White Robed Chief Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Criss Cross

Chu Li stood in front of the window for a moment before suddenly shifting his head. "I'm heading out for a bit."

"Why, you're really going to see sister?" Xiao Shi smiled.

Chu Li's glared at her seriously. "There are a few matters that I would need to attend to urgently. I should explain clearly to Young Master or else without any preparation, we'll be at the losing end."

"That's true. Big Brother is an honorable person. He would not think badly of other people. He has always felt that King An was a good and reputable guy. And the fact that he's harmless and wouldn't be meddling over the power struggle of the throne." Xiao Shi lifted her chin.

Chu Li added, "We would also need to meet with Lu Yurong."

"Why do we have to meet her?" Xiao Shi frowned.

Xiao Shi only felt hatred toward Lu Yurong. Nevertheless, it was Lu Yurong who wanted her dead and if it was not for Chu Li, Xiao Shi would have died at her hands a long time ago.

Chu Li answered, "To join forces with her to go against King An."

"Lu Yurong?" Xiao Shi laughed contemptuously.

Chu Li explained, "She is an enemy of King An. If that was the case, why don't the two Public Houses cooperate to deal with King An?"

"Lu Yurong will never team up with us! The animosity between the two Public Houses is simply too rooted. More so for Lu Yurong!" Xiao Shi shook her head.

Chu Li continued, "Given the threat by King An, no matter the animosity, it should be put aside first."

"You do not know Lu Yurong. She hates King An, but us even more. The thinking of a woman is different from a man's!" Xiao Shi snorted.

"Give it a try but it has to be done quickly, or a delay may mean trouble. God knows what tricks she may pull. The question is whether or not Young Master would agree to it. I can only give suggestions on this matter but I can't make the call."

After all, the Yi Public House was managed by Young Master. No matter how brilliant he was, he was only a second-ranked Chief and he could not represent the Public House.

"Or perhaps you should take me along to see Big Brother. Big Brother may act on impulse and cancel the engagement." Xiao Shi's brows were in a tight knot.

Chu Li sighed.

He could not relay this to Xiao Tieying for the exact same reason as well.

Xiao Tieying would do simply anything for his sister. His usual wise and calm self would completely disappear as if he was a parent whose child was in trouble. Without his usual intelligence and wittiness, the only thing left was his impulse.

Chu Li sighed. "It doesn't matter whether or not you get into the Imperial Residence, King An will still want to defeat the High Duke's Public House. Why are you so persistent on entering the Imperial Residence of King An?"

Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him. "What? Missing me already?"

"... You can say that."

Xiao Shi softly laughed. "It's just death."

Chu Li responded, "I have now mastered this Divine Power. I will just leave if there's anything wrong... You should wear this!"

He suddenly put out his hand and grabbed Xiao Shi's Sarira Buddhist beads off her left wrist to put on his instead.

Xiao Shi let him put it on her and smiled. "When I see sister, I will show her this to say that it's our token of engagement."

Chu Li extended his arm to snatch it back, but she laughed as she dodged away.

Chu Li glared at her and wore hers. As long as he cultivated a few more times, he would be able to interlink this string of beads to his soul as well.

Xiao Shi smiled. "Let me help you come up with a plan. I'll personally tell Big Brother that if he were to cut off the engagement, I will commit suicide!"

Chu Li shook his head and he could not help but laugh. "Poor Young Master!"

No matter how influential Young Master was, all his sisters had him in the palm of their hands.

Chu Li sent Xiao Shi back to the High Duke's Public House on Iron Eagle Island.

Chu Li had Xiao Shi enter the hall while he waited outside.

She was going to pressure Young Master. It was better if he was not around, or else the Young Master may be embarrassed and that would have an opposite effect instead.

Standing outside the hall, Chu Li looked out at the lake with his arms behind his back. He could hear Xiao Tieying's angry yells from time to time, as well as Xiao Shi's calm and unbothered voice.

After a while, Linquan cautiously came out and invited Chu Li to go in.

Chu Li entered the hall.

Xiao Shi was quietly seated in the wooden armchair. She did not look at him at all.

Xiao Tieying was pacing back and forth in large strides. He appeared to be in a fiery temper and was overwhelmed with emotions.

"Young Master." Chu Li closed fist saluted.

Xiao Tieying waved his arm. His face was ashen with rage. He glared at him and snorted heavily. "Chu Li, were you aware of King An from the beginning?"

Chu Li answered, "I found out after being pursued."

Of course, Chu Li could not admit it or the Young Master would harbor a grudge against him. Xiao Tieying would not want to trust a Scribe who had hidden matters from him, no matter how loyal he could be.

Xiao Tieying was furious. "So it was King An?"

Chu Li replied, "Young Master, I have found out that King An wants to usurp the throne. This is confirmed and that's why the High Duke's Public House has become his eyesore that he is looking to eradicate."

"What a bully!" Xiao Tieying gritted.

He was boiling over with rage. Xiao Tieying hated King An with all his heart. How dare he treat his sister and the High Duke's Public House this way? If it was not for Chu Li, would not he be the silliest fool in the world?

He snorted. "This King An. He is taking advantage of Father's absent. If otherwise, he wouldn't dare!"

Chu Li shook his head.

High Duke Lu of the Ren Public House was not one to be messed with. Yet King An had come to blows with Lu Yurong.

No matter how powerful a High Duke is, they would not dare kill a Prince. But a Prince killing a High Duke was not all that impossible.

Xiao Tieying asked, "Do you have a plan, Chu Li?"

Chu Li took one glance at Xiao Shi.

Xiao Tieying snorted. "Can you really protect my Second Sister?"

Chu Li closed fist saluted. "As long as I am alive, Young Lady will not die!"

Xiao Tieying stared at him intently; his gaze was as sharp as lightning.

However, Chu Li remained calm and bold.

"Linquan, take out the brush and paper!" Xiao Tieying ordered.

Linquan immediately responded, and prepared the brush and ink.

"Chu Li, I'm handing my Second Sister over to you! I will personally meet with High Duke Song and draft a letter to High Duke Lu. Chu Li, your Light-body Technique is impressive. So why don't you send it over for me?" Xiao Tieying said.

Chu Li closed fist saluted.

He could vaguely see Young Master's sharpness and decisiveness.

Chu Li could only presume what the Young Master was speaking about. Since King An had dared to go against the High Duke's Public House, then the position of the Houses of High Dukes of the Great Ji would be in imminent danger, once King An became the emperor. So, Xiao Tieying wanted King An to be the arch nemesis of all the Houses of High Dukes.

However, it would not be an easy matter. Between the Houses of High Dukes as well as with the Palace, the relationship was complex and delicate. One tug of a string and the whole structure of relations may collapse.

Chu Li responded, "Second Young Lady will first remain in the House?"

"Yes, that would be better. If you could quietly bring her back, I'm sure you could take her away quietly, right?" Xiao Tieying continued.

Xiao Shi glared at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled as he nodded.

Xiao Tieying contemplated for a moment before drawing bold and vigorous strokes, finishing his draft in one go.

Linquan blew the letter dry. He then sealed it in an envelope before handing it over to Xiao Tieying.

Xiao Tieying pointed at Chu Li and Linquan handed the letter over to him.

Chu Li took it and closed fist saluted. "Young Master, I'm off to Green Mountain Town."

"You need not put in too much expectation. I know how wicked that woman, Lu Yurong is. She would never team up with us. You need to be careful of yourself. Don't relax just because you have Divine Powers," said Xiao Tieying.

If it was not because he knew Chu Li had mastered the God's Limbs, Xiao Tieying would not have allowed Chu Li to go to Green Mountain Town.

"... Yes, I will leave immediately," Chu Li answered.

Firstly, he needed to head to the Green Mountain Town before returning to the Titanium Temple.

It was a rare opportunity. Chu Li wanted to quickly cultivate the All-Seeing Divine Power. If All-Seeing Divine Power would combine with the God's Limbs, its force would be much more powerful.

Kong Hai could not use both of it at once but he had the Life and Death Scripture. So there may have been a possibility.

"Wait up!" Xiao Shi said.

Chu Li looked at her.

"Escort me to the Titanium Temple," Xiao Shi requested.

"... Alright," Chu Li agreed.

He first closed fist saluted to Xiao Tieying. Then, Chu Li grabbed Xiao Shi by the wrist and disappeared in a flash.

Xiao Tieying fell deep into thought and stared at the area where they had disappeared, without saying a word.

The hall quieted down in that instance.

Linquan quietly stood behind him, not moving an inch.

"Linquan, don't you think that Second Sister treats Chu Li" Xiao Tieying frowned.

Linquan smiled without commenting.

Xiao Tieying turned and glared at him. "Sneaky old fellow, tell me the truth! Don't you think that there's something weird going on between them?"