White Robed Chief Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Provocation

"Pa!" The chopsticks that Zhuo Feiyang was holding snapped into two.

Bai Zhijie was startled. He asked in a low voice, "Sir?"

Zhuo Feiyang looked gloomy. He nodded in response, "Let's go, we leave!"

"Have you finished eating, Sir?" Bai Zhijie asked. The whole table of dishes were untouched. What a waste, these servings certainly do not come cheap!

Zhuo Feiyang stood up and moved towards Su Ru. He brought together his fists and bowed as a mean of saying goodbye. Su Ru gently waved him away, signaling that they could leave.

Zhuo Feiyang gave Chu Li a mean stare before turning away and leaving.

Su Ru was all smiles as she watched Zhuo Feiyang and his companion leave.

Chu Li sighed: "Chief, you just have to cause more problems eh?"

A smirk flashed across Su Ru's face, as she replied, "Now that makes it more interesting, don't you think? Chu Li, if you still can't beat Zhuo Feiyang to his game, I'm afraid I have to call you a fool!"

"Chief, relationships between opposite genders aren't always easy, it's complicated."

"It's you who always overthinks, ... alright, cut the long talk, you just go and win Zhao Ying back!"

"That I can assure you. Zhuo Feiyang is not a good guy. I won't let Zhao Ying seek her own end!"

"Zhuo Feiyang is a selfish man, he cares about nothing but himself. All that he is good for is his wealth. Whoever that has him as a companion is bound to suffer! Tomorrow I will buy off these two shop lots, and then we proceed with our plans."

'Thank you, Chief."

"You shall settle this matter promptly. And quickly prepare for the soul field. Now that is a big thing!"


7 days were gone in a flash.

It was noon. The sun shone brightly above. In contrast, the town was rather empty. The scorching heat of the Sun made people avoid going outdoors, as they preferred staying in the shade.

Chu Li invited Zhao Ying to visit the two shop lots with her. The two of them had their inner chi protecting their bodies, hence they were not afraid of the heat.

The two shop lots were now connected as the walls separating them had been taken down. The interior design was also refurbished as a restaurant. The two stepped in and looked around the place. Zhao Ying seemed very delighted, as the space was wide and adequate.

After a round of survey, the two retraced their steps and exited. They chatted as they strolled along the street, both appearing at ease.

Then they arrived at a narrow alley. As they took the turn, they saw a man in green standing in the middle of Green Rock Road. The man was facing away from them, his figure slender.

At first glance, Chu Li could already make out that he was Zhuo Feiyang. Zhao Ying had a similar thought too, as her eyebrows creased.

These few days, Zhuo Feiyang had looked everywhere for her. She had intentionally avoided going out, just to escape his sights. But who would have thought that Zhuo Feiyang had followed her here. What a nuisance.

Chu Li did not stop in his steps. Zhao Ying could do nothing but to follow.

When they were close enough, Zhuo Feiyang slowly turned around, and set his sight on Zhao Ying, giving her a cold stare.

"What are you doing out here, Zhuo Feiyang? Were you waiting for me?"

"I am not waiting for you!" Zhuo Feiyang shifted his cold stare onto Chu Li: "I am waiting for you, Chu!"

Chu Li replied, "What is the matter, Zhuo Feiyang?"

"Chu, you sly fox!" Zhuo Feiyang blasted as he pointed at him. "You used Chief Su to your own advantage, to let Zhao Ying be your Protector. You selfish bastard!"

Chu Li looked irritated, "What nonsense! Do you know what you have broken the rules?"

His duties were confidential, which meant that the person executing the task had to keep it a secret, not revealing it to anyone else, including fellow Protectors.

Zhuo Feiyang's action was a violation of the rules. Should Chu Li choose to turn him over, his punishments would be severe.

"Chu, don't you ever think that by just because you've gained Chief Shu's favor, you are suddenly somebody important!"

"Enough is enough, Zhuo Feiyang. Have you finished talking? Say it, what do you want now?"

"Hmph!" Zhuo Feiyang lowered his pointing finger, made a face to his opponent and said, "I will let you learn your lesson eventually! Zhao Ying, let's go back together, shall we?"

"Senior Zhuo, what exactly do you mean?"

Chu Li creased his eyebrows and said: "Zhuo Feiyang, your sister Zhao and I have important matters to deal with, stop interrupting us, will you?!"

"Important matters? Come on, all you wanted was to get close to Zhao Ying isn't it?" Zhuo Feiyang laughed coldly. "You really think that I don't know what your intentions are?"

Chu Li sighed: "Fine then, I do admit that Zhao Ying is kind and polite. Which man would not like her? I am just about the same. Why? You think that only you can get close with her, while other people like me can't?"

"You piece of trash! You're not worthy of her!"

"Don't forget that you can't even beat me, you are less worthy than me!"

"One day I will defeat you!"

"The future can be hard to tell. Do you really think that by having a great talent, you can be the best? How silly can you be? So many people have the talent, but how many of them are truly skilled? Zhuo Feiyang... an arrogant fool like you will meet with your own end sooner or later. Why don't you do Zhao Ying a favor and stay away from her?"

Zhuo Feiyang looked like his eyes were about to spur flames, his teeth gritted as he smirked, "If Zhao Ying chooses you, she will only suffer!"

"I am a Rank 6, capable of earning enough for her living, capable of giving her a stable and peaceful life, but can you? You as a Protector, all day and all night, you put all your thoughts on that belt of yours. You live one day at a time. Can you really count on tomorrow? Your next mission may very well be your last one, do you want Zhao Ying to constantly live in the fear of losing you?"

"You..." Zhuo Feiyang was furious but remorseful at the same time. He shouldn't have argued with him. What he just did was basically exposing his weaknesses to his enemy's strengths. It was merely an act of self-humiliation. As he finally thought it through, he said: "I will get what I deserve soon enough, and until then..."

Chu Li waved him off with a shrug, "Then let's wait until that day comes, and we shall speak. What you just said could have come out of anyone, but talk is cheap. Farewell!"

Just as he had finished speaking, he pulled Zhao Ying's sleeves and signalled her to resume their journey. Zhao Ying looked at Zhuo Feiyang and then at Chu Li, seemingly in a state of daze. She did not want to be so heartless.

She stomped on her feet lightly, escaping Chu Li's grasp, and said, "I'm leaving first!"

She twisted her slim figure, turned around and darted away.

Chu Li stood on his ground and shook his head. She really was an angel, up until now she still could not bear hurting Zhuo Feiyang. Poor girl!

Zhuo Feiyang watched as her graceful figure slowly disappeared from his sight. He let out a sigh of relief, and his face turned dull. He spoke, "Chu, you better keep your distance from her!"

Chu Li sneered back at him, "It is you who must keep a distance from her! Oh right, did you even realize that Zhao Ying is stronger than you now?"

"How funny!" Zhuo Feiyang gave him a cold smirk.

Chu Li shook his head and said: "I see that you are still dreaming, eh? You still think that you are the strongest of us all, what a pity.Zhuo Feiyang, why don't you go spar with Zhao Ying?By then, you will realize how foolish you actually are!"

"Oh, I will!" Zhuo Feiyang calmly replied.

Chu Li stepped forward, nearing himself towards him and said: "If you can't beat Zhao Ying, then you might as well hide away from the world. That, my friend will be too embarrassing!"

"It's none of your business!" Zhuo Feiyang responded.

"Oh, what a pity!" Chu Li continued shaking his head as he walked past him.

Zhuo Feiyang's veins almost ruptured under his skin, they were like earthworms. But he persevered and stopped himself from taking any action, "We shall wait until that very day, where I will finally defeat you! No matter how long it takes, vengeance will be served!"

Chu Li's footsteps were light and relaxed as he walked along Green Rock Road and emerged out of the small alley all smiles.

He could already predict Zhuo Feiyang's next move. He would proceed to spar with Zhao Ying, only to realize that his skills were indeed not of her match. Then, he would isolate himself out ofanger from failure and start an intense training regime. He would then vanish from the public for a long while.

Zhuo Feiyang had a big ego and he looked down on everyone else. If he could not even beat his own Sister, Zhao Ying, he would surely stop pursuing her affection. Knowing him, he would only continue his ambitions by the day he could defeat her. But for that amount of time, Zhao Ying' heart would have already been won over by him, yes him, the great Chu Li!