White Robed Chief Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Green Mountain

Two days after Chu Li left, Lee Hanyan was called to Shen Yinghu's waterside pavilion.

The sun was shining brightly and the lake was clear and still.

A gentle breeze blew from the lake towards the pavilion. Shen Yinghu was clothed in white and sitting in the pavilion, sluggishly looking at Lee Hanyan.

Lee Hanyan lowered her eye lids and stood in silence. She seemed to have blend in with the red pillar of the pavilion.

Shen Yinghu broke the silence, "Your big brother Du wants me to let you out of the valley less, he is concerned of your safety."

Lee Hanyan pursed her lips.

Shen Yinghu smiled, "I heard things about Du Feng. Committing innumerable murders like a psycho. You must not learn from him."

Lee Hanyan knitted her brow and swallowed her objection.

She felt that big brother Du killed for the good, impassioned and forceful.

These scums and dirtbags should be killed. If they weren't killed, it would be unknown how many innocents be sacrificed. Big brother Du was enforcing justice for heaven.

Shen Yinghu rebutted, "He dared to do that because his cultivation level is high. How many are out to get him now? If it were you, you will not live more than two days so don't learn from him!"

Lee Hanyan softly sighed.

"What kind of heart technique would you like to master?" Shen Yinghu said, "Your heart technique is cultivated well, similar to that of Snow Lunar Pavilion."

"I'll follow your arrangement."

"Then continue to master this. Everything that Du Feng has its meaning," Shen Yinghu sighed, "How is he now?"

Lee Hanyan was momentarily stunned, she lifted her head in incomprehension.

Shen Yinghu continued, "How was his mood? Fine, if his mood was fine he wouldn't be killing that many. These people are really unlucky to meet his blade."

She understood that Chu Li was on a killing spree to vent his rage.

Lee Hanyan asked, "What's going on with big brother Du?"

"Poor fellow." Shen Yinghu pursed her lips to a smile, "Lost in love."

Lee Hanyan's clear eyes widened in disbelief.

Shen Yinghu saw her expression and started laughing.

Lee Hanyan lowered her head in embarrassment but still in disbelief.

Could it be Du Xia?

How could any women reject a character such as big brother Du? This Du Xia must be blind.

"It's not as you imagine." Shen Yinghu stopped laughing, her cheeks were rosy from laughing, looking dashing and delicate, "It was he who left Du Xia."

"Why?" Lee Hanyan asked.

"Du Xia's martial arts required her to have no worries and attachments. In order to let her become a better master than he is, he broke up." Shen Yinghu sluggishly smiled, "Silly, isn't he?"

"So I see..." Lee Hanyan was surprised. She lamented, "Big brother Du must be having a hard time."

"He is a fool!" Shen Yinghu sighed, "For women to cultivate to become undefeatable, they will be forever alone. Your big brother Du is doing no good for him or her."

Lee Hanyan exclaimed, "Big brother Du is more powerful than sister Du Xia!"

Shen Yinghu pursed her lip in laughter, "You have limited experience, what do you know?"

"Who could beat big brother Du?" Lee Hanyan couldn't give up, "If indeed there is, that person would have appeared already!"

"He is now only a grandmaster, Du Xi is on her way to enlightened master." Shen Yinghu flung her arm and laughed, "It's been a while since I'm this happy..., Alright, let's go with you. Continue from before, are you mastering knife or sword?"

"Big brother Du had me practice with a sword." Lee Hanyan explained, "The knife technique is only for during leisure."

"He's afraid your murderous intent would be too strong." Shen Yinghu smiled, "Two days later, you'll follow Du Qiu to White Skeletal Mountain to deliver a letter. Take a break. Don't keep hiding in the valley."

Green Hill was behaving at the moment and has not recovered from before and dared not create havoc so leaving the valley would be deemed safe. Chu Li wanted Lee Hanyan to leave the valley less and not entirely.

"Yes," Lee Hanyan replied.

Shen Yinghu waved her porcelain arm, "You're dismissed. Just follow Du Qiu as usual."

"Yes," Lee Hanyan fist saluted and was excused.

It was evening when Chu Li bathed in kindled evening, standing outside of Green Mountain Town.

The towering city gates and sky scraping city walls was not inferior to Chong Ming Town. Its community was doubled of Chong Ming Town, ever more thriving and bustling.

He took off from Snow Lunar Pavilion, levitated in a hurry and reached Green Mountain Town in a few days' time.

He did not stop during the entire way and was too lazy to start a killing spree.

After taking a look around, he advanced his steps to the gates of Green Mountain Town.

The entrance was guarded by two tough men at their prime. They were valiant with sharp sight. They sized up Chu Li before spotting his knife on his waist.

Chu Li was dressed in a spotless white robe with no hint of cultivation.

There were no changes to his temple and the top of his head. His eyes were unclear. His spirit was not plentiful. One look and one could tell he knew no martial arts.

The two guards took a few glances at his knife and snorted. They then waved him in.

The person in front of Chu Li had to undergo a series of interrogations. He was a martial artist. His spirit was plentiful.

After a series of interrogations, the two guards even gave a fair warning.

Green Mountain Town has its own regulation, that forbade the start of a fight. Once a fight was started, the lighter sentence was the abolishment of cultivation and banishment from town, the heavier would be a death sentence, executed by the Town Defense Prefecture and the House of High Duke. There would be no exceptions. Pride had to be swallowed if one cherished life.

That martial artist was questioned to the point of impatience plus the warning he received, he entered the town gloomily.

Chu Li entered the town.

The streets had heavy traffic that flowed in a steady stream. The sounds of selling, bargaining, arguments, mediation, children frolicking and bustling mixed together with the lingering smells of eateries flooded towards Chu Li.

Chu Li traveled at a slow pace, sensing the hustle and bustle of the town.

Its lively places were very much similar, he felt he was walking through Chong Ming Town.

He was pacing through the streets before coming across a restaurant a hill to hill restaurant with towering three floors. It was an imposing building. Standing on the third floor gave the entire view of Green Mountain Town.

He ordered a few fishes at the restaurant and found a window seat. He enjoyed the meal while admiring the view. Listening to the chitter chatter around was also a form of entertainment.

The adjustment from these past few days had him walking out of those enraging yet helpless circumstances. He was completely free from negativity and resumed to his strong willed state.

He had to make more effort to reach enlightened mastery before Xiao Qi!

Regal Sword Scripture was compelling but he wanted to break out from the scripture's boundaries and obtain Xiao Qi's heart again. She would not be able to escape from the palm of his hands!

"Everyone, have you heard? God of Blade in white robe's name is Du Feng!"

"This isn't something new."

"Alright then, then I'll talk about something absolutely new. I'm sure everyone has never heard of!"

"Quickly now. If it's really new, I will be treating you this meal!"

"Thanks in advance then!"

"Stop dilly dallying or we won't listen!"

"Sure sure, you really have no patience,... Ouch! Okay okay, I'm talking!"

"Old Meng, you're asking for a beating!"

"Sigh..., You guys, I'm talking! Do you know where Du Feng is from?"


"I don't know where myself, ouch! ... Everyone, just hear me out. No raising fists!"

"Beat around the bush once more and I'll whip you!"

"Alright alright, Du Feng is connected to Snow Lunar Pavilion!"

"Snow Lunar Pavilion..., But Snow Lunar Pavilion is about sword mastery, ain't it?"

Snow Lunar Pavilion was famously a first rated faction in the world of martial arts.

"I heard that Du Feng's fianc is a disciple of the Snow Lunar Pavilion!"

"Oh, that is possible!" One responded, "The female disciples of the Snow Lunar Pavilion are beauties. Which young master wouldn't be moved. It's a shame that Snow Lunar Pavilion is heavily guarded with no possible opportunity."

"If I may, these women are too vicious. There's no point even if they're beautiful!"

"That's because you don't know the beauty of being masters in the martial arts world. No matter how vicious the woman, once they're married, how could they possibly beat up their spouse? ... If there's a master of martial arts world at home, wouldn't you feel safe, am I right?"

"I guess so!"

"The female disciples of the Snow Lunar Pavilion are highly sought after, ... The wife of Du Feng is from Snow Lunar Pavilion, this is big news!"

"What's the point of knowing?" One of them curled their lips in disdain, "Du Feng is not to be messed with, even more so for Snow Lunar Pavilion. Who would dare?"

"Where did this Du Feng come from then?"

"Who knows? He may be a disciple from some faction hidden from the world. The kind that is hardly out and wham, one hit wonder. But I must say his knife technique is impressive, it must be more than a thousand that died at his hands."

"Really committing innumerable murders!"

"If you put a thousand on queue and slayed one by one, I wouldn't be able to do it!"

Chu Li frowned as he listened to their gossip and shook his head.

It wasn't any practical news.

"Have you heard?" One of them lowered their voice, "Second young master snatched another young lady two days ago!"