White Robed Chief Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Pursue

"Why are you leaving, Mr. Chu?!" Yang Baoshu asked in a panic.

A grandmaster, a character that was the stuff of legends. The best Qing Yun Town currently had was only an Innate Master; the difference between a Grandmaster and an Innate Master was like heaven and earth.

If he could learn from a Grandmaster, then he would definitely become stronger than his association leader!

However, it now looked like he was about to miss this golden opportunity.

Chu Li smiled. "My enemies have arrived, it would be too dangerous for me to attempt to stay."

"But aren't they all dead?" Yang Baoshu was trying desperately to grasp at straws. However, despite his desperation, he was still finding it difficult to stomach the scene from earlier.

Although Yang Baoshu had joined an association, he had never killed anyone before. So far, he had only done sparring where the worst damage you could receive was a swollen eye and a few cuts along with bruises. Seeing Chu Li commit murder with a smile on his lips sent chills down his spine.

Chu Li shook his head at Yang Baoshu's statement. "Do you think that I only have three enemies?"

"Huh?" Yang Baoshu was confused by Chu Li's question.

Chu Li smiled at the boy's confusion. "These men were just dogs sent by my enemies."

"They sent three Grandmasters?" Yang Baoshu didn't know how to react to this information. His expression was a mixture of shock and pity.

"The less you know the better. In any case, what do you plan to do?"

"... I don't know." Yang Baoshu shrugged his shoulders in shame.

He had just made a new resolution. However, after witnessing today's events, he felt that his goal was simply too far away.

Qing Yun Town did not even have a Grandmaster. It did not matter how arrogant he was nor how much natural talent he had, he dared not say that he would one day become a Grandmaster.

Chu Li read Yang Baoshu's thoughts, and he decided to comfort him. "Your family handed down the Agile Monkey Fist. That technique is not child's play. Continue with your cultivation and I can guarantee you will have a bright future.

Yang Baoshu gently nodded his head.

The Agile Monkey Fist was ingenious, but it just wouldn't do if he wanted to achieve the title of a Grandmaster.

Chu Li continued, "I've been thinking about the Agile Monkey Fist for the past few days, and I feel like I've figured something out - there's a heart technique hidden within the technique."

Yang Baoshu was stunned.

Inner energy heart techniques had always been his weak point. He did not have the money to obtain an apprenticeship, so, the heart technique he cultivated was a common one leading to terrible results. He would never achieve the Innate Mastery's Boundary even if he were to cultivate it every day of his life.

Chu Li explained, "Have a seat and don't move. Just imagine going through the Agile Monkey Fist in your head from the last form all the way until the first form, in one big cycle. There's no use starting from the first form. You need to do it backward. Why don't you head back and give it a go?"

"That will work?" Yang Baoshu was surprised.

Chu Li smiled. "Don't look down on the Agile Monkey Fist after all, your future depends on it."

Then, Chu Li gestured back toward Yang Baoshu's house. "Why don't you head off now?"

Yang Baoshu was excited to give it a go. However, he stopped himself right after he started to run. "Mr. Chu, will we ever meet again?"

"If you are to face any trouble in the future or are at any crossroads, you can look for me at The Yi Public House."

"The Yi Public House?" Yang Baoshu's eyes widened.

Chu Li smiled as he nodded. "Now, off you go."

Yang Baoshu slowly climbed up the steps in his shocked state. He was in so much shock that he forgot to place the ladder on the other side. "Wham" he lost his footing and fell straight to the ground.

However, he couldn't care less about it as he patted down his outfit and then returned to his bed.

He would not have thought that Mr. Chu was from The Yi Public House. To think that Mr. Chu was from the world-famous High Duke's Public House; the place where people from all over the martial arts world hated, yet was envious of.

No wonder Mr. Chu was so loaded.

It was said that people from the High Duke's Public House were never short of cash. They were paid more than they could spend. Each of them was apparently living a luxurious life, and they were surrounded by beautiful women; all of their spouses were also rumored to be beauties.

It was no wonder that Mr. Chu could make a wife out of such unrivaled beauty.

Yang Baoshu sighed in disappointment. Such an unrivaled beauty had stood before his eyes, and yet, he was unworthy to speak to her.

Yang Baoshu recalled scenes of Chu Li's swaying white robe and of him easily taking another human's life. Yang Baoshu immediately sat up and crossed his legs. He started to imagine the Agile Monkey Fist, replaying the movements in his mind as intensely as he could. However, he could not feel anything. Yang Baoshu then tried from the last form to the first form.

After cultivating it for one cycle, he felt a weak force in his body.

Yang Baoshu immediately regained his high spirits. Mr. Chu did not lie to him and there was an inner energy heart technique hidden within the Agile Monkey Fist!

In a flash, Chu Li reappeared in Xiao Shi's courtyard.

Xiao Shi and Yang Xu were already hiding in the cellar which he had spent two days digging out.

Chu Li walked to Xiao Shi's bedroom and then opened the bedding. He knocked on the wooden bed. "It's me."

Yang Xu pushed open the entrance to the tunnel from the inside and revealed herself. When she saw that it was Chu Li, she let out a huge sigh of relief and then crawled out.

Xiao Shi followed close behind. She frowned as she looked at Chu Li. "Was it King An or the Ren Public House?"

"King An," Chu Li answered.

"How did they find us? I don't think our whereabouts were leaked. Did you raise any suspicion out there?" Xiao Shi patted down her garment as she spoke.

Chu Li held his arms up in surrender.

He had used the Omniscient Mirror each time he went out; he was sure that there weren't any suspicious figures around him.

"... Could it be someone from the public-house?" Xiao Shi pondered.

They almost never left the premise, so it was impossible that they were recognized.

Chu Li shook his head.

The only one from the public-house who knew Chu Li was coming here was Jiang Kuai. Chu Li knew Jiang Kuai could be trusted.

Chu Li replied, "Regardless, we must leave today. Just find any old inn to stay in for a couple of days. I need to see if they are able to locate us again."

Chu Li could conclude that Jiang Kuai wasn't the issue, but he needed to figure out a way to totally eliminate the possibility.

"Alright then," Xiao Shi agreed.

She turned to look at the simple house that she had spent the last few days staying in. Apart from a wooden bed, a table and an ornamented stool, there was nothing else there.

Yet, she had lived comfortably.

Despite its aesthetic shortcomings, the small house had felt so homely. Such a peaceful environment had her heart at peace; the days here had been relaxing and free, even more so than at the High Duke's Public House.

Chu Li smiled. "Sentimental?"

Xiao Shi quickly shook her head.

Chu Li added, "You can always come back to stay here once in a while."

Xiao Shi shook her head. "Don't try to lie to me. It doesn't matter if I enter King An's Imperial Residence or get myself killed, I know I'll never be able to return."

"Don't worry, no one can kill you. Even if you were to enter the Imperial Residence, rest assured because nobody can control you!"

Xiao Shi glared at Chu Li from the corner of her eye while she sighed.

The three of them packed their clothes and then crossed the gates of Qing Yun Town.

They decided to travel to Dan Zhou Town, which was one thousand kilometers away.

Dan Zhou Town was similar to Qing Yun Town in size but it was much more lively and busy. It was situated by the South Sea, where the constant movement of seafarers flowed endlessly. This was the reason the place was so alive.

Chu Li took the two women to stay at the largest inn in Dan Zhou Town, the Sea Protection Inn. He had rented a courtyard for them to live in.

Along the way, Chu Li had already checked that no one was on their tail. Hence, they would not be found this time; he had learned his lesson.

This time, Chu Li wore a hat and had changed his appeared in the dark. Even if people saw his face, they would not be able to recognize him.

For three days, Chu Li continuously cultivated the Heavenly Demonic Power.

His Heavenly Demonic Power had already reached the point where it was about to break through to the second layer. Once he reached the second layer, he would be able to transform it into yet another form in addition to other benefits.

Three days passed by peacefully. However, Chu Li had an irking feeling that danger was approaching.

He discussed changing their venue with Xiao Shi who did not object.

Hence, the three of them left Dan Zhou Town and followed the sea southward, toward Meng Zhou.

They stayed in Meng Zhou for a few days before switching to yet another location back in Dan Zhou Town. With this, Chu Li could conclude that Jiang Kuai, the High Duke's Public House, and himself were not the problem.

In a courtyard of the Sea Protection Inn, in Dan Zhou Town.

It was afternoon when the three of them were sitting in a pavilion talking. The sun was blazing hot as it beat down on their skin.

Chu Li's face betrayed his seriousness; he was not going to let this matter go easily.

"Second lady, do you know of any foreign arts that could trace somebody?" Chu Li took a sip of tea and then asked Xiao Shi.

Xiao Shi thought about it for a while before replying, "Foreign arts, huh As far as I know, the best one would be the Titanium Temple's All-Seeing divine power."