White Robed Chief Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Coincidence

The sky was still pitch black. Everything below was bathed in moonlight. The windows reflected the illumination, giving the room a faint lighting.

Chu Li was in the west wing of the house, practising his "Sentient Menace" skill move. He routinely performed the 36 postures for the move. His mind was calm, and he felt like he was in his own world.

The move would only be effective when he was as composed and focused as he was now. If one kept thinking about other things, no matter how hard one trained, it would not be as fruitful.

36 postures. With every turn of his movement, a mysterious aura followed. It was as if a mighty power had swept across his skin, seeping into his body. And in the end, he and the force were one.

Through the "Omniscient Mirror" enchantment, he could notice that his body was changed by this mysterious force. As it progressed, his skin felt more compact and elastic.

He felt an enormous strength form within him, so strong that he could shatter the sky with a single punch.

However, he was aware that it was only an illusion. Nonetheless, the "Sentient Menace" skill move could indeed increase his strength. He had cultivated it for about ten days now, and he felt that his strength had increased by one fold. The effects were truly shocking. He was unsure of what was yet to come.

Amidst cultivating the power, a faint glow of golden light spread across his skin. The appearance was all too familiar to him, as the same had happened to the leader of the Raging Tiger ravine. Chu Li was almost certain that the leader's mastery of the "Sentient Menace" move was only the tip of the iceberg.

The "Sentient Menace" skill move was indeed a waste in the leader's hands. If he had really mastered the skill, he would have easily beaten anyone. His strength would have largely increased, so would his speed. Not to mention that his burst of power would be beyond anyone's control. On the contrary, it turned out that the leader could not even beat him. He had brought shame to the name of the "Sentient Menace" skill.

As he finished his train of thoughts, Chu Li felt fearful towards the Temple of Tempest. Such an immensely powerful move that upon achieving full mastery, would bring upon wanton destruction! To know that the Temple of Tempest was nurturing such skills was terrifying!

However deep down, he felt relieved at the same time. The most important element of the "Sentient Menace" skill move was the ability to meditate. The deeper one's meditation, the faster the activation of power within one's body. If one's state of the mind was not deep enough, the inner strength of the user would be discontinued intermittently, and as a result, nothing would be achieved.

But he had the "Omniscient Mirror" enchantment, so he was capable of meditating to a deeper state of mind. If he wanted to master the "Sentient Menace" move, it would not be a difficult task for him.

He had trained from dawn till dusk. Only stopping to eat once. He made sure Lee Yue did not know what he was up to prevent Lee Yue from secretly practicing the move too. If that had happened, it would be disastrous.

The room was illuminated dimly, it was drenched in a warm rosy red light.

Just as he was about to leave the house, he heard footsteps from outside, accompanied by a familiar fragrance. It was Su Ru. Su Ru stood by the window and peeked inside, then said to him, "Chu Li, come on, accompany me to town for a walk!"

"Sure." Chu Li said as he stepped out of the west wing of the house.

The two exited via the south gate of the Public House and journeyed straight into Chong Lee Yuning town.

The Sun had began to wane, and the whole of Chong Lee Yuning town was dyed in a rosy red. Smoke swiveled in the air, as they caught the smell of burning firewood from afar. It added a tint of hustle and bustle to the atmosphere. Chu Li was touched by the density of the atmosphere surrounding him. He felt real. He felt like he was living his life to the fullest, and it was not just a dream.

Su Ru was dressed in an apricot color. She strolled along the street, seemingly at ease. "Look around. See which one of these shop lots are suitable. We need to pick one by today."

Chu Li was startled. He did not realize that today was the day to choose a shop lot for their new restaurant.

The two of them circled around town. Chu Li had hand-picked two shops lots. Both were situated away from the main street, so the atmosphere was not as busy.

He felt that the place was optimal. Firstly, it was considerably quieter. Secondly, he was never worried about how secluded the place would be. At current times, if you were able to prepare scrumptious dishes, nobody would care how far they had to walk to reach your place. There was no need to worry about the lack of customers.

Once they had made their choices, the town was already enveloped in darkness. Stars twinkled up in the sky.

The two arrived at Sky Inn - Chong Lee Yuning town's best restaurant.

Xiao Er, the waiter who was at ground floor welcoming guests saw Su Ru, and hurriedly came forth to welcome her, "Chief Su, many apologies for not welcoming you earlier. Please come in --------!"

Su Ru waved gently at him, "Just give us a seat at the 2nd floor."

"Yes, let me bring you up there." Xiao Er was smart and quick to his feet as he nodded with respect. He brought the two up to the 2nd floor to a table.

He looked at the few tables just beside the windows and asked, "Chief, do you want me to clear out those two good seats for you?"

"No need to. Just here would be fine," Su Ru said.

Their table was quite some distance away from the windows. Around them were full of customers, the place was rather noisy.

Su Ru seemed unaffected by that as she sat down. "Let's just follow the usual order. Give him a good drink, six signature dishes, and hurry up!"

"Yes, immediately!" Xiao Er nodded in haste.

Chu Li's eyes swept across the room. He creased his eyebrow, and thought to himself, what a coincidence.

The person at the table opposite to theirs raised his head and looked towards their direction, he too turned gloomy. Then the person saw Su Ru, and wasted no time in rising to his feet. He went over to give a greeting, "Zhuo Feiyang reporting duty to Chief Su!"

Alongside him was Bai Zhijie, who followed suit and gave her a bow of respect.

Su Ru waved at them, "No need for the courtesy. We are all here to have a good meal, just go and enjoy yours."

"Yes." The two of them went back to their table and resumed eating. But the way they ate changed to a gentler manner.

Su Ru glanced at Chu Li, and could not hold her grin, "Two enemies encountering each other, what a coincidence isn't it?"

"He is a regular patron of this restaurant, to meet him here is not a surprise." Chu Li answered.

Zhuo Feiyang loved indulging in all the good stuff, he had never ill-treated himself. The job as a Protector granted him plenty of wages, he certainly did not lack money. Plus, he was born into a rich family, so he had almost all his meals here at Sky Inn. Sky Inn was the best restaurant in town, hence the prices were steep, a usual person could not afford to eat here every day.

Su Ru laughed and shook her head, "You really want him to be your Protector?"

"No need." Chu Li shook his head, "If it were up to him, he would kill me right here right now, if he becomes my Protector, I would be seeking my own end!"

"Suit yourself." Su Ru nodded, "The candidate of your Protector is important. If we slip for even a small step, we could risk losing our lives. Right then, how's the advancement between you and Zhao Ying?"

"Quite okay I think."

"You have such a great chance, and you don't want to take it?" Su Ru grinned and said, "The two of you had spent a whole month's time together. A girl with a guy alone, don't tell me nothing happened?


Su Ru gave him a look and sighed, "How useless could you be!"

Chu Li let out a bitter smile, "Chief, Sister Zhao is not that kind of person, don't scare her."

"You are..." Su Ru shook her head and sighed, "Too humble. I know you're a smart guy. But why are you so honest and shy?"

Chu Li gave her an embarrassing smile, "I have never lived with a woman before, have I?"

"You're doing very well with Lady Siao and I, isn't that right?" Su Ru smiled, "I've seen you in front of the Lady, you could keep your cool and not stumble at all, you're the first person to achieve that!"

The Lady was very pretty. Her beauty was uncontested. With that beauty, she seemed to emanate a special kind of aura, a kind that would make any man falter. Not one men could keep his cool in front of the Lady like Chu Li.

Chu Li shook his head and replied, "The reason I am able to act naturally in front of Chief and the Lady is because I know my limits, I would never be matched with the two of you. But with Zhao Ying, it's different."

"Oh, is that so..." Su Ru nodded, "Don't tell me, Zhao Ying would never like a guy like you?"

"Of course not!" Chu Li shook his head.

"Sigh..., next time then, if I have another mission, I will let you two be of each other's company again." Su Ru smiled warmly.

The two of them were only sitting next to Zhuo Feiyang's table. Although the surroundings were noisy, he could hear every single word of their conversation.

He could quickly make out that the person they were talking about is Zhao Ying. His heart skipped a beat as he realized, Chu Li and Zhao Ying were on a mission together! It made sense to him now, why Zhao Ying had acted that way when she returned. He had finally known now, that Zhao Ying had fallen for Chu Li!