White Robed Chief Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Journey

Chu Li clapped his hands and laughed out loud. "Alright, from now on, all our gratitude and resentment is written off and as for how meritorious your service is will be entirely up to you."

"Where am I going to become an informant at? Don't tell me it's the Ren Public House?" Zhuo Feiyang continued.

Chu Li shook his head. "Go to the Imperial Residence of King Jing!"

"The Imperial Residence of King Jing? Why there?" Zhuo Feiyang was extremely surprised.

Chu Li replied, "Jing Wangsu is a renowned man. He recruits famous scholars from around the world. If you seek shelter there, with your capabilities, you'll eventually be given an important position."

"That's natural!" Zhuo Feiyang scoffed.

He was very clear about his natural gifts. Other than the man before him, Zhuo Feiyang had never met anyone else who was on par with him.

Chu Li explained, "As an informant, your task will be rather different from the others. You don't have to do anything, nor do you have to deliver any messages."

Zhuo Feiyang stared at him.

Chu Li continued, "Your duty is not to keep your eyes on King Jing. No matter what King Jing does, your job is to do a background check on all the people in the Imperial Residence."

"Do background checks on them?"

"It's actually just like making more friends. Treat more people to drinks when you're free and get connected with more friends. You don't have to go out of your way to inquire about information; but after a few rounds of drinks, you'll get to know their likings and weaknesses," Chu Li said.

"What's the point of that?"

"Everyone has weaknesses. Tou don't have to bother about the rest… that's why you don't have to be afraid of being exposed. Don't bother about anything related to King Jing. Even if King Jing plans to harm me, you shouldn't be bothered about that either. Don't try to be a smart aleck and deliver messages!" Chu Li said.

"Then…" Zhuo Feiyang smiled.

Chu Li smiled too. "I believe this is to your liking? If I ask you to take risks to deliver messages to me, that would be too hard for you!"

Zhuo Feiyang scoffed. "Since I've agreed to take up the task, I'll naturally put effort into it and do my best so don't harm me!"

Chu Li said, "Other people will come looking for you. We won't be meeting each other so this is absolutely safe!"

"Yes, this arrangement sounds good! I'm quite confident since you're the one who arranged this." Zhuo Feiyang said loudly.

Chu Li's tricks were usually used on his opponents. Those who were on the same side as him could worry less and save the unnecessary trouble. 

"You'll start moving today!" Chu Li said.

".... Junior Sister Zhao… ?"

Chu Li turned gloomy, he scoffed. "You should be clear of what Junior Sister Bai Zhao thinks so you can stop clinging onto her!"

Unwilling to show his inferiority, Zhuo Feiyang stared back at him. "I won't give up!"

"You're all talk about these words that court death, brainless! Just leave!" Chu Li shook his head then waved his hand.

He turned around and left the courtyard.

"Young Master… ?" Bai Zhijie said hurriedly.

Zhuo Feiyang scoffed. "That man Chu Li!"

"So do you want to… ? He isn't really planning to harm Young Master, is he?" Bai Zhijie said with hesitation.

Zhuo Feiyang replied, "If Chu Li wants to defraud, he did not have to call me back."

Although he was naturally impulsive, he was not a fool. He just could not control his temper.

With the power and influence, Chu Li had, if he wanted to harm Zhuo Feiyang, all he had to do was say it once and someone would do it for him. There would be no need for him to go through all the trouble. After all, Zhuo Feiyang was a genius at martial arts, so he would naturally be of great use so much so that Chu Li had to brazen out to beg him for help!

As long as he contributed a huge part and trained to enter the Grandmaster's Boundary, Zhuo Feiyang would be able to surpass Chu Li, and when that happens, he would be able to square accounts with him! He would take back Junior Sister Zhao!


Five days later, in the middle of the night, Chu Li left the High Duke's Public Houses quietly along with Xiao Shi and Yang Xu.

Chu Li held both their wrists in each of his hands and flew out under the moonlight over the town walls.

Xiao Shi turned around to look back at Chong Ming Town.

Under the bright moonlight, Chong Ming Town looked mysterious and forbidden. It appeared to be familiar yet strange to her as she felt that the town was dear to her and that she had grown accustomed to it over the time she had spent there. Xiao Shi was reluctant to leave.

As a sense of melancholy filled her heart, Xiao Shi knew that once she left, she might not be able to return forever and would be permanently out of the town.

Chu Li leaped to the top of trees and turned around to take a look.

"Lady, you don't have to be like that. Whenever you feel like returning, I'll bring you back," Chu Li said.

Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him. "Once I enter the Imperial Residence, how can I just come back as I wish?"

Chu Li replied, "You can just secretly return."

Xiao Shi sighed. "I wish so… let's go!"

Chu Li stepped on the treetops and quickly glided along with the ladies as if they were sailing in the wind. His white robe fluttered in the wind and it looked as if he was a supernatural being.

Yang Xu smiled and said, "Chief, I don't have to follow. I'm just a burden."

Chu Li replied, "I can't serve the Second Lady well enough, you'll do a better job."

Xiao Shi glanced over faintly. "So now you think I'm a burden, is that right?"

Chu Li laughed. "It's just that I'm such a clumsy man, I wouldn't want to trouble you with any inconvenience, Second Lady. You think that Miss Yang should follow us too, right?"

"Not bad." Xiao Shi glared at him sharply.

The maids in the residence were all very clumsy and they were not nimble at all, so much so that Xiao Shi had to instruct them to do things as they would not take the initiative to. It was tiring and annoying.

Yang Xu was different from the others. She seemed to have always read Xiao Shi's mind, preparing everything beforehand and doing her job before she was ordered to. Both of them were well-coordinated. Each time Xiao Shi hinted at her, Yang Xu would know what to do, which made Xiao Shi worry less and saved her a lot of trouble. Everything was more convenient with Yang Xu around.

"Where are we going?" Yang Xu smiled and asked.

Chu Li replied, "Qing Yun Town."

"That's very close to the Fairy's Capital," Yang Xu said.

Qing Yun Town was only a hundred miles away from Fairy's Capital. It would take less than a day if they went by horse.

"That will be the safest option. The people from Ren Public House probably won't think that we'll be there," Chu Li continued.

While talking, Chu Li did not waste or delay any time and he sped through the whole journey.

Along with the two ladies, he flew past high mountains and crossed big rivers with them. Chu Li purposely took paths that were desolated, which allowed them to see sceneries that were hidden from the others.

Xiao Shi was extremely enchanted as she looked at the scenic view beneath her feet.

Since she had been born, Xiao Shi had always stayed in the residence and rarely went out. Although she had seen some scenery outside of her place, it was never this majestic.

As the sun was setting, rosy clouds painted the sky and both Heaven and Earth looked magnificent. They stopped at a mountain and looked at the hills and the resorts below them.

"What's happening over there?" Xiao Shi asked suddenly, pointing at a village at the foot of the mountain.

The place was on fire as white smoke rose from the village.

Chu Li frowned. "Give me a moment. Wait for me here. I'll be back in a while!"

"There are bandits, aren't there?" Xiao Shi asked hurriedly.

Chu Li nodded with an upset face.

From the Omniscient Mirror, Chu Li had already seen a group of bandits raging in a mountain village. The villagers had hidden in their houses with the doors closed and windows shut.

However, the bandits knew martial arts. There was no point in them to closing their doors as they could easily barge in by going over the walls. They killed anyone in their way and stole anything valuable.

When Chu Li saw that, dozens of people had died in the village.

Right after he spoke, Chu Li disappeared and in just two flashes. He reappeared in the small mountain village.

Under the shrouding of the Omniscient Mirror, Chu Li could clearly hear everyone and every corner of the village. As soon as he came across someone in danger, he would appear there in a flash and kill the bandit with just a single shot.

There were a total of twenty bandits who raided the village. In the blink of an eye, Chu Li had killed eighteen of them. The remaining two were there to watch the horses and to deliver messages whenever necessary.

Before the frightened villagers came out from their houses, Chu Li arrived before the two old men.

Nonetheless, the old men looked like ordinary villagers but their eyes looked penetrating and slick. They knelt down and begged for forgiveness as it was their first time.

Chu Li asked where the stockaded village was, how many people were there and if there was any master there.

Before the old men answered, Chu Li killed them with just one hit, and flew away before reappearing before the two ladies.

Xiao Shi quickly asked, "Have you saved them?"

"Yes, the bandits came from a stockaded village on the mountain. Once these people die, the others would come to seek revenge. I must completely eliminate them. You two wait over here, I'll be back soon," Chu Li said.

"Let's go together!" Xiao Shi said quickly.