White Robed Chief Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Successful Cultivation

Xiao Shi glared at him.

Immediately, Chu Li waved his hands in a motion to indicate he had made an indiscreet remark. "But Xu An really has a spiritual nature and is intelligent, he will certainly be successful in the Titanium Temple."

"What benefits did you get this time?" asked Xiao Shi.

Chu Li looked at her helplessly.

Whenever she was with him, Xiao Shi would always fully showcase her wit and intelligence. Every bit of her word was to the point, without regards for politeness.

"You've never done anything that didn't benefit you. I've seen through you." Xiao Shi chuckled.

Chu Li coughed softly. "There's no such thing Alright, alright. I managed to get the God's Limbs."

Xiao Shi laughed out loud.

Chu Li laughed and said, "In your eyes, my generosity always turns into calculated measures. You're really judging the heart of a gentleman with your mean measure."

"Enough with that! You call yourself a gentleman! Well You do qualify as a gentleman." Xiao Shi laughed in a very feminine manner.

Chu Li said, "I think the cultivation of the God's Limbs is much easier. Maybe I'll even have the opportunity to succeed in mastering it before we leave the temple. Don't disturb me till then."

"I got it. I'll go spend time with the novices!" Xiao Shi stood up and laughed.

Chu Li added quickly, "Don't go overboard or you'll ruin the cultivation of those young Revered Sirs!"

"Don't need to be nice now!" Xiao Shi rolled her eyes and spiraled away.

Chu Li shook his head helplessly.

Her attitude was the exact opposite of Xiao Qi's -- warm on the outside but cold on the inside. Even after she had recovered and became more cheerful, Xiao Shi's nature remained the same.

Nonetheless, her temperament was ever-changing. In front of the others, Xiao Shi was mostly cold but sometimes she would be gentle. Sometimes she would laugh and look sweet, her sweet smile as pretty as a flower.

However, no matter what demeanor Xiao Shi wore, internally she was cold, indifferent and unconcerned. She never cared about others, nor gave much thought about her own life or death. How would she care about another's life or death then?

For those young Revered Sirs, Xiao Shi would be a challenge they have to overcome. Before anything related to relationships was involved, which would ruin their image, they must calm their minds and remain undisturbed.


Chu Li sat on the bed and a mirror appeared in his mind. On the mirror, lection of the God's Limbs overflowed.

While in the Titanium Temple, the Omniscient Mirror could not be used out of his body but he could still use it from within.

Each word from the lection appeared on the mirror and Chu Li started to derive the true meaning of the lection.

Unknowingly, Chu Li entered the deepest part of meditation. His mind was entirely immersed in the lection, the Sarira prayer beads he wore on his wrist started glowing in a faint golden light.

The golden light gradually gathered at the back of Chu Li's head and at last, it formed a colorful halo.

He sat with his legs crossed and his expression started to change. Chu Li looked solemn and dignified, yet calm and peaceful.

It was noon when Xiao Shi pushed the door open and entered.

When she saw his weird expression, her bright eyes turned to scan him from top to bottom. Xiao Shi frowned slightly and thought, 'Did he really turn into a monk? What if he stayed at the Titanium Temple and decided not to leave?'

Xiao Shi proceeded to sit on a chair, her elbows on the table, her left palm cupped her chin as she focused her attention on Chu Li.

Chu Li, on the other hand, did not move an inch at all as he could not sense the changes around him.

Suddenly, Xiao Shi felt that his face looked familiar, yet stranger.

She recalled from when first met. From then everything had changed so quickly, so much so that it was like a dream.

A year ago, would she have cared about a person like him? Xiao Shi would not have even bothered to take a glance at Chu Li.

A year later, she was sharing a room with him, with sudden intimacy.

The wonders of transformations in the world were indeed unpredictable and immeasurable. She wondered, another year later, what would their relationship be like. How about ten years later? Twenty years later?

"Where my mind rests, I shall be there. Where I think is where I am!" Chu Li recited softly.

With that, the golden light at the back of his head shriveled abruptly into the back of his head, Chu Li disappeared.

Xiao Shi jumped in shock.

Right after, Chu Li appeared again, his face full of smiles.

Xiao Shi asked, "Have you mastered it?"

Chu Li laughed joyfully. "As expected, that was fast! How long has it been?"

Xiao Shi turned to look out of the window. It was already late in the evening. "One day!"

Chu Li exclaimed, "Amazing, the God's Limbs!"

"Have you really succeeded? So, is there any difference between this and your Light-body Technique? Your Light-body Technique skill is quite a thing so don't practice another skill if it's nothing close to your Light-body Technique!" Xiao Shi asked.

Previously, Xiao Shi had been dragged along by Chu Li when he performed the Imminent Skyline. The incident haunted her still, the pain was so unbearable and she had almost lost her life.

Nevertheless, Xiao Shi understood how profound his Imminent Skyline was. With this skill, Chu Li could overlook distances and obstacles and just go over them. It was just like building a bridge in the sky he could cross over forests and mountains, albeit painful but magical.

Chu Li chuckled and said, "Let me put it this way. The Imminent Skyline can only reach as far as my eyes can. However, the God's Limbs can only reach where my mind can sense. But now that I can combine those two, forming a new God's Limbs, I can reach wherever I can think of with it."

Xiao Shi's beautiful eyes gleamed and said, "That means, you can go wherever you can think of!"

Chu Li replied, "Something like that. Of course, it will have to be a place that I've been to and can clearly remember, so it won't work for a place that I've never been to. For example, if I want to go to the Fu Dynasty, it will be impossible but if I want to return to the High Duke's Public Houses, then it will not be a problem!"

"Can you bring me along?" Xiao Shi quickly asked.

Chu Li pondered for a moment. "If I bring you along, it will consume ten times more of the inner energy than I take now unless it's a very short distance."

"Then let us give it a try. How about we go to Qing Yun Town?" Xiao Shi said with a smile.

Although Qing Yun Town was a ruined place, it gave her pleasantly good memories and so, it was warm and beautiful to her.

"It's far," Chu Li said.

Xiao Shi stared at him with her clear eyes.

Chu Li laughed and said, "But I can give it a shot."

Xiao Shi stood up immediately, her graceful curves suddenly disappeared as they were covered by the loose purple gown that she wore.

Chu Li went down from the bed and held her wrist. Both of them disappeared.

The next moment, they both appeared outside the temple.

This time, Xiao Shi did not feel uneasy. She only felt that it had happened in the blink of an eye. It felt like everything had gone dark and turned bright again almost instantly. Then, they were already standing outside the temple.

"Indeed, it's much better than your Light-body Technique. With this, you can even escape if you're losing in a fight," Xiao Shi said.

Chu Li nodded. "Let's go."

When the God's Limbs and the Imminent Skyline were used together, it surpassed anything else.

Both of them disappeared from the spot, reappearing a few times through their journey.

It was all thanks to his photographic memory that Chu Li could clearly remember every place that he had been to, from the Titanium Temple to Qing Yun Town. He disappeared and reappeared five times before finally arriving at his courtyard.

Xiao Shi exhaled out a long breath of relief and put on a sweet smile.

Chu Li said, "Why don't you remain over here while I return to the Titanium Temple?"

"What if somebody tries to kill me?" Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him.

Chu Li removed the prayer beads from his wrist. "If you're in danger, crush one bead and I'll return immediately. This Sarira prayer bead is already connected with my mind."

"Forget about it, I'll follow you back to the temple. This thing is extremely precious. It will make your heart ache for a few days if I ever crush one of the beads!" Xiao Shi waved her sleek hands and did not accept the prayer beads.

Chu Li laughed and wore the prayer beads again. "Alright, grab some daily necessities. We'll return to the temple. I'd like to comprehend the All-Seeing Divine Powers and grab the opportunity to master it as well!"

"You might as well forsake the world and become a monk!" Xiao Shi said snappily.

Chu Li said, "My six sense organs are not pure enough, hence I can't become a monk. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gone to the Autumn Temple."

Xiao Shi entered the house and changed her clothes. She then took a few more and packed them into a bag.

With that, Chu Li brought her together and returned to the Titanium Temple.

The Titanium Temple was quiet as usual.

Xiao Shi smiled and put down her baggage then said, "Chu Li, now that you've succeeded in mastering the God's Limbs, the most convenient thing to do would be visiting my younger sister."

Chu Li's face changed slightly.

Xiao Shi pursed her lips and laughed.

Chu Li sighed. His joy and excitement were suddenly swept away.

Chu Li stood up and opened the window. As he watched the calm and quiet courtyard, his heart was filled with melancholy. What was the point of having all this divine power if he could not even meet the person he desired to see most!