White Robed Chief Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Kill

Chu Li sized up the trio. He raised his eyebrow. "And who might you three be?"

The red-haired elder in the middle spoke in a deep tone. "You're Chu Li, right? You need not know of our identities. Hand over the second lady and we will spare your life!"

Chu Li laughed at the demand. How rude was it to not even introduce oneself? "Why did men from King An's Imperial Residence come here?"

He saw right through the thoughts of the trio.

Killing him was their primary task. Rescuing the second lady was only a side quest they were only to grab her if they were to stumble upon her.

It seemed that King An saw him as a thorn in his side and wanted to get rid of him for his peace of mind.

"Humph, there's no need for questions. Are you going to answer or not?"

Chu Li frowned. "What does His Highness King An want?"

"The second lady is the future queen. We're only here to bring back the second lady; if anybody tries to stop us, then we'll deal with them accordingly!"

"I see..." Chu Li nodded. It seemed like they were still unaware that he was a Grandmaster.

Chu Li had intentionally held back from striking when he faced Le Dongchu's taunting earlier in order to conceal this fact. His precautions had paid off.

After today, King An would know the truth.

The trio had received orders to come here to find him and then kill him. They probably knew nothing of this person and were only here to carry out orders.

The red-haired elder was growing impatient. "Where's the second lady? Don't bother with any tricks. Don't make us kill you!"

Chu Li smiled. "I don't know where the second lady is."

None of the men were fools. Although Chu Li wasn't a threat, being only an Innate Master, the red-haired elder still tried his best to break Chu Li's spirit.

They acted as though they were only out here to look for the second lady, so they would obtain verbal confirmation of his identity.

The red-haired elder's face scrounged into a knot. "We wouldn't dare touch the second lady. However, you are a different story!"

The trio each shot out a punch.

Chu Li flung both his arms as two fists whizzed by his face.

"Swish! Swish!" A light whizz was heard as two daggers were sent flying. They went straight into the bodies of two of the elders.

The distance between them was too short and the daggers were too quick. This had caught them completely off-guard. They were hit before they could even react. Not to mention, they had just expunged a large amount of energy and were catching their breath. Hence, parrying the daggers were also out of the question.

Chu Li saw this with the Omniscient Mirror and scored a direct hit.

The two of them clutched their chest with eyes wide in disbelief. They slowly stumbled backward.

Chu Li was now a Grandmaster. The force of his flying daggers was impressive, and the two elders could not guard against them under such a short sentence. They looked on in horror as their energy leaked out of their chest.

However, they suddenly got over the shock and quickly took out some drugs before tossing them into their mouths.

"How dare you!" The red-haired elder was enraged. He pushed outward and a wave of energy shot toward Chu Li like a powerful cannon.

Chu Li easily sidestepped to dodge it.

From the Infinite Azure Sea to the Duality Scripture, aura came surging in from every direction. Chu Li circulated the Duality Scripture as if he was riding a horse. His white robe moved despite the fact that there was no wind; and yet, he looked as though he was standing in the middle of a storm.

"Bang!" The red-haired elder palmed the stone table, and he sent it flying through the air.

Once again Chu Li sidestepped as the stone table crashed into a nearby wall. The force of the impact had blown a hole in the wall, leaving pieces of debris everywhere. In addition to this, the impact had caused an exceptionally loud crash in the middle of the night.

Yang Baoshu was deep in thought when he heard the noise. He quickly grabbed the ladder to look over the wall.

The moonlight illuminated the scene and he was able to see everything.

On the ground lay two unconscious men; another unknown red-haired elder was leaping about nearby and firing out punches in midair. Everywhere he punched, dust flew and things were destroyed his moves were no laughing matter. Yang Baoshu saw this and thought that he must have been a legendary Grandmaster!

However, he continued to scan the garden and widened his eyes when he saw Mr. Chu's white robe flapping in the wind. Mr. Chu was agilely avoiding the elder's punches. His white robe remained unscathed, and he seemed to be gliding through his movements.

Then, Mr. Chu let out a light punch.

The red-haired elder took the hit and instantly yelled out in pain. His shriek was like a clap of thunder in the quiet night.

Yang Baoshu's ears were buzzing so much that he was forced to cover them. He was aware of the dangers and knew that he should not be there watching. However, a strong impulse was making him stay in place.

If he wanted to live like Mr. Chu, then he had to see Mr. Chu's capabilities. This man was supposed to be his benchmark, this man was what he was supposed to aim for!

"Urghhh!" The red-haired elder was grunting in pain as staggered backward.

Chu Li's light punch was derived from High Duke Lu himself - it was a force to be reckoned with.

The red-haired elder threw Chu Li a nasty stare before wiping his mouth. He signaled for another round. "Alright Chu Li, have another go at it!"

The elder punched again, and Chu Li returned the favor.

"Bang!" The red-haired elder's entire body was launched twenty meters through the air before he crashed into the residence.

Chu Li snorted. This red-haired elder was a sneaky bastard. He followed the flow of Chu Li's punch to the house in order to capture Xiao Shi. It was too bad that Xiao Shi was not in this courtyard.

As a bodyguard, it advisable for Chu Li to live in the same house as her. However, this was a strange case due to the fact that Chu Li's accommodation had two courtyards. It certainly was not common at all. The red-haired elder had not thought of this.

"Let's go!" The red-haired elder swiftly ran through the house and then left through a window. He was seething with rage.

Seizing second Lady Xiao should have been a piece of cake- the elder did not think that he would have to fight a Grandmaster. What a miscalculation! He was hoping to at least be able to fulfill the second part of his mission - but unfortunately, second Lady Xiao was not around.

The elder hastily ran over to grab the unconscious duo and then swung them over his shoulders before speedily scaling the wall.

You could tell he was pushing himself to his absolute limits in hopes of escaping from Chu Li.

"Swish!" A blade flew through the air.

Moments later, the red-haired elder looked down at his chest only to realize that a dagger was sticking out of it. He lost his grip and fell powerlessly to the ground, right into Yang Baoshu's yard.

Yang Baoshu was frightened out of his wits and could only stand there frozen in fear.

"Thud!" A fist slammed into the red-haired elder's back.

His body contorted outwards as he spat out blood; then, he went limp and plummeted straight to the ground.

"Bang!" Yang Baoshu's yard shook as the trio landed messily in the yard.

Yang Baoshu stood at the entrance of his house with a pasty complexion.

By now, Madam Zhou had woken up too. She quickly called from inside the house, "Who's that?"

"Mother, it's me. I'm cultivating!" Yang Baoshu responded in a panic.

Yang Baoshu continued to watch as Chu Li leaped forward and then appeared before the three elders.

The red-haired elder was stuffing a blood red pill into his mouth as he glared viciously at Chu Li.

The other two elders that had been stabbed in the chest laid on the ground next to him as they too glared at Chu Li. They had taken the Life Saving Pill, which was similar to the Spirit Blessing Pill.

Chu Li lowered his head to look down at them. Then he sighed as if he was bored. "You guys are out of luck."

He laid his palm on each of them.

"Chu Li, angering King An has its consequences!" The red-haired elder was aggravated. He was spitting blood while he growled at Chu Li angrily.

Chu Li smiled and dismissed the warning. "Whatever the consequences may be, you need not worry about me. Meanwhile, the three of you can keep each other company on the road to hell. Goodbye!"

"You..." The trio continued to glare at Chu Li all the way until they drew their final breath.

Yang Baoshu's body went numb, and he could not move a finger.

His earlier impression of a gentle and caring Mister Chu had come crashing down after witnessing him murder three men in cold blood. Yang Baoshu could not believe his eyes and had chills.

Then, he briefly locked eyes with Chu Li, which caused him to force out an awkward smile.

Chu Li smiled back before carrying the three corpses back into his own compound.

The moment he left, Yang Baoshu's body went limp, and he dropped to his knees.

"Bastard, what are you doing now?" Madam Zhou shouted in displeasure. She pushed open the windows of her room. "What's with all the ruckus in the middle of the night? Go to bed already."

Yang Baoshu flailed about as he got back to his feet. "Right right, I'm going to bed now, mother!"

"What an idiot!" Madam Zhou glared at him before slamming the windows shut to continue her beauty sleep.

However, Yang Baoshu was uneasy; he wanted to return to bed yet couldn't suppress his curiosity.

He slowly climbed up the wall and then craned his neck to peek into Chu Li's yard.

What he wasn't unexpecting was for Chu Li to be standing dead center in his yard, staring right back at him with his hands clasped behind his back.

Yang Baoshu's soul nearly left his body.

Chu Li waved him over. "Come here."

Yang Baoshu was trembling. Despite this, he promptly climbed over the wall.

He had thought about it as he was scaling the ball. Regardless of what had just transpired, Mr. Chu would not lay a finger on him.

He adjusted the steps and climbed down the wall. Then, he stood before Chu Li.

Chu Li looked at him for a little while before saying, "I'll be leaving."

Yang Baoshu was totally taken aback. What was going on?

"You'll be leaving?!" Yang Baoshu's jaw hit the ground.