White Robed Chief Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Faction Extermination

Chu Li made his way to the Godly Knife Faction.

He stood before the Godly Knife Faction and checked the Omniscient Mirror and could clearly see the young lady, Li Hanyan. Her grandfather was already dead, he could not let anything happen to her.

Li Hanyan was sitting meekly in the cave with both her arms wrapped around her shoulders. She was silent and had dead eyes. An atmosphere of sorrow filled the air.

Chu Li sighed. He detested the Godly Knife Faction now more than ever and was overcome with murderous intent.

He stood in front of the main door of Godly Knife Faction and shouted loudly, "Du Feng is here! Come and get what you deserve!"

The cry rung out like a grandfather's clock in the faction's ears. The Godly Knife Faction was rattled as three hundred disciples rushed to the audience hall.

The haggard elder in the hall was quickly encircled protectively by his disciples.

He sat in meditation with his eyes closed. The people in the hall were not moving, except for their rhythmic breathing. In this vast and quiet audience hall, these breathing sounds were exceptionally loud.

They knew how powerful Du Feng was, but did not think he would have the balls to approach the faction directly.

This was a totally new situation to the Godly Knife Faction. If they didn't know Du Feng was dangerous, they wouldn't even have bothered surrounding the faction master, they would have just charged ahead to kill him.

As this happened hoary elder slowly opened his eyes and the hall lit up.

Everyone in the hall instantly sensed a throb in their vision and turned away. The faction master's eyes were penetrating and intense, causing everyone else to turn their gazes elsewhere.

"Faction master!" An elder suddenly spoke, "This fellow is dangerous and brazen, he must be killed!"

"Could you kill him, Elder Yang?" Faction master Lee Shendao daintily asked.

The elder helplessly shook his head, "Faction master, I cannot guarantee that!"

"It's good that you know." Lee Shendao smiled, "It's better to avoid today's conflict."

"But faction master, we have three hundred disciples!" Elder Yang replied, "Can't three hundred men defeat just one?"

"How many of the three hundred disciples will be left after killing him?" Li Dao Shen responded.

The group's face darkened.

Du Feng's reputation as a death god had traveled to the ears of the Godly Knife Faction, through the mountains and cities. They knew he swung his blade with swiftly and with cruel precision. The thought of going against him and seeing their comrades heads flying sent a chill down their spine.

"Alright then. Take your leave and dismiss." Li Dao Shen continued, "I will deal with him personally. The rest of you should flee. Once he leaves, return to the faction and ensure the Godly Knife Faction lives on."

"Faction master!" The people exclaimed.

"Delay no more. Leave now!" Lee Shendao shouted as his eyes suddenly lit up.

The crowd was swept by his piercing gaze and trembled.

The faction master had always stood by his words. He was well versed in martial arts and one of the best, therefore, despite how reckless and unruly they were to other factions and to the public, they all respected and feared their master. They dared not disobey.

"Trying to escape?" Chu Li's voice thundered.

He was clothed in a white robe and stood silently at the entrance of the hall. He stared coldly at the people, "Bullying and humiliating the weak, killing, snatching and plundering. The Godly Knife Faction is guilty of the most heinous crimes so much so that even death cannot atone for such crimes!"

The people flew into a rage after hearing this.

"You talk big, you bastard!"

"Motherf*cker, I'll kill your family!"

"I will fuck your momma!"

"Du, just you wait, we will find where you live and kill your whole family!"

"Kill him! Kill him!"

The crowd cursed at him in unison, each one of them trying to get their say in.

The hall was in chaos, each and every one of them was yelling and screaming to the point where people could have become deaf.

"Silence!" Lee Shendao thundered in a deep voice. The ear-piercing curses instantly halted as the people looked at Lee Shendao.

Lee Shendao slowly got up. His withered body moved steadily towards Chu Li.

The people parted, allowing him a wide path.

The wrinkles on Lee Shendao's face disappeared bit by bit with every step he took. By the time he stood before Chu Li, he had gone from being a withered elderly to a charming middle-aged man, brimming with energy and vitality and armed with a gaze as sharp as a treasured knife.

Chu Li's eyebrow raised curiously. He didn't expect Li Shendao to know such martial arts it was similar to his Scripture of Life and Death.

Lee Shendao drew his knife and tossed his scabbard aside. His left index finger gently ran across the back of the knife; Like a star-struck lover he sighed, "It's been a while."

Chu Li spoke, "Lee Shendao?"

Lee Shendao lifted his head to stared at him with a piercing gaze, intensely scanning for weakness, "Du Feng?"

Chu Li smiled, "You are truly such a muddleheaded grandmaster to allow your disciples to do as they please. Didn't you foresee this day?"

"So what?" Lee Shendao looked annoyedly at him, "For men of the sword, all things eventually end by the blade; life is but a play, without such boldness, how could one become the ultimate swordsman?"

Chu Li snorted, "How laughable. You think you can brew their murderous instincts to help them master swordsmanship?"

"It is thanks to this that the Godly Knife Faction is thriving." Lee Shendao smiled.

Chu Li shook his head, "The one wielding the blade must be in line with God's will. God shares my will to deepen the knowledge of swordsmanship. Your reckless doing is against nature, so how can you achieve ultimate swordsmanship? Come, let me witness your second-rate swordsmanship first-hand!"

"You truly are too arrogant!" Lee Shendao stopped him before he could unsettle his followers any further.

One swing of his knife and the whole room was suddenly illuminated blindingly from knife's reflection, like the sun descending into the hall - the crowd could not open their eyes to see anything.

After some time, the brilliant radiance faded away and the people could once again open their eyes.

They saw Chu Li slowly drawing his knife from his scabbard.

Lee Shendao was still with eyes wide open in disbelief. His gaze seeped viciousness and hatred.

Chu Li shook his head, "Your swordsmanship really isn't all that bad!"

In the blink of an eye, a head dropped to the floor, with the body following soon after.

Chu Li retreated a few steps to avoid the blood from staining his white robe.

The crowd did not notice that just before he flung that blade, he gestured for a Spear Finger Strike.

Lee Shendao knew how good Chu Li was with his blade and focused solely on his knife. He did not guard against his Spear Finger Strike.

In the blinding light, just as he suddenly became alarmed and was prepared to dodge, the knife technique was shot out. He desperately dodged backward, just enough to keep away.

Almost instantly, two more strikes were fired and his subsequent attempts to dodge failed.

The Spear Finger Strike jabbed into his shoulder and he instantly froze. Two more times and he was basically paralyzed.

With the three strikes, he went completely stiff, even if he was a grandmaster.

"Faction master!" The crowd burst out.

Lee Shendao's head rolled toward them as everyone scattered to avoid it.

Chu Li stood at the entrance and gently flicked the blood off his long blade, "Anyone else?"

"Avenge the faction master!" The people chanted.

"He is only one. Let's kill him. Whoever takes his head will be the faction master of Godly Knife Faction!" Elder Yang cried out.

"Kill!" The crowd was full of passion as their eyes reddened.

The faction master of Godly Knife Faction, a position of fame and reputation. The ability to rally hundreds with a single call. Which disciple of Godly Knife Faction did not want to be a faction master?

Chu Li snorted and pressed forward.

As he faced this encirclement, he wholeheartedly demonstrated one form of his Blade of God, swinging it all over like the passionate conductor of an orchestra. Heads flew and blood splattered.

The heavy stench of blood only further muddied the brain of these frenzied people. By now they only had one thought in their head to kill.

Chu Li swung his sword whilst sighing. This Lee Shendao was not without merit, at least he built up the disciples' bravery.

It was a shame that this bravery meant nothing to the absolute Blade of God.

As time passed, Chu Li did not stop wielding his blade. His inner energy was still bountiful, and his treasured knife was tough and sharp; it remained as sharp as ever, even after chopping off so many heads.

Two hundred men were exterminated as the hall was started to feel empty.

"Halt!" Chu Li interrupted. His voice was so powerful that it snapped the crowd back to their senses.

They turned to look around them, only to see a sea of corpses and heads. Their expressions instantly changed.

Chu Li snorted, "Is there anyone unwilling to change their ways?"

He slowly panned the room.

The men avoided his gaze as they stared at the floor.

Chu Li remained calm during his killing spree, he had used the Omniscient Mirror to observe the inner hearts of all his opponents and to check on the level of their killing intent.

Of the three hundred, the two hundred that was clouded with the heaviest killing intent had already been slaughtered. The remaining men did not much have as strong of an intent as they had never committed murder.

"I'll let you go. Leave. The Godly Knife Faction will cease to exist from here on out!" Chu Li ordered in a low voice.

The crowd were shocked and exchanged glances, then they looked at the puddle of blood on the ground. They bore no more will to swing their blades.

Chu Li hovered from the hall to another audience hall that was just north of the table that displayed rows of memorial tablets.

He cupped his hand into his fist as a sign of respect and moved the offer table by its leg to reveal a hole in the ground. Then, he climbed into it and quickly came to a cave.

The cave was empty with no sign of anyone. No one has been here.

He walked to the front of a wall and set his sights on a vermillion mural.