White Robed Chief Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Divulge Information

Chu Li received the letter and opened it, it was a letter from Xue Ling.

In the letter, Xue Ling mentioned that there was a person named Gu Yue in the Imperial Residence of King An. She had secretly sent the message to inform him that King An would no longer harm the Second Lady, in fact, they had to be more wary of the Ren Public House, in case of an accident that might destroy the big wedding.

Xue Ling had done a background check on Gu Yue, who turned out to be a Grandmaster in Feng Huang Mountain, he was a sleek and evasive person.

Chu Li held the letter close to him and pondered.

"Chief, is the Lady well?" Yang Xu asked.

Chu Li smiled and said, "Not bad."

"Why don't I come over to serve the Lady?" Yang Xu asked.

Chu Li replied, "It's very complicated and troublesome here, you have to leave right away, you can't stay for long."

"... Alright." Yang Xu nodded gently.

Chu Li saw that Yang Xu was unwilling to leave and knew that she was just very worried, so he continued, "The Imperial Residence of King An, the Ren Public House, all of them are eyeing us closely. You must leave quickly before they send anyone over."

"They'll capture me?"

Chu Li said, "Since they have no trace of the Second Lady, it would be a useful clue for them to ask around for people who were close to her and look at places that she might go to."

"OKay." Yang Xu knew that since the Chief had made arrangements, nothing she said would change the outcome.

Chu Li turned around and looked at everyone else. "Let all of them return too."

Yang Xu greeted a middle-aged bandit by holding the lower corners of her jacket. "Big Brother Sang, thank you for your care."

The middle-aged bandit quickly waved his hand, then cupped his fist and said, "Sister Yang, we'll make our move first then, let me know if there's anything else that you need help with!"

"Alright." Yang Xu smiled.

After watching them leave, Yang Xu said, "Chief, I'll leave straightaway, okay?"

Chu Li nodded. "Just in case anything bad happens to you."

Chu Li reached his hand out to stop Yang Xu before she suddenly disappeared, then he appeared before Jiang Kuai.

Jiang Kuai had turned into a bold and forthright bandit, he rode on with two big horses and had a long knife hung across his waist, which made him look like a martial arts vigilante.

Just when Jiang Kuai was about to enter town, he suddenly glimpsed Chu Li so he cupped his fists.

Chu Li said, "Brother Jiang, thank you for the hard work, when you bring Miss Yang back, remember to always put safety first. It's fine if you have to take some detours and go around certain areas."

"Alrighty. Then let's leave, Miss Yang?" Jiang Kuai laughed then said.

Yang Xu hesitated for a while.

Chu Li said, "Someone will be sending your baggage over, quickly move now."

"Yes." Yang Xu bowed again while she held down the corners of her jacket.

Then, Chu Li cupped his fist towards Jiang Kuai.

Jiang Kuai smiled and said, "Don't worry, Chief, I'll be careful."

Chu Li nodded.

Jiang Kuai was considered to be a man with extensive experience, no one was able to capture him in many years, he had the best skills when it came to hiding.


When Xiao Shi saw that Chu Li had returned, she was still practicing her fist technique, she asked leisurely, "What's the news this time?"

Chu Li mentioned the letter from Xue Ling.

"King An has decided not to kill me? Why so sudden?" Xiao Shi scoffed.

"There must be a reason as to why Gu Yue said that. I think something must have happened at the Titanium Temple," Chu Li pondered.

Previously, they watched when Gu Yue left with the skinny elderly as they went to the Titanium Temple to seek out Kong Hai.

However, they did not go there but instead, they had returned. Someone from the Titanium Temple had probably said something. Or else, a bunch of Masters would have been sent over for an investigation already.

"I'd like to meet Gu Yue," Chu Li said.

Xiao Shi gave him a hard look. "Are you putting your feet into a trap? Are you sick of living already?"

Chu Li replied, "I've properly inquired about this matter."

"What if it's a trap? Maybe King An still wants to kill me, and is hunting for you too!" Xiao Shi said.

"I'll go there secretly," Chu Li said.

Xiao Shi frowned. "You're returning to the Fairy's Capital?"

"Let's return to Qing Yun Town, what do you think?" Chu Li smiled.

Xiao Shi stared at him with watery eyes and asked, "Is this for real?"

"Of course," Chu Li said.


Meanwhile, Yang Baoshu returned home with full of energy, he was so full of spirit and was ready to practice in his courtyard. Suddenly he felt that something was odd so he looked to his left and his right before he jumped up backward and landed on the wall. He saw that Chu Li was indeed standing at the Westside courtyard in his white robe.

For the past few days, Yang Baoshu had been repeating the same move, he would go over and look around, thinking that Mister Chu would appear again.

"Mister Chu!" Yang Baoshu was elated.

Chu Li smiled and waved at him.

Yang Baoshu landed on the ground and went over to Chu Li. "Mister Chu, I thought you were never coming back!"

Chu Li laughed. "No one came here after this, right?"

"No one." Yang Baoshu shook his head.

Chu Li nodded. "Very well, I see that you've really improved in your martial arts, congratulations."

Chu Li said that because he realized that Yang Baoshu could jump onto the wall in just one leap, although the landing movement was too big, he had really advanced.

Yang Baoshu immediately became excited. "I owe it all to your pointers, Mister Chu, the inner energy of the Agile Monkey Fist is so powerful. My inner energy has been rising by a lot each day."

Chu Li smiled and nodded again.

Since Yang Baoshu had practiced the Agile Monkey Fist since young, he already had plenty of experience on that. If he practiced his inner energy and Heart Technique, his accumulated experience would be extremely useful after.

"Mister, is anything wrong? I'm the tiny ringleader of ten people now, I'm sure I can gather some little intelligence!" Yang Baoshu asked.

Chu Li shook his head and smiled. "Thank you for that, but I'm just here for some quiet time."

"That's perfect. This is the quietest place, no one will disturb you." Yang Baoshu laughed.

Chu Li nodded.

Yang Baoshu said tactfully, "Mister, you haven't had your dinner right? I'll ask my mother to prepare something."

"Thank you so much," Chu Li accepted his kind offer.

While they were talking, Xiao Shi walked out gently from the house, she wore a bluish-white gown, her face was crystal clear and silky.

Yang Baoshu felt like the entire courtyard had lit up, he immediately turned around and dared not to look, then he bid Chu Li farewell with a blushing face.

Chu Li smiled and sent him away.

Xiao Shi shook her head. "This young man is quite a warm-hearted one."


It was late at night, Gu Yue was training in the courtyard.

He did not light up his courtyard and it was pitch-black.

Gu Yue's movements were stirless and soundless, he was like a ghost.

He stopped abruptly then said in a hoarse voice, "Who's there?"

Chu Li showed himself and cupped his fist. "It's Chu Li, I'm here to meet Senior Gu under the Second Lady's orders."

"Chu Li?!" Gu Yue was shocked, he looked at Chu Li for a few moments before he said faintly, "Let's talk inside the house."

Without the protection of Monk Kong Hai's Wrist Sarira, Chu Li could see through Gu Yue, although there was a vague sense of enmity, there was no killing intention.

The lights in the house were bright, Gu Yue wiped away the sweat from his forehead and gestured at Chu Li to take a seat.

"The more people, the more eyes, I shall not serve you tea then." Gu Yue sat on the armchair.

Chu Li said, "Senior Gu, the Second Lady has received your letter."

Gu Yue nodded gently. "I won't admit that I've written that letter if anyone asks."

Chu Li said, "The Second Lady will remember what you did for her, Senior Gu."

He could see through Gu Yue's heart, Gu Yue did not care about Chu Li, but he highly valued Xiao Shi. She was a motherly model of the nation and was honored, so he tried hard to fawn over her and flattered her to gain favor in order to accumulate valuable social relationship for his future.

Gu Yue smiled. "The Princess is being too kind, it's just a small matter."

Chu Li said, "The Second Lady is feeling anxious, she wants to get a clear picture of why King An has suddenly changed his mind."

Gu Yue sighed. "Sigh His Highness has an unpredictable mind, footmen like us can't even tell what he's thinking, but the Old Madame did mention that the Princess has a pretty face which is unparalleled to the world, and His Highness is approaching the prime of his life."

Chu Li nodded gently. "I see that's the case I'll report this to the Second Lady when I return, do you know the ins and outs of the Ren Public House, Senior Gu?"

He secretly exclaimed to himself, cunning indeed, not a single one of them were dumb.

Gu Yue suddenly looked heavy, his look became imposed. "The Princess must be wary of Lu Yurong, that woman has an unpredictable mind and tyrannical martial arts, she is definitely out of the league of normal Grandmasters!"

Chu Li asked, "How many Grandmasters does the Ren Public House have?"

"Around twelve. They're not the ones that you should be afraid of, it's Lu Yurong who made His Highness suffer loss," replied Gu Yue.

Chu Li nodded slowly. "Is Kong Hai passing away after four days?"

"That's right. The supernatural powers of the Revered Sir Kong Hai have always left people in awe, it's such a pity " Gu Yue sighed.

Chu Li said, "I'd like to attend the ceremony, what do you think?"