife Mountain. There was a total of three audience halls while the rest were teaching rooms.

Chu Li emerged within the Godly Knife Faction, carefully observing them through the Omniscient Mirror.

The faction had three hundred disciples, twenty innate masters, and one grandmaster.

This grandmaster who was as pale as a ghost and was seated on a cattail hassock in the west audience hall. A long blade was placed horizontally on his lap where he sat as still as a statue.

Chu Li swiftly located the young girl from the tea shop. At the moment, she had been stripped of her clothes by a young man on a bed, leaving her dressed only in her undergarments and inner wear and revealing her snow-white shoulders and arms.

She gritted her teeth and her eyes were swollen and red. She put on a fight but was rendered powerless beneath the large physique of the young man; her resistance was in vain.

Her stubborn eyes fell dark with despair as her will to die started to take over.

Suddenly, Chu Li appeared in the room before smacking his palm on the back of the young man.

The young man was relishing the experience. Her resistance was arousing, submission, on the other hand, was getting boring. This change of pace made things interesting.

However, the pain from his back interrupted his pleasure and caused him to black out, permanently.

Chu Li picked him up and tossed him aside like a rag doll. Then, he looked at the young girl.

The young girl scrambled to shrink away and cover her body. She cowered to the edge of the bed.

Chu Li grabbed a long gown for her to cover herself. He did not touch her, instead, he looked her dead in the eye and spoke softly, "It's alright, I'm here to save you."

The frightful look of the young girl pained his heart. This tyrannical Godly Knife Faction!

Once she calmed down, Chu Li asked her in a gentle voice, "Where is your home? I will escort you back."

"My only family is my grandfather. There is no one else." The young girl replied quietly. Her voice was hoarse, "With my grandfather dead, I have no home left!"

Chu Li sighed, "Do you blame me?"

The young girl shook her head and did not utter a word.

"Alright then, I will make some arrangements." Chu Li continued, "Do you want to learn martial arts?"

"Yes!" The young girl's eyes lit up. She nodded as she clenched her fist, "I want to learn martial arts!"

Chu Li nodded, "Then I will send you to a major faction." He decided to send the young girl to Snow Lunar Pavilion. The Snow Lunar Pavilion would not reject her application with his recommendation.

"Thank you, young master!" The young girl bowed her head.

Chu Li shook his head, "First, let me get you to a safe place. Then, I will return to get even with them."

He turned and gestured for her to put on some clothes.

Chu Li looked away as he heard the rustling of garments. Minutes later, the young girl whispered, "I'm done."

Chu Li turned and saw her in oversized garments that hid her petite figure. He smiled at the side, "Once the Godly Knife Faction is vanquished, I will buy you a few clothes. Let's go!"

He extended out his hand. The young girl was hesitant but slowly took it.

Holding her cold tiny hand, Chu Li silently left the Godly Knife Faction and found her cave to hide in. Then, he then turned back to head to the faction.