White Robed Chief Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Informant

"Have you ever heard about the Heavenly Demon?"

"Heavenly Demon? The Heavenly Demon from the Thirty Third Heaven?" Xiao Shi muttered.

Chu Li nodded.

It was only a casual question, he did not actually expect her to know of it.

"The Heavenly Demon live on the Thirty Third Heaven, it is shapeless but substantial; they can also change their appearance to anything they want. What about the Heavenly Demonic Power?" Chu Li replied.

"The Heavenly Demonic Power… How do you know about this?" Xiao Shi muttered to herself whilst thinking.

Chu Li smirked. "I heard about it from someone else, I felt that the name sounded ominous, which is why it left an impression on me."

"The Heavenly Demonic Power comes from the Heavenly Demon Scripture. It is said that it can be passed down from the Thirty Third Heaven, but unfortunately, the skill has been lost. If you have successfully cultivated the Heavenly Demon Scripture, it is said that you could transform into many things – Apparently, you can even turn into a Spirit Beast!" Xiao Shi shook her head and pitifully said.

"So, why has it been lost?"

"It is too hard to even begin learning it. Couple this with the gradually weakening spiritual force of the human race, no one could successfully cultivate it. After some time, the Heavenly Demon Scripture disappeared too. There are lots of cases that are similar to the Heavenly Demon Scripture. Many ancient studies have been lost to history because of the same reason." Xiao Shi sighed.

"Weakening spiritual force?" asked Chu Li.

"I once read a secret collection that said that ever since the Spirit Beasts started to avoid the human race, humans have been able to live peacefully. Because of this, it was unnecessary to reach one's potential, leading to us growing weaker with every generation. The Spirit Beasts may have killed people, but we had learned of ways of dealing with them. Now that they have moved into the Hundred-Thousand Hills, the human race is safe, but no doubt getting weaker." Xiao Shi shook her head.

Chu Li looked as if he was thinking.

Xiao Shi read a lot of books, even more than Chu Li.

"When you hear someone say the name of the Heavenly Demon Scripture, it sounds off. Are there any after effects of cultivating it?"

"I've never heard of any side effects. However, it is obviously impossible for it to be completely free of side effects. You could morph into anything you want – You can't possibly think this comes at no cost, right?" Xiao Shi racked her brain.

Xiao Shi went silent for a while before her eyes suddenly widened. "Wait… do you want to cultivate the Heavenly Demon Scripture?"

"Can we find the Scripture of Heavenly Demon? … If I cultivate it and kill King An, will the Emperor be able to find out?"

Xiao Shi furrowed her brows and fell deep into thought.

She thought about it for a while and shook her head. "It might be possible since the Heaven;y Demon Scripture comes from the Thirty Third Heaven. It is said that once you cultivate it, you will have an induction with the Heavenly Demon. You could possibly block the Emperor's insight. Unfortunately, finding the Heavenly Demon Scripture is easier said than done."

Chu Li lifted his chin and smiled knowingly. "I will send some people to search for it. Perhaps we can find some clues."

Xiao Shi smiled back, even though she disapproved. An ancient martial arts study like the Heavenly Demon Scripture would not be found so easily, or the Public House would not have been this weak.


Chu Li made a closed fist salute and left.


Chu Li walked over to the small courtyard of Jiang Kuai.

Jiang Kuai was cultivating in his courtyard while Su Yuting was sitting under the pagoda as she worked on her embroidery. She lifted her head and glanced at him every once in a while.

Chu Li knocked on the door. Jiang Kuai opened it and smiled as he invited his guest into the pagoda.

Su Yuting served them tea before leaving.

"Brother Chu, isn't this too ruthless? With his cultivation crippled and his exile, he is done for." smiled Jiang Kuai.

Chu Li smiled. "If he was not an informant, I might have only punished him to vent my anger."

"You scare a lot of people with your radical methods, Brother Chu." Jiang Kuai shook his head disapprovingly.

The Grandmasters were unlike Innate Masters, there were only a few of them throughout the Great Ji Dynasty. To cripple one of them just like that was indeed stunning. It felt as if the whole Public House was controlled by him.

Chu Li said, "Brother Jiang, there is something I need your help with."

"Speak," Jiang Kuai immediately answered.

"I need you to go to the Fairy's Capital and buy three residences - I also need them to be next to each other."

"... How big?"

"Size matters not, but, it is better if it is a quiet spot so that it does not attract any attention."

"... I understand." Jiang Kuai slowly nodded.

He could immediately tell that Chu Li needed to hide something. Since concealing was Jiang Kuai forte, he knew what to buy.

"Get three at Qing Yun Town too… and in the Golden Crown Town as well."

"... Alright."

"Change your appearance and go about quietly. I will move in immediately after. You will need to pass messages and relay information to me from the Public House after that," Chu Li continued.

"Not a problem." Jiang Kuai nodded.

Jiang Kuai's biggest strength lied in his Light-body Technique and Bone Shrinkage Skill. He could change his appearance with amazing speed; in this way, nobody would be able to identify him.

Chu Li made a closed fist salute and said, "I will make my move as soon as you come back."

"Alright." Jiang Kuai saluted back.

Chu Li bantered with him for a while before he stood up and left. Then, he entered a small courtyard not far away.


Zhuo Feiyang lazily sat under the pagoda of the small courtyard. He looked at the sky, his mood gloomy.

He was very excited when he heard that the Public House had called for him and had journeyed without rest.

It was only after he returned that he found out that the one who called for him was his old rival - Chu Li!

Chu Li was a Rank 2 Scribe and the Chief of the Glory's Will Courtyard. He was responsible for leading the informants, one of the most important departments in the Public House. He reported directly to Master Xiao Tieying, which showed how powerful his position was.

Zhuo Feiyang then took a look at himself. He had been ordered to work somewhere else and was only a Rank 5 Protector, the difference between them was truly like heaven and earth.

All these things made him particularly agitated.

Why did Chu Li deserve to have such a high position? The only thing he did was lick Lady Xiao Qi's boots! He often used cunning schemes in his work in an ungentlemanly display!

When Zhuo Feiyang reached the Public House yesterday, he asked anyone to go to the Martial Arts Hall. Having previously offending the people from the Martial Arts Hall, he would be made fun of if he went there.

Fortunately, Bai Zhijie was still loyal to him.

Upon hearing that Chu Li had shown up at the Martial Arts Hall, Ba Zhijie hurriedly came over to inform him of the show Chu Li had put on that he had witnessed with his very own eyes.

Zhuo Feiyang was thinking about it ever since he returned from the Martial Arts Hall.

If he was Le Dongchu or Jing Zhixue, could he have protested? Was there anything that he could do?

In the end, Zhuo Feiyang just ended up getting more frustrated and furious. He still did not have the power to defend himself!

"Duk Duk!" a knock on the door interrupted his train of thought.

Zhuo Feiyang opened the door and saw that Chu Li was standing outside.

"It's you!" Zhuo Feiyang's expression darkened.

Chu Li sized him up.

Zhuo Feiyang was wearing a sapphire blue robe. His face reminiscent of jade; he was still as charming as before. Smart and handsome, with profound cultivation. He was indeed a prodigy in martial arts.

"Why are you here?" Zhuo Feiyang scoffed.

Chu Li walked forward.

Zhuo Feiyang blocked his path with his body and did not budge. "This place does not welcome you!"

Chu Li stopped and smiled. "You never learn!"

"You can thank yourself for that. You are a nasty person who only knows how to use cunning tactics!" Zhuo Feiyang snarled.

Chu Li sighed before continuing, "Zhuo Feiyang, you have been appointed to join the Glory's Will Courtyard. Do you accept?"

"What do you mean? I am a Protector of the Public House, I am not your scribe, why do I have to listen to you?" Zhuo Feiyang furrowed his brows.

"If you do not accept the appointment, then you will have to return home. From that point onwards, you will have no chance of returning to the Public House," Chu Li replied.

Zhuo Feiyang could not comprehend the situation and coldly asked, "What do you mean?"

Chu Li shrugged his shoulders. "You understand what I mean."

Zhuo Feiyang's expression darkened as he glared at the man before him. Of course, he understood what Chu Li meant.

If Zhuo Feiyang did not join the Glory's Will Courtyard, he would have to stay somewhere far away, with no chance of returning. As long as Chu Li was in control, he would have no chance of ever rising again!

Chu Li was Rank 2, one of the best ranks in the Public House. If Zhuo Feiyang angered Chu Li, he was basically done for!

Zhuo Feiyang clenched his teeth. "If I join the Glory's Will Courtyard, you will exact revenge on me due to our personal conflicts!"

Chu Li smiled at him. "Why would I exact revenge on you? I have already done that, but now it is your time to shine! You should know exactly how I treat my own subordinates."

"What do you want me to do? Do you want me to unearth traitors?" Zhuo Feiyang looked at Chu Li suspiciously. This was way too out of the blue.

Chu Li was a cunning man with many schemes, but he treated his subordinates well; It is rumored that what had happened in the past was only because he wanted to avenge Jiang Kuai.

"You shall work as an informant!"

"And go right into the lion's den? No, No! I refuse!" Zhuo Feiyang furrowed his brows and quickly shook his head.

"Zhuo Feiyang, you should know that wealth comes from risk. This is your chance to bring about a huge change to your life, are you really not going to do it?" Chu Li continued.

"... What do I get if I contribute?" Zhuo Feiyang hesitantly asked.

"You shall return to the Public House and join the Glory's Will Courtyard, where you will lead a team of ten," said Chu Li.

Zhuo Feiyang hesitated.

Chu Li walked forwards as Zhuo Feiyang stepped back to allow him room.

Chu Li walked into the pagoda and sat down, Bai Zhijie's eyes widened as soon as he saw him.

Chu Li glanced at Bai Zhijie and smiled. "It's rare to find someone like Brother Bai, who is so loyal. Would you like to join the Glory's Will Courtyard, Brother Bai?"

Bai Zhijie hesitantly looked at Zhuo Feiyang.

Zhuo Feiyang clenched his teeth as he glared at Chu Li. This was a life or death decision. Finally, he looked up and shouted, "Okay, I will join you! Bai Zhijie will join the Glory's WIll Courtyard with me!"