White Robed Chief Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Killing Intent

"Attend the ceremony? Chief Chu, you want to go to the Titanium Temple?" Gu Yue was shocked, he looked at Chu Li from head to toe.

Chu Li nodded his head slowly.

In his mind, Chu Li had seen the Titanium Temple that Gu Yue saw, it was astonishing.

He knew that his decision would be no different from digging his own grave. The Titanium Temple had countless people with divine powers, as soon as Chu Li entered that place, there would be no escape, and he would perish in the Titanium Temple.

Nonetheless, Chu Li still decided to go take a look.

He wanted to know what the Ten Lifetimes of Dharma were all about, more importantly, Chu Li wanted to see if he had a chance to cultivate another kind of divine power.

Since Chu Li had cultivated the divine power of the Omniscient Mirror, he could probably cultivate other divine powers too.

If he could not achieve the Enlightened Master's Boundary, his life would be meaningless. Moreover, since he had the Life and Death Scripture, it would not be easy for him to die. Not to mention, Chu Li was reincarnated when he entered this life, he might not be reincarnated again to his next life if he died here.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Chu Li decided to take a gamble for the divine powers.

The most important thing was, he felt that if the Titanium Temple really wanted to kill him. He could not escape anyway, should Kong Hai attack him with another round of the Titanium Sarira Skill, Chu Li would be dead for sure, so he might as well pay them a visit and see if they would kill him.

"Aren't you scared that the Revered Sir Kong Hai will try to kill you again?" Gu Yue laughed.

Chu Li said, "I'm just attending the ceremony at the Titanium Temple, isn't it unlikely that the Titanium Temple will kill me?"

"... That's quite right. If it isn't an outright threat to the Titanium Temple, all the revered ones wouldn't attempt murder in the templeAlright, since Chief Chu is brave enough to go, I dare to agree as well, Chief Chu is indeed a wise man, I admire you!" Gu Yue nodded.

Gu Yue asked himself if he were to be in Chu Li's place, he would definitely not have the courage.

Gu Yue did not know if he would describe Chu Li as being presumptuous or being dumb, but he really wanted to know how he would end up to be!

Gu Yue laughed coldly to himself, his face did not show it.

He had an invisible enmity towards Chu Li, he did not notice it himself, but Chu Li could see it clearly.

Chu Li thought that it was funny.

He had underestimated Xiao Shi's pretty looks, such that a man like Gu Yue at that age would be affected by it and Gu Yue even had feelings of jealousy, hatred, and enmity towards him for being too close to Xiao Shi.

"When are we making our move?" Chu Li asked.

"Is the Second Lady following along?" Gu Yue stared closely at Chu Li.

Chu Li pondered, then nodded slowly.

If the Titanium Temple was planning to kill the Second Lady too, it would be inevitable, why not just present herself then!

"I'm only afraid that the Princess will not be able to enter the temple. But she can wait for a while outside of the temple." Gu Yue frowned.

He secretly jumped for joy, he could not wait to see Xiao Shi.

Chu Li nodded. "Sorry to have put you through such trouble, Senior Gu."

"We'll depart tomorrow!" Gu Yue said.

Chu Li cupped his fist. "Then I'll make a move now, see you tomorrow outside of the town!"

"Alright, I won't be seeing you off!" Gu Yue cupped his fist.


Once Chu Li informed Xiao Shi about his decision, Xiao Shi opened her eyes widely, her looks were bizarre.

Chu Li said, "Lady, you don't want to go?"

"I think you're looking for death more and more. All sorts of patterns!" Xiao Shi sighed.

Chu Li asked, "Are you going?"

"Alright, my life belongs to you anyway, anything you say. What's so nice about the old monks?" Xiao Shi said.

"I'd like to enrich my knowledge on the Ten Lifetimes of Dharma, and divine powers."

"I see, it's greed. You're looking for benefits." Xiao Shi saw through his mind, she smiled suddenly.

Xiao Shi smiled sweetly, it was as if all the flowers had bloomed, her radiant face was dazzling.

Chu Li smiled as well.

Xiao Shi was becoming more and more spontaneous.

Xiao Shi said, "Alright since it's beneficial, I'll go!"

"That man Gu Yue is purposely doing us a favor, he firmly believes that you'll become the Princess and eventually become the Empress in the end. The monks in the Titanium Temple used the Eye of the Sky's Connection and saw that you were fated to become the Motherly Model of the Nation, which was the root of why King An changed his mind." Chu Li laughed.

"Motherly Model of the Nation? I can't be the Empress, right?" Xiao Shi frowned.

Chu Li said, "Empress, Grand Empress, they're both Motherly Models of the Nation, who knows."

Xiao Shi stared at him with her clear eyes. "Chu Li, do you really want me to become the Princess? ... King An's woman?"

Chu Li said calmly, "I want to kill King An, but it's very tough."

Chu Li secretly felt that he was unable to stand it.

Xiao Shi's tone had a hidden bitterness as if adoring him, she liked to tease him more and more!

"When he doesn't want to kill me, it's easier to kill him! I don't want to see that fellow! ... Hmph, he kills as he wishes, and marries as he wishes, he really thinks that he's the Emperor!" Xiao Shi scoffed.

Chu Li said, "I'll try."

Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him.

Chu Li's desire to kill King An became stronger.

Since King An wanted to marry Xiao Shi, did not kill her, and wanted to become the Emperor, his next move was crystal clear. It was clearly known in one guess.

King An had plans to put his hands on the High Duke's Public House.

As long as the Yi Public House remained, he could never become Emperor.

Therefore, the very first thing would be exterminating the High Duke's Public Houses. When King An would marry Xiao Shi, it would be confusing if he conducted secret attacks. The Yi Public House would most likely not take precautions against him at all, even if they did, they probably would not be able to fend against him.

As long as King An was not rid of, the Yi Public House would be vulnerable.

At that moment, Xiao Qi was still in her Isolated Cultivation, her success in achieving the Enlightened Mastery's Boundary was unknown. By the time she achieved the Enlightened Mastery's Boundary, the High Duke's Public Houses would have been completely disintegrated. Things would become a foregone conclusion, even an Enlightened Master would be powerless.

If and when that time comes, even if Xiao Qi could defy death, the Emperor is an Enlightened Master and has been so for a long time now, how would he let Xiao Qi live?

After much thought, Chu Li decided that it would be best to exterminate King An first.

He naturally kept his profound thoughts away from Xiao Shi, as he did not want to mess up her heart, which would be of no avail.

Xiao Shi chuckled suddenly.

Chu Li looked at her.

Xiao Shi laughed. "Chu Li, don't you think we're like an adulterous couple, before I'm even married, we're already planning on my husband's murder."

Chu Li replied snappily, "Didn't you force us into this?"

"It looks like you're a little fond of me, aren't you?" Xiao Shi laughed.

Chu Li sighed and said, "Xiao Shi, please act more like a lady. People will laugh if they see you being like that, you're losing your high morale."

"There's no one else anyway!" Xiao Shi laughed.

After being rescued by Chu Li three times, Xiao Shi had completely opened her heart to him. She could make fun of him and curse him at her own will, it was very relaxing.


Outside of the Fairy's Capital, Chu Li and Xiao Shi stood silently by the road.

She wore a loose purple gown, which covered her graceful body. Her face was covered by a veil, which only showed her beautiful eyes.

Gu Yue strode towards them, he wore a purple robe, which made him look graceful.

He looked at Chu Li, then at Xiao Shi, he cupped his fist and greeted them.

Xiao Shi's eyes kept turning, she glanced at him faintly, then gently bowed.

When Gu Yue glimpsed her clear eyes, his whole body became lighter by two or three stones. He immediately said, "Greetings, Princess."

"Let's go," Xiao Shi said coldly.

Chu Li secretly laughed beside, indeed, one thing would beat another.

Gu Yue was always snobbish when he was with him, he would always act in a manner that he was the senior. Yet when Xiao Shi was there, he even almost groveled, not just because of her identity as the Princess, but more because of her unparalleled beauty.

Chu Li cupped his fist. "Lady, let's get going."

"Mmm," Xiao Shi replied coldly.

With someone else there, Xiao Shi instantly became another person, she was not so casual and indolent like when she was alone with Chu Li. She had reverted back into her original image.

Gu Yue hardly even minded, on the contrary, he thought that the Princess should be icily arrogant, which made her unattainable.

He laughed. "I'll lead the way for the Princess then."

Gu Yue turned around and looked at Chu Li. "Can you keep up?"

Chu Li nodded.

Xiao Shi glared at Gu Yue impatiently.

Gu Yue immediately became stern and cut his crap, he moved with his Light-body Technique.

He left the main road and hurried swiftly as he stepped on the grass and trees.

When Gu Yue saw Chu Li holding Xiao Shi's wrist, even though they were separated by the sleeve of the gown, it made him envious. He wanted to replace him so badly.

Gu Yue sped up and managed to activate his Light-body Technique to the maximum level.

His Light-body Technique skill was extraordinary, or else he would not have hunted after Chu Li along with Kong Hai in the past.

When he swept a look around with his peripheral vision, Gu Yue saw that Chu Li was still holding Xiao Shi as he followed after him leisurely, he did not lag behind him much.