White Robed Chief Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Victory

"I just want to take a look."

"Alright, alright." Yang Baoshu stood up immediately.

He stretched his limbs before putting on a serious expression. Then, he performed a set of fist techniques where he looked extremely graceful and flexible. His tall figure seemed to shrink as he stooped over and hunched his shoulders; he leaped everywhere whilst performing his maneuvers. It really made him look like a monkey.

Chu Li nodded. Yang Baoshu certainly had a great deal of talent. He managed to master this much of the Agile Monkey Fist with just a Fist Manual this was quite the feat.

After Yang Baoshu finished the Agile Monkey Fist, he stopped and then turned to look at Chu Li for approval.

Chu Li pondered for a while before critiquing him. "Let me clarify something before I say anything - I'm just casually giving my opinion, so don't take it to heart."

Yang Baoshu merely stared at Chu Li with his eyes full of focus. "Mister, please speak away."

Chu Li said, "If anyone ever asks about the Agile Monkey Fist, tell them that you realized it yourself that you've grown wiser by yourself!"

"... Yes, I won't ever mention you, Mister!" Yang Baoshu nodded immediately.

A real hermit lived downtown it looked like Mister Chu was indeed an expert who wished to stay hidden and hid his light under a bushel. What good luck for Yang Baoshu!

Chu Li stood up and then pulled his clothes straight to unwrinkled them. "Punch me."

Yang Baoshu fired a punch at Chu Li carefully.

At once, Chu Li lowered his body. He shrunk behind Yang Baoshu.

Yang Baoshu was surprised, but by the time he turned around, Chu Li's fist was right in front of his eyes.

Chu Li exclaimed loudly, "Don't hold back!"

"Then watch out, mister!" Yang Baoshu was certain that he had met an expert. He instantly felt energized as he launched his fists ferociously. He really gave it all that he could.

Once again, Chu Li lowered himself and then stuck out his leg.

Immediately, Yang Baoshu flipped in a somersault, and he rolled away.

When Yang Baoshu finally stood up, he was super excited. "I never knew that we could use the technique in that way!"

Chu Li smiled. "Go on!"

Thus, Yang Baoshu pulled out all stops. However, he kept getting hit as Chu Li was using the Agile Monkey Fist.

When Chu Li used the Agile Monkey Fist, each move he made was exquisite and absolutely precise. His strikes were near-impossible to dodge.

There were thirty-six techniques in the Agile Monkey Fist, Yang Baoshu watched and learned eagerly as Chu Li performed them one by one. Chu Li displayed its gracefulness to Yang Baoshu.

After ten years of training nothing but the Agile Monkey Fist, Yang Baoshu thought he knew it inside out. He could even do it with his eyes closed it had become like second nature to him.

However, at that instant, it was as if he had discovered a whole new world.

Chu Li stopped punching, and he straightened his clothes. "That's all for today. Don't greet me in the avenue in the future; just let your mother speak badly of me to the others."

"Ah ------?" When Yang Baoshu snapped back to reality he opened his eyes wide.

Chu Li was annoyed at him. "Just do as I say!"

"... Alright." Yang Baoshu nodded but couldn't hold back his curiosity and asked, "Why so?"

Chu Li said, "Because my enemies are too powerful, killing you would be no different from killing a chicken. Even if you're not afraid to die, what about your mother?"

Yang Baoshu nodded immediately and aggressively. "Understood, understood, I'll definitely make mother speak badly of you, Mister!"

Chu Li waved his hand while smiling. "If you want to come over in the future, wait until it's night time, and don't let anyone else know."

"Yes!" Yang Baoshu agreed enthusiastically.

When he thought about his mother, he sighed helplessly. Mister was so great, but his enemies were not weaklings either. If it would really put his mother in danger, then he would be a negligent son. He would be no better than a warlord who sacrifices his own family. Hence, he agreed not to let others know if he were to come over here again.

Chu Li then dismissed him casually. "Alright then, you may leave."

Yang Baoshu bid his farewell and then left unwillingly. He bowed at Chu Li once again from the top of the wall.

Chu Li waved his hand before picking up his sword to resume his practice.

Yang Baoshu suddenly noticed that Mister Chu seemed quite sorrowful; his figure betrayed a sense of loneliness.

As one would expect, living in solitary was rather pitiful!


After this, Yang Baoshu practiced hard in isolated cultivation at home. Early in the morning of the following day, he arrived at the martial arts field again to wait for Hu Yu.

When Zheng Xia saw that he was early, he knew that Yang Baoshu was about to challenge Hu Yu again. He sighed helplessly and then walked over to him. "Baoshu, are you really going to fight Hu Yu again?"

"This time I'll beat him up so badly that he'll pee in his pants!" Yang Baoshu was high-spirited and was overflowing with confidence.

Nevertheless, after looking at the same expression twice, Zheng Xia no longer believed in him. He tried to discourage Yang Baoshu from getting hurt any further. "Brother, I think it's better for you to wait it out and practice more just keep training."

"I'm done with training, Zheng Xia, you should just wait and watch!" Yang Baoshu scoffed. Then, he shouted abruptly, "Hu Yu, get over here!"

Hu Yu was bowing respectfully as he trailed behind a middle-aged man; his dark and small face was filled with a smile. He looked like a little kid in a candy shop.

When Yang Baoshu shouted, everyone on the martial arts field heard it loud and clear.

The middle-aged man in front of Hu Yu also turned around and looked him.

Zheng Xia immediately pulled the corner of Yang Baoshu's sleeve. "Oh no, it's my uncle!"

The middle-aged man had a burly figure and a squared face, he exuded an aura of dignity and his demeanor reeked of righteousness. There was no doubting it, he was the commander of the Keen Metal Clan, Zheng Jin.

His gaze was like a blade that could cut through steel. His eyes would pierce a person, as though it was ready to cut someone open and reveal all their childish tricks. Most of the practitioners on the field stared at the ground as his gaze swept over them.

Hu Yu lowered his voice and talked to Zheng Jin.

Zheng Jin only frowned and then looked at Yang Baoshu from afar.

At that moment, Yang Baoshu cupped his fists and bowed. Zheng Xia looked on helplessly before bowing likewise.

Zheng Jin paced towards them, and he looked at Yang Baoshu. "Yelling and squealing like a pig, how could you behave so rudely!"

"I apologize, Commander Zheng. However, I'd like to challenge Hu Yu," Yang Baoshu quickly said.

Zheng Jin smirked. "Challenge? Do you think you can beat Hu Yu?"

"Of course!" Yang Baoshu said loudly.

Hu Yu laughed aloud at the confident remark. "Baoshu, quit joking around!"

Yang Baoshu glared at Hu Yu defiantly. "Who's joking!? Hu Yu, I'm going to beat you up!"

Hu Yu's temper flared, and he immediately retorted. "I'm going to beat you up------!"

However, right after, he bowed apologetically. "Commander, I have misbehaved!"

Zheng Jin was silent throughout this fiasco. He stared at the two men silently. Finally, he declared, "Alright, I'd like to see what the both of you have got, let's start the competition now!"

Hu Yu coughed lightly and then said rather meekly, "Commander, I think there's no need to show my ability any further, no?"

"I've heard that your Black Stone Fist Technique is quite the spectacle. Show me." Zheng Jin grinned.

As for Yang Baoshu, Zheng Jin knew very well that he was a good child. However, in terms of martial arts, Yang Baoshu was indeed lacking. Add this to an impulsive and childish nature, and it was clear that he had much growing up to do.

"Very well." Hu Yu became energetic at once and agreed to it enthusiastically. This was a chance for him to prove himself!

He understood what the commander had implied; if he performed well, he might be assigned to important tasks. It could upgrade him from being a low-level soldier into an officer.

Hu Yu was so excited that he almost jumped at the opportunity. He knew he had to perform well and with all his might in order to show the commander that he was worthy of great responsibilities.

"Come on, Baoshu, let's see how much you've improved!" Hu Yu scoffed.

Yang Baoshu stared unflinchingly at him. "Then make the first move!"

"Watch my fist then!" Hu Yu took his stance and then launched his fist outward.

Instantly, Yang Baoshu ducked his body and disappeared from Hu Yu's view. He then swiftly went behind Hu Yu and punched him in the back of his head.

"Aiya!" Hu Yu shouted in pain before swinging wildly as he turned around.

Yang Baoshu jumped to the side to dodge Hu Yu's fist, and at the same time, jabbed Hu Yu's shoulder.

Hu Yu was shocked but immediately picked himself up; this was such a great chance to prove himself, he could not fail so miserably with such an easy task.

However the boy's technique had changed. It had become more cunning and was extremely odd.

"Come on!" Yang Baoshu shouted. He first punched Hu Yu's back, then his neck and then the back of his head. Each attack was unexpected and abnormal.

In the blink of an eye, Hu Yu had suffered at least ten punches.

Nonetheless, since his inner energy was far stronger than Yang Baoshu's inner energy, he was not badly injured. However, his skin was turning red from the impact - it was embarrassing!

"Take that! And that!" Yang Baoshu continued shouting. He struck Hu Yu with each shout and was gradually getting quicker.