White Robed Chief Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Return

Lee Hanyan was puzzled and sought the reason from Chu Li.

Chu Li explained to her that her murderous intent was plentiful but she only knew how to release it outward instead of reining it in. This was not beneficial to her cultivation. The murderous intent would in turn, affect her concept of heart.

If one day, she could completely take in the murderous intent but with not one strain of it released; freely and easily like how that people could sense friendliness and closeness, then it would be when she has reached the Innate's Mastery Boundary.

Lee Hanyan seemed to have understood.

Big brother Du did not carry a strain of murderous intent, like a spring breeze. When he killed, he wasn't as though he was killing. It seemed like he was waving hello to them. A light wave and wham, off with their heads.

Lee Hanyan obeyed diligently.

After, chanting the scriptures for two days, Lee Hanyan could recite the Buddhist scriptures by heart. The two of them continued their journey and it was smooth sailing then, without encountering those who needed to be vanquished.

There were a few of the mountain camps that did bad deeds. Once they arrived, they only saw emptied out camps. They heard the news and quickly made their getaway.

The sun was setting in the west and red shimmers was filling the sky as the two arrived at the bottom of the mountain of the Snow Lunar Pavilion.

Chu Li quietly stared at the steep mountain covered in clouds, deep in his thoughts.

Lee Hanyan stood beside him without uttering a word. She was also studying the mountain.

This was going to be the faction she would be joining. She was unsure what it would look like or if she would be accustomed to it. It was a shame she couldn't be with big brother Du.

It was a long time later when the evening haze was thick that Chu Li returned to his senses and sighed, "Come on, up the mountain."

When the duo reached the valley, its lanterns were already lit up. The houses, pavilions and cabins were ablaze with lights, thriving and bustling like the imperial palace in heaven.

"How beautiful!" Lee Hanyan gasped in admiration.

Chu Li smiled, "You will be living here in the future. See that lake? You will stay on top on it."

"It really is like the fairyland." Lee Hanyan smiled.

Chu Li laughed.

"Big brother Du!" Two disciples in green in a pavilion outside the valley welcomed them. They were overjoyed, "It really is big brother Du!"

Chu Li fist saluted as he smiled.

One of the disciples in green turned and dashed into the valley while the other shouted in joy, "Big brother Du, you're finally back. Everyone missed you!"

Chu Li said, "How's the valley been?"

"Everything's great." The disciple in green laughed, "Green Hill has been well behaved. We are able to hold our heads up when we're out."

"Haha..." Yang Lingfeng and Chao Feihu came at great speed. Their voices arrived before their physical beings did. A group of people ensued behind.

Yang Lingfeng started to grumble when he closed in, "Brother Du, you're finally back!"

Chao Feihu fist saluted, "Brother Du!"

People crowded around Chu Li and Lee Hanyan as they entered the valley. They wanted to head to the restaurant for some drinks but were broke up by Su Qingdie who rushed over and had him returned to Su Ru's waterside pavilion for a rest. They could chit chat the next day.

The three of them returned to the waterside pavilion.

Chu Li introduced Lee Hanyan.

Lee Hanyan had a placid temper and did not talk much. She quietly looked around, listening with attentiveness.

He had Su Ru take care of Lee Hanyan while he arrived at Shen Yinghu's waterside pavilion.

Every waterside pavilion was brightly lit with lanterns, except for Shen Yinghu's.

She sat in the pavilion, sluggishly looking at the waters. There were two lamps on the pavilion but they had dimmed out. It was desolated and chilly.

"Elder Shen." Chu Li came and sat opposite her.

He opened up the Omniscient Mirror and saw her heart of loneliness, pain and melancholy.

Under the lamp's hazy light, it emphasized Shen Yinghu's snow white beauty and eyes as clear as water. Her chin was leaning on her arm while checking him out, "Remorseful already?"

Chu Li said, "So I can't return to Snow Lunar Pavilion?"

"Oh you..." Shen Yinghu sighed, "You brought it on yourself! ... Young Qi is now in Grandmaster's boundary and meditating in seclusion to comprehend. She's aiming for Enlightened Mastery's boundary!"

Chu Li mentioned, "Got to hand it to Regal Sword Scripture."

"Thanks to you." Shen Yinghu said, "Giving her a hand that she advanced by leaps and bounds, .... Is something the matter for you returning?"

"I was thinking if you could take in one disciple." Chu Li asked.

He reeled off the story of her life.

"You only know how to seek trouble for me."

"I can only depend on you."

"... Alright then, I will take her in."

"You have my utmost gratitude!"

"You know, there's an ongoing feud between the disciples of Snow Lunar Pavilion and Green Hill. Killings each time they meet. She wouldn't be able to stay away from danger."

"Joining a faction is equally dangerous,... Just let her out less."

"Alright, bring her over tomorrow."

Chu Li fist saluted and left.

Watching his figure slowly disappearing, Shen Yinghu faintly sighed and shook her head. She gathered up to return to her pitch dark waterside pavilion.

Chu Li left Snow Lunar Pavilion the night of the second day.

Lee Hanyan had formally went under Shen Yinghu and became a disciple of Snow Lunar Pavilion.

The disciples of Snow Lunar Pavilion were curious and gathered information about Chu Li from her.

The reputation of Du Feng, God of Blade in white robes was massively spread throughout. His bold move that stunned the world on picking one force in the martial arts world. His cruel and extremes tactics of chopping off heads sent chills down people's spine.

Lee Hanyan stayed close to Su Ru and did not really talk to anyone.

Due to Chu Li, the disciples of Snow Lunar Pavilion were friendly with her. Although she carried aura of killing intent which made people uncomfortable when near, they were only curious on how many she has killed.

In the past three days, Lee Hanyan would be chanting two hours in the morning and another two hours at night.

Everyone was puzzled by it and were asking the reason for it. Lee Hanyan would smile, saying it was to honor big brother Du's wishes. She herself wasn't sure for the reason for it.

The people guessed that perhaps her murderous intent was too strong that she needed the power of Buddha to conquer it.

Lee Hanyan's waterside pavilion wasn't built ready yet so she stayed with Su Ru.

On this night, she practiced her knife technique before returning to the waterside pavilion. She saw Su Ru staring blankly at a blue garment.

"Eh? Sister Du, is this big brother Du's?" Lee Hanyan was curious.

Su Ru nodded, "Yes."

"Big brother Du likes to wear white." Lee Hanyan pointed out.

Su Ru smiled, "This was a garment he wore before."

"Why the sudden change?"

Su Ru sighed and shook her head.

"I heard that big brother Du has a fianc, is that right?"

She has already heard about Chu Li.

Big brother Du's fianc was Du Xia, the elder sister of Du Qiu. It was too bad she hasn't met big brother Du's fianc. She wondered how she was.

"Yes." Su Ru gently nodded.

"Big brother Du seemed to be troubled, is it because of sister Du Xia?" Lee Hanyan softly asked.

Su Ru took a glance at her.

Lee Hanyan mentioned, "I could tell that big brother Du misses sister Du Xia."

Su Ru suddenly had a lot on her mind and shook her head, "Who would know? This is between them, nobody will know."

Lee Hanyan continued, "Sister Du Xia must be beautiful!"

"Indeed she is," Su Ru snorted.

Lee Hanyan sighed, "To have big brother Du to long for her, sister Du Xia must be happy."

Su Ru didn't know what to say. She sighed, "Do not bring up Du Xia in front of big brother in the future."

"Why?" Lee Hanyan asked.

"Things between them are complicated. It can't be explained. It's better you do not bring this up!" Su Ru snorted, "Don't have him troubled."

"Alright," Lee Hanyan said, "I wonder when will big brother Du return."

"He is really busy and would not return soon. Concentrate on your cultivation and do not let him down!"

"Yes." Lee Hanyan nodded and smiled.