White Robed Chief Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Divine Power

Chu Li's expression shifted slightly. "Titanium Temple?"

Four of the highest ranked sects were Tempest Temple, Titanium Temple, Amethyst Mountain and Green Deer Cliff. Titanium Temple was considered to be among one of the best clans. They were not to be messed with.

"Tempest Temple in the East and Titanium Temple in the West. The Tempest Temple's disciples are present all over the world and they have countless minions. On the other hand, the Titanium Temple is an isolated temple that cultivates in secret. Its disciples are sparse and rarely participate in worldly affairs," Xiao Shi said. "However, the Titanium Temple is equally as well known as the Tempest Temple, so of course they are a force to be reckoned with. Apprenticeship requirements at Titanium Temple are strict and those who are accepted to be disciples are all geniuses. The Titanium Temple has the eight sensors and its disciples are required to cultivate at least one of them before they are allowed to set off into the world."

"Eight sensors?" Chu Li frowned as he fell deep into thought. "It can't be Eye of the Sky's Connection, Eye of Insight and whatnot, right?"

"It is," Xiao Shi lowered her head and said in a dejected tone.

Chu Li gasped in horror. "So they are cultivating the Wisdom Root Scripture?"

"Autumn Temple's treasured Buddhist scripture?" Xiao Shi laughed. "The Wisdom Root Scripture is only known to the Autumn Temple. Even if it was gifted to someone else, they wouldn't know how to cultivate it it would be far too risky. Aren't you from the Autumn Temple? How could you not know this?"

Chu Li said, "Aren't there any Scriptures of the Root of Wisdom at Titanium Temple?"

"Only Autumn Temple has it. Anyway, I'm curious, did Autumn Temple manage to master the Wisdom Root Scripture?" Xiao Shi, in turn, decided to ask.

Chu Li shook his head.

Xiao Shi continued. "The Titanium Temple and Tempest Temple all have a history of someone mastering their divine power. It's always good for practitioners to be able to look up and know that their goal is achievable. The Wisdom Root Scripture is still just a legend yet, no one who has mastered divine power before would think it was a fake scripture or impossible to cultivate."

Chu Li slowly nodded.

"Confidence is key to cultivating divine power. The first stage of the four applications of mindfulness is confidence; without confidence, divine powers would be useless."

"So, what you're saying is that there is someone who has mastered the All-Seeing Divine Power and is now looking for us?" Chu Li asked in a hushed voice. "The All-Seeing Divine Power would need some kind of source, it wouldn't just show anything they wanted to see."

"They would need your essence as a trigger." Xiao Shi uttered. "I would guess that they are in possession of my hair."

"How troublesome" Chu Li frowned. "So, we can't possibly shake them off our tail."

"Then let's not run around hastily." Xiao Shi put on a big smile, which strongly contrasted their bleak situation. "We will always be ahead and they will always have to play catch up. They won't be able to catch up to us that quickly."

Chu Li went silent for a bit before asking, "Then is there any way to suppress this divine power?"

There was no such thing as an impeccable power, nothing is flawless just take look at his Omniscient Mirror for example. He wouldn't have mastered it if he hadn't once escaped death and if his soul energy was not double that of a regular person.

No matter how impressive this All-Seeing Divine Power may be, it is not perfect.

Xiao Shi shook her head.

Chu Li asked once more, "What if the distance is far enough, will it still work then?"

"I don't know."

Chu Li sighed, "Then it looks like we're better off getting your hair back or killing the spell caster."

However, they knew that killing the spell caster would be an unwise decision. After all, the Titanium Temple had many disciples. Snatching back the hair was key. However, a more pressing matter was giving Chu Li a migraine.

Was the Titanium Temple assisting King An? Or could it be that it was just one of their disciples acting on their own accord?

Was the Titanium Temple gambling?

Normally the four sects did not have to bother about who the emperor was because no matter what, the four sects would continue to be passed down the generations. There would be ups and downs but in the grand scheme of things it would not matter because of how deeply rooted they were.

Titanium Temple was in the Feng Huang Mountain. Chu Li sighed inwardly. King An's influence wasn't just limited to within the Imperial Residence, it was spread throughout the martial arts world. He shouldn't look down on King Ann, after all, he was still the prince of a nation. Thousands were ready to carry out his command.

"We leave tonight." Chu Li got up and said, "I want to see to what extent the All-Seeing Divine Power can seek us out."

His Light-body Technique traveling speed was incredibly fast and his inner energy boundless. He held his breath as he sped out onto the traveler's path.

His continuous travel from East to West had taken him a distance of over five thousand kilometers to the borders of Fu Dynasty, Horse Racing Town.

The local customs and practices of Horse Racing Town were different from that of the mainland Ji Dynasty.

The people dressed more openly, especially the women. Unlike the conservative Ji Dynasty, they were all wearing tube tops coupled with a blouse skirt on the outside, revealing their snow-white cleavage. As they walked, their breasts wobbled, causing ripples in the hearts of men.

The women here were prouder as they spoke in loud voices and laughed without restraint. Talk about unreserved beauty.

Chu Li let out a smile. This custom was no different from the world which he originated from - it was a real eye-opener. Xiao Shi and Yang Xu, on the other hand, couldn't stop frowning.

The two women's outfits were too outstanding. One look and you could tell that they were not from the Horse Racing Town.

Chu Li found them an inn to stay in. He wanted to stay here for a few days to see if he could still be tracked.

This time, it was merely a presumption. However, he still had to return to Fairy's Capital a few days before the wedding. Once that happened, Xiao Shi would have nowhere to hide from the All-Seeing Divine Power.

The real solution to the problem was in taking back her hair.

However, searching for her hair with these two in town would be a big risk. He may not succeed doing it alone, what more with these two burdens by his side.

He would first have to hide them before traveling alone. However if they couldn't be hidden, then he couldn't leave.

The lights in the inn's courtyard were brightly lit. The three sat around a furnace that was burning in the pavilion.

The weather here was peculiar. It was as hot as summer during the day but as cold as winter at night.

Chu Li wasn't affected by the heat or the cold as he was dressed in his white robe.

The two ladies draped cotton-padded clothes over themselves as they lay close to the furnace.

"I wonder if certain formations could isolate the All-Seeing Divine Power," Chu Li took a sip of tea and pursed his lips. The tea was slightly refreshing with an earthy tone and felt great going down is throat.

His Omniscient Mirror could not see through certain formations, such as the formation in Tai Hua Valley in the Rising Sun Mountain which could block his mirror.

The Omniscient Mirror could observe anything within a two-and-a-half-kilometer range. If the All-Seeing Divine Power could see more than five hundred kilometers away, then the formation may prove ineffective.

Xiao Shi had her brows knotted together as she thought for a while. Then, she shook her head.

Those who were knowledgeable about formations were scarce. Not to mention, the monks of Titanium Temple hardly left the temple, so it was unlikely they had encountered a formation master before.

"Then try it." Chu Li said, "I wonder who they sent to track us down."

Xiao Shi was unmoved. "The way I see it, you should just kill me; then, we'll see what they're really after."

Chu Li peered at her. What was this random comment?

Xiao Shi commented, "It's so uninteresting to be alive."

Chu Li smiled. "Once you meet someone you love, life becomes much more interesting."

He felt pity for Xiao Shi. She never caught a break ever since she was brought into this world. Even now, when her body had recovered, she still had to face sh*t like this.

"Oh?" Xiao Shi had a faint smile on her lips. "Someone like you? But all I see is how uninterested you are nothing along the lines of exciting."

Ever since Chu Li had returned from Snow Lunar Pavilion, he was a changed man.

He no longer showed off as he did in the past. He had become introverted and depressed as if suppressing some kind of raw, untapped emotion.

Chu Li shook his head. "It's different for me."

"You're being tortured by my little sister to this extent, and yet, you continue to admire her?"

Chu Li coughed lightly and lowered his head to drink his tea.

Love was a miraculous thing. Even if he had the divine powers to keep his head clear, he still couldn't stop his heart. No matter how sharp-witted he was, he would become stupid and silly. There was nothing that he could do as one simply could not suppress one's feelings.