White Robed Chief Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Innumerable

Five days later in the afternoon, it was a picturesque sunny day. Lee Hanyan arrived alone at the Bull's Head Camp.

On top of the houses were still the two same elderly people, one dozing off against a pole while the other was smoking while squatting down.

Although they were decrepit, their eyesight was not. They spotted her the moment she appeared.

"Little girl, why do you still come here? Leave quickly!" The smoking elder exclaimed.

He had just finished talking when a young man dashed out of the gates, holding a sword. He was bulkier than the handsome young man five days ago. They looked similar, Lee Hanyan guessed they were siblings.

He charged over without saying a word, and attempted a thrust.

Lee Hanyan took it head on and drew her knife against it. The combo of knife and sword had a trail of blaze rising, forming an electric light shooting towards the young man.

The handsome youth immediately dodged sideways while making another attempt with his sword.

Lee Hanyan's back took a hit, causing her to stumble. She twirled and stabbed. The knife's blaze rose at the speed of light.

The young man saw that her movements became sluggish and was thrilled. He struck again with the intent to kill, to avenge his brother's death.

He didn't think that Lee Hanyan's assault would be faster by two tenths. He couldn't avoid it in time.

"Swoosh!" A head flew and blood spewed.

Lee Hanyan's face swapped pale. She held in her impulse to throw up and turned to flee.

"Where are you going !" One person dashed out of the gates with unbelievable speed.

Lee Hanyan levitated to escape but compared to him, she was at snail's pace. In a blink of an eye, he reached her back and smacked with his palm.

"Wu..." The knife blaze rose and another strike was released.

This middle aged man contorted his body, nimbly dodging the chills of the blade's edge that surprised him.

Such a lady with shallow cultivation, yet this strike had such impact beyond imagination. This technique was awesome. He must obtain it!

With this thought, he no longer intended to kill. He palm smacked Lee Hanyan on the right shoulder.

Lee Hanyan's blade fell to the ground. She was filled with despair and turned to escape.

"Wham!" The middle aged man sealed her acupuncture point. Her movements were restrained.

The middle aged man had a huge build and a fierce looking face. He grabbed his chin while checking out Lee Hanyan, "Little girl, what knife technique was that?"

"Nameless knife technique!" Lee Hanyan snorted.

She could turn her head around to look but could not locate Chu Li. She knew he would not help.

"No need to look, no one can save you!" The middle aged man laughed, "Our people has the place surrounded. Your companion is probably dead already."

Lee Hanyan laughed coldly.

She was a hundred percent confident that they wouldn't be able to kill Chu Li.

"Alright, let's make a deal," The middle aged man smiled kindly, "As long as you hand over the manual for this knife technique, I will let you go, or else it's to the camp and you'll only serve men. Once we're done toying with you, death awaits."

"Humph!" Lee Hanyan stubbornly glared at him.

The middle aged man shook his head, "And during then, even if you wish for death, you can't die! ... Think about it, would it be being toyed by hundreds of men or handing over the manual?"

Lee Hanyan turned to look around, with a slight despair. Big brother Du was too heartless, he wouldn't let her die one more time, would he?

"I see you have not given up." The middle aged man sighed, "Alright then, into the camp you go!"

He carried Lee Hanyan and levitated back to the camp.

The smoking elder on the house laughed, "Boss Qi, you're fast at getting this pretty lady here!"

"Old Huang, you should smoke less!" The middle aged man rolled his eyes, "Careful not to die from your pipe there!"

"I'll get flustered not smoking for one day. But about this young lady, what an abstruse knife technique. Give her the warm welcome and some answers." Old Huang laughed.

"But of course!" Boss Qi laughed out loud, "A few of the guys to loosen her up, that would be easy."

As he spoke, he carried Lee Hanyan to levitate into the camp and entered a huge hall. In the hall, sat five men who were curiously sizing Lee Hanyan up.

"Where's that guy?" Boss Qi asked, "Dead yet?"

"He escaped!" A lean old man shook his head and sighed, "Slithering snake. His Levitation is quite good, too bad he didn't have the guts and left this little lady behind."

Lee Hanyan frowned at them.

Ever since her one time visit with death, she grew some guts. She had no fear facing these five men clouded with killing intent. The outcome was only death and death wasn't that fearful.

"The Chang brothers did not die in vain!" Boss Qi sat on an armchair, sizing Lee Hanyan that was standing in the middle, "This knife technique is a bit strange. Look at her cultivation level, she has only started right? The Chang brothers were at mastery level!"

"What a great knife technique!" The lean middle aged man laughed, "So she's not talking? Great, let me have a talk with her."

He stood up and came before Lee Hanyan, checking out her delicate face and shook his head, "It's a shame, shame! ... We have our ways to take care of the ladies, the common practice would be riding the wooden donkey, that is to erect a long spear and tie the girl on a horizontal plank. Make sure she's fixed that she can't struggle out of it. Then have her seated on the tip of the spear. The spear would penetrate in from below, reaching the intestines, then chest, avoiding the heart, and then the throat. During this time, she still can't die, only when it pierces the top of the head that she'll die, ... But we will only penetrate bit by bit, one day for one segment, reaching the head only nine days later."

Lee Hanyan glared at him. She had the chills, if she had to be tortured so, she might as well be dead!

The lean middle aged man sighed, "All these years, could be a hundred or eight of those who died in such conditions. So pitiful, tsk..."

"Right, Old Ji." Boss Qi exclaimed, "A friendly face yet all these are done by you!"

The lean middle aged laughed as he looked at Lee Hanyan, "Young lady, there are other ways. Piercing through your ear and putting in an insert. It will leap around your brain. You'll be in so much pain until finally, it's death by aching, and there's..."

"Shut up!" Lee Hanyan shouted, "Go to hell!"

"Sigh...., I think life is boring but the lord would not take me!" The lean middle aged man shook his head in laughter, "There's nothing I can do. Of course I can't commit suicide, can I?"

Chu Li suddenly appeared, dressed in a white robe. He quietly stood in front of Li Hanyan and smiled, "Now you know?"

"I want to kill all of them!" Lee Hanyan was filled with hatred.

Chu Li stretched his hand to undo her acupuncture, "Your knife technique has yet to mature, otherwise you could make up for the lack of ability. Watch how I do it!"

He drew his long blade out of the scabbard at his waist.

Boss Qi and the rest saw his sudden appearance and their faces darkened. They quickly stood up and drew their knives and swords. Having someone to sneak in without making a sound, he must be a master!

"Swoosh!" With a flash of chilled lightning, one count of head flew up.

Chu Li took one pace at a time, one pace one strike, one strike one head. He was more than equal to the task.

Lee Hanyan followed slavishly by his side, feeling calm and at ease at his technique. When she struck it was full force, she was going at it the wrong way.

Chu Li had once given pointers but she could not comprehend it. Now that she personally senses the ease Chu Li had during his killing spree, she had an eureka moment.

Chu Li, with her alongside, slaughtered the Bull's Head Camp in one go.

Even the elder smoking on the house was killed and elder who was dozing off was spared. The two levitated away and continued their journey to Snow Lunar Pavilion.

While on the road, Chu Li committed innumerable murders. Every time he met a bad guy, he killed; an evil force, he slaughtered.

During the course, there was more than ten times they were ambushed. He held only his treasured knife to exterminate all ambushes yet his white robe remained untouched, not a single drip of blood at sight.

In this one month, Lee Hanyan followed Chu Li and witnessed so many killings that she herself started to kill. She became more and more skilled at one form of the Blade of God that it turned into an instinct. With a single stoke, she could maneuver one form of the Blade of God and with such powerful force.

Her murdering capabilities became stronger and stronger; she grew completely numb at taking lives. Killing people was similar to slaughtering swine. She no longer saw people as people.

One day, out of the blue, Chu Li stopped going forward.

He found an area in the woods to stay and built a wooden cabin. He explained the Buddhist scripture to Lee Hanyan and taught her chanting methods. He requested that henceforth, she was to chant the scriptures for two hours everyday.